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Quebec Government Wants Trudeau’s Appointed Scourge of Of Islamophobia Fired

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Quebec Government Wants Trudeau’s Appointed Scourge of Of Islamophobia Fired

Amira Elghabaway, Minister of Islamophobia, stands beside fellow Moslems, MPs Ahmed Hussen and MP Omar Alghabra.

The Quebec government is calling for the resignation of newly-appointed Minister of Islamophobia, Amira Elghabaway, Liberal government special representative to combat Islamophobia.

“Quebec Secularism Minister Jean-François Roberge says Ottawa should fire Amira Elghawaby immediately if she chooses not to resign. The journalist and activist was appointed to the role last week by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.”
The history of the rise of Islamic political power in Canada suggests she won’t quit, won’t be fired, and will maintain her position as “Islamo-Cop” of Canada.

A history of obstinance offers the best clue as to what will transpire. From day one– Justin Trudeau’s ascension to the throne of Canada in 2015–  a cast-in-stone palette has coloured the condition of PM Trudeau’s fight against so-called “Islamophobia.”

Amira Elghabaway has nothing good to say about our country. In this she shares Trudeau’s sentiment, along with the man whose role it is to prop up the Trudeau government, New Democratic Party Leader, Jagmeet Singh.

“Elghawaby co-wrote a 2019 opinion piece in the Ottawa Citizen linking ‘anti-Muslim sentiment’ to Quebec’s Bill 21, which bans certain government employees from wearing religious symbols at work.”

Witness the myopia. Bill 21 is equally focused on Christians, Jews, Hindus and Sikhs. Not that it amounts to a hill-of-beans for Ms. Elghabaway. Her single concern is her personal faith; her personal obsession so-called “Islamophobia.”
It’s this form of ethno-centricism which has resulted in a steady building of animosity toward our Liberal government’s treatment of one identifiable Canadian community.

No one has exacerbated this social problem more than Justin Trudeau. His constant pandering and pumping up of one specific community has resulted in the social discord Canadians are witnessing at present.

Neither government, nor media or Canadian academia have considered Mr. Trudeau’s degenerative impact on race relations in our country. For CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star, the fault is found in those nasty, bitter and racist “Old Stock” Canadians.

What a privilege legacy media has bestowed upon PM Trudeau. Not that it isn’t be expected after our PM pulled his “China-like” maneuver of covertly purchasing mainstream Canadian media.

“Jean-François Roberge, CAQ minister responsible for the French language, said Eghawaby has not properly apologized for her comments about Quebec. She “seems to be overcome by an anti-Quebec sentiment,” said Roberge.

“All she did was try to justify her hateful comments. That doesn’t fly. She must resign and if she doesn’t, the government must remove her immediately.”

Upon which CAP pulls out our proverbial crystal ball: Amira Elghabaway will continue on as Woke Liberal Islamo-police person. After all, she has been placed into power by none other than Somali import MP Ahmed Hussen.
Elghabaway has friends in high places. M103 “Islamophobia” motion founder and half-citizen of Pakistan MP Iqra Khalid helped her gain the lofty position. Canada most powerful special interest not-for-profit organization, National Council of Canadian Muslims, helped get her there.

In Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, these are the power-players holding the political cards. Islam is the future of Canadian immigration, whether CBC tell us so, or not.

“It was never meant to suggest that my opinion is that the majority of Quebeckers are Islamophobic. I don’t believe so. I was merely analyzing the polling numbers … [an] opinion piece is meant to cause people to think, to talk, to reflect,” says Ms. Elgabaway.

A giant lol to that. Fundamentalist religion doesn’t talk, unless it’s to preach the word, or inform Canadians we “must educate ourselves” to accept cast-in-stone tenets of ancient history.

There is no negotiation or flexibility in the world of religious fundamentalism. How strange that the same phenomenon applies to Justin Trudeau’s brand of so-called “progressive” Liberal politics.

Amira Elghabaway, Minister of Islamophobia, stands beside fellow Moslems, MPs Ahmed Hussen and MP Omar Alghabra.

Paul Fromm on Implementing the Kalergi Plan: Hatred of Whites in A Witches’ Cauldron in Ottawa

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 Paul Fromm on Implementing the Kalergi Plan: Hatred of Whites in A Witches’ Cauldron in Ottawa

The Canadian Association for Free Expression Proudly Presents

Paul Fromm

Director, Canadian Association for Free Expression

Winner of the George Orwell Free Speech Award, 1994

Implementing the Kalergi Plan: Hatred of Whites in A Witches’ Cauldron in Ottawa

* Ahmed Hussen’s grant machine funds hatred of Whites

* Trudeau always apologizing, except for his own misdeeds


Ottawa’s White-Hating Witches’ Cauldron of “Anti-Racism” Bubbles Over, Burning All In Sight

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Ottawa’s White-Hating Witches’ Cauldron of “Anti-Racism” Bubbles Over, Burning All In Sight

Let’s be quite clear: “Anti-Racism” is a code word for anti-White. It’s not ethnic pride and hostility to neighbours which is human nature among most peoples that it fights: It is any manifestation of European pride or identity. Anti-racism (i.e. animosity toward Whites) is big business in Ottawa and is heavily funded by taxpayers of European descent. In the woke world of anti-European ideology in Ottawa, the European founding/settler people fund a mass of defamatory propaganda programmes and endless apologies.

Out of this corrosive mix, meet the new poster boy for government funded hatred. He hates Europeans, Jews, French Canadians, Blacks and native Indians. Oh, yes, he’s a Palestinian who only became a citizen in 2020, having called Canada an “apartheid state”. Meet Laith Marouf who heads the Community Media Advocacy Centre (CMAC)  which snagged a $133,822 grant from Heritage Canada, jointly run by Argentinian  “Heritage” (OUR heritage?) Minister Pablo Rodriguez and Housing, Diversity and Inclusion Minister Somali, Moslem Ahmed Hussen — you can’t make this stuff up — to develop an anti-racism strategy for the media. CMAC, which comprises Palestinian Laith Marouf and his wife Gretchen King-Marouf, an academic whose specialties include feminism and gender studies, has feasted on over $500,000 in federal grants since Trudeau came to power.

The National Post (September 3, 2022) picks up the story: ” On Twitter, Marouf  wrote, “You know all those loud mouthed bags of human feces, aka the Jewish White Supremacists; when we liberate Palestine and they have to go back to where they came from, they will return to being low voiced bitches of thier (sic) Christian/Secular White Supremacist Masters.” … ” He called Irwin Cotler, a former Liberal justice minister and noted human rights activist, who is Jewish, the “Grand Wizard of Zionism,” and said that he “looks like a dick without makeup. … ” He has disparaged a number of Black and Indigenous people as “house slaves”; and commonly uses the term “frogs” to refer to francophones, who he also claimed have an “ugly language” and an “IQ less than 77.”

To make matters worse, a number of his social media posts arguably crossed the line into advocating violence, such as when he wrote that, “Life is too short for shoes with laces, or for entertaining Jewish White Supremacists with anything but a bullet to the head.”

Marouf, in other words, espouses the very opinions that should be targeted by any anti-racism program worth its salt.

Yet, when news first broke about Marouf’s blatantly antisemitic comments, Diversity Minister Ahmed Hussen tried to deflect the blame back on CMAC, an organization he had previously praised, saying that it needs to “answer how they came to hire” him. In reality, Marouf and his wife are CMAC’s only employees.Until this week, among the only Liberals speaking out on this issue were Anthony Housefather, a Jewish MP from Montreal, and Michael Levitt, a former MP who went on to become president of a prominent Jewish advocacy organization.”

The story leaves mud on almost all the wretched participants”

* Laith Marouf is a shameless hypocrite. He hates Whites and many others. Yet, he wanted to become a Canadian to sponge off the money from the hated European founding/settler people who built this land.laith-marouf.png
The media. While the media was in full howl over Marouf’s slurs against Jews, there was no denunciation, even from good guys like Rex Murphy or the National Post editorials, of the slurs against Whites. Truly, in woke Globalist-ruled Canada, we are the Dispossessed Majority!

* The Canadian Government for granting citizenship to this person who hates us.

* Ahmed Hussen, the affirmative action Cabinet minister. First, in 2016 Trudeau appointed him as a big slap in the face to the European founding/settler people, the Old Stock (or Quebecois de souche) whom he despises. Here was a Moslem, Somali, refugee, immigration lawyer and head of the Canadian Somali Association being made gatekeeper. It was like appointing Jeffrey Epstein as principal of a Middle School for young girls. He promptly presided over the invasion through the Roxham Road, nearly 100,000 illegals! Now, he’s Minister of Housing, Diversity and Inclusion (but, not, apparently of Europeans and OUR heritage)!In June, his wretched department handed out money to the free speech hating Canadian Anti-Hate Network, another grant catcher, to produce a propaganda booklet to fight racism in the schools. It declared that the Red Ensign was a “hate symbol”.[See Canadian Immigration Hotline 375, June, 2020.] One doubts that Hussen, who has some responsibility for our “heritage” even knew what the Red Ensign is. [Ottawa is mad!] Now Hussen has presided over yet another anti-racist disaster with Laith Marouf. Yet, he’d  been warned about Marouf. He’d been around Ottawa, hating Whites but slurping up our money for six years. Is Hussen stupid, or does he share the anti-White views for which he praised CMAC?  He may also be blinded by Moslem anti-Jewish feelings.

Yet, he may be another example of the Ahenakew phenomenon. Chief David Ahenakew was a talented Saskatchewan Indian leader. He was the founder and first chief of the Assembly of First Nations. He helped create a native university in Saskatchewan. He didn’t like White people and frequently made anti-White remarks. The press indulged him and treated him as a celebrity. All this came crashing down in 2002. He thought he was giving a reporter an off-the-record interview. He was lured into discussing things he’d observed serving with the Canadian Army in Germany in the 1950s. He said he’d been told the Jews had owned and run everything (obviously, an exaggeration) and that’s why “Hitler had to fry 6-million.” All hell broke loose. The press no longer indulged him as an outspoken guy. Fellow Indian leaders at first stood by him but were warned their grant gravy train would dry up. He was quickly abandoned by all but his small band and some White free speech supporters (Doug Christie, CAFE, Terry Tremaine). He was stripped of the Order of Canada. Eventually, he was acquitted of “hate” charges because of Doug Christie’s able defence. He died in 2010 of cancer, a broken, reviled man. He had not recognized that there are privileged minorities in this country. As long as he was mocking Whites, that was fine, but, when he made remarks about Jews, he was crushed.

Hussen may be equally naive. Running down Whites, reviling our heritage, destroying our statues is fine for Ottawa. Fifty-two Christian churches were burned or seriously vandalized in 2021. It took over a month before Justin Trudeau mildly condemned the hate storm but said it was “understandable.” (Understandable what? That it was somehow justified? Can you imagine if 5, let alone 53, mosques or synagogues had been torched?) If Marouf had only been making hateful comments about Whites, no problem. The remarkable thing is that the appalling Hussen was not turfed in the recent mini Cabinet shuffle.

* The media. While the media was in full howl over Marouf’s slurs against Jews, there was no denunciation, even from good guys like Rex Murphy or the National Post editorials, of the slurs against Whites. Truly, in woke Globalist-ruled Canada, we are the Dispossessed Majority!

+ The Jewish Lobby. The Jewish lobby was quick to denounce Marouf’s scurrilous comments about Jews in general and Irwin Cotler, in particular. Apparently, no such concern for their benefactors in European lands. It’s all about US!

Temporarily, “anti-racism” is in bad odor, even in the press but only because it attacked Jews. For the moment the disarray keeps our rights safer.

Laith Marouf hates Europeans & the Gov’t has given him over $500,000 in six years

White Taxpayers Pay for Special Racist Grants to Black Businesses but Some Businesses Aren’t Black Enough!!

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Ottawa tells hundreds of applicants they’re not Black enough for money from the Black community initiative

Alex Ballingall January 15, 2021

That’s what Velma Morgan was told in an email this week from Employment and Social Development Canada, which rejected her organization’s application for funding under a program for Black community groups. The reason: the organization either isn’t led by enough Black people or didn’t prove that it is.

Operation Black Vote was one of about 400 organizations the government says it rejected for that reason.

Morgan, a Black woman who is chair of the board that is “100 per cent” Black for an organization that promotes the election of more Black people, was flummoxed.

“All you have to do is Google us or even go onto our website, and you’ll see that everything on there is Black. The board is Black. The advisers are Black. The founders are Black. It doesn’t take much to realize that our organization is Black,” she said.

“I just thought it was ridiculous.”

The email sent to the rejected organizations — a version was posted online by a former Liberal MP and confirmed by the employment minister’s office — stated their applications didn’t meet the Black leadership criteria or were “insufficient to clearly demonstrate that the organization is led and governed by people who self-identify as Black.”

In a series of posts on Twitter Thursday night, Employment and Social Development Minister Ahmed Hussen said “the letter recently sent by my department to unsuccessful applicants was completely unacceptable.”

Hussen said he “quickly demanded a retraction and met with my officials to discuss how such a mistake could have happened,” and to ensure it does not happen again.

The department did not respond to questions from the Star before deadline.

The minister’s office, meanwhile, declined to comment further on Friday. But an official who agreed to speak without being named said Hussen is “very disappointed” and “furious,” and that the minister’s office did not see the rejection letter before his department sent it to about 400 applicants this week.

The government deemed organizations to be sufficiently “Black-led” if at least two-thirds of their board members and senior leadership identify as Black, the official said. The program awarded 90 applicants up to $7 million this week to grow their operations through renovations and the purchase of equipment. The government also appointed three external organizations — Tropicana Community Services, the Black Business Initiative and Groupe 3737 — to disperse another $2.6 million “to support grassroots organizations serving Black communities across Canada.”

Morgan said her organization met this required threshold and ticked a box saying so on its application. But she said they still received the rejection email on Tuesday that said they did not demonstrate they were sufficiently Black led. Then they received a second email the next day telling them to “disregard” the first one, but that their application was still being rejected, Morgan said.

“They really think that we’re foolish,” she said. “This is unreal.”

Celina Caesar-Chavannes, the former Liberal MP for Whitby who quit the party in 2019 amidst the SNC-Lavalin scandal, posted the rejection letter on Twitter after hearing from organizations whose applications were denied this week. In an interview with the Star, Chavannes said Hussen’s response angered her because the minister prefaced his acknowledgment of the problem with several paragraphs describing efforts by himself and the government to support the Black community.

“If you think I am upset about this — I am livid. Because I am tired of this government in particular pandering to Black communities, using us when they need to take photo ops and take a knee in the middle of a f–ing crowd, and then when they get back up, telling us that we’re not Black enough to give us a little piece of the pennies that they’re giving us in the first Goddamn place,” she told the Star.

Caesar-Chavannes was referring to how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined a demonstration last summer and took a knee in the crowd, a signal of solidarity with those calling for action against police brutality and racism amidst a global movement sparked by the police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota last year.

Matthew Green, an NDP MP from Hamilton who is a member of the Parliamentary Black Caucus in Ottawa, said it is clear that the demand for the community initiative “far surpasses” the money the Liberal government was willing to spend on it. He said the department should have decided to increase the funding, rather than to set an “arbitrary means test of Blackness” that ended up cutting out hundreds of applicants.

“What this is about for me is a direct reflection of the problems that the federal government has in the lack of cultural competency,” Green said.

He pointed to a class-action lawsuit launched in December on behalf of Black federal employees seeking $900 million in damages for systemic racism experienced in the public service.

“It’s not disconnected from what we’re facing here,” he said, calling for more diversity in the public service, which he said may have prevented the rejection letters from being sent.

“It’s pretty clear that whomever signed off on this… that they lack the type of cultural competency to better explain the required eligibility criteria,” he said.

Federal statistics show that of a total workforce of 287,983 in 2019, 34,004 federal public service employees identified as visible minorities, including 6,468 who were Black. That’s up from 28,058 who identified as visible minorities — 5,218 who were Black — in 2017, when the total workforce numbered 262,969.

Trudeau’s Multiculturalism “HARMING Canada” Says Muslim-Canadian Journalist

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Trudeau’s Multiculturalism “HARMING Canada” Says Muslim-Canadian Journalist

Trudeau’s Multiculturalism “HARMING Canada” Says Muslim-Canadian Journalist

“Unfortunately, when multiculturalism becomes the foundation of politics, the very essence of debate gets relegated from the common good of the country to the medieval instinct OF THE TRIBE.”

What!?  Who made this statement– the leader of a white supremacy party in Canada? Not at all–these words come from Tarek Fatah, conservative Muslim and Canadian social critic.

This fellow is on the right track. CAP commend Mr. Fatah for this statement. The man is non-white, and non-Christian. Do we therefore default to the position that he is a trouble-maker within our society? No, we do not. Yet, organizations such as ours are constantly branded racists and bigots. Whatever–CAP do not give a damn.

Liberal MP Ramesh Sangha, who represents Ontario’s Brampton Centre riding, dropped a bombshell during a recent Punjabi-language television interview where he was quoted as saying: “There cannot be two opinions that the Liberal party is pandering (to) Khalistan supporters.”

The interviewer asked Sangha – himself a Sikh – if he thought the party had a “soft corner” for Khalistanis(Sikh National separatists. Sangha replied that “it does.”

Multiculturalism is Canada’s most overlooked social ideology, as well as  the most profound vehicle for social change in the history of Canada. Amount of press dedicated to the subject? In 40 years, almost NOTHING at all.

Canada happens to be one of the very few nations on earth with a policy of multiculturalism referenced within its constitution. The related piece of government legislation is the Multicultural  Act of 1988.

As an aside, within Chinese numerology, the number “8” means wealth and financial prosperity. Did government plan in advance to pass the legislation in the year 1988? Would not surprise CAP in the least– Multiculturalism is a product of Trudeau-family Liberal-Globalism, after all.

What is it about the “multicult,” or diversity which has been held back from the purview of millions of Canadians for the past forty years? Let’s take a quick look:

For one thing, Multicult policy from a financial view is a giant-sized transfer of Canadian tax-dollars. Hundreds of million– BILLIONS over the decades, has been passed to Third World immigration, multicultural, and refugee non-profit organizations.

This is how Chinese, Sikh, and Muslim organizations succeeded in establishing themselves as “power-players” within Canadian society. One organization, SUCCESS Immigrant Services of Vancouver, BC, receives $23 Million per year from the provincial government alone. They are funded by all three levels of government–municipal, provincial and federal.

Despite their appearance at present, for at least 30 years this group focused exclusively on migrants from China. One group, one focus, one mission--to import Chinese migrants to Canada. A report from their website(they removed it) boasted about the percentage of European migrants they have assisted– a whopping 1% of their clientele.  There’s multiculturalism for you– SUCCESS for decades was 100% uni-cultural. 

There are thousands of groups like this in Canada. Then, we turn to the b-side. CAP once worked with a Polish-Canadian non-profit. We viewed one request for government funding for their non-profit. $8,000 dollarsdenied


Darn, that multicult stuff really leads to social equality, eh? The whole affair is a farce. CAP will tell you why: Because there is NOTHING multicultural about Canadian multiculturalism.

Huh? What is this guy on? Let us explain. This concept means “multi”— as in, “many, manifold, a variety. Now, the fact is that the ideology is in no way inclusive of European Canada. No pride in being a Canadian of Ukrainian, German, or Polish Canadian. No money either.

Okay, so whitey is OUT. That’s a big segment of society, no? Then we consider the communities who are a component of this anti-European diversity movement. Does this adhere to authentic diversity? After all, that was the goal of the program after Pierre Trudeau FORCED the policy on Canada in the first place.

Not really. The main players are three: Sikh, Muslim and Chinese-Canada. What is so diverse about this? Not much. Rather, what we have here is a license for these wealthy and powerful communities to battle it out for power and control within society. Under Justin Trudeau, this is what is occurring as we speak.

Then, Trudeau puts on a Silk Sikh outfit, does a few Bollywood dance moves, and shouts “Diversity Is Our Strength.”

CAP will amend this by one word- “Diversity is A strength.” Big difference.  Yes, it is a strength–for some. Who are the “some?” They are the most well-funded, organized, wealthy and powerful special interest ethnic communities in Canada. The ones with the hundreds of multicult organizations sucking up the most tax dollars.

This is Multicult in the real world. It is not Trudeau, Hussen, Butts, Morneau and Khalid multiculturalism. This brand is a giant LIE. A deception designed to empower some, and DISEMPOWER others.

Multiculturalism as a political ideology began in 1971— a full 47 years ago. Think back–have you ever ONCE read anything like this within Canadian media? CAP knows that the answer is “no”–because we have followed these issues for the past 37 years.

We have now discussed who benefits. Now, let’s look at who suffers. Anglophone Canada, because we are being trans-itioned into minority status by government. Christian Canada, because Justin Trudeau is dedicated to one religion only-Islam. Nationalists, Patriots, Conservatives, Francophones– white people, basically.

To add insult-to-injury, PM Trudeau has personally trans-itioned Anglophone Canada into a motley gang of racists, bigots and xenophobes. Would this be anywhere near as extreme if Papa Pierre had not unilaterally forced the policy upon society?

Yes, much less–in fact the branding-like-cattle racist tag of Trudeau, may not have occurred at all.  This is the story of multiculturalism in Canada. It is NOTHING like the manner in which the ideology is portrayed by government and media.

It is, in fact, a stone-cold deception of the people of Canada. Those portrayed as victims are in reality, the privileged. Those branded as oppressors are in reality the victims.

Canada–you have been hood-winked. Multiculturalism is destructive for specific segments of society. The policy was founded by Pierre Trudeau, and hit out of the ball-park by Justin Trudeau.

Then, Justin gets elected for a second term. Insane, isn’t it?



Somalian-Canadian MP Ahmed Hussen Pushes For Refugee Intake Increases DESPITE Public Backlash

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Somalian-Canadian MP Ahmed Hussen Pushes For Refugee Intake Increases DESPITE Public Backlash

[What an insult when the Trust Fund Kid appointed this Somali, Moslem, refugee, immigration lawyer as minister of immigration. Might as well appoint a serial rapist to run a women’s shelter. His native land is a failed state and knows nothing of democracy. Hence, his arrogant “fuck you” to the majority of Canadians who do not want waves more of phoney “refugees”.– Paul Fromm]

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says he would like to see Canada welcome more refugees than it currently accepts and believes more of them should be able to enter through economic immigration programs.

As someone who arrived in Canada as a refugee himself, Hussen spoke with passion about the need for Canada to do more.

Yes–the need to DO MORE. Anyone else out there in reality-land expect something different? You shouldn’t, because political figures such as Ahmed Hussen ALWAYS DEMAND MORE.

The term for this is “insatiability”–a lack of ability to reach a level of satisfaction. In Canada, this is the heart, soul and pulse of the politically correct social justice movement–NEVER be satisfied. For as long as he can, drop-in dual citizen from Somalia Ahmed Hussen will push for Canada to be transformed into his PERSONAL VISION of what Canada MUST become.

The vision is for Canada to shift on its social and political axis. This began with Pierre Trudeau, and by way of son Justin Trudeau, has become more and more of a reality. In Hussen’s Canada, Canadian of European Heritage are not to be considered in any capacity. Nor are Christian Canadians.

For Hussen, Canada exists for a singular purpose: to be transformed into a dumping ground for as many of his Third World brethren as humanely possible. That’s it, and nothing more. Mr. Hussen cares not if these so-called refugees are legal or illegal. Nor is it a concern whether or not they are legitimate refugees.

Suggesting economic migrants be accepted into Canada as refugees TRANS-cends the definition of the United Nations Declaration On Refugee Status, which Canada foolishly signed post- WW2. PM Hussen must be thrilled with this, particularly as  few Muslim and African nations signed on the dotted line.

The outcome? Canada– and NOT Islamic nations– are responsible for millions of  “refugees” from Third World nations. PERFECT- for Ahmed Hussen that is. For the rest of us, we are stuck PAYING THE BILLS for these new arrivals.

READ MORE: Canada Becomes World Leader In Refugee Intake, Majority Of Citizens Are Opposed

Winners: Ahmed Hussen, United Nations, Immigration and Multicultural non-profit organizations, immigration and refugee lawyers, Third World Citizens.

Losers: English Canada, Anglophone and Francophone Canada, Christian Canada, Nationalists and Patriots.  Please do tell– is this not ALWAYS THE WAY with the Trudeau government?

recent poll states that a majority of Canadians are OPPOSED to increases in quotas for immigration and refugee intake. What impact does this have on Ahmed Hussen? NOTHING. Instead, he is pushing for non-refugee status people to enter Canada under the economic program.

Ever heard of such a thing before? Most likely not, as this recommendation appears to be UNPRECEDENTED.  Has establishment media pointed this out? Of course not.

Again and again, Canadians witness a ruling government wholly detached from the will of the people. This is NOT supposed to occur within a liberal democracy. Conclusion? Canadian citizens do notlive in a liberal democracy. Rather, under King Justin of Canada, we are living in an elected DICTATORSHIP.

Who better than pseudo-totalitarian Ahmed Hussen to lead a destructive agenda not a single Canadian asked for. Cold hearted, calculated, bereft of emotion, Mr. Hussen is the ideal figure to finish off what began with the advent of multiculturalism some forty years ago.

This is the exact reason Justin Trudeau appointed a half-Canadian Somalian refugee to lord it over the people of Canada.


Somali Gangs In Canada Set Up Nation-Wide Drug Dealing Circuit

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Somali Gangs In Canada Set Up Nation-Wide Drug Dealing Circuit



Somali drug gangs appear to be highly organized without the hierarchy of traditional criminal gangs, says Staff Sgt. Jim Peebles of Edmonton city police. These gang members work a circuit — Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary to Fort McMurray and Ottawa,  moving drugs and guns around the country. “The group is in Edmonton one day, then they turn up in Ft. McMurray and next week we see them in Toronto or Ottawa,” he said. 

And here Justin Trudeau claims  diversity is Canada’s strength. Incidentally, so does our dual citizenship immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen–a refugee from Somalia himself. Police forces across the country  worked closely together in the last couple of years to identity core Somalian gang members, uncover their movements and follow the shifting leadership. This costs money. So does the inordinate amount of Somalians receiving taxpayer-funded welfare checks in Canada.

Yet, to call these people out would inevitably result in the calling out of the accusers as so-called “Islamophobes.  It’s simply the “Canadian way” under the ruling Trudeau government. When in doubt, play the race card–then watch as those questioning the circumstances scamper back behind their keyboards for fear of being branded racists.

Since when has an identifiable Canadian community been indemnified from criticism in this manner? The answer, of course, is NEVER. Dual citizen MP Iqra Khalid saw to this when she successfully advanced M103, the Pakistani national’s motion to elevate Islam above other religions in Canada.

In the USA, the city of Minneapolis experienced a sudden increase in the Somali population similar to Edmonton’s early in the decade– as well as  a similar spate of gun violence. The idea the Edmonton situation is unique can thereby be put to rest. The purpose of  immigration policy within western democracies is to create a benefit to their respective societies. To facilitate drug gangs and gun runners falls outside the purview of this ideal. Yet, in Canada, Third World migrants have transitioned to our nation’s protected communities–regardless of the number of illegal migrants, their status as Islamic militants, or any other relevant factor.

What a curious state of affairs. Present-day political correctness is so stringent that Canadians live in fear of condemning Somalian dope dealers.  They could loose their jobs, or having their reputation smeared. In truth, it is the Trudeau government that deserve the smearing. Despite pit-bull refugee pusher Ahmed Hussen’s prostrations about the so-called benefit of mass Third World immigration, common sense Canadians know better.

Now, if only Liberal Canadians would follow suit, Canada could rid itself of the damaging forces of left-wing political correctness. This begins, of course, with ridding our nation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Follow this up with removing Ahmed Hussen from holding the demographic destiny of Canada in his hands, and perhaps our nation can return to a state of political sanity lost the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister.




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For 40 years the end result, if not the admitted aim, of Canada’s immigration policy has been to replace the European founding settler people by before the middle of this century. With present huge immigration level — year after year, 85 per cent from the Third World — Europeans will be a minority before 2050. In pursuit of “diversity”, the weirder or the more unusual the better, as long as they are from the Third World. Thus, it may come as only a minor shock that as part of Black History Month, our Somali immigration minister has announced our latest haul of strange fish.
 Canada has begun resettling hundreds of people rescued from slavery in Libya, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says. Canada was ‘one of the few countries’ to respond to a request from the United Nations refugee agency in 2017, Hussen said in an email Wednesday. More than 150 people have been resettled and another 600 more are expected over the next two years through the regular refugee settlement program, he said. ‘We are also taking action to resettle 100 refugees from Niger, rescued from Libyan migrant detention centres, including victims of human smuggling,’ he added.” (National Post, February 6, 2019)
Firstly, these “refugees” were all in Libya and were trying to sneak illegally into Europe. Many had used smugglers. In some cases large smuggling debts of $500–$2,000 and illegal status leave them vulnerable to various forms of coercion, resulting in cases of forced prostitution and forced labor. Hence, some are sold into indentured labour to pay off their debts.How this should be Canada’s concern is a mystery. So, who are we getting? We will be getting people who showed their contempt for Western law by trying to sneak into Europe. Do these seem like likely prospects to make good Canadians. If some were indeed “slaves”, aer we not getting mentally and emotionally damaged goods. The sub-Saharan lands these people hail from are desperately backward. This fact will make an easy fit into a modern Western country unlikely. However, it will be a boon to Canada’s ever growing billion-dollar-plus “immigrant settlement” industry. This network of community hand holders who try to educate and train and direct newcomers is a reproach to a system that has been so poor at selecting people who can hit the ground running.
We can look for years of expenses for welfare, government housing and training to say nothing of the several thousands of dollars each needed to transport them to Canada. If Canada felt some urge to help the illegals in Libya, why not offer transportation money back to their home countries plus a modest grant to get them back on their feet. Such expenditure would be small in comparison to what they will cost in Canada. Oh, and, yes, once landed they will soon be able to sponsor their extended families.

Our Somali, Moslem, Refugee Immigration Minister Promises to Organize the Invasion from Mogadishu, if Libs Lose the Next Election

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Our Somali, Moslem, Refugee Immigration Minister Promises to Organize the Invasion from Mogadishu, if Libs Lose the Next Election

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Paul Fromm on Immigration Problems in Canada

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Paul Fromm on Immigration Problems in Canada