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She May Be Rude, but She’s No Criminal

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She May Be Rude, but She’s No Criminal 
Since when did losing one’s temper over a parking space dispute land you before the court? Canadian police forces are becoming political thought police. At a crowded outlet mall between Niagara-on-the-Lake and St. Catharines, on Boxing Day, a 51-year old Hamilton woman, Patricia Sammit, objected when a Chinese lady took what she felt was her parking space. The Chinese lady,  “who does not want to be identified for fear of retaliation, [anonymity is key to political persecution] said she pulled into a spot at the mall and was immediately approached by a woman who claimed she had been waiting for the parking space.” (CHCH TV, December 30, 2019)
patricia sammit
The Chinese woman recorded part of the incident in a 66-second video on her cellphone. Patricia Sammit accuses the Chinese woman of trying to kick her and notes: “You don’t know what a signal is? Guess what? Even in China they have signal lights.” (CBC News, December 30, 2019)  Miss Sammit even threatens to call 9-11. She clearly believes she’s in the right. Apparently, she used what the media denounces as a “racial slur” .
The video went viral. The poodle press, as if reading from the same script (Toronto Star, CBC-TV, CHCH-TV, Global-TV) all called Miss Sammit’s comments a “racist rant”. Media talking heads, especially on CFRB 1010 talk radio denounced the woman. No one seemed to sympathize with the tension and frustration of overcrowded mall parking lots and foreigners who might not be following standard Canadian motoring courtesies. According to the Toronto Star (December 30, 2019) the woman “said she emigrated from China seven years ago.” Apparently, she spoke to Miss Sammit in Chinese and the angry motorist mocked her speech,
We may agree that people should try to be polite and courteous. However, an outburst of anger and frustration should not lead to criminal charges. The CBC reports: “Const. Philip Gavin of Niagara Regional Police Service says officers responded to a number of parking disputes that day, but didn’t experience any other situations like this one. ‘It’s safe to say racism played a role in this incident,’ Const. Gavin said in a phone interview. ” It’s clear Patricia Zammit’s crime is the wrong political view. Accordingly, she has been charged with assault and uttering threats and will appear in court, February 3. Niagara Region is awash in illegal drugs but the local cops move like lightning to swat politically incorrect opinions.
A lawyer advising CAFE sees the charges as pure police state intimidation. The lawyer observes: ” Charging this woman based solely on this video is completely asinine. You cannot film someone to this extent without consent and it appears to me she strikes the phone, not the woman complainant. These charges, based on a subjective filming by an aggrieved party often implode.” 
“This is unfolding as a major free speech case,” says Paul Fromm Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression.
The lamestream media villifies frustrated Canadians for speaking out against the colossal demographic changes being imposed on this country, without any full public discussion or debate.. Several years ago, a Mississauga woman was demonized for demanding a White doctor at a public clinic. Trudeau  Liberalism insists a woman should have absolute control over her body in terms of abortion, but, apparently, no right to choose who will examine her. 
Canadians are the victims of almost 50 years of deceit. They see our population being changed by government policy. The European founding/settler people are being replaced by a deceitful policy of mass immigration, 85 per cent from the Third  World. They are being fobbed off with empty slogans like “Diversity if our greatest strength.”?
The two largest cities in English Canada, Toronto and Vancouver, now see Third World majorities. The European founding/settler people are being replaced. Honest discussion or debate is silenced with a torrent of media weaponized words like “racism”, “xenophobe” “White supremacist.” Of course, people are frustrated. The doctrine of multiculturalism says all cultures are equal. Newcomers are not required to adopt our ways. Even a famous established sportscaster like Don Cherry lost his job of 37 years instantly when he reminded immigrants to spend a few bucks to support the Poppy Campaign and the soldiers whose sacrifices had created the country these people wanted to come to.
When free and open discussion are squelched, we can expect more angry outbursts from frustrated Canadians.