Media Suppresses Black on White Crime Wave

Posted on by   On May 14, 2022, an unhinged white teen barged into a Buffalo, NY grocery store and opened fire. His stated goal was to kill as many blacks as possible.   18-year-old Payton S. Gendron was convicted of killing ten. Nine were black.   In the subsequent year, we documented about 450 white victims of black crime. That’s about nine white victims each week. Think of it as a slow-burn massacre or consider it a weekly replay of the Buffalo massacre. published an article titled, ‘A year after Buffalo supermarket massacre, city’s Black youth still shaken’. Attributed to Carolyn Thompson and The Associated Press, the tear-jerking prose relays the story of a 16-year-old boy who fears a stroll in the park.   What the woke media overlooks is the number of black-on-black homicides that have been committed in Buffalo.

  “In 2022, there were 70 homicides in the City of Buffalo,” according to the Buffalo police department. That is far and above the annual average of 54 homicides.   If you care to view the faces of Buffalo’s homicide victims, go to and enter the search term ‘Buffalo NY’. The results will render this heart-wrenching revelation: Nearly all homicide victims were black.  

So what is happening in Buffalo? Are there unhinged white supremacists running amok? Or is the city a typical American urban jungle where violent black crime is as common as decaying houses and street economies built almost exclusively on drug trafficking?   The national media is largely ignoring black-on-white homicides and black-on-black homicides. It appears the only lives that matter to the media are those who’s deaths can be exploited to advance a far-left agenda.