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Left-wing German politician who was raped by migrants admits she LIED to police about her attackers’ nationality because she did not want to encourage racism

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Something is seriously wrong with some Germans…and Canadians

Left-wing German politician who was raped by migrants admits she LIED to police about her attackers’ nationality because she did not want to encourage racism



Politician raped by Muslims, lies to cops to protect them

Selin-Goren-600Selin Goren

A German politician who works as a refugee activist was raped by Arab or Farsi-speaking attackers, lied to police to protect them and then penned a fictional account to cope with her trauma, writing, “You’re not the problem.”

The London Daily Mail reported Selin Goren, 24, a spokeswoman for the left-wing youth movement Solid, said she was ambushed in a playground late at night and forced to perform a sex act on her attackers.

While she reported the attack to police in Mannheim, where the attack occurred, “she did not tell them the ethnic makeup of the men, that they were speaking Arabic or Farsi,” the report said.

Instead, she told police she was robbed and “said her attackers spoke German,” the report said.

Her protection of her attackers was prompted by reports she heard of a backlash against migrants after a wave of terroristic sexual assaults against women by “marauding gangs of immigrant youths” in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve.

In an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel, she reported she later returned to police to tell them the truth about the attack early in 2016 and subsequently wrote about her experience as a way to cope.

“She said a friend talked her into going back to the police with the real story because another woman had been raped in the area – an accusation later retracted by the alleged victim,” the Daily Mail reported.

Selin reportedly did not want to cause “more hatred against migrants,” the report said.

In an open letter on Facebook to a fictional refugee she said, “I am really sorry that your sexist and line-crossing treatment of me could help fuel aggressive racism.

“I’m going to scream. … I will not stand by and watch, and it can happen that racists and concerned citizens name you as the problem. You’re not the problem. You’re usually a wonderful human being who deserves as much as any other to be safe and free.”

Selin wrote that she now thinks people must not twist the truth – even for a politically expedient reason.

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She apparently isn’t the only one working to conceal the attacks by Muslim immigrants arriving in Europe and the United States from the Middle East.

WND reported in December that German authorities ordered a cover-up of crimes committed by Muslims to avoid adding fuel to the debate over whether the country is taking in too many migrants.

The German newspaper Bild, at the time, said German drug lords are recruiting migrants as cheap drug dealers and petty thieves. The report alleges police are covering up the extent of migrant crimes in an effort to tamp down concerns among native Germans that their government has been too “welcoming” of foreigners.

The Bild report claimed asylum seekers were prepared to work for a few euros delivering drugs across the country and said they were being signed up almost as soon as they had registered as asylum seekers.

Germany, France, Belgium and Sweden have been magnets for refugees and economic migrants due largely to their generous welfare benefits.

Last weekend, police in Sweden launched investigations of five reported rapes and nearly 40 instances of groping at two music festivals.

While Germany has taken in more than a million migrants from the Middle East and Africa over the last year, Sweden has taken in more than 162,000.

The latest rash of sexual assaults took place at Putte I Parken, a free festival in Karlstad, according to the Express, a British newspaper.

“Foreign young men” were blamed by police for the attacks at one of the festivals, and at least two unaccompanied migrant youths were arrested.

Police recorded five reports of rapes and 12 of sexual molestation at Bravalla, Sweden’s biggest music festival, and 35 reports of molestation at Putte I Parken, where the youngest victim was 12 years old.

Two of the seven young men accused of “aggressive groping” at the second festival were unaccompanied refugee minors, reportedly living at a nearby accommodation center, the Express reported.

WND reported earlier this year that the rape crisis in Sweden and Germany was continuing unabated.

In one case, a 26-year-old Afghan man was sentenced to 30 months in prison for raping a 20-year-old woman who had let him live in her apartment. The sentence was given by the court in Cologne, Germany, reported Kölner Rundschau.

The migrant came to Germany two years ago, the local news outlet reports, and the contact with the woman came through the group Refugees Welcome, or Flüchtlinge Wilkommen.

The attack occurred Oct. 25, 2015, when the Afghan rapist sneaked into the 20-year-old woman’s room while she was sleeping.

The story sounds eerily similar to another out of Sweden. A mother there, working with a welcoming group, decided to open her home to a male refugee from Eritrea. She made her daughter leave her room so she could offer the child’s room to the migrant. The migrant then sexually assaulted her 10-year-old daughter, the Daily Caller reported.