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How Australia Deals With Red Chinese Money Making Sydney Housing Unaffordable for Australians

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How Australia Deals With Red Chinese Money Making Sydney Housing Unaffordable for Australians

://www.vancouversun.com/business/Australia+tackle+high+housing+prices+with+fines+ja il+illegal/11025807/story.html

Sydney ranked third among least-affordable cities after Hong Kong and Vancouver, according to report

“Australia will jail foreigners who purchase homes illegally as the government seeks to slow a surge in house prices, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said.”

Brad: Canada will pick you up at the airport, drive you to meet the realtor who marketed the property to you in Asia, and translate the purchase agreement into a language you can understand.

“The penalties will tighten scrutiny on overseas buyers at a time when record-low interest rates aredriving up Sydney property prices five times faster than wages.”

Brad: Same situation in Vancouver, regarding property prices increasing faster than wage increases. Our real estate boards, developers and realtors are all working in support of this trend.

“Overseas buyers are only allowed to purchase newly built homes in Australia and need the permission of the Foreign Investment Review Board”

Brad: In Canada, anything goes, in particular the corresponding result of the lack of affordability for low and middle income Canadians. As a result, these folks are being pushed out of their city and are replaced by rich foreigners and new arrivals.

“In Victoria state[Australia], foreigners buying houses will pay a new tax equivalent to 3 percent of the purchase price, the Age newspaper reported Saturday.

Brad: My goodness…there is a workable method to help deal with these issues. Perhaps if the BC Provincial government, along with our municipal politicians, were not so busy integrating China into Canada they might have a few moments to consider similiar initiatives.

Alice Wong, Richmond MP: salary paid by Canadian tax payers, working on behalf of the government of China. Her recent Vancouver-based celebration:

“The government[Australian] plans to introduce legislation on the measures later this year and ensure the changes are enacted on Dec. 1.”

Brad: The B.C. government plans to introduce a full Asian buffet at the 70th anniversary of the communist China celebration in Vancouver, occuring in the year 2020.

Time to Repeal the Multiculturalism Act

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Time to Repeal the Multiculturalism Act
Meet Alice Wong, Canadian citizen, MP for Richmond B.C., as a Conservative, believe it or not.
Judging by her political work, one would think she was working for the nation of China, not Canada.
Chinese Head Tax Redress?  Alice is there promoting it. 
Lavish Chinese New Year celebrations?  Wong is there. 
Meeting in Beijing with Communist Chinese Government? Wong is positively gushing. Celebration of 65th anniversary of the  communist Peoples Republic of China? Alice is in the house.
Controversial Shark’s Fin Soup issue? Alice is slurping the delicacy at a Richmond restaurant.
Pray tell, who pays for this? 
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Alice Wong with Dr. Henry S. Yu: Attempting to extract millions from present day taxpayers, innocent of all historical injustices:
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Henry Yu, Professor of History at UBC teaches that:
“Until recently in its history, Canada had a history of white supremacy similar to South Africa… building its immigration policy around the racial category of “white Canada”
The time has come for Canadians to get wise to what is occuring in the name of Official Multicultural Policy:
Repeal the Multicultural Act of Canada. This legislated statute, which began as a relatively benign force in Canadian society, has been HI-JACKED by special interest groups, multicult organizations and ethnic political leaders. Not to mention our vote-grabbing B.C. government and Vancouver’s municipal council, both of whom appear to be more than willing to assist with the destruction of traditional Canadian culture.
Percentage of the world’s nations with multiculturalism entrenched in their constitution: 1%
Official Multicultural Policy: Legislated cultural suicide, brought to you by the Government of Canada. 
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