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Green party prepared to accept tens of thousands of new climate refugees

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Green party prepared to accept tens of thousands of new climate refugees
[The Green Party are phoney environmentalists. It’s obvious that increased population means more stress on the environment. More people mean fewer green spaces, more traffic gridlock, etc., Yet, the Greens was to accept tens of thousands of “climate refugees” all from the Third World. The Greens may want to save an obscure endangered bird or fish but have no interest in saving Canada’s European founding/settler people from replacement. — Paul Fromm]

OTTAWA – Green party Leader Elizabeth May says if elected, her party would welcome the arrival of tens of thousands of new refugees to Canada who may soon be forced to leave their homeland because of climate change.

In an interview with CTV’s Question Period on Sunday, May said her party would work to ensure communities in Canada are prepared for the influx of newcomers.

“We have right now, depopulated areas across the country. We can build up infrastructure by 2030 and 2040 to accept far more people in regions, for instance in the Prairies, where there are depopulated places, in Atlantic Canada, and northern Quebec.”

May based her “tens of thousands” estimate on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s assessment that by 2050, the world could expect to see approximately 200 million more refugees displaced by environmental crises should the planet continue to warm at the rate it is now.

This would be the result of changes to things like shoreline disruption, coastal flooding, and agricultural disruption.

“One of the points Greens make is we have to prepare,” May said. “By geography, we’re one of the biggest countries in the world, by population one of the smaller. We have an obligation; we’ve been one of the biggest polluters.”

May started “climate week” in Calgary marching with local residents and moved east to Montreal by Friday, joining hundreds of thousands of protesters advocating for increased climate action.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh also marched in Montreal and Victoria respectively, while Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier opted out.

The full interview airs on CTV’s Question Period on Sunday at 11 a.m. ET.