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Illegals Swarm in: Police Betrayal — No Asylum Seekers Charged for Illegal Entry

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Paul Fromm is the Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee at: http://canadafirst.nf…
Paul Fromm is the Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee at: http://canadafirst.nfshost.com/

Winner of the George Orwell Free Speech Award, 1994.

You can join Paul’s email list by contacting him at paul@paulfromm.com . His playlist of videos is: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

TRUMP Victory for the Real America and Canada

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TRUMP Victory for the Real America and Canada
Published on Nov 10, 2016
Paul Fromm and Brian Ruhe, amongst Canada’s leading Alt-right figures, dance with elation and celebration over President-elect Donald Trump’s victory!! Paul is the Director of the Canada First Immigration and Reform Committee.
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The Other Side of the Story told by Father of Drowned Toddler Aylan Kurdi

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The Other Side of the Story told by Father of Drowned Toddler Aylan Kurdi


“Abdullah Kurdi’s story is made-up. But his lies are now being used and rewarded by the media in full blown propaganda, while pressuring policies to force Europe to take in more economic migrants who have never experienced a war zone.

The dead toddler pornography is a dream-come true PR campaign serving ISIS and their overwhelming Muslim supporters.

” This trumped-up story is being used to overwhelm Europe with refugees, even as the Islamic State has threatened to use the refugee crisis to send jihadis to Europe in large numbers.

“Family of drowned toddler Aylan Kurdi had been GIven FREE housing in Turkey, while father’s story is full of holes,”

The Muslim Issue, September 4, 2015 (thanks to Pamela Geller)

Abdullah Kurdi’s story is made-up. But his lies are now being used and rewarded by the media in full blown propaganda, while pressuring policies to force Europe to take in more economic migrants who have never experienced a war zone. The dead toddler pornography is a dream-come true PR campaign serving ISIS and their overwhelming Muslim supporters.

Abdullah was never on that boat to watch his wife and children drown. That’s why he was the only survivor. The first time he learned of their death was from the hospital after the photos of his young son was circulating in the media. Listen to all the contradictions and holes in his story.

This was an attempt to send his wife and children into Europe before his own arrival to apply for refugee status as a lone woman with children, while they never even lived in a war zone.

Unfold the #migrationfraud :

After leaving from what they say was a war zone (Syria is huge and the entire country is not a war zone) the Kurdi family was given FREE housing in Turkey and had been there for THREE years. Abdullah Kurdi was not in any war zone. He was safe, he had food, he had over $4,400 in cash, which is over 13,000 Turkish Lira – so why did he leave?

Frankly the whole story simply doesn’t add up.

This is what he told the press initially, as reported in the Guardian yesterday:

“I took over and started steering. The waves were so high and the boat flipped. I took my wife and my kids in my arms and I realised they were all dead,” he told AP.

Let’s look at all the details of his story.

The report according to Abdullah’s own words is that he lived in Turkey for three years and prior to that he had lived in Damascus. His sister makes the story even more confusing saying that Abdullah was a barber originally from Damascus, who fled from Kobani to Turkey but “dreamed of a future in Canada” for his family. Was he living in Damascus or Kobani? Kobani is over 500 kms from Damascus.

After “fleeing” from “war zone” Kobani he now wants to return to Kobani to attend — a funeral. Huh…? So he’s safe to fly back by plane to Kobani and attend a funeral. And guess what? ISIS was not even in Kobani when Kurdi claims his family “fled” from ISIS.

ISIS was not in Damascus either three years ago when Kurdi claims he lived there. ISIS entered only a small rural part of northern Damascus last year and targeted a remote refugee camp with “Palestinians” earlier in 2015 and were pushed out. ISIS is present in a quarter of the country in Northern Syria, not in the South.

While Western media reports that he was trying to reach Canada, Swedish media are being given reports by Kurdi that he was trying to reach Sweden and that he had been receiving FREE housing in Turkey for three years.

Abdullah claims he was trying to reach Canada but was denied asylum – while Canadian authorities say they have never received any application from him at all. Which story does Abdullah want to stick to?

What we’re reading here is a story about relatives serving as people smugglers to other relatives living in Turkey. This is what happened with Kurdi. His own family in Canada are his people smugglers trying to come up with ways for him to illegally fraud the immigration system, and make up stories about threats that he never experienced.

The father, Abdullah Kurdi, is giving different stories depending on who he is talking to. His sister Fatima gave an account of a phone conversation with her brother Abdullah that is reported in the DailyMail. That story is different to the one Abdullah Kurdi gave to the press.

Listen to the bits here from DailyMail:

Reliving the moments after the dinghy capsized and the Mediterranean waves crashed around them, Abdullah Kurdi described how he’d pleaded with his sons to keep breathing, telling them he didn’t want them to die.

It was only when he looked down at their faces and saw blood in Aylan’s eyes that he realised the boys had died in his arms and he was forced to let them go.

Looking around in the water, he spotted the body of his wife Rehan ‘floating like a balloon’. She had also drowned.

…and the version his sister Fatima gives, the DailyMail, is here:

Yesterday his sister Tima – who is also known as Fatima – revealed how the grief-stricken father had relived the final moments of his boys’ lives in a phone conversation she’d had with him.

‘When a bigger wave came and flipped the boat upside down, Abdullah right away caught both his kids and tried so hard with all the power he had to keep them up from the water, screaming, ‘Breathe, breathe, I don’t want you to die!’,’ she said.

‘In his left arm was Galip and he saw he was dead and he told me, ‘I had to let him go’,’ she added.

Then he looked at Aylan and could see blood from his eyes, so he closed them and said, ‘rest in peace my son,’ she went on to say.

She said that while he was still in the water, Abdullah saw his wife’s dead body floating in the water ‘like a balloon’, causing him to struggle to recognise her.

Sobbing uncontrollably Abdullah yesterday recalled his terror when the flimsy and overcrowded dinghy overturned, causing the night to be pierced by the screams of his fellow Syrian refugees as he clung on to his wife.

‘I was holding her, but my children slipped through my hands,’ he said.

‘We tried to cling to the boat, but it was deflating. It was dark and everyone was screaming. I could not hear the voices of my children and my wife.’

The wife was ‘a balloon’ in less than three hours ? The rate of decay to a dead body in water is not instant. Obviously Abdullah had no idea how dead people in water decay and he knew at some point they would bloat, so he described his wife in a condition of decay that takes days to mature. Here from The Forensic Library is a description:

Bloated (2-6 days)
This stage of decomposition includes the first visible signs of decay, namely the inflation of the abdomen due to a build-up of various gases produced by bacteria inside the cadaver. This bloating is particularly visible around the tongue and eyes as the build-up of gases cause them to protrude. The skin may exhibit a certain colour change, taking on a marbled appearance due to the transformation of haemoglobin in the blood into other pigments.

Although Abdullah claims to have seen the dead bodies of his two children and his wife after their boat was hit by two large waves, his story then changes and he claims that he made it safely to the beach.

He now assumed that the wife, who had laid bloated and drowned, and the two small boys who he had seen drowned right in front of him and he knew were dead, had managed somehow to make it alive to the beach.

He could not find them on the beach so he assumed they had “become scared and ran away”. He now sees these dead people nowhere. But he only finds the “truth” about their death after going to the hospital where their bodies were kept.
Can someone explain to us how dead bodies run away? In other words, he only knew they were dead after the pictures of his son started showing up in the media reports. Here’s his own account reported in the DailyMail:

Over the following three hellish hours in the water, [in the short time his wife turned onto a ‘balloon’ – a sign of decomposing that only occurs 2-6 days later] Mr Kurdi battled for survival, while frantically searching for his sons and his wife, who had also been pulled from his reach. He found one child but it was too late – the boy had drowned.

‘My first son died from the high waves,’ he said. ‘I was obliged to leave him to save the other one. I tried to swim to the beach by following the lights.

‘I looked for my wife and child on the beach but couldn’t find them. I thought they had got scared and had run away and I went back to Bodrum.

‘When they did not come to our meeting point I went to the hospital and learned the bitter truth.’ (How can he learn the bitter truth when he claimed earlier that he saw them die and tried to save one of the sons, who had already drowned? He then attempted to save the second one who was dead with bloodied eyes, while finding his wife floating and bloated in the water. How can dead people like this run away?)

The barber had paid people smugglers £2,900 over the course of three attempts to reach Greece from a refugee camp in Turkey.

But he has told friends he wished he had also drowned to be spared a lifetime of self-recrimination over the family’s desperate gamble for a better life.

Pictures of Aylan and Galip have been shared by social networkers around the world, prompting calls for politicians to do more for fleeing Syrians.

So you can hear that we have completely different stories coming from Abdullah that don’t even match.

He doesn’t even know what exactly happened. This man was never on that boat and never watched his wife and children drown.

That is why he was the only survivor without any injuries and without any need for medical help, although he claims to have undergone a violent and desperate situation for over three hours where everyone else drowned.

He is lying and making the story up. We’ve worked long enough with these humanitarian issues to recognize a tall tale.

Basically, the fragmented and fabricated story indicates to us that the wife and children were sent to arrive before him as a lone mother and children (easier to get accepted).

Of course, this advice would come from his own family already living in Canada and parts of Europe who know more about the dhimmitude of Europe, now serving as long-distance human smugglers.

The wife has clearly been told to go first, get her refugee case handled, and then help to get him entry at a later date where he can join them with a forged passport after the wife is already settled.

It’s all fraud. All of this explains his dry crocodile tears. No wonder his sister Fatima was crying more than her brother who lost his entire family.

She had guilt that their suggestions and strategies caused the death of a woman who could not swim and was afraid, and the death of three small children. They’re intentionally frauding the system. And now they also push propaganda to open the floodgates to the rest of these fraudsters.

It is however, noteworthy to hear this comment coming from Abdullah Kurdi that he does not mind sacrificing his wife and children for his agenda, according to his sister Fatima in Canada:

‘Of course it makes me sad that it’s taken this [tragedy] to make people realise what is going on,’ she said, adding: ‘Abdullah said, its ok if it has to be my kids and my wife who wake up the world, its ok. If it’s been written to happen that way, it was supposed to happen.’

And the Turkish people smuggler Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan responded to the deaths in his country’s waters by saying: “European countries, which have turned the Mediterranean, the cradle of the world’s oldest civilizations, into a cemetery for refugees, shares the sin for every refugee who loses their life.”

Coming Soon to Your City

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Coming Soon to Your City

After the Illegals Left the Budapest Railway Station

> Budapešť, spoušť po migrantech.
> Prostě sežrat, vybydlet a o dům dál
> Spací pytle, stany, hračky, školní brašny, deky, jídlo,
> dárky od neziskovek nechali na místě, přeci dostaneme další
> Úklid? Co to je?

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Put Canada & Canadians First: No Syrian “Refugees” for Canada

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Put Canada & Canadians First: No Syrian “Refugees” for Canada
Frederick Fromm's photo.


Cutting through the “Refugee” Hysteria

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Cutting through the “Refugee” Hysteria

During the past week the media has omitted mention of pertinent factors quite deliberately.  Communist China showed off its military to remember the end of the Japanese war effort.   The media left one to assume that these Chinese had defeated Japan.   The USA defeated Japan and Chiang Kai-Shek’s Nationalist Army was the most successful opponent of the Japanese within China.   The communists under Chairman Mao were scarcely more than a rabble.  They had more impact on civilians than Japanese.  Memory of these facts gained little attention.

So it is also with the recent migration issues in Europe.   The contextual factors that matter in shaping pubic opinion have not been outlined by the media although they are well known.   The reason for this deliberate silence, awaiting signs of the politically correct stance to take, informs the following notes.

  1. Who is a refugee and who is an economic migrant?   The acquirement of privileges  depends upon an answer to this question.  Commonsense answers and not media and German usage should apply.   A person becomes a refugee at the very first place at which he or she finds shelter and protection when fleeing from a situation that threatens this person’s life.    Even if his sojourn is brief.     Should this refugee seek to leave this shelter he abandons the status of a refugee.   He moves from the status of a refugee to that of other migrants, perhaps an economic migrant (in the 17C there were religious emigrants from England).   Once safety is first reached a refugee can make a decision that now he is safe there are other options available for future life.   In this he is utterly no different from a migrant escaping a famine or simply trying to achieve a more rewarding existence.  Thus Syrians who choose to leave Lebanon, Turkey or Jordan, where they have refuge, and travel to Europe by so doing acquire the status of economic migrants.   The media and Germany choose to overlooks this critical semantic.   They decide who is a refugee by identifying his place of origin.  They ignore whether he started his journey to Europe from a place of safety outside his place or country of origin.
  2. Let us confront the reality that the Islamic faith of any migrant imposes a burden for any European country.   France has notably failed to assimilate Muslims.   Admitting more Muslim migrants will compound this difficulty.   This is true in Britainand elsewhere.   Eighty per cent of Muslims in the UK have attested in a poll that being a citizen of the UK is subordinate in importance to their religion.  Disloyalty and security issues arise.    Non Muslim migrants avoid this problem.
  3. The UK and the Netherlands like to see themselves as multicultural societies.   With the present ethnic mixture comes considerable integration.   Sadly this will become a passing reality in the UK that is now a host to 8 million people not born in the country.   Globally, since the 1960s academics have recorded situations where people from different backgrounds move towards parity in numbers.   The almost invariable consequence is tension, conflict, and broken heads.   It is now happening in Ulster where the Catholics are outbreeding the Protestants.   Thus in-migration just builds problems of civil cohesion.    The invasion of Europe that is now occurring lowers civic unity and encourages the perseverance of extremist nationalist politics.
  4. Many in-migrants, perhaps most, from Syria have been involved on all sides of the civil war.  Many have been combatants.    They want to avoid documentation until they have disguised their identities.    One day some will be prosecuted for war crimes in Syria because of poor documentation and identity checks due to the excitement over this issue generated by the encouragement of the immigration of undocumented Syrians to Germany.
  1. The politicians who talk about the past movement of people within Europe as a reason why the first wave of the new invasion should be accommodated have got it wrong.   If we’ve done it once why cannot it be done again?

These politicians have overlooked the fact that these shifts in population involved people who derived from mainly Christian backgrounds and accepted the subordination of religion to the affairs of states.   The migrants, in other words, were cousins.   What of the Jews?   They do not proselytize.   They accommodate themselves to their hosts.   Many rapidly drift away from Judaism.    This is quite a contrast to the insular Muslim who tenaciously cling to their belief and ways of ordering their lives.

  1. There has been mention that the interwar exodus from German lands was an undocumented tide.   The USA and Canada rarely admitted immigrants who at the point of entry did not possess valid documents.   These must be issued by Embassies in Europe.   The overwhelming number of the 600,00 inter-war in-migrants to the UK bore documents of entitlement to entry issued by British Embassies in Europe.
  2. Queen  Angela Merkel  2 or 3 weekends ago declared that Germany at the time had 400,000 would be recent migrants.   She declared that Syrians, even without documentation, would be preferred because they were refugees.   Her spokesman let it be known that each Syrian would receive a monthly subsistence allowance of 365 Euros, free housing and medical attention.  Now the number has risen to 800,000.   It will require 10 bn euro a year to look after them.   And think what this will do to unemployment figures.   In such a way the invasion was encouraged and became a German Problem in August 2015.    Now the Germans are frightened and seek to deflect responsibility.  With the aid of France and Brussels they are desperate to declare this is now an European Problem.
  3. The Pope in Rome believes that man is born with a quiver full of rights.   The victors of war in the 1940s shared this belief that has informed the heart of refugee policies ever since.   But recorded history show that rights are man made and situational.   Hence the different degrees, statuses and fortunes of men.   A reality that has been pushed aside since the 1940s.   This limited and provisional view of the rights of man is the only one that I relevant to this present Century.    Authoritarian regimes are many.   By reason of their nature they encourage dissidence.   In turn this creates refugees.  For every democratic regime there is a matching authoritarian government.   Hence the numbers of potential dissidents and refugees might amount to 30 to 40 percent of global population.   It is beyond the resources of the democratic regimes to provide havens for all these possible dissidents.   Just think of the size of possible dissidence in modern China.  The application of the 1940s beliefs and outlook about refugees cannot cope with the sheer scale of authoritarian regimes.  The United Nations and the European Union should close their institutions devoted to 1940s refugee missions.    They are not entitled to judge the varying responses to refugee pressures by democratic nations who interpret the world through the eyes of their elector citizens.
  4. Finally, let us remember 17C England.    In the parishes the fear contained in this nursery rhyme summed up the migration debate.

“Hark Hark the dogs do bark

The beggars are coming to town

Some in rags and some in jags

And one in velvet gown”

(A jag was a slit in a gown.)

In 1601, an Act for the Relief of the Poor was succeeded in 1662 by an Act of Settlement.   Our first national policy for the poor was contained in these Acts.  Each parish became responsible for its own poor. A poor person had to have a  “settlement” in a particular parish in order to be entitled to remain within its boundary.   When a person was unemployed, after 40 days in a parish, he would be chucked out unless he could prove that he was born in the parish.   Then these unemployed beggars would migrate to parishes where they might be treated more leniently.   Beggars banded together and menaced parishes.  Such parishes demanded better protection, improvement in the pooling of responsibility across parishes (how modern!).   This is what the 1662 Act bestowed upon them. — P. Dilaveri

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