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The Fall of Minnesota

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Anyone who wants to judge how far into corruption our present U.S. regime has sunk needs to view the documentary “The Fall of Minneapolis” which covers the George Floyd case and the official reaction to it.

Before the evidence was even finalised, the President of the United States, the Vice-President of the United States, the then Speaker of the U.S. House, the current (Republican) Speaker of the House, the mayor, governor, and state attorney general declared that George Floyd had been murdered by the police. The FBI showed up immediately to join a local fatality case.

The trial of Officer Dereck Chauvin is shown to have been a travesty of justice in every respect. Even while jurors were being chosen, the City of Minneapolis declared a large settlement to the Floyd “family”  which he himself  had never supported. The judge allowed known BLM members  to be considered as jurors and excluded much exculpatory evidence.  He ruled against moving the trial to a less dangerous venue, although the  proceedings were held behind barbed wire and the jurors had every reason to be fearful. The honest findings of the original autopsy were disregarded.

There is no question that Floyd, now regarded around the world as a saint,  was a career felon and thoroughly disreputable thug who resisted arrest because he was high on several drugs in amounts that could be fatal. The police were endeavouring to keep him quiet, waiting for the ambulance they had called  because he complained of breathing problems.

Officer Chauvin was a 19-year veteran known for his steadiness in bad situations.  The knee position that was claimed to be responsible for Floyd’s death was fully authorized in the manual familiar to all Minneapolis police.  Several city officials lied under oath that was not so.

The leftist media in other countries, always eager to run down Americans, now declare as truth that American police have a vicious policy against black people, although the five policemen who had to cope with Floyd included a black and an Asian. And the fact that more policemen are killed by black criminals than the other way around.  And that the Floyd matter was a routine thing that big city police deal with almost daily.

Most importantly, what this event shows is  the disconnect between the state and the society it is supposed to represent. Those who manage to scramble themselves into positions of power have no interest in the welfare of ordinary folk or in understanding the daily reality around them. Their primary interest is in maintaining their place by a phony narrative that makes them feel virtuous. This government disregard for society is not a good thing for the great numbers of us “deplorables.”

Those of us old enough to remember the Civil Rights revolution can recall how the representatives of Minnesota were at the forefront in demanding that the feds come down hard on evil Southerners. At that time the black population of Minnesota was minuscule. It has since grown greatly, which is attributed to generous welfare benefits. While we sympathise with peace officers whose lives are being ruined by a corrupt government, we can’t help but feel a bit of satisfaction at seeing that State endure some Reconstruction of its own. Reconstruction was imposed on the South by armed force, but the Minnesotans have done it to themselves.

Tell Me Exactly Again What Is The Meaning Of White Supremacy?

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ell Me Exactly Again What Is The Meaning Of White Supremacy? by Frosty Wooldridge – February 3, 2023 https://rense.com/general97/white-supremacy-meaning.php  

African-American educational leaders state that, “Math is racist.” Except mathematics has no more to do with racism than green grass is “racist.” Mathematics forms the foundation of our entire civilization as to engineering, construction, transportation, food, and just about everything that allows this country to thrive. So, how exactly did “race” get thrown into the mix? Answer: by those who won’t or can’t do their homework to discover the answer to the equation! The equation is solved or not solved. It doesn’t care about the color of your skin!

Other black leaders have enshrined the women-beater, car jacker, Federal felon, local porn star, drug addict and drug trafficker George Floyd as a national hero. Never mind the man died of a fentanyl overdose while three minority cops and one white cop subdued him on the ground for committing yet another crime in his crime-ridden life…passing counterfeit bills.

After that moment, Black Lives Matter and Antifa burned down American cities, stole and smashed everything in sight across the nation to the tune of $2 billion in damages as well as killing over a dozen people. Not one anarchist/arsonist/thief saw a jail cell.

That’s when the term “White Supremacy” became the call-word for African-Americans being shot, mistreated, jailed and harmed by white cops. That’s when the call for “defund the cops” and “kill cops” became the clarion call…in inner cities across America.

Since that time, criminals have enjoyed the freedom to rob stores, rob trains, jack cars, shoplift, and shoot people with complete immunity in America’s largest cities.

So, you might ask the question, “What exactly is the meaning of white supremacy?”

Because Whoopi Goldberg, a black lady on the TV show, “The View”, wanted to know if anything would be done if white people were shot or beaten like Tyre Nichols was beaten last week by five black police officers?

Last week, five black Memphis, Tennessee police officers stopped Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old black man, for reckless driving. He resisted arrest, broke loose and ran from the officers. They tased him with an electrical taser gun, but that didn’t stop him. They pursued him in a footrace. A total of five black officers beat the living crap out of him with punches and kicks to the head. Finally, after more kicking, punching, and beating…they cuffed him. He suffered such a beating that he was taken to the hospital where he died.

MSNBC host Joy Reid called the beating “White Supremacy” in action. America’s number one con-man and tax evader, Al Sharpton called it entrenched white supremacy. In other words, African-Americans who administered the Tyr Nichols beating were pronounced “white supremacists.”

Except, here’s the reality of the situation: Memphis, Tennessee features 70 percent black population. The mayor is black, police chief a black woman, city council all black, most teachers are black, most police officers are black all the way down to black workers at McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Arby’s, and Pizza Hut. Most of the kids in school are African-American.

You may be wondering, exactly, what in the devil is “white supremacy” and how is it dominating Memphis, Tennessee where the black population dominates every aspect of the city?

How can white supremacy be blamed when 9 out of 10 killings in big cities are black on blacks killing blacks? Let’s take a look at the facts on any given weekend in black-dominated cities:

January 28, 29, 2023, CHICAGO (CBS News) — At least 51 people were shot over weekend in Chicago, and nine of the victims have died. Four of the victims were under 18 years old, including a 4-year-old who was shot in the South Chicago neighborhood Friday evening. South Chicago is virtually 90 percent black or Hispanic or illegal alien migrants. This killing rate continues every single weekend in a city run by black Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

January 28, 29, 2023, NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – Violent crime plagued New Orleans again over the weekend. Nine shootings, two dead, 10 robberies. Police investigated multiple homicides, shootings, and 10 different armed robberies. On Sun., June 26, police say three robberies happened back-to-back in the Marigny. In each of the cases, police say three men, armed with guns, demanded victims’ belongings and took off on foot.

Los Angeles: The Beverly Crest shooting came just eight days after a Jan. 21 mass shooting in the Los Angeles County city of Monterey Park, where 12 people were fatally shot at a dance studio allegedly by a 72 …

These shootings and killings in these big cities continue as black on black killings, people of color shooting people of color. How do you define those killings as “White Supremacy” Whoopi Goldberg and/or Joy Reid, and Al Sharpton?

At some point, we need to have a reckoning with black people in America to take responsibility for accountability in a civil society, and foundational ethics.

How can America’s minorities ever climb out of the inner cities when 80 percent of them, as in Detroit, Michigan, where I used to work, flunk out or drop out of high school? Most big black dominated cities feature the same illiteracy rates. There’s no way that white America can save black America if black America won’t save itself. Please note that I taught in inner city Grand Rapids, Michigan for two years to see exactly what was happening for myself. How do minority kids do their homework? Their parents sit them in front of the television. Or, they play games on their computers. They spend 10 hours a day on their cell phones. Not too much educational pursuit going on in those homes!

Are there any solutions? Of course! But our Congress and presidents would rather fight 20-year wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by spending $6 trillion on their countries rather than our country. Biden and Congress would rather send $100 billion to Ukraine to defend its borders instead of securing our borders. Biden would rather invite six million illegal refugee migrants into our country rather than serve our schools and our children.

Worst of all, the American people sit by and watch it happen…and do nothing to stop it. They continue voting in the same corrupt Congressional critters…so they get the same results. In the end, the inner cities will continue with crime, murders, mayhem, misery, suffering and anarchy. It’s only going to get worse and it’s not going to get better. White supremacy? How about inner-city insanity by inner city “Black Supremacy?”


This video graphically and dramatically illustrates America’s immigration-population crisis as well as the world’s. I wrote it and narrated it. Tim Walters of Cleveland, Ohio directed and produced. Please forward it to all your friends, networks and beyond. Place it on FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Parler and more. Just click the link below to see the video.

Immigration, Overpopulation, Resources, Civilization by Frosty Wooldridge

Drug Free One Year — Ain’t America great!

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Drug Free One Year — Ain’t America great!

After 6 burglaries, 3 car thefts, multiple illegal trespasses, an ongoing cocaine & alcohol addiction, committing 2 violent home invasions, 3 armed robberies, dealing Fentanyl & Meth, passing counterfeit money, beating 4 victims senseless and being arrested 23 times since 1998, George Floyd hasn’t committed a crime in over one year now!As a reward, his family received $27 million from the City of Minneapolis and $20 million from a “Go Fund Me” account and a personal audience with President Joe Biden.Ain’t America great!