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True North Wonders Why Pierre Poilievre Won’t Talk About Mass Immigration When He Discusses Canada’s Housing Crisis

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Pierre Poilievre won’t say this about Canada’s housing crisis

By Harrison Faulkner – December 4, 2023 FacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsAppLinkedin

A video produced by Pierre Poilievre about Canada’s housing crisis is going viral on social media, amassing millions of views. But many Canadians noticed something was missing from his 15-minute analysis – any mention of Trudeau’s open borders mass immigration agenda. Last week, Abacus Research published a poll indicating that 69% of Canadians think immigration is negatively impacting the housing crisis and 62% of immigrants think Trudeau’s immigration levels are too high.

So why are the Conservatives refusing to talk about mass immigration?

Are they afraid of being called racist by their opposition? Are they afraid of alienating new immigrant voters? The data, year after year, has proven that Canadians want a serious conversation about immigration.

Immigration Numbers: We’re Being Swamped

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Immigration Numbers: We’re Being Swamped

[These are notes from a talk given by Bubba Pollock to the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee in London, November 25, 2023.]

The number of immigrants entering Canada increased by 62% in 2021-2022 from the number of immigrants entering Canada in 2017-2018.

If this trend continues, by 2026, the number of immigrantsentering Canada annually will have more than doubled.

What effect has this had?

According to the Fraser Institute

● The wait time from referral to treatment for all procedures increased nationally by 10% from 2019 to


● Wait time for Ontarians from referral by GP to appointment with a specialist increased by 23% from 2021 to 2022

● It’s estimated that the total number of procedures patients were waiting for in December 2022 was 1,228,047 (3% of Canadians)

● A study by Stokes and Somerville (2008) found that the cumulative total lost economic output that represents the cost of waiting longer than medically recommended for treatment for total joint replacement

cataract surgery, coronary artery bypass graft surgery, and MRI scans in 2007 was an estimated $14.8 billion

According to Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation

● Housing availability in Canada decreased by 18% between 2019 and 2022

● Housing availability in Ontario decreased by 15.7% between 2019 and 2022

● The average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment in

Canada increased by 16.8% from 2019 to 2022

● The average rent for a 2 bedroom apartment in

Ontario increased by 16.1% from 2019 to 2022

According to Statistics Canada

● Violent crime in Canada rose 11% between 2020 and


● Robbery increased by 15% in 2022

● Homicide increased by 8% in 2022

● Police reported crime rate was up 5% in 2022

Over next 2 years Trudeau government’s target is to admit 985,000 permanent residents, with a plan to continually

increase the annual number by 10% year over year.

The Great Replacement of Canada’s European Founding/Settler People

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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Sean Fraser.


Canada to welcome 500,000 immigrants a year by 2025 as minister moves to hand-pick more newcomers

[This is insane. This self-hating, White hating tyrant Trudeau cannot replace the European founding/settler people(et les quebecois de souche) fast enough. Over 85% of the engineered flood will come from the Third World. This is genocide on the instalment plan! “Skills shortage?” Why not train Canadians? What skills are lacking — more cab drivers in Brampton or Surrey. Greedy businesses was cheap labour! How will 500,000 more affect our already broken medical system or housing shortage or traffic gridlock in the GTA and the Lower Mainland of BC. This is the Great Replacement at work. — Paul Fromm]

Ottawa will use new power to hand-pick new immigrants to meet Canada’s skill shortages, raise intake of sponsorship of parents and grandparents and begin issuing temporary visas for spouses while their permanent residence applications are in process.

The federal government will use new power to hand-pick immigrants to address Canada’s skill shortages, increase the sponsorship of parents and grandparents, and begin issuing temporary visas for spouses while their permanent-residence applications are being processed.

Those are some of the highlights of Canada’s latest immigration plan — announced Tuesday — which will see this country look to bring in 465,000 new permanent residents next year, 485,000 in 2024 and 500,000 in 2025. (Toronto Star, November 1, 2022)