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On Saturday, March 14, a number of immigration reformers leafletted several neighbourhoods in Brampton. The leaflet shown here called attention to the ethnic cleansing of Europeans. Brampton has gone from a community that was 99 per cent European in 1959, when William Davis “Brampton Billy” was first elected as an MPP, to a city where Europeans now constitute less than a third of the population. These radical changes were imposed by stealth. Canadians were never consulted. Canadians were never told what is now openly acknowledged that, with present high immigration levels (85 per cent from the Third World), the European founding/settler people will become a minority by 2050.
'Starting the Conversation

Immigration reformers blitzed Brampton, Ontario on Saturday with a pamphlet highlighting the swift ethnic cleaning/replacement of the European founding/settler people of Canada. People European descent are now 33% of Brampton.

Deceitful politicians of all major parties have brought in this demographic revolution by stealth. At the present rate, Canada's European founding/settler people will be a minority by 2050. Brampton, Ontario and Richmond, B.C. are just warnings.'
The flyers also noted that much of the world is not free; indeed, the freest places are North America and Europe, exactly where most immigrants are NOT coming from. Furthermore, multiculturalism urges people to practise and retain their culture. Surely, as a population changes, so too will the values of the country.
Immigration and demographic changes would seem to be important issues. However, if you disagree with current political correctness, you’d better shut up. The political police are watching.
A headline in theBrampton Guardianlabels the leaflet “racist”. The gall of the local scribbler named   Nouman Khalil. Foreigners descend on another land en masse and radically change the makeup of a community. That’s okay. Object to your own people being overwhelmed and replaced, without an discussion or debate and you’re a racist!
TheGuardianwent on to report: ”  Peel Regional Police’s 22 Division Criminal Investigation Unit and its Diversity Relations Unit have initiated a joint inquiry to investigate the distribution as a possible hate crime.” So, the political police are investigating. The flyers expressed an opinion! There is no “hate” here, just a dissent from current political correctness.
Actually, when confronted with  dissent, the establishment is likely to call in the police. A few weeks ago, a woman sent out an e-mail objecting to a middle school in Sooke, BC flying the Red Chinese flag. A constable at the Sooke RCMP fired off a threatening e-mail to the woman: ‘Your e-mail regarding the Chinese flag being flown at Journey Middle School has been brought to our attention, and as such, a police file has been created.  Please be aware that any threats towards the school will be  taken very seriously and can be considered a hate crime if you threaten damage or harm to the staff or property of Journey Middle School.” The woman had made no threats of any sort.
Diversity Relations Unit of the Peel Regional Police! There’s a politically correct make work project. What does monitoring political expressions have to do with real policing? That unit should get the chop at the next police budget meeting.
TheGuardianreport continues: ”  The flyer warns about the city’s dwindling ‘European’ population and claiming the decrease is the result of a ‘White Genocide.’ The leaflet titled ‘They’ll ask you why you didn’t stand on guard’ shows a crying baby with his mom superimposed on a world map, which presents a breakdown of ‘freedom in the world in 2015’ across the globe. The map claims to show the levels of freedom among world populations, dividing them into the categories of free, partly free and not free, declaring “Freedom is a European concept, and it shows – if you think the Canada of today will be the Canada of tomorrow, think again.'”
Oh, yes, the Guardian reported that the flyer was brought to their attention by  ” an anonymous resident .” Naturally! The politically correct are such a gutless lot.

Long-time resident and immigration reformer Nick Champani commented: “Judging from the alleged content on this flyer, citing statistics on demographics from the government’s own Stats Canada and using suggestive language as an interpretation tool is not a “hate crime”. Using Police to deter people in their attempts to expose the negative effects of government-inflicted policies that have been undemocratically imposed on our society, is a typical police-state scare tactic. In the article, it states “Peel Regional Police’s 22 Division Criminal Investigation Unit and its Diversity Relations Unit have initiated a joint inquiry to investigate the distribution as a possible hate crime.” Notice they say “POSSIBLE hate crime”, and not “IS a hate crime”? Also, I advise anyone to see Section 319 in the Criminal Code themselves and provide input.

Truthfully speaking, many politicians and pro-immigration advocates should be the ones having charges laid against them under section 318 for allowing this marginalization and possible extinction of Whites to happen in Brampton. Section 318 states ‘advocating or promoting genocide as an indictable offence’ and defines ‘Genocide’ as follows: 
–  ‘deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction.’ 
– ‘acts committed with intent to destroy in whole or in part any identifiable group.’
In sub-section 4 of 318, ‘identifiable group’ is defined as “any section of the public distinguished by colour, race, religion, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.” 
Judging from the Government’s own statistics (which was used on this flyer). A genocidal policy has clearly been directed against the White race in Brampton, and statistics will show a very similar trend happening in other major urban centres! “
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