True North Wonders Why Pierre Poilievre Won’t Talk About Mass Immigration When He Discusses Canada’s Housing Crisis

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Pierre Poilievre won’t say this about Canada’s housing crisis

By Harrison Faulkner – December 4, 2023 FacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsAppLinkedin

A video produced by Pierre Poilievre about Canada’s housing crisis is going viral on social media, amassing millions of views. But many Canadians noticed something was missing from his 15-minute analysis – any mention of Trudeau’s open borders mass immigration agenda. Last week, Abacus Research published a poll indicating that 69% of Canadians think immigration is negatively impacting the housing crisis and 62% of immigrants think Trudeau’s immigration levels are too high.

So why are the Conservatives refusing to talk about mass immigration?

Are they afraid of being called racist by their opposition? Are they afraid of alienating new immigrant voters? The data, year after year, has proven that Canadians want a serious conversation about immigration.