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AmericaCanada Are Following in China’s Footsteps. Here’s How We Stop It.

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The cultural revolution is here. Just ask Xi Van Fleet. She’s lived it twice.

COMMENT This is the very most important Tucker Carlson interview I have watched yet. Do not miss this one. Canadians and Americans may have problems to understand what is said here because they grew up in a once free country.  This can change very fast as you will hear from this great  lady who grew up under Mao.   All governments follow the same recipe to stay in power. We have to watch every step of what is going on in government.  Don’t ever trust any of them. This interview may wake you up to the real facts and the truth.  We are almost at the point of no return.  Be informed, help take our country back from the insanity that is going on now. True history is suppressed on purpose, because all this happened before.

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Woke Politics Push Canadian School Principal To Commit Suicide http://canadafirst.nfshost.com/?p=2799

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Woke Politics Push Canadian School Principal To Commit Suicide

“Ideological enforcers work closely with local race activists and media allies to harass or censor educators and parents accused of wrongthink.”

Brad SalzbergJul 24



Toronto School Principal Richard Bilkszto’s career as an educator spanned 24 years, in which time he was an advocate for anti-discrimination and public education. Last Thursday, at the age of 60, he took his own life.

“His stellar career took on a sour note after he was bullied in a diversity, equity and inclusion training session for Toronto District School Board (TDSB) administrators in 2021.”

“His sin, in the eyes of facilitators, was his questioning of their claim that Canada was a more racist place than the United States.”

Stop the press. Mr. Bilkszto committed no crime. In no manner did he breach Canada’s “hate laws” found in our Criminal Code. His actions were devoid of racism toward an identifiable community, nor did his actions constitute a verbal attack on any one of Canada’s “racialized” communities.

Now, after taking his own life as a result of vitriolic hatred directed toward him via political correctness, the man is dead.

What has Canada become? More specifically, what has become of Canada’s public education system? Seems to CAP as if the entire federal government-funded system has morphed into a neo-Marxist entity.

To the point that they can drive someone to the brink of madness, resulting in the taking of one’s own life to escape the pain of being humiliated and dragged through the politically correct mud by woke warriors in our public schools.

Historians may recognize the phenomenon from”days of old.”Suicide of conscious objectors to totalitarian rule was a common occurrence in 20th century fascist Europe. Pressured by ruling authorities, some were given a choice:

Rescind and retract your anti-government statements, or die by firing squad.

Canada’s neo-totalitarian educators haven’t progressed quite this far, but who knows what the future portends? At the very least, public school system educators have taken on quite the authoritarian slant over the past 10 years.

It comes as no surprise that Canadian education’s transition to neo-Marxist status exploded upon Justin Trudeau’s ascension to the political pulpit of Canada.

Trudeau is the western world’s “high priestess of woke,” and from the day of his coronation, public education in Canada has systemically slipped into a condition that would be unrecognizable among students of a previous generation.

The present structure is– no surprise here– reminiscent of propaganda tactics employed within the education system in China. The goal being to pump out tens of millions of young Chinese brainwashed into adhering to the communist ideology forced on society by government.

Has public school education in Canada been transitioned to a reasonable facsimile of communist-style of education found in PM Trudeau’s hero-nation of the Far East?

“Throughout a follow-up training session the week after, facilitators repeatedly referred to Bilkszto’s comments as examples of white supremacy.

Let readers stand witness to a leftist lie which may well have pushed the principal’s mental health to the brink of madness.

“The experience was humiliating — particularly because Bilkszto placed a great emphasis on equality and anti-discrimination during his career.”

By all accounts, Mr. Bilkszto was a good man. Now, he is dead after being driven to despair by the purveyors of woke educational propaganda. It’s a sad commentary on what is surely a hi-jacked society, or at the very least, a hi-jacked public education system.

Sadder still is government’s reaction to the suicide. Simply put, there has been none. One might expect(CAP doesn’t) some form of commentary from one or more government representatives.

CAP tally up the results:

Mayors, City Councillors, MLA’s, MP’s. Throw the lot of them together, and one cannot find one word of condemnation of the suicide.

“In some school boards, moreover, professional advancement is limited to those who explicitly embrace anti-racist, high anti-oppressive leadership principles.”

“In some cases, these ideological enforcers work closely with local race activists and their media allies, so as to harass or censor educators and parents accused of wrongthink.”

In other words, educational policy was driven by strict adherence to ideology advanced by the state. And woke education in Trudeau’s Canada differs from this in what capacity?

Yes– tenets of the teachings have been swapped-out, yet educational goals are remarkably similar. In contemporary Canada, it’s come down to a situation of “do or die.”

Push back against the woke propaganda machine, and your teaching career is over. It’s happened to dozens of teachers working for the TDSB and elsewhere in Canada.

At some point within our country’s historical trajectory, Canada’s public education system transitioned to a post-modern form of Marxism.

Of course, PM Justin Trudeau has no public statement regarding the passing of Richard Blitszko. This behaviour he saves for Muslim school girls who have had their Hijabs pulled off their heads by “white supremacists.”

Besides, if he did comment, it might point to the fact that among 40 million Canadian citizens, Justin Trudeau is the authority most responsible for the transition of public education in Canada to neo-Marxist status.