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The Climate is Indeed Changing – Grab a Warm Jacket

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The Climate is Indeed Changing – Grab a Warm Jacket

By Brian C. JoondephOver the past few years, we have been lectured to by professed scientists to “follow the science,” echoed by the corporate media that often sees financial gain in following particular views of science. 

For example, Pfizer is alleged to sponsor 15 television news shows, a sure fire way to get their version of “the science” (and their products) out to the masses.

Much of the COVID dogma broadcast by the medical establishment and health authorities turned out to be wrong, from masks and lockdowns to vaccine efficacy and safety. Yet these views could not be challenged without threat of losing one’s employment or licensure, in the case of health care workers. And as time goes by, we learn that much “science” was propaganda.

People are catching on, perhaps explaining why, “Less than 3% of eligible Americans have gotten the new COVID booster this fall” according to the CDC.

Or Steve Kirsch’s recent unsettling analysis, “The data is clear and consistent. The COVID vaccine killed 3.5X as many people as the COVID virus.”

What are other examples of science morphing into propaganda? How about global warming, a.k.a. climate change?

Image: A healthy dose of global warming on my back deck the morning of Oct. 29, 2023

Climate change scolds insist that the Earth is heating up and will be uninhabitable in just a few years. For decades, climate “scientists” have predicted doomsday apocalypse scenarios a decade away, none of which thus far have come to pass.

Failed past predictions should question the credibility of any future predictions, but there is no accountability for a string of failed prognostications over the decades.

What climate scientists conveniently ignore is the cyclic nature of climate. 

The Climate4you website explains clearly:

From time to time the planet has been affected by millions of years with relatively cold climate, each such period leading to a long succession of glacial and interglacial periods. During the last couple of millions of years, planet Earth has been in such a cold stage. The last (until now) ice age ended around 11,600 years ago, and we are for the time living in a so-called interglacial period, until the next ice age will begin some time into the future.

Climate4you screenshot of Reconstructed global temperature over the past 420,000 years based on the Vostok ice core from Antarctica. // Per creator, freely available for download

The Earth’s temperature falls, then rises, then falls again, in a regular pattern. These cycles occurred long before humans roamed the planet, driving SUVs and having backyard barbecues.

Climate “scientists” only look at the far-right side of the graph, the portion that resembles a hockey stick, ignoring all that came before, the rhythmic and consistent rise and fall of global temperatures.

A simple question for the scientists would be what is the “normal” temperature? There is no absolute normal as the temperate waxes and wanes on a time scale far longer than man’s influence.

Based on the above graph, “normal” is far cooler than temperatures today. An eyeball estimate is that we are now 6 degrees C, or 11 degrees F warmer than the average over the last half million years. Stock up on sweaters!

Where is the analysis of why this pattern is regular and predictable, based not on a few decades of measurement but instead a half a million years?

Obviously, there are forces beyond human activity, such as solar activity, changes in the Earth’s orbit, altered tilting of the Earth’s axis, or activity far beneath the Earth in the yet unexplored molten core.

Instead the media and climate scientists follow the Congressional bartender who warns that climate will “destroy the planet” in a dozen years if humans do not address the issue, no matter the cost.

And that was four years ago. What may destroy the planet is her political party and the neocons pushing World War 3 in Ukraine and the Middle East, not her doomsday climate apocalypse.  

Instead, we are facing, based on the graph, a long period of global cooling and another ice age. In fact, humans today are enjoying an interglacial period of relative warmth that typically lasts for 10-15,000 years, preceded by and followed by a 100,000-year glacial period where it will get quite cold.

Another graph from Climate4you shows the air temperature at the summit of the Greenland Ice Sheet,

Image: Climate4you screenshot // freely available for download, per creator

This is in essence a magnified view of the far-right temperature peak on the first graph above, looking back only 11,000 years. Even within the present interglacial warm period, there are rising and falling temperatures indicative of mini-ice ages with shorter warm periods in between.

These occurred during human activity, although not at the scale of today as there were no cars, gas stoves, airplanes, or air conditioners during the Roman Empire, biblical times, or the Middle Ages.

Also noteworthy is the downward temperature trend line over the past 4000 years, with each warming and subsequent cooling period a bit colder than the preceding one, showing a clear downward trend.

Based on the real science of looking at past data and trends, we are currently in a warm period that may last a few more years, but when it ends will usher in another mini-ice age colder than the preceding ones.

And at some point, in the not too distant future, we will likely enter another glacial period when man made global warming might be necessary for survival.

These mini-ice ages can cause plagues, declines of empires, loss of indigenous peoples and mass migration due to poor plant growth and starvation. The fall of the Roman Empire and the Dark Ages, around the year 500 A.D., correspond to one of those cool periods on the above graph.

The mini-ice age of around 1500 A.D. led to the fall the Ming Dynasty, freezing of the River Thames, and generalized famine. History teaches us that civilizations and humans prosper during warmer periods, and struggle when temperatures drop and kill off food crops.

These concerns are small potatoes compared to the major ice ages. 

As the Chicago Tribune noted:

Twenty thousand years ago, Chicago was encased in ice roughly 3,000 feet thick — twice the height of Willis Tower. All that’s left of the colossal ice sheet that sprawled over much of North America and formed the Great Lakes is a kernel of ice in the Canadian Arctic — and it’s dwindling fast.

It may be dwindling fast as we are in an interglacial warm period where this is expected, but fear not Chicago Tribune, history demonstrates that in a matter of time, your office and city will again be under more than a half-mile thick ice sheet.

Shouldn’t scientists and government agencies be looking forward to how humankind will manage and survive the next cooling period and mini-ice age, not to mention the future glacial period which is on schedule in the next few centuries based on historical precedent?

Rather than listening to ill-informed progressive legislators or cranky Swedish teenage climate scolds, here is where it would be helpful for government agencies and the media to truly “follow the science.”

The only “consensus” in climate science is that governments must spend taxpayer dollars and increase centralized power in an ill-fated effort to stop Mother Nature and planetary forces. Any efforts of Al Gore, Bill Gates, King Charles, or Greta Thunberg is mere spitting in the wind of Earth’s billions of years of climate cycles.

The Earth has been around for 4.5 billion years and has survived just fine. Human life represents a micro-blip in the Earth’s lifespan, and it is the ultimate in hubris for humans to believe they influence forces beyond their wildest comprehension.

Dozens of scientists say we have hit the tipping point… again. It is amazing how often we’ve hit this tipping point, yet things don’t seem to be as dire as “they” predicted. From CNN via Yahoo News:

Human actions have pushed the world into the danger zone on several key indicators of planetary health, threatening to trigger dramatic changes in conditions on Earth, according to a new analysis from 29 scientists in eight countries.

Then, former climate scientist at NASA James Hansen said it is far worse than he originally anticipated in 1988:

In a recent statement released by Hansen alongside two other scientists, Hansen predicted the warming of the planet to accelerate in the coming years, musing about a ‘new climate frontier.’

Of the lack of response by humanity as a whole, Hansen added, ‘It means we are damned fools. We have to taste it to believe it.’ 

Yet, Hansen has a tough time explaining why we had a global cooling period from 1940-1970. His best guess? Aerosols. From NASA:

‘I think the cooling that Earth experienced through the middle of the twentieth century was due in part to natural variability,’ he said. ‘But there’s another factor made by humans which probably contributed, and could even be the dominant cause: aerosols.’

So, if aerosols can override all the things we are told cause warming, why don’t we just use aerosols to cool the earth instead of destroying industries that produce reasonably priced energy and which have greatly improved our quality and length of life?

We were told 1970 was also a tipping point, and billions would soon die from an impending ice age, because the earth had been cooling for 30 years.

The media operatives have been warning the public of a “tipping point” since at least 1989, and as always, the window of time to solve the problem was rapidly diminishing:

Over the last 30 years, the media has made this clear. ‘A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000,’ wrote Peter James Spielmann of the Associated Press in 1989. ‘UN scientists warn time is running out to tackle global warming. Scientists say eight years left to avoid worst effects,’ wrote David Adam in the Guardian in 2007. ‘We have 10 years left to save the world, says climate expert,’ wrote HuffPost’s Laura Paddison in 2020.

Meanwhile, in 2021, Antarctica had the coldest six months on record, six degrees colder than the average of the last 40 years.

California had record snow in 2023, a weather event—not a transition to electric vehicles or less crude oil consumption—which alleviated the state’s long drought.

Texas also had record cold in February 2021.

And in 2023, Los Angeles had the coldest May and June on record. How could a big city like LA—with lots of cars and people, and notorious smog—set record low temperatures for months if everything we are told caused warming actually did?

Why doesn’t the media highlight record snow and cold periods to show natural variability? The answer is that it wouldn’t scare people, and the green pushers would lose all public support. 

My wife and I just took a 5,000-mile trip out to the West. It would help if journalists took a similar trip to see that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally, instead of just repeating what they are told.

Here are a few places I saw and what I learned:

Lake Tahoe has gone through millions of years of change including earthquakes, volcanoes, and glacial activity. All natural!

Yosemite National Park was formed two million years ago when a huge sheet of ice melted. The warmup, which had to be significant, did not destroy the planet. 

CA, UT, NV, and AZ are all covered by massive deserts that have been there long before humans and our use of natural resources could have caused them.

Here are more than 1,600 scientists who will never get a voice on or in mainstream media outlets, because they are scientists who say that there is no climate emergency, and assure the public that the climate is changing cyclically and naturally as it always has.

Kamala says that a huge number of young people have climate anxiety. I wonder why! Maybe they wouldn’t be depressed if they were told the truth that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally. 

It is pathetic that we see what is going on in China, Taiwan, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Israel, and North Korea, that we see rampant crime with the open border… but our “president” says the greatest existential threat is a predicted temperature rise (of one or two degrees) based on easily-manipulated computer models that have been consistently wrong.

It is even more pathetic when most people posing as journalists, entertainers, and educators just repeat the leftist talking points instead of asking questions and doing research. That makes them dangerous to our survival as a great and prosperous country.

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., is a physician and writer. Follow me on Twitter @retinaldoctor, Substack Dr. Brian’s Substack, Truth Social @BrianJoondeph, and LinkedIn @Brian Joondeph

Shocking Expose of How the Red Chinese Network of Influence and Subversion Works in CanadaCanadian Politicians Sign Letter to CCP Official Pledging to Promote Beijing’s Image in Fighting COVID-19: Report

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Canadian Politicians Sign Letter to CCP Official Pledging to Promote Beijing’s Image in Fighting COVID-19: Report

Conservative Sen. Victor Oh in a file photo. (Becky Zhou/The Epoch Times)

Conservative Sen. Victor Oh in a file photo. (Becky Zhou/The Epoch Times)

Andrew Chen

By Andrew ChenApril 8, 2023Updated: April 9, 2023 biggersmallerPrint 0:006:49

Senator Victor Oh and former Ontario cabinet minister Michael Chan were signatories among those who signed a 2020 letter from an Ontario-based Chinese-Canadian business association to a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official saying the association has been promoting China’s image in fighting COVID-19 and pledges continuing support of the “great motherland.”

Oh signed as the association’s honorary president as well as a Canadian senator and “chair” of the Canada-China Legislative Association (CACN). Oh’s biography on the Senate of Canada website indicates he is the “Vice-Chair” of CACN, though his name currently is not on the members page of the association.

Chan, for his part, signed as CACN’s honorary president as well as a former minister of international trade of Ontario and an honorary citizen of Jiangsu Province. https://fb9aa48ced4f4ea33ff145de51fa2d12.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-40/html/container.html

The correspondence was in response to a letter issued by the CCP official to Jiang Rui, president of Richmond Hill-based Jiangsu Commerce Council of Canada (JCCC), as reported in April 2020 by the Chinese-language media ccmedia.news, and first reported in English by the Found in Translation newsletter on Substack. The ccmedia.news website includes copies of the two letters.

The March 27, 2020, letter by the CCP official, Lou Qinjian, former secretary of the Jiangsu provincial committee, bears the letterhead of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the CCP. It is addressed directly to Jiang as well as all overseas Chinese from Jiangsu in Canada. It is co-signed by another CCP official, Wu Zhenglong, then-governor of Jiangsu. Jiangsu is a province on China’s east coast, north of Shanghai.

Neither Oh nor Chan responded to requests for comment from The Epoch Times.

‘Telling China’s Story Well’

In what Jiang described as a “letter from home,” CCP official Lou’s letter expressed care and concern toward the overseas Chinese in Canada amid the COVID-19 pandemic and said they will “resolutely implement [Chinese] President Xi Jinping’s instructions and requirements, and make the utmost effort to provide help and support for the health and safety of all overseas compatriots.”

Meanwhile, the letter also urged the JCCC to take advantage of its connections as a Chinese diaspora association to promote to Canadians a positive image of Beijing’s pandemic response.

“[We] hope that you will make use of overseas Chinese as a bridge to convey confidence, actively tell well the story of the fight against the pandemic at home [in China], promote the image of the motherland as a responsible major country, and demonstrate the good citizenship of overseas Jiangsu people,” the letter said.

“Telling China’s story well” is a phrase introduced by Chinese leader Xi in 2013, encapsulating his approach of messaging on the world stage to promote the image of the communist regime.

Response Letter

The ccmedia.news article included images of the three pages of Jiang’s response letter, dated April 10, 2020, addressed only to Lou and bearing Jiang’s signature on the second page and the signatures of Oh, Chan, and over a dozen other senior JCCC members on the third page.

In the response letter, Jiang expressed gratitude for the “special letter from home,” saying that following that lead, other Jiangsu government departments have also reached out to show their care and concern, including the Jiangsu Provincial United Front Work Department (UFWD). The UFWD functions as the CCP’s “primary foreign interference tool” working to co-opt international politicians and facilitate espionage, among other activities that endanger national security, says a 2020 report by Public Safety Canada citing research by think tanks.

Epoch Times Photo
Former Ontario cabinet minister Michael Chan speaks at a rally held to condemn protests in Hong Kong, in Markham, Ont., on Aug. 11, 2019. (Yi Ling/The Epoch Times)

Jiang also said his group has been committed to the cause of promoting China’s image in Canada since early in the pandemic.

“Since the early days of China’s fight against the pandemic, we’ve made use of the special resources and channels of many JCCC members to tell the story of China’s fight against the pandemic to the Canadian government and people,” Jiang wrote.

“Through extensive and in-depth publicity, China’s demeanour [image] as a responsible, courageous, competent, and cooperative great power … is receiving more and more understanding, support, and appreciation from the Canadian government, people, and overseas Chinese!”

The ccmedia.news article included photos of Oh and Chan signing the letter.

Oh, a Conservative senator representing Ontario, was appointed to the Senate in 2013.

Chan, who was a cabinet member in the previous Liberal government in Ontario, is now deputy mayor of Markham, Ont., a city that is part of the Greater Toronto Area. At the time of the signing of the letter, he was not a public office holder.

The Ontario provincial government was reportedly warned by CSIS in 2010 about its fear that Chan was under the influence of China, according to the Globe and Mail. Chan has said he is taking legal action against the Globe for its reporting.

As reported previously by The Epoch Times, Chan has spoken against anti-Beijing protests in Hong Kong, and supported the regime’s national security law for the region. Canada and other democratic countries have condemned the new law as suppressing freedoms.


The JCCC, established in 2002, says its goal is to promote trade and business collaboration between Ontario and Jiangsu. It has over 1,000 members, including elites in the business, government, and academic communities, according to its website.

Jiang Rui, who began serving as JCCC president in 2018, has also held positions in organizations associated with the CCP, according to reports in local Jiangsu media and state media in China.

Apart from being JCCC president, Jiang is also an overseas representative of the provincial-level Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a political advisory body in the People’s Republic of China, and also a key body of the CCP’s UFWD, according to ourjiangsu.com, a Chinese website directly owned by the Jiangsu provincial branch of the UFWD.

The Epoch Times reached out to Jiang for comment via the JCCC but didn’t hear back.

According to a January 2021 JCCC report, Jiang was also elected vice-president of the Jiangsu branch of the China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification (CCPPNR), a China-based organization directly supervised by officials in the Politburo, the CCP’s highest decision-making body.

The report included photos taken at a conference on the establishment of the Jiangsu CCPPNR, held on Jan. 9, 2020, in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. A number of senior CCP officials, including the vice governor of the province, members of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the CCP, and the head of the UFWD, attended the conference, according to an article posted on the Jiangsu provincial government website.

The CCPPNR has branches in many countries, including two in Canada and at least 20 in the United States. In October 2020, the U.S. State Department designated a CCPPNR branch, the Washington, D.C.-based National Association for China’s Peaceful Unification, as a foreign mission of the Chinese regime, describing it as a front organization of the UFWD.

The Desire To Eat Exotic Wildlife

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animals in chinese wet market.jpg

The Desire To Eat  Exotic Wildlife

“The Beijing-backed expansion of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in many African countries risks fueling the illegal wildlife trade and threatens the future of some of the world’s most endangered species, a new report has warned. The growth of the TCM market, coupled with the perception of Africa as a potential source of TCM ingredients, is a ‘prescription for disaster for some endangered animal species, such as leopards, pangolins and rhinos,’ the London-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), which investigates wildlife and environmental crime, said in the report published on Wednesday. China has been promoting traditional medicine, which dates back more than 2,500 years, alongside its flagship Belt and Road Initiative, which is developing road, rail and other major infrastructure projects across Africa. While most treatments are plant-based, demand from the industry has been blamed for pushing animals, including pangolins and rhinos, to the brink of extinction. ‘Ultimately, the unfettered growth of TCM poses a serious threat to the biodiversity found in many African countries, all in the name of short-term profit,’ EIA Wildlife Campaigner Ceres Kam said in a statement. ‘Any utilisation of threatened species in TCM could potentially stimulate further demand, incentivise wildlife crime and ultimately lead to overexploitation.’ The report, Lethal Remedy: How the promotion of some traditional Chinese medicine in Africa poses a major threat to endangered wildlife, said TCM products had never been more accessible in Africa, with TCM companies and clinics established in countries across the continent and Beijing stepping up promotional activities in line with the COVID-19 pandemic.

While China has sought to crack down on rare species in traditional medicine, there are still some who prescribe such remedies as aphrodisiacs or to treat illnesses from cancer to skin conditions. The status of a ban on the use of rhino horn and tiger parts imposed in 1993 and suddenly lifted in 2018 before the government made an apparent u-turn, remains uncertain. ‘We understand that traditional medicine is integral to many cultures and plays an important role in healthcare in Africa and beyond,’ Kam said. ‘Our very real concern is that such a huge expansion of TCM in Africa, as is happening under China’s Belt and Road Initiative, will have the knock-on effect of drastically increasing demand for treatments containing wildlife and, in turn, cause more species to become threatened or extinct.’ With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing, healthcare, including strengthening the ties between TCM and traditional African medicine, is likely to be a key issue at the forthcoming Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), which is due to start in Senegal later [in November]. The EIA noted that South Africa, Cameroon, Tanzania and Togo were among African countries that had already signed agreements with China to develop TCM while South Africa and Namibia had recognized TCM as of their public health systems [sic]. China replaced the United States as Africa’s largest trading partner in 2009, and total trade topping $200 billion in 2020, according to the Africa Center for Strategic Studies.” (Al Jazeera, November 10, 2021)

“According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly three-quarters of emerging infectious diseases that spread to humans originate in animals. The SARS virus, for example, which killed 800 people between 2002 and 2004, is thought to have started in bats before spreading to civet cats at a wildlife market in the Chinese city of Foshan. In April, after its investigative team in China concluded a seafood market in Wuhan was the most likely route by which COVID-19 first jumped to humans, WHO took the unprecedented move of urging countries to pause the sale of captured wild mammals at wet markets as an emergency measure. Animal welfare groups in Asia have been making the same demands for years, saying the unsanitary and cruel conditions in which wild and domestic animals are kept at wet markets are the perfect breeding ground for zoonotic diseases. Several Asian countries have passed new laws to curb the sale of ‘bush meat’ and limit activity at wet markets during the pandemic. But nearly all attempts to stamp out the trade have been hamstrung by the continuing popularity of bush meat among some people in Asia, the sector’s vast economic value and a lack of enforcement. Stopping the trade ‘will be a challenging exercise,’ said Li Shuo, global policy adviser for Greenpeace in China.

Last July, a presidential decree was issued in Vietnam suspending all wildlife imports and introducing much stiffer penalties for violators, including up to 15 years in prison. But a survey last month by PanNature, an NGO, found no positive changes in the trade of wildlife products had occurred at the local level in Vietnam. Wet markets in the Mekong Delta and other parts of the country were found to still be selling turtles, birds and endangered wildlife species. In Indonesia, the site of Asia’s worst COVID-19 outbreak with more than 2.5 million cases and at least 67,000 deaths, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry has been trying to convince local officials to close wildlife markets around the country since the start of the pandemic. Officials in the city of Solo in Central Java were among those who took note, ordering the culling of hundreds of bats at Depok, one of the country’s largest bird, dog and wildlife markets. But the victory proved short lived. ‘They brutally exterminated hundreds of bats when COVID-19 first hit and stopped selling them,’ said Lola Webber, coalition coordinator at the Dog Meat-Free Indonesia Coalition. ‘But from what I’ve heard from my sources, it’s now business as usual.’ Marison Guciano, founder of Flight, an NGO protecting Indonesian birdlife, confirms Webber’s claim. ‘I was there one week ago and they are still openly selling bats as well as snakes, rabbits, turtles, ferrets, beavers, cats, dogs, hamsters, hedgehogs, parrots, owls, crows and eagles.’ The same scenario is playing out at wet markets across Indonesia. To mark World Zoonoses Day last week, animal welfare group Four Paws released photos taken in June showing hundreds of bats, rats, dogs, snakes, birds and other animals for sale at three different markets in Northern Sulawesi Province 2,000km (1,243 miles) northeast of Solo.

In April and May of last year, a few months after the pandemic began, global animal rights group PETA began visiting wet markets known to sell wildlife in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia and China. ‘We expected new rules and regulations to have been put in place but we saw it was business as usual, with all different species in filthy cages, some alive, some dead, sometimes in the same cages,’ says PETA’s Asia spokesman Nirali Shah. ‘These environments are extremely frightening and stressful for the animals, which weakens their immune system and makes them more vulnerable to diseases that can jump across species and then to humans. At some markets, we saw animals taken from cages, killed on countertops streaked with blood from other species and workers not wearing gloves, no hygiene at all. [Isn’t diversity great?]This combination of risky factors is like a ticking time bomb waiting for a new pandemic to begin,’ she says. In China, where a total ban on the trade and consumption of wildlife was issued in February last year as the coronavirus surged in Wuhan, the situation has improved but only marginally, according to Shah. ‘You can no longer see exotic wildlife for sale openly at wet markets in China. But they still sell all kinds of birds in unsanitary conditions. And in a lot of those markets we found that if you want a certain animal, no matter what it is, vendors can get it for you despite the ban.’ This is not the first time China has attempted to end the bushmeat trade. In 2002, wildlife markets were closed because of SARS but reopened later because of economic pressure. In 2016, the Chinese Academy of Engineers valued the country’s wildlife industry at $76-billion, with bush meat accounting for $19-billion of business activity each year and employing 6.3 million people in China. In Malaysia, captured wildlife and bushmeat was sometimes sold at wet markets before the pandemic. But it was more commonly available through direct sales and restaurants.

 In August of last year, now-retired Inspector General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador gave district police chiefs one month to ensure their areas were free of illegal restaurants selling bushmeat. The wildlife department was instructed to assist police. ‘Don’t tell me with 300 to 500 personnel in an area, the existence of restaurants and illegal premises selling exotic animals can’t be detected?’ Abdul Hamid said at the time. A series of high-profile wild meat seizures followed at markets, restaurants and private homes. Elizabeth John, the Kuala Lumpur-based spokesperson for TRAFFIC, an NGO fighting the illegal trade in wildlife, says raids are a signal of both success and failure. ‘In forming this joint task force between police and the wildlife officials, it’s definitely a move in the right direction,’ she said. ‘But the fact that we have seen seizures continue even during the pandemic shows that warnings have not changed attitudes among consumers. Despite the risks it poses, the desire to eat wildlife is still out there.’” (Al Jazeera, July 13, 2021) So, is it a “desire to eat wildlife” or “ancient Chinese medicine?” [Canadian Immigration Hotline, January/February, 2023]

Trudeau gov’t put more effort into COVID jails than tracking illegal immigration

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  • Trudeau gov’t put more effort into COVID jails than tracking illegal immigration
  • By Sheila Gunn Reid
  • |
  • June 11, 2021

While Justin Trudeau was imprisoning Canadian citizens in COVID jails as part of his airport incarceration quarantine program, over 200,000 people were on the Canada Border Security Agency’s removal inventory.

A Liberal government response to an order paper question asked by Conservative MP for Steveston-Richmond East Kenny Chiu required the CBSA to produce the statistics on the number of people on the list since 2020.

According to the return tabled this week in the House of Commons, 205,127 people remain on CBSA’s “Removal Inventory” including 31,093 in the “Wanted” category.

A special monitoring inventory that includes “but is not limited to cases where litigation is in process, pre-removal risk assessments are pending, temporary suspension of removals are imposed, or foreign nationals serving a term of imprisonment” totalled 15,807 individuals.

Fewer than 13,000 removals were completed in the 2020 calendar year.

Page four of the return indicates CBSA stopped all removals due to COVID between March and November 2020, and the agency is still hampered by the pandemic:

Although the CBSA has returned to a pre-pandemic effort to remove people from Canada. It must be noted that there remains significant challenges to remove people during the pandemic. This includes obtaining travel documents from foreign missions that are closed or under significant restrictions that impact travel document production, a significantly reduced number of flights leaving Canada, the need for COIVD testing pre-departure and quarantines on arrival in the person’s home country, and ongoing provincial restrictions on staff occupancy that varies across the country.

Rebel News is challenging the illegal COVID jail system which detains innocent Canadian citizens in a hotel for up to 72 hours upon their return to Canada. To fund our lawsuit against the Trudeau government and to sign the petition, please visit

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No Biden Place -Are the Halcyon Days Over for Joe Biden?

No Biden Place -Are the Halcyon Days Over for Joe Biden?



  Are the Halcyon Days Over for Joe Biden?

By Patrick J. Buchanan
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Friday – May 14, 2021 “But the defining crisis of the Biden presidency may be the crisis on America’s southern border… an annual rate of 2 million people walking into our country uninvited, the advance guard of a Third World invasion that will change the character and composition of the United States.”
On taking the oath of office, Jan. 20, Joe Biden may not have realized it, but history had dealt him a pair of aces.

The COVID-19 pandemic had reached its apex, infecting a quarter of a million Americans every day. Yet, due to the discovery and distribution of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the incidence of infections had crested and was about to turn sharply down.

By May, the infection rate had fallen 80%, as had the death toll.

Thanks to the Operation Warp Speed program driven by President Donald Trump, the country made amazing strides in Biden’s first 100 days toward solving the major crises he inherited: the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu of 1918-1919 and the economic crash it had engendered.

But Biden’s pace car has hit the wall.

Where economists had predicted employment gains of a million new jobs in April, the jolting figure came in at about a fourth of that number.

One explanation: The $300-a-week in bonus unemployment checks the Biden recovery plan provides may have been a sufficient inducement for workers to stay home until their benefits ran out.

Workers might reasonably ask: Why go back to work when we can take the summer off, with full unemployment, plus $300 a week?

After the crushing jobs report came the inflation figure from April.

Consumer prices had risen 4.2%, the highest rate in a dozen years.

April’s combination of inflation and near-stagnant job growth recalls the “stagflation” of the Jimmy Carter years, which led to the Democratic rout of 1980 at the hands of Ronald Reagan.

And while we may not be suffering from stagflation just yet, the present symptoms in the U.S. economy are certainly consistent with it.

The bad news from the inflation front also sent the Dow and other markets plunging and raised fears of future Fed intervention to raise interest rates to choke off the inflation.

Moreover, rising prices, driven in part by our historic federal deficits, stiffened the spines of Republicans in their resistance to Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure and jobs program, his $1.8 trillion in added domestic spending and his $4 trillion in taxes to pay for it all.

Sen. Mitch McConnell came out of Wednesday’s White House meeting with Biden to say that any tampering with the Trump tax cuts crosses a “red line” for him and Senate Republicans.

The odds on Biden getting any of his taxes has just fallen dramatically. And he may be forced to come down closer to the GOP proposal if he hopes to get any of his infrastructure package through.

At present, Biden does not have a single sure Republican vote for his spending proposals — and even some Democrats in the evenly divided Senate oppose his plans for social spending and higher taxes.
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Added to this economic news was a stunning ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, which feeds fuel to states from Texas to New Jersey.

Within days, the shutdown of the pipeline had induced panic buying of gas at the pumps, resulting in a sweeping closure of gas stations from Delaware to the Gulf Coast.

As alarming as the ransomware attack was, more alarming is what it portends if cybercriminals abroad can, with the flick of a switch, inflict such instant damage on the U.S. economy.

If cybercriminals can pull this off, what cannot our adversaries, with their sophisticated and superior weapons of cyberwarfare, not do to the United States?

But that was not the end of the bad news for Biden this week.

A shooting war erupted between Hamas and Israel after a dispute over ownership of homes in East Jerusalem led to clashes between Arab protesters and Israeli police at the al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount.

The clashes brought barrages of over 1,000 rockets directed at Israeli towns and cities including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The Ben Gurion International Airport was forced to shut down.

Those who believed Trump’s Abraham Accords, where Israel was recognized by the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco, had ensured a more tranquil future suddenly seemed to have been as wrong as previous generations of optimists.

Today, even inside Israel, Arabs and Jews, both Israeli citizens, are battling in the streets.

Meanwhile, in Kabul, three bombs outside a high school killed 50 people and wounded scores more, many of them teenage girls — a portent of what may be coming when the Americans and allied troops are gone from the country by the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

But the defining crisis of the Biden presidency may be the crisis on America’s southern border, where another 170,000 illegal immigrants entered the country in April after an equally high number in March.

That is an annual rate of 2 million people walking into our country uninvited, the advance guard of a Third World invasion that will change the character and composition of the United States.

The America we grew up in is disappearing — without our consent.

VIRGINIA POLLOCK DESCRIBING POLICE STATE GREETING: OH, CANADA! Canadian Experiences Full Blown Chinese Communism at Vancouver Airport

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VIRGINIA POLLOCK DESCRIBING POLICE STATE GREETING: OH, CANADA! Canadian Experiences Full Blown Chinese Communism at Vancouver Airport

H/T Greencrow

Virginia Pollock on Facebook describing our new Chinese Communist Society 

From Facebook 

April 3 at 6:24 PM  

“I got home to Canada yesterday. I must tell you about the fresh hell I walked into after arriving in the Vancouver British Columbia Airport.

Our airplane flew into Vancouver from Seattle and we were immediately made to walk in a single file. There were no more than 30 of us. The airport was totally empty like a huge tomb. There were absolutely no people in offices or stores. There was a chilling effect to this great emptiness and quiet.

As we were walking in single file on either side along this chosen path were guards about every 20 feet keeping us contained on path. The guards were Chinese in Airport Security uniforms. I wanted to take a picture but I was sternly warned not to take any pictures.

ED Noor: How Communist is that?

I asked if I may use the woman’s facilities and having to go off path I was escorted by a Chinese woman in the uniform of the Airport Security. I have Chinese friends but this felt very different. It was unnerving coming back to my country to be made to file one after another with Chinese guards keeping us in line and directing us. After seeming to walk a mile we ended up at 3 booths each with 2 Chinese guards. The top was surrounded by glass with a small cut to pass papers through.

I had an emergency medical appointment due to an accident that effected my disability. I was in great pain and the Doctor was willing to see me for special circumstances. I had to come home immediately.

I was finally told by a guard to approach the booth and show my Covid Test (negative of course or I would not be allowed on the flight) . Then I saw behind the both a long row of Canadian Policemen. A wall of Police.

The very young Chinese fellow at the booth said that he didn’t care about my circumstances or disability but I could go along to the next two booths that had 2 white healthcare nurses in each booth.

I then spoke to a young lady whom I thought would allow me to get to my specialist. I was in a physically bad way was told to take a chair just in front of another group of Police. It was so intimidating to be there. It was the great number of guards and doubled by the police presence. It was actually scary. I felt like I was in a kind of nightmare movie because it was unreal. There was something so militaristic yet undefined on the surface. The Canadian police were at attention with nothing to do. I felt like they were hoping for something to take away their boredom. I immediately felt like I was at their mercy.

After at least one hour, which felt like a week, I was worried I would miss my special appointment. Of course I swore to uphold isolation and all the regulations like phoning in to report my isolation daily, because Canadians can’t be trusted I guess I finally went to ask the nurse if I could leave. She told me that the very young Chinese guard in the first booth said that he didn’t agree and I had to go to their choice of detention centre. I was floored and asked if she could do something. No, the Chinese guard said, no! The Canadian Health Canada nurse obviously got orders from him. Well. I was so shocked that I wasn’t allowed my medical emergency care.

I said well I have to try and make my appointment because it was beginning to be painfully unbearable. All she said was that I could call for an ambulance see a paramedic and wait until my detention was over. I thought that a nurse would know that in cases of specialist treatment a paramedic is of no help.

I had to say I must leave and I’ll deal with the consequences later. It’s a $3000.00 fine. 

I grabbed my suitcase that was sitting alone outside the deserted luggage pick up and realized that 2 police men were on either side of me. They escorted me away from the exit to another row of people in a long booth. There were about 10 people manning whatever this was. I was brought up to a lady who said, ‘Before you go, you need the Covid test.’ I said yes. Let’s do it please. Then she insisted I answer questions. At least the policeman gave me a chair. I was going to miss my appointment for sure now.

The first thing this lady said after name address etc etc that was right on her computer was “What Covid hotel are you booked at?” None. Please I really need to hurry. May I have my test? No. Then I actually began to cry. I just couldn’t help it. My pain and worry we’re building up. I calmed down and the lady said “let’s continue “Now what Covid hotel are you going to?” I said none.

ED Noor: Most of the Canadian hotels used for housing people a la internment camps, are owned by an international Chinese (national) company ~   JinJiang Company.

I got up to go to the testing tent. Then three police were around me. I was trapped and now I thought if I overreacted they are going to put me in a jail cell. I asked them” what’s going on?” If you don’t do what you are told we will take you to jail.” That was just too much.

I sat back down and the lady asked me “What Covid hotel are you booked in?” Again! Then I stood up and said please ticket me and let me go. Oh no. Then a male nurse with the three police came around me. He obviously saw I was in distress, shaking and sweating and I was on the verge of tears again. I’m not usually like this but I was in a bad way. This was just abusive now. So I have to answer the questions. I kid you not the lady said. 

“Ok now. What Covid hotel are you booked into?” Wow. Such abuse of power and contempive behaviour!

I stood up and said. “Oh no you don’t.“ and made my way to the test tent. There were about 10 Chinese women doing the tests. The nurse from the front was then there along with to two policemen shadowing me. I was finally led to a chair and a Chinese nurse swabbed my nose. I got up after thanking her very politely and made my way to go to the exit. Now the nurse and one officer escorted me then another officer came up while I was still not outside the roped in test area. I wasn’t sure if they weren’t going to take me down and off to jail.

All of these police and Chinese guards and Chinese testers for small handfuls of people who all test negative coming home! They must be assholes for doing the governments work especially when the real power lays with the 3 Chinese men in the first booth.

It was plain to see that there was an incredible amount of “hate” and distrust for anyone who dared leave our country when orders were to stay masked and locked up during Trudeau’s great Communistic Power Play to prove to his Global Elites that he has his foot ready to squish anyone who dares not to be abused, used and punished in Trudeau’s new FIRST POST NATIONAL STATE.  

The nurse then said “I have to give you instructions” as she handed me a non compliance form. At this point I just laughed and said “What are you doing here. You don’t make medical decisions you just sign off on what that young man tells you and he sure as heck isn’t a nurse or doctor. So you just abuse seniors who have disabilities! Just leave me alone. I shook them off and finally escaped from my first brush with a look at what the people in Canada are letting happen.  

What country did I land in? Well that sure wasn’t Canada. God only knows what we are in for. The Chinese run the place. What else are we not seeing? With the Chinese Communist Huawei G5 spy system up and running across our country now, installed during our first lockdown.

Victoria is building a Chinese Museum honouring the Chinese and let’s not forget about a little virus called Covid-19 that set all of these new communistic power moves in motion and the death of old

The Dracula Solution: Vlad the Impaler Was A Patriot Who Protected His People from Invasion

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Throne, Altar, Liberty

The Canadian Red Ensign

The Canadian Red Ensign

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Dracula Solution: Vlad the Impaler Was A Patriot Who Protected His People from Invasion

In 1453, the forces of Mehmed II, the seventh sultan (1) of the Ottoman Empire, besieged the city of Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire.   The siege started on the sixth of April, and ended a little under two months later on the twenty-ninth of May.   It ended in total victory for Mehmed II and the fall of the Byzantine Empire, whose last emperor, Constantine XI Palaiologos died in the field of battle defending Eastern Christianity and his city, throne, and empire.   This was the culmination of centuries worth of assault by Islamic forces on Eastern Christendom that had started before the Turks had become the dominant power in the Islamic world and before Eastern and Western Christianity had undergone a formal ecclesiastical separation to match the earlier civil separation of the Roman Empire, an assault which had provoked the response of the Crusades only decades after the aforementioned ecclesiastical separation.   After the walls that had long protected the Byzantine capital fell to Mehmed’s artillery, the triumphant sultan renamed the city, which had been Constantinople since Constantine the Great had relocated the capital of the Roman Empire to Byzantium over a millennium earlier, Istanbul, made it the capital of his own empire, and declared himself the new Caesar.   The Ottomans then set their sights on the conquest of Western Christendom, launching a campaign that would eventually bring them to the gates of the capital of the Holy Roman Empire in 1683, where they would be decisively defeated by the allied forces of Emperor Leopold I and Polish King Jan III Sobieski.  

That, however, was two hundred and thirty years after Mehmed’s victory.    Immediately after the Fall of Constantinople, the conquering sultan went on to attack other Christian territories, winning a number of significant victories in the Balkans.   Then, less than a decade after the defeat of the Byzantine Empire, he turned his attention to Wallachia, in what is now Romania.   Wallachia was situated between the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary and both had long laid claim to it as a vassal state.   In the fifteenth century, these larger powers were constantly struggling against each other to put one of their own puppets on the Wallachian throne, and against a growing determination on the part of the Wallachian royalty to resist submission to either.   It was this sort of resistance on the part of the Wallachian voivode (prince/warlord) that drew Mehmed’s attention.   He had sent emissaries to Wallachia to receive tribute from the Romanian prince, but they were killed and the sultan received instead an invasion of his own territory, in which villages were laid waste and thousands killed.   Raising a tremendous army, in 1462 he marched into Wallachia, convinced that victory was assured him.   After crossing the Danube, his camp was attacked but the Romanians failed to capture him.    Shortly thereafter he made it to the Wallachian capital of Târgoviște, where he met with a bone-chilling, blood-curdling spectacle.    The city was deserted, but surrounding it, was a gigantic field containing large wooden stakes or pikes.   Impaled upon those stakes were about twenty thousand Turks, men, women and children, whom the Wallachian prince had captured.   Both impressed and horrified, Mehmed retreated.

The name of the voivode who struck such awe in the heart of the Turkish sultan is one that I am sure you are all familiar with.   His name was Dracula.  

The image that that name has probably summoned up is one of a clean-shaven, pale man in a tuxedo with a big cape, his black hair slicked back from his widow’s peak and plastered to his head with what looks to be an entire jar of pomade, who sleeps in a coffin all day, waking at night to speak in a bad imitation of an Eastern European accent while he bites beautiful young ladies in the neck and drinks their blood.

The above image comes, of course, from the Hollywood versions of Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel Dracula.   Bram Stoker, who was born and raised in Dublin, lived most of his life in London, where he managed the Lyceum Theatre, owned by his friend, the actor Sir Henry Irving, and wrote novels on the side.  Dracula was his fifth published novel.   Like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which had appeared eight decades earlier, it is written in epistolary format, that is to say, as a collection of letters, journal entries, and diary clippings, rather than from the point of view of a single narrator.   In the novel, Dracula is a Transylvanian Count who moves to London, where he stalks a young lady named Lucy, the best friend of the fiancée of an English lawyer he had employed, draining her of most of her blood and putting her under a kind of mind control.   Her friends, concerned about what is happening to her, put her in the hands of Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, a physician who, conveniently enough, has the hobby of vampirology.   When Lucy dies and becomes a vampire, Van Helsing and the others put an end to her undead existence and then go in hunt of Count Dracula.   They track him down as he is nearing his castle in Transylvania in his last remaining coffin – he had brought a lot of backups which the vampire hunters had destroyed – and kill him.

Stoker’s having given his vampire the name of the fifteenth century historical figure was presumably a result of his having relied heavily upon Romanian folklore for his research into the vampire legend prior to writing his novel (vampire legends occur in folklore around the world, but, due mostly to Stoker’s book, the vampires that appear in twentieth century film and literature, most closely resemble those of Eastern European folklore).   Within the novel, the historical figure is alluded to on a couple of occasions.   Count Dracula himself, when he is trying to pass himself off as a human aristocrat, speaks of the historical Dracula as an ancestor.   Dr. Van Helsing, however, later expresses the opinion that the count is none other than the undead corpse of the voivode himself.

Vlad III of Wallachia, of course, had a reputation for bloodthirstiness long before Stoker wrote his novel.   One can hardly do such things as he did at Târgoviște, as described a few paragraphs back, without gaining such a reputation.   Among his Hungarian and Saxon enemies, this reputation even took on aspects more closely resembling the kind of bloodthirstiness that appears in Stoker’s novel.    They spread the report that Vlad would set up his table in the midst of his impaled enemies, dipping his bread in their blood.    Since this comes from his enemies, it is probably wisest to take it with a grain of salt.   In his own Romania, however, where he is celebrated as a national hero, he is commonly referred to as Vlad Tepes (pronounced ze-pesh).   Although this designation draws attention to the rather sadistic way in which he dealt with his foes – Tepes translates into English as “The Impaler” – it does not detract from his domestic heroic image but rather enhances it.   He was the man who did what had to be done to prevent the barbarian hordes that had sacked the capital of Eastern Christianity from overrunning his country too.

Vlad III inherited his fight against the Ottoman Turks.   His father, Vlad II, was given the name Dracul when he joined the Order of the Dragon in 1431, which is why his descendants bore the patronym Dracula, a diminutive form meaning “son of Dracul.”   The Order of the Dragon was a knightly fraternity, founded by Sigismund of Luxemburg, King of Hungary in 1408, and modelled on the Order of St. George of the previous century.   Its members were sworn to protect Christianity and Christendom, against the Ottoman Turks.   Vlad Dracul was an illegitimate son of Mircea the Elder, who was raised in Sigismund’s court.   Upon Mircea’s death, Sigismund had backed Dracul’s claim to his father’s throne, whereas the Ottomans had supported the claim of his half-brother Alexander.   It was only after Alexander died that Dracul was able to assume the throne.   In the meantime he had moved to Transylvania, where Vlad III, his second son, was born.

When Vlad Dracul assumed the throne of Wallachia he had a strong backer in Sigismund, who had become the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire three years previously.   Sigismund died the following year, however, and the throne of Hungary was filled by Albert the Magnificent, who, not being emperor, was much weaker than this predecessor, causing Dracul to seek terms of peace with the Ottomans.   When, a couple of years later, Albert himself died, the much stronger Wladyslaw III, King of Poland took his place.   Wladyslaw, along with John Hunyadi, the Transylvanian voivode, pressed Dracul back into the fight against the Turks.   This led to his capture by the Turks, however, who released him, only upon his agreeing to a long list of conditions, the security of which they ensured by taking Dracul’s younger sons, Vlad III and Radu, as hostages.   The result of this period of captivity in the sultan’s court was that Vlad became a more zealous foe of the Turks than his father had ever been, while Radu became their loyal supporter, fighting under Mehmed at Constantinople.   The consequence of this was that when Vlad Dracula claimed his father’s throne – his elder brother Mircea II had been captured and tortured to death by the boyars (patricians) of his capital city shortly before their father was killed – and turned against the Turkish sultan, Mehmed had a replacement at hand in Radu.   Indeed, when the sultan retreated from Târgovișt, Radu remained to fight his brother and, garnering support among the Wallachian aristocracy and middle class, replaced Vlad III when the latter turned to the Hungarians for assistance and was imprisoned.    Fourteen years later, Vlad, with the support of the same Hungarians, briefly returned to the throne before dying fighting the Turks. (2)

Vlad Dracula was a severe and cruel man even by the standards of his own day.   It was not the incident at Târgoviște alone that earned him the cognomen Tepes.   He was, however, in one sense, a fairly just ruler.   That is to say, if the quick and efficient dispensation of punishment to the guilty is all that you are looking for by way of justice.   By Singapore’s present standards, he might even be considered an exemplary ruler.  For those of us in the Commonwealth realms, (3) whose traditional Common Law understanding of justice places a premium on such concepts as the presumption of innocence, trial by jury, letting the punishment fit the crime, etc., he is much further removed from our idea of a model governor.     We ought, however, to refrain from judging him by the standards of our own tradition, especially without considering the historical context in which he committed his famous/infamous deeds.   A good understanding of the history of the attempted Islamic conquest of Christendom, the fifteenth century collapse of the Byzantine Empire under the weight of that onslaught, and the inroads the Turks were making into the Balkans in the immediate aftermath of that collapse is essential to viewing Dracula in his proper context, and goes a long way towards helping us understand why he is considered a hero in his own national tradition.

Dracula and his era hardly held a monopoly on cruelty.   Progressives of our own day, who are seemingly incapable of thinking outside of the box of liberalism, universal human rights and democracy, condemn the inhumanity of the kind of cruelty that involves physical torture except when it is a voluntary alternative lifestyle choice such as in the erotic novels of E. L. James.   They are blind, however, to the cruelty they themselves often support in the name of their humanitarian, do-gooder, causes.

Consider the example of the measures taken in response to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus this year.   After initially pooh-poohing the virus, and calling anybody who suggested a temporary ban on travel in and out of China to attempt to contain the outbreak within that country a “racist”, once it was clearly too late do any such thing and the virus was already speeding around the world, they did a complete turnabout and began supporting the most oppressive of measures aimed at stopping the virus.   When the WHO first declared a pandemic it was still winter in this part of this world, but that did not prevent our governments from closing all public facilities and restaurant dining rooms and telling everybody to “stay home”, leaving the thousands of people with no home to stay at, literally out in the cold.   That was an act of cruelty.   Then, because very elderly people with multiple health problems are the most at risk from the virus, their loved ones were prohibited from visiting them in long-term care facilities, condemning them, in the name of keeping them “safe”, to months of loneliness and despair, which in the end, probably contributed more to the death toll in such facilities this year than the virus itself.  Another act of insanely inhumane cruelty.   If being very cruel to the destitute and homeless on the one hand and the elderly on the other were not bad enough, our governments, to pay for the insane and unprecedented universal quarantine they imposed upon us all, have saddled future generations for centuries to come with the burden of paying off the debt they have racked up.    Christians, Jews, Muslims, and, indeed, people of all religions, have been denied the spiritual solace and comfort of their faith traditions in a time when they have an especially great need for it, this having been what has gotten people through pandemics in the past.  Then, of course, there is the cruelty of the restrictions placed upon small business owners, that have been driving them into bankruptcy, even while the despicable, vile, low-life, scum who run the big technology and pharmaceutical companies have been raking in the billions off of this scam of a pandemic.   Finally, there is the cruelty of telling people that they are not allowed to work, buy food and other necessities, or, basically, live, unless they wear a stupid, ugly, totem, over their noses and mouths, that has no real protective value whatsoever despite all the horse manure being spread about “the science” behind them, which makes breathing and communicating both more difficult and more uncomfortable, and which, since these things collect and breed germs the way they are being used, which is not in conformity with the safety guidelines for the use of higher grade masks in hospitals, will have the necessary effect of making people more sick rather than less.

All of the bleeding heart, world-and-humanity-loving, liberal, progressive types, who are the first to condemn the cruelty of torture and the death penalty, do not seem to have any problem with the kind of cruelty outlined in the previous paragraph, for they have been cheering all of these measures, and, indeed, crawling to their governments, like Oliver Twist, saying “please sir, I want some more”, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it is not just their own rights and freedoms that they are sacrificing and surrendering for protection from the Bogeyman of SARS-CoV-2, but those of their family, friends, neighbours, and everybody else as well.   As with most other matters, they have got everything backwards.  The cruelty of stakes and iron maidens and other medieval tortures was at least an honest cruelty, one which made no pretense of being anything else.   The cruelty which the progressives support, wears the mask of benevolence.   It is the worst of the two.

If there were any human justice worth speaking of left on this planet, an extremely dubious protasis indeed, all those responsible for thinking up and imposing these measures on us all would be put on trial and charged with crimes against humanity.   The precedent established at Nuremberg for dealing with such crimes, was capital punishment, at least for those who bear the greatest responsibility.   In the event that this hypothetical and highly unlikely scenario were to materialize,  and the court finds the culprits guilty and pronounces sentence after the Nuremberg precedent, should the judges truly wish to send a definitive message that there are to be no more universal lockdowns ever again, then when it comes time to determining the mode of execution, perhaps they should not peremptorily rule out the method preferred by Dracula.   Brutal though it be, it seems somewhat appropriate for the ghoulish spiritual vampires who have spent most of this year sucking the joy out of life and making this world a living hell for everyone else.

(1)  The numbering of the sultans does not include several individuals whose claim to the title was on more dubious grounds than that of those recognized by the historians.

(2)   In between Dracula’s imprisonment and his brief return to power, the voivodeship of Wallachia had passed between his brother Radu the Fair and Basarab Laiotă multiple times.    Basarab Laiotă was a cousin of theirs – the Draculas or Draculesti are a branch of the Basarab family, and indeed, Dracula’s full legal name, included Basarab along with Vlad and Dracula (Tepes was only added after his death, although his enemies called him by the equivalent in their tongues during his lifetime).   Basarab Laiotă held the voivodeship last before Dracula’s return and would resume it again after Dracula’s death.    The competing claims of the different branches of the dynasty – and it was far more complicated than when the House of Plantagenet divided into the Houses of Lancaster and York in England during the period of the War of the Roses,  as can be seen in the fact that Vlad and Radu were rivals but both from the Dracula line of the divided Basarab House – were, of course, the primary means through which the larger Ottoman and Hungarian powers contended for control of the region. 

(3) Singapore is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations but not a Commonwealth realm.   The latter are parliamentary monarchies with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state.   Singapore is a republic.

Posted by Gerry T. Neal

Conservative Leadership Candidate Derek Sloan Opposes Compulsory Masks & Other COVID Tyrannies

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Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, said this week that the coronavirus pandemic may continue for years, as will measures taken to combat it, like mandatory masking and physical distancing, even if researchers manage to discover a vaccine.

This latest “news” is just the latest installment in the bizarre world of ever-shifting goalposts being laid down by many of our public health officials, most notably in Canada by Dr. Theresa Tam.

Hearing that we may be forced to take measures against COVID-19 for “years” to come is quite different from what we heard when the lockdown began. Back then, we only needed a few weeks, maybe a month, to “flatten the curve” and ensure there was enough space in hospitals.

But that’s been the story of this pandemic. We’ve received confusing and contradictory advice throughout. Dr. Tam spent months telling us we should not wear masks because it might actually increase the spread, until she reversed her position on them at the same time as the World Health Organization did. Now they’re mandatory.

We were told limiting international air travel and closing the border to non-essential traffic wouldn’t work right up until the day that they closed the borders.

We were told our government was prepared for the pandemic, when now we know it wasn’t.

If Dr. Tam wanted us to take her predictions about the future of this pandemic seriously, she shouldn’t have spent months passing off WHO directives that were made at the behest of the Communist Party of China as medical advice that would help Canadians.

I realized months ago that Dr. Theresa Tam was not serving the interests of Canadians’ health, and I called for her to be fired. I stand by this position.

We must remain vigilant against government overreach that uses this public health crisis as a cover to “temporarily” remove liberties that will never be restored.

We must guard against edicts imposed in the name of public safety that are really designed for compliance and control.

We must demand that our government recognize that measures taken to limit the spread of COVID-19 have psychological, physical, and economic consequences that are as real and dangerous as any virus.

I remain 100% against mandating masks in Canada.

I also remain 100% against a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine, should one be developed. If Canadians volunteer for a vaccine, that should be up to them. It’s called “vaccine choice”, but “no mandatory vaccines” must be the first principle.

And I remain 100% confident that Canadians can overcome the threat of COVID-19 without surrendering any of the foundational liberties that make Canada the best country in the world!

Frederick, to support me in this fight for our civil liberties, please chip in $25 today to help our campaign.


Derek Sloan's signature

Derek Sloan Member of Parliament https://www.dereksloan.ca

PS: Standing up, without apology, for the freedoms that Canada was built on, is the reason I got involved in this leadership race. To support me, please chip in $25.

Life and Choice

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The Canadian Red Ensign

The Canadian Red Ensign

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Life and Choice

Not that long ago – indeed, it is a matter of mere months – there was a consensus at all levels of Canadian government, Dominion and provincial, regardless of which party actually held the reins of power, that choice was more important than life. Today, it is the consensus of all levels of the Canadian government that life is more important than choice.

In neither case was the consensus one that was arrived at legitimately through informed and open discussion. In both cases this writer did not merely dissent from the consensus but condemned it as being monstrous and evil.

So what is going on here? Has some diabolical mad scientist from an extra-terrestrial world targeted our planet with a mind reversal beam powered by interstellar radiation?

Not exactly.

What is meant by “life” and by “choice” in the one consensus was radically different from what is meant by these terms in the other. In the first consensus, the choices that were valued over life were very specific choices. The choice of an expecting mother to terminate her pregnancy and kill her unborn child was one such choice. The choice of somebody – usually a person with an irreversible condition that causes intense pain and suffering – to end his own life with medical assistance was the other. In short, the choices were abortion and euthanasia. The lives that were considered less important than these choices in the previous consensus were specific lives – the lives of the unborn children of the women who chose abortion and the lives of those who chose euthanasia. That the termination of these lives would ensue as the outcome of these choices was certain. Furthermore, these deaths were the deliberate and intentional end of these choices for which reason these choices cannot be made without incurring moral culpability.

The reverse of all of this is true about the “life” and “choice” of the second consensus. Although certain demographics are more susceptible than others to die from the severe pneumonia that the Wuhan Flu aka COVID-19 produces in a minority of those who contract it, the disease does not target specific individuals, nor is death certain in any particular case. With the exception of acts like coughing and spitting in someone’s face, which were already considered to be unacceptable behaviour long before the pandemic, the choices that have been curtailed by our fascist public health officials do not deliberately, intentionally, and willfully spread the virus, much less cause the deaths of the small fraction of those who eventually die from it. Barring the discovery of any hard evidence for the conspiracy theories that claim this virus was created in a laboratory there is no moral culpability here.

At the end of February, only a couple of weeks before the World Health Organization declared a pandemic, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals tabled a bill in the Dominion Parliament – Bill C-7 – which, if passed, would remove most remaining legal roadblocks to euthanasia. It would also take a huge leap down that slippery slope from physician-assisted-suicide to physician-with-power-of-life-and-death that opponents of euthanasia such as this writer have been warning about all along. It allows for the euthanizing of those who have lost their ability to consent to the procedure provided that they have indicated their willingness at some point in the past.

The segment of the population that is likely to be euthanized overlaps to a very large extent the demographic that is most susceptible to die from pneumonia from the coronavirus. What kind of warped logic reasons that we must indefinitely cancel the most basic freedoms of everyone in society in order to protect people from dying from the Wuhan Flu in order that their physician might terminate their life deliberately, with or without their consent?

Note also that while each province in the Dominion has ordered its hospitals to cancel or post-pone most surgeries and procedures that do not involve saving lives, abortions remain accessible during the lockdown.

Now consider the kind of choices that the public health bureaucrats have taken away from us. The choice to go for a walk or jog in the park. The choice to get together with friends and family to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and the like. The choice to meet up with somebody for coffee. The choice to shake somebody’s hand, clap him on the back in congratulations, or cheer him up with a hug. The choice to pay our respects and mourn together for loved ones we have lost. The choice to assemble together with others of our faith and worship our God as He commands us. The choice to go outside and get some fresh air. The choice to go to the library and take out a few books. The choice to go to a gym and get some needed exercise. Unlike abortion, these and the thousand other similar choices that are now forbidden us, do no intentional harm to anybody.

It is choices like these that make up what we, until quite recently, used to call “living our lives.”

What is the point of protecting our lives if we are not allowed to live them?
The kind of choices that the Trudeau Liberals – and all the so-called “conservatives” in the provincial governments – believe should be protected at the expense of human life, do not deserve the protection of law. The kind of choices that our health authorities, Dominion and provincial, have taken away from us in order to protect our lives from the Wuhan Flu, are the choices that make up everyday life and which constitute our basic freedoms. Health authorities should not be able, under any circumstances, much less a media-hyped, flu-type virus, with a fancy name, to take these freedoms and choices away from us. Only Communists, Nazis, and others of that general type would ever wish to do so.

George Grant in an essay entitled “The Triumph of the Will” written in response to the decision by the Supreme Court of Canada, with the new powers given it by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to strike down our laws against abortion in R v Morgentaler, quoted Huey Long’s famous remark about how when fascism comes to America it will be in the name of democracy. Our Supreme Court, like that of the Americans in Roe v Wade the previous decade, Grant said “used the language of North American liberalism to say yes to the very core of fascist thought – the triumph of the will.”

I wonder what Grant would have had to say could he have seen the way in which the same people who show a disregard for human life in the name of choice, when that choice is abortion, have turned around and criminalized the most everyday of human choices in the name of life. Since it is happening all over the world, and Grant liked to remind us of the ancients’ warning a universal, homogeneous, state would be one of tyranny, I doubt that it would surprise him much.

Who is Dr. Theresa Tam?

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Who is Dr. Theresa Tam?

by Kidist Paulos Asrat

Armed for Work: Dr. Theresa Tam arrives at meeting determined to impose Chinese-style health measures upon Canadians.

The official line is that she is the “Chief Public Health Officer” of Canada. With this position, she has become, in effect, the Canadian official behind the government’s COVID-19 containment strategy. But who is Theresa Tam, really?  How did she acquire such a powerful position, with the ability to close down a whole nation based on such inconsequential statistics of 3-4% cases, which even the 2018 flu virus, with double the cases, wasn’t able to do?

Teresa Tam Locks Down Canada

Tam appears daily in the living room of Canadians reporting on the state of the virus on various television stations with her government colleagues, Minister of Health Patty Hajdu and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, telling Canadians to “practice physical distancing” to “fight” this “pandemic.”

Initially, Tam questioned the public health risks of the virus:

Right now, the cases are in China. Very few are exported. Yes, there’s human-to-human transmission, but those are generally for close contacts…for the general public…the risk is low in Canada.

But all this changed by late March, and Tam told Canadians in her April 3 television update:

There are now 11, 747 cases of COVID-19, including 152 deaths. Again this represents infections from previous exposures, and not what is happening right now. So our urge is that even if you’re not hearing about cases in your community, it doesn’t mean that there is no risk of exposure, and we must all consider that anyone could be infected and keep our two meter distance as the safest approach. [Tam’s full presentation is available here.]

Her message now is that anyone, and everyone, could be infected. This was her rationale for assisting in the nation-wide emergency alert to Canadians that they “Stay Home; Restez a la Maison.”

“So, of course, we owe it to everyone to not put Canadians at risk, and to do all we can to stop the spread of COVID-19 right now,” says Tam of her decision. Her prescription is to “practice social distancing, self-isolation, hand hygiene.” Her recommendations have indeed evolved into simplistic symbols, the images for which bear a strong resemblance to public health information on avoiding the flu, which are presented every year for the virus which, at its most lethal, killed 8,500 people in 2018. And the country has never shut down for fear of the flu.

The only item missing on the Corona-Checklist is “Get Vaccinated.” So far.

And from this information, a lockdown of dutiful, and guilt-ridden, Canadians became the reality. Across the country, dutiful citizens closed their shops, left jobs, shuttered schools and daycare centres, and stayed home, waiting for Tam’s daily updates, to urge them to participate in the next battle tactic against their invisible enemy, who could be lurking anywhere.

And they all obliged. Tam’s draconian “Stay Home/ Restez a la Maison” ordinance could be the beginning of much stricter enforcements to come, based on her premise that “anyone could be infected,” which means that we could all be infected.

Mississauga’s (Ontario) City Centre, with blocked off, empty parking lots, which are normally filled to capacity

As the Chief Health Officer in Canada, Tam provides the data, the analyses, and the recommendations on health care and enforcement to the government. Prime Minister Trudeau, clearly following the advice of his Chief Public Health Officer, officially stated in March 29 during his daily update that:

There are no plans to call in Canada’s military to enforce quarantine or self-isolation measures amid COVID-19.

Trudeau continues, with a hint of what might come for those who don’t follow these regulations:

The Canadian Armed Forces are there to help when Canada is in need…Right now we have not received any specific requests and there are no plans underway to have the army intervene.

“All Canadians must act now to reduce the spread,” orders Tam in her pre-taped video, which has the air of an infomercial, appearing periodically on the CBC and CTV. And her emphatic “now” has a clear subtext that there are serious consequences for those who don’t help to “reduce the spread” of this “serious public health threat.”

So here we are, in the midst of the “global health crisis.”

So Who is Dr Theresa Tam?

Who is this woman now in charge of providing the “chief” medical information concerning Canada’s lockdown? Where did she come from? There is very little available on her biography, very little personal (and even professional) information on Tam. Somewhere there was a post that she was 55 years old, but I couldn’t find:

  • Her date of birth
  • Her place of birth (other than “raised in Hong Kong”)
  • The dates of her various degrees – I even went into the UBC and UA websites looking for alumni profiles.
  • There are no listings of her theses and dissertation.

She is listed having expertise in immunization, infectious disease, emergency preparedness and global health security. Something more specific, and odd, is: “she is a graduate of the The Canadian Field Epidemiology Program” which looks like an internship or upgrades for employees in the Public Health Agency of Canada.
But I couldn’t find her medical school records to find her year of graduation, or any other post-grad qualifications.
I am usually pretty good at finding out some of this information, but to draw a blank on almost all the key components that make up a biographical profile is very strange.

Wikipedia states her birth place as Hong Kong, that she grew up in Britain, obtaining her medical degree in the University of Nottingham, with further studies at the University of Alberta for her residency, and the University of British Columbia under a fellowship.

A page on the Government of Canada website states that she is an expert in “immunization, infectious disease, and global health security.”

The World Health Organization’s international website lists her as “an international expert on a number of World Health Organization committees” including SARS, pandemic influenza and polio eradication.

Her associations with the World Health Organization (WHO), I believe, has brought her in contact with Tedros Ghebreyesus, the Eritrean Director General of WHO, who was key in starting the misinformation about the global coronavirus panic. Ghebreyesus downplayed the virus’ outbreak in Wuhan, China, defending China’s President Xi’s misinformation on the severity of the virus, and refusing to support President Trump’s travel bans and restrictions of flights from China.

Tedros Gebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization, (L) shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping before a meeting at the Great Hall of the People, on January 28, 2020 in Beijing. China Politics

Tam has close links with the WHO as a consultant. I believe she personally knows Tedros Gebreyesus (the Eritrean Director General of WHO), who was key in starting the misinformation about the global panic. She is a feminist and a socialist, as Tedros is also a life-long Marxist, starting from his political positions in the various Ethiopian Marxist governments from the 1980s and the 2000s.

She has politicized her role in Canadians’ health and well-being. She declares, following the socialist mandates of the WHO, which is clearly her own political stance:

A healthy Canada requires us to level the [social] playing field.

And she was present at a conference in Vancouver in 2019 titled “Women Deliver,” presented by an organization which aims to indoctrinate young women, Canadian alike, with feminism, by advancing “Gender Equality and the health, rights and well-being of girls and women everywhere.”

She is also involved in the WHO’s various vaccinations (immunization) projects, working also under three of WHO’s emergency committees: Ebola, MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and poliovirus.

We learn from Carolyn Brown’s article, “WHO veteran heads up Canadian public health“, that, according to Tam, “emergency committee members do not represent their countries.” Brown explains that Tam “was selected for her background in field epidemiology, travel health, emergency medicine and pandemic preparedness.”

Tam is an advocate for vaccinations, pressing for the coronavirus vaccine, which requires $CAN 192 million for its development, despite the very low fatal cases from the virus, with the majority of those affected resuming full recovery. This puts her as an expert on vaccine preparation, which has been the topic of her latest updates on the conronavirus fight. But here is a report on the risks of a coronavirus vaccine, which Tam has not presented in any of her reports.

Tam has worked with other health emergencies before, including the Ebola outbreak, SARS and the H1N1 influenza, which helped her prepare her COVID-19 health strategy. Three years ago, discussing the SARS epidemic, Tam stated that her job would be all about “harnessing the efforts of the many to protect and promote the health of all Canadians, including the most vulnerable in our society.”

When she said those words nearly three years ago, Tam probably didn’t imagine she would be ordering Canadians not to leave the country and to socially distance themselves en masse.

Recently, the Canadian government made donations to China of masks, gloves, and protective gear, while at the same time Canada was beginning to experience shortages of these materials. The donation and the shortages were discussed in the Senate. I believe it is the Chinese Tam who was behind all this.

Opposition Conservative leader Andrew Scheer tweeted on March 26 regarding these “donations”

Outrageous. Drs across the country are facing urgent shortages of critical supplies. PM must explain why he sent 50,118 face shields, 1,101 masks, 1,820 goggles, 36,425 coveralls, 200,000 nitrile gloves and 3,000 aprons from Canada’s own gov’t reserves oversees in Feb.

The Media Says “A Star is Born”

This uncharismatic woman with the monotonous voice is being touted as “a new star is born” who “offer[s] clarity in the age of the coronavirus.”

“A Star is Born”: Emergency Fundraising T-Shirt (Dr. Theresa Tam), C$45.00

Tam downplays the China origins of the virus, attempting to silence those who hold views that link the virus to China, and Chinese in Canada, by warning Canadians to stop stigmatizing the Chinese in Canada. Her accusations of racist acts towards Chinese in Canada are largely anecdotal, which is strange as she is supposed to be an expert on epidemiology and data analysis,

Tam writes on her twitter page:

These actions create a divide of us versus them…Canada is a country built on the deep-rooted values of respect, diversity and inclusion.

I should add that there is a revealing item from CPAC on face masks which brings up Tam’s own reference to her Chinese background, and where I believe she sends subtle messages of the kind of draconian, perpetual, “imprisonment” of people behind masks, as she says people in China have become accustomed to.

It is a long video on an April 3 update, but the points she makes are at 36:21 – 36.26 (I’ve transcribed them):

I think we’re all learning, through, I think particularly Western societies that are not used to wearing masks in public, are sort of learning this as we are going along, and so, some of this information I think is in real time, undergoing evolution.

I wonder if she is a lesbian? Her whole demeanor, sometimes charming, at others draconian, and also the weird all-black legging and jacket she wore in one of her photos (I’ve put in the article), her unkempt hair, unlike Hajdu and Freedland who attempt at some femininity, suggests this.
All in all, Canada’s health is being overseen by a Chinese women we know very little about, with a very strange personality.


Kidist Paulos Asrat has a website, Reclaiming Beauty.