A Canadian Veteran Warns:The North American immigrant invasion is much worse than a Disease    http://canadafirst.nfshost.com/?p=2767

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: The North American immigrant invasion is much worse than a Disease Invasion         

  Hello Alberta, Canada (and the World) The photo below illustrates clearly an illegal immigrant invasion of North America! This will become much more that a “disease invasion” when these illegal immigrants become embedded in North American cities and towns, encouraged to become members of the criminal BLM and Antifa savages, part of the cultural revolution promoted by the leftist Biden and Trudeau governments! (Many of these illegals carry weapons and the majority of the men are of fighting age, suggesting this could become much more than a disease invasion).   

The world will recall that violence began during the onslaught of immigrants into the European Union several years ago when murders, robberies and rapes began and continue to this day. North Americans thought this could not happen here, but crime has increased dramatically all across North American cities as a direct result of the push to defund police by leftist governments. This is increasing in cities like Calgary, that has a woke Communist Mayor and violence has only increased. Examples include the early prison release of Al Qaeda terrorist Hiva Alizadeh because he “promised to abandon terrorism”?

Since September 2022, 10 Canadian police officers have been killed, 9 of them murdered! This cultural change has been in progress for years with the insidious infiltration of Marxist thought in North Americas institutions, educational systems, law firms, labour unions and political parties. This immorality is even occurring in conservative Alberta as  the NDP are only one step away from becoming part of what will eventually become Trudeau’s Communist Canada.  

Beyond Communism, JFK warned us of what could become a one world globalist government that if successful, will include Communist China, the World Economic Forum and the United Nations with it’s International Organization for Migration (IMO), offices open all over the world today. It should come as no surprise that JFK was assassinated. President Kennedy warned us that a Globalist World Order was upon us and has been growing since the 1970’s.

Canada was introduced to Communism after Justin’s father was elected in ’68 and dined with Mao in ‘73. The proof is in the way Justin is continuing the Trudeau “publicly spoken” reverence for the Chinese Communist style of government.  

He told us his plans during the 2015 election campaign; that he was going to make Canada “a post-national country” implying quite correctly if anyone had been listening; that white men need not apply. He is proving his point with his treasonous actions encouraging anyone and everyone who wishes to cross north American borders almost uncontested. (This is the direct use of migration as a politicized weapon of cultural change)!   Canadians should remember Trudeau sarcastically saying, “The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock white Canadians are an unpleasant relic and quite frankly replaceable, and we will replace them”.   What’s left of Canada (and America), have become colonies of Communist China with Trudeau (and Biden’s) open border’s, with these new “bought and paid for Communist voters” coming in droves. Get ready North America! See attached.                           L. Leugner CD, Warrant Officer (Ret’d), Member, Veterans4Freedom, Cochrane Alberta.