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“Don’t create a Sikh hell in Canada.”

Inderjit Singh (left) and Talwinder Singh Parmar – Two Sikhs involved in the bombing

Debris of the Air India Plane that Was bombed
1. Canadians are fed up with Ethnic Group demands such as the one the Sikhs have recently made to Vancouver City Council. On the surface, Sikhs are demanding that Vancouver City Council apologize to them because the Vancouver City Council of 1914 allegedly discriminated against them by not allowing Sikh passengers on a ship called the Komagata Maru to enter Canada.
However, the probable very concerning effect of the motion will be to further handcuff any efforts to deal with unaffordable housing, a current extremely serious problem in the City of Vancouver as well as in the rest of Canada.
2. According to extensive research done by UBC Statistics Professor David Ley, relentless immigration (including very high Sikh and other East Indian immigration) is the cause of unaffordable housing in Canada. In fact, Sikh immigration has been very high and has thus been a major contributor to causing unaffordable housing. In fact, it is so high that it is no exaggeration to say that the Sikhs are on a mission to colonize parts of Canada. As many Canadians know, aggressive, treasonous Sikhs have repeatedly used the Komagata Maru incident to guilt Canadians and achieve their goal of colonization. Trudeau has disgracefully cheered them on. He is clearly guilty of gross, shameless treason. Unbelievably, Trudeau and a host of other politicians and Trudeau’s “bought-off” media seem to have never heard of Professor Ley’s research. In fact, many politicians at all three levels of government continue to say that Canada has to identify the cause of unaffordable housing! How can they be so unaware?
3. Undoubtedly, there are some British Columbia Sikhs who oppose those Sikhs who are currently demanding an apology from Vancouver City Council. Undoubtedly also, there are some Sikhs who are aware that the City of Vancouver and Canada had solid reasons for refusing to allow the passengers on the Komagata Maru to enter Canada in 1914. Let’s briefly review some of the reasons the Sikhs give for claiming they were victims of discrimination. For instance, Sikhs had been a violent separatist thorn in India’s side for many years prior to 1914. Before the Komagata Maru arrived in Vancouver, UK agents in Canada would probably have alerted Canadian authorities about violent Sikh political activity in India. The obvious question is this: Why would Canada want to import members of a group that was culturally addicted to using extreme violence to settle disputes. Ironically, government suspicions about Sikh violence became a reality in 1985, when Sikhs loaded a bomb on an Air India plane in Vancouver and murdered 329 people in retaliation against India which had put down a Sikh rebellion in India . That incident was the largest mass murder in Canadian history and will probably remain the largest mass murder until another group of so-called “peace-loving” immigrants commits a similar crime. That may be coming sooner than most Canadians think. For example, the Muslim Brotherhood (whom only an incompetent like Trudeau could love) has promised to destroy Canada!!). What has Trudeau done about that group and its threats against Canada? The answer is “Absolutely Nothing”.  A few of the Sikh perpetrators of the Air India bombing have been jailed, but most of them have completely evaded punishment. Relatives of the 329 murdered in the Sikh bomb explosion have demanded justice, but Trudeau has been too busy catering to Sikhs to listen to the survivors. In fact, Jagmeet Singh, the current NDP leader, was probably connected in some way with the Sikh bombing group. What is the proof? Up to today, India will not give Jagmeet Singh a visa to visit India because Indian authorities seem to suspect that Jagmeet Singh was connected with the bombers.
Considering all of this, many Canadians would ask why Canada would want any Sikhs. Furthermore, the leader of the Komagata Maru expedition (Gurdit Singh) threatened that if he succeeded in getting the 300+ Sikhs and others into Canada in 1914, he would bring another 25,000 immigrants to Canada!! The Sikhs also argued that the Sikh passengers were British and since Canada was a former British colony, therefore the Komagata Maru Sikhs should have been allowed into Canada. However, that is nonsense. The point is that in 1914, Canada was a sovereign country. It had the right to determine whomever it wanted to allow into Canada. The problem was that in 1914, China and Japan were sending large numbers of illegal workers to Canada. This caused bad feeling towards Asian workers. Unions Pressured Ottawa to protect Canadian workers. Like immigration advocates who today cheer the overwhelming of Canada by Asian immigration, Gurdit Singh would have profited substantially from getting a large group of East Indians into Canada. To prevent this, Ottawa would have ordered immigration authorities to protect the future of Canada, not surrender to the greed of an immigration advocate. To put the matter bluntly, (Gurdit Singh) seemed to think that Canada had no right to defend itself. Worse still, Singh seemed to think that he and his passengers had a right to enter Canada. Many Canadians will note again that Gurdit Singh sounds much like treasonous Trudeau who has repeatedly allowed illegals to enter Canada at Roxham Road.
4. In 1914, when the Komagata Maru arrived in Vancouver, Vancouver and the rest of Canada were on a relatively monocultural path to establishing one of the most successful countries on the planet. The point is that foolish and unnecessary high immigration policy of the past 40+ years will probably result in Canada losing many of its achievements and becoming like the failed countries (India and China especially) from which it now takes immigrants. Remember this fact : Neither Trudeau nor any other politicians have had the courage to consult Canadians to see if Canadians wanted mass immigration. In fact, politicians like Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh and others of their ilk have unwittingly encouraged many Canadians to conclude that capital punishment such as hanging should be re-instated in Canada. Moreover, many Canadians have concluded that the first recipients of capital punishment should be Trudeau, Singh and a large number of other quisling trash. All of them are shameless traitors to Canada and should have long ago faced charges of treason.
5. As far as the Sikhs and Vancouver City Council are concerned, it should be clear now that if Vancouver City Council had wanted to champion a cause, it would have made much more sense for it to champion the cause of the relatives of the Air India victims than the cause of the Sikhs manipulators who have led the petition for an apology. Let’s be frank : Like the collection of MP’s currently in Canada’s Parliament and in many provincial legislatures, Vancouver’s City Council is a collection of boot-lickers looking for another boot to lick. They are weak cowards and will betray Canada.
The wisest thing that Vancouver City Council could do now would be to tell all the Sikh apology-promoters to go straight to Hell. That hell could be either the Hell of Christian Scripture or it could be the environmental and political Hell called The Punjab which the Sikhs have disastrously created in India. Who in his right mind would want to create a duplicate of Punjabi Hell in Canada?
For more information, please consult the following sources:
A timeline of the Air India case, from the bombings to the death of an old suspectA Review and Short summary of SFU Professor H. Johnston’s book “The Voyage of the Komagata Maru”, Apr 2014In 2021, Vancouver’s Mayor and City Council Apologized for the Komagata Maru Incident