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Housing Unaffordability Is Caused By Immigration Demand, Not A Shortage Of Housing Supply

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Housing Unaffordability Is Caused By Immigration Demand, Not A Shortage Of Housing Supply

Housing Unaffordability Is Caused By Immigration Demand, Not A Shortage Of Housing Supply


(Housing Unaffordability Is A Matter Of Demand, Not Of Supply)


The overwhelming cause of astronomic house prices in Metro Vancouv

er is relentless and unnecessary immigration-driven demand for housing.  Every year since Canada’s mass immigration policy started in 1991, an average of 40,000 to 50,000 immigrants have arrived in Metro Vancouver / Fraser Valley. The voracious demand came first. It used up existing supply and then it created a shortage of supply. Three  British Columbia academics have presented extensive supporting evidence of this.


The key points are (1) that the immigration demand was unnecessary 25 years ago and it remains so today, (2) that correcting Housing Unaffordability damage has to involve cutting demand and (3) that cutting demand means reducing immigration dramatically.


Yet a recent B.C. provincial government report on Unaffordable Housing ignored the role of unnecessary immigration. And a preliminary federal government look at the issue does the same.


Instead, both the provincial and federal governments parrot the statements made by groups who are motivated by their own interest and greed. These groups have told our governments and Metro residents that a shortage of housing supply has caused Metro Vancouver’s unaffordable housing. These groups also like to tell us that  millions of people would like to move here and that Canadians have to take these people by densifying their communities and creating more supply.

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Our CBC and most of the private media have helped these groups by playing the role of the propaganda arm of these groups.


At no time do these groups or their propaganda arm recognize that in almost all immigration cases except for a  very limited number of genuine refugees, the purpose of Canadian immigration has not been to help immigrants. It has been to protect the needs of Canada and Canadians. Affordable housing is one of the most important of the basic needs of Canadians. This should be obvious to anyone, but governments at all three levels have broadcast immigration lobby nonsense that mass immigration is wonderful for Canada. In doing so, governments at all three levels have effectively said “To Hell with Canadians’ need for  Affordable Housing”.


It is time for Canadians to say “To Hell With Those Governments”.


Those who observe what is happening from far away might describe what governments and other groups have done in Metro Vancouver and elsewhere as the actions of Organized Crime. Government and other group actions have definitely been criminal but we think such a phrase under-states the gravity of the behaviour and does not get to the sinister heart of what is happening. The phrase “Organized Slime” is much more accurate. “Organized Slime” is a collection of deceivers who pretend to be benevolent .They try to tell us that Canada’s  current immigration intake is no different from its past intake and that Canada’s current intake is making Canada a better and nobler country. Their aim is to convince Canada’s majority population to perform the ultimate national act : to commit national suicide and to do so while chanting “Diversity is our strength”.


Who are they?  Here is a representative sample of the slithering hypocrites and deceivers : ethnic groups who want to vastly increase their numbers, a  groveling political class that will do anything to get ethnic votes, greedy developers, arrogant real estate agents, smoke-screeners at UBC’s business school and other academics, a quisling CBC and a horde of the mentally-challenged in the private media.


Our PM likes to tell Canadians that government policies have to be evidence-based. But federal immigration intake continues to be based not on evidence, but on pressure from Organized Slime.


Our PM does not seem to understand that calling for evidence-based decision making, on the one hand,  and, on the other hand,  following the orders of Organized Slime to bring in unnecessary people does not make sense.


In fact, our PM has declared that Canada is a “post-national state”. This is equal to saying that the needs of  Canada’s majority population are to be subordinated to the demands of non-Canadians or of aggressive new arrivals.


To Canadians who can cut through the mass deceit, our PM and his “Post-National State” supporters have declared war against Canada’s majority population. And any elected official or supporter who has remained silent about federal policies that  tell us we are a “post-national state” has done the same.


“Post-National State” policies have already resulted in the spilling of Canadian blood.  Here are examples of such policies : virtual organized displacement of Canada’s majority population in many cities, preferential hiring,  so-called “anti-racism” campaigns (really campaigns against Canadians of European origin), maginalization of Canada’s own unemployed, the promotion of mindless diversity, endless attacks on Canada’s historical immigration efforts to defend itself,  subsidizing Canada’s treasonous immigration lobby and a host of other betrayals.


Do those people who have spilled blood really think that there will be no consequences to their actions?

For sensible immigration policies for the 21st century.

How Australia Deals With Red Chinese Money Making Sydney Housing Unaffordable for Australians

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How Australia Deals With Red Chinese Money Making Sydney Housing Unaffordable for Australians

://www.vancouversun.com/business/Australia+tackle+high+housing+prices+with+fines+ja il+illegal/11025807/story.html

Sydney ranked third among least-affordable cities after Hong Kong and Vancouver, according to report

“Australia will jail foreigners who purchase homes illegally as the government seeks to slow a surge in house prices, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said.”

Brad: Canada will pick you up at the airport, drive you to meet the realtor who marketed the property to you in Asia, and translate the purchase agreement into a language you can understand.

“The penalties will tighten scrutiny on overseas buyers at a time when record-low interest rates aredriving up Sydney property prices five times faster than wages.”

Brad: Same situation in Vancouver, regarding property prices increasing faster than wage increases. Our real estate boards, developers and realtors are all working in support of this trend.

“Overseas buyers are only allowed to purchase newly built homes in Australia and need the permission of the Foreign Investment Review Board”

Brad: In Canada, anything goes, in particular the corresponding result of the lack of affordability for low and middle income Canadians. As a result, these folks are being pushed out of their city and are replaced by rich foreigners and new arrivals.

“In Victoria state[Australia], foreigners buying houses will pay a new tax equivalent to 3 percent of the purchase price, the Age newspaper reported Saturday.

Brad: My goodness…there is a workable method to help deal with these issues. Perhaps if the BC Provincial government, along with our municipal politicians, were not so busy integrating China into Canada they might have a few moments to consider similiar initiatives.

Alice Wong, Richmond MP: salary paid by Canadian tax payers, working on behalf of the government of China. Her recent Vancouver-based celebration:

“The government[Australian] plans to introduce legislation on the measures later this year and ensure the changes are enacted on Dec. 1.”

Brad: The B.C. government plans to introduce a full Asian buffet at the 70th anniversary of the communist China celebration in Vancouver, occuring in the year 2020.