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Dominion Day Dolour

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Throne, Altar, Liberty

Gerry T. Neal

The Canadian Red Ensign

The Canadian Red Ensign

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Dominion Day Dolour

It has been my custom for Dominion Day over the last few years, to write either sketches about specific individuals who exemplified the Canada of Confederation and her traditions or jeremiads lamenting the present state of the Dominion. I had not realized, until I checked the last six years, that this has followed an alternating pattern, in which this would be a year for a jeremiad. This suits me as the next individual I had on deck for a sketch was the great Canadian historian Donald Creighton, and while I read Donald Wright’s biography of him as recently as last year – I much prefer the chapter on him in Charles Taylor’s Radical Tories, since Wright’s political correctness infuriates me as much as it would have his subject – I would need more time than I had available to re-read Creighton’s own books in order to do him justice. So a jeremiad it is.

There is plenty for someone from my point of view to lament. There have been two traditions of thought that have borne the rather inaccurate label “conservative” in Canada. There is the old Tory tradition of Loyalism and royalism, which is monarchist rather than republican, holds the Westminster system of Parliament to be the best form of government ever to evolve on the face of the earth, dissents from the narrative of the rebellion of 1776 and is suspicious of the United States, utterly rejects socialism without fully embracing capitalism, and is socially, morally, and culturally traditionalist. Then there is neo-conservatism, which is very pro-American, holds to the basic political and economic views of nineteenth century liberalism, and regards anything from outside eighteenth to nineteenth century liberalism which has been traditionally associated with conservatism as dispensable. While the extent to which the official Conservative Party has ever really stood for either of these traditions is questionable, it was associated with the first until 1967 and the latter from about 1983 on, especially after the merger with what began as the Reform Party. I have belonged to the first tradition from the moment political thoughts first formed in my head, and am very much a representative of its right wing. Most other surviving members – David Warren is a very notable exception –speak for its left wing. In other words, I speak for a point of view, which the Liberal Party, egged on by the further left parties, and aided and abetted by the Conservatives, has striven to make as unwelcome as possible in Canada.

Earlier this year, our provincial governments, with the full backing and support of Ottawa, essentially eliminated what was left of our most basic freedoms. These freedoms are part of the Common Law tradition which we inherited when we became the Dominion of Canada on this date in 1867. They are not something which Pierre Trudeau gave us in 1982, despite the fact that our lying schoolteachers and our lying newsmedia commentators, most of whom sold their souls to the Liberal Party and its true leader in hell at the beginning of their careers, have been instilling that impression among the younger generations ever since that year. Although the Charter did not give us those freedoms, it does name four of them in its second section. The freedom of conscience and religion is the first named. The third and fourth named are freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association. There is no freedom of conscience and religion when the provincial government forbids us from going to Church for four months. There is no freedom of peaceful assembly when the same government tells us we cannot gather in groups larger than five or ten or whatever number. There is no freedom of association if the government tells us we must be six feet apart from each other in public at all times. The provincial governments got away with this totalitarian power grab with the help of a media-generated panic over the spread of a virus with a low fatality rate that produces mild to no symptoms in the vast majority of those who contract it, information which has been available all along to anybody willing to check out the facts.

In the meantime, the Liberal Party which was reduced to a minority government in last year’s Dominion election, took full advantage of this situation to seek, in an underhanded attack on the Magna Carta and the foundational principles of Parliament, unlimited tax and spend powers, and to prevent Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition from doing their job of holding the government accountable in Parliament.

Then, about a month ago, when Marxist organizations in the United States found a pretext for launching a race war against white people, the Prime Minister, despite his own hands being far from clean when it comes to matters concerning race as we discovered in the election campaign last year, jumped on board the bandwagon. Even though the public health restrictions at whatever stage of easing they were at from province to province remained in effect for everybody else, they were lifted completely for the anti-white hate rallies that were organized in Canada’s major cities. The Prime Minister, who has never given the slightest indication of sincere contrition over his many personal failings, but who is always ready to give an apology on behalf of the entire country to whatever designated victim group happens to feel the most offended at any given moment, showed up for a photo op of himself “taking the knee” in a gesture of false humility at the rally in Ottawa. A few days later on his syndicated morning television show he berated our country over its supposed “systemic racism.” This was the cue for everyone else to ritually acknowledge this systemic racism, whether they understood the concept or, more likely, did not, and for the “woke” to start “cancelling” anybody who failed to participate in this now mandatory ritual.

This requirement that everybody accept this ridiculous narrative, taken from the neo-Marxist Critical Theory, is, of course, an assault on yet another of our basic freedoms. As with the others, this too is a freedom from the Common Law tradition which is named in the second section of the Charter, where it is called the “freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.” If all Canadians are now required to confess the neo-Marxist narrative that our country is systemically racist, upon threat of being cancelled if we dissent, then it is a joke to say that we have freedom of thought, belief, opinion or expression. If the Crown broadcaster and all of the other news stations and newspapers that have been subsidized by this government are pushing this same narrative, while the government has been applying pressure to big tech social media companies to censor dissent, then there is no “freedom of the press and other media of communication.” The assault on this basic freedom has been going on since the premiership of the first Trudeau. It has been carried out in the name of combatting prejudice and promoting diversity, even though the most essential kind of diversity for a free country is the diversity of thought that is under attack.

All of Western Civilization is now threatened by these neo-Maoists who wish to raze history to the ground and bring us to Year Zero. They have the support of most of the mainstream media, the corporate world, academia, celebrities and a wide assortment of elected officials, civil servants and even the police forces they wish to see “defunded”. In Canada, they have demanded that the prestigious McGill University disown its founder and namesake. Worse, they are demanding that our country disavow the leading Father of Confederation and our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. Hilariously, they managed to get a newspaper or two to put trigger-warning labels on the flag. The reason this is so funny is because the flag in question is not the traditional, historical, flag of Canada, the Red Ensign, but rather the bland Maple Leaf which the Communist traitor, Lester Pearson chose to replace it with in 1965 precisely because it said nothing about Canada’s history, heritage, and legacy. Indeed, the Liberal Party’s assault on the traditional symbols of the Canada of Confederation during the premierships of Lester Pearson and Pierre Trudeau, starting with the old flag and ending with Dominion Day, could pretty much be said to have been the first wave to which the present wave of neo-Maoist, Year Zeroism is the second.

The Liberal Party rejected our country’s traditional symbols and was determined to replace them with ones bearing its own stamp. Today’s neo-Maoists demand a wholesale repudiation of our country’s founding and history. Symbols and history are important. Almost a century ago, the Mackenzie King Liberals attacked the Crown’s legitimate and necessary right to refuse an improper dissolution request (see Eugene Forsey, The Royal Power of Dissolution of Parliament, 1943). This undermined Parliament’s right to hold the Prime Minister accountable and set the stage for Prime Ministerial dictatorship (see John Farthing, Freedom Wears a Crown, 1957). This year, we have seen the largest assault on Parliamentary prerogative since then, and on the part of a minority Liberal government to boot, while all the provincial governments ran roughshod over our most basic Common Law rights and freedoms. If we had valued our traditional symbols and our history more, we would not have so willingly acquiesced in this.

While I weep for my country, I wish you all a Happy Dominion Day!

God Save the Queen!
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Canada Day Is Now a Day to Inflict White Guilt

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Canada Day Is Now a Day to Inflict White Guilt

by Thomas Jones

White guilt

July 1st of this year marked the 150th anniversary of the Canadian confederation as everyone is well aware at this point. The public and private spheres both put a great deal of time promoting this special occasion although quite frankly I felt rather underwhelmed by it all. It should have been something to instill great feelings of patriotism and celebration, but given all that has happened to Canada in the last 50 years, not to mention the current ‘we are the world’ style multicult propaganda being pushed, I must say I was not feeling like celebrating. Evidently I was not the only one, but others had far different reasons.

Ever since Idle No More and the largely positive coverage of that movement by the press, the Amerindian lobby has grown considerably. In the weeks and months leading up to Dominion Day there was a rise in open protesting of Canada Day by Amerindians who see it as a day of oppression as opposed to celebration. They never have and never will identify with the Canadian project because it was not one they were ever part of.

On July 1st itself there were a number of protests throughout the country, including Toronto and Regina. It would seem that in the aftermath of Idle No More a number of smaller groups have arisen, although how significant they truly are is rather suspect at this point. To what extent are they being hyped up by the media? Canada’s so-called policy of reconciliation has emboldened Amerindian groups to call for reclaiming whole cities and even Parliament Hillas their ‘unceded territory.’ Of course many of the people involved in these movements, protests et al., are at best only of partial Amerindian descent. Many Whites can be seen identifying with these ultimately anti-White groups thanks to years of indoctrination in public education, universities and the media.

Despite only being 4% of the population (and that includes Metis), ‘aboriginal’ interests have been successfully pushed in recent years with the most obvious example being the decision by the Trudeau government to accept in full the TRC narrative on the residential schools. As Lynn Beyek found out recently, to point out that these were not genocidal camps and that many prospered because of their time in such institutions, is not something you can do publicly. We are not only to believe they were a holocaust but that intergenerational suffering is the reason for the violence Amerindians inflict upon each other. And it doesn’t just stop at residential schools or land issues, to in anyway critique or make light of the Amerindian lobby is a huge moral crime in today’s Canada, even leftist Jews like Johnathan Kay are not exempt from attacks for failing to tow the line.

Given how corrupt and violent Amerindian communities are it won’t be long until residential schools 2.0 spring up out of necessity. No one seems willing to just let them live by themselves because they know that would just lead to self-destruction and sadly we feel like we owe them.

Every Occidental country now needs a genocide narrative as a founding myth in order to promote the dispossession of Whites and neoliberal globalism

Every Occidental country now needs a genocide narrative as a founding myth in order to promote the dispossession of Whites and neoliberal globalism. For Canada residential schools fit nicely, well once you tweak history a little bit. The Amerindians have now like the new left been coopted by these forces, which are more than willing to accept and promote their social concerns so long as their ultimate economic goals are achieved. Amerindians, then, are complete tools. Hatred for Whites is so strong that they are willing to openly and vociferously promote greater immigration because they are more concerned with attacking Euro-Canadians than protecting their own people. Open immigration will not and does not help Amerindians, Inuit or Metis. In fact, they may be negatively impacted by it even more than the majority population.

Of course, in reality the true history of the colonization of Canada is one of British liberalism. The British could have promoted the annihilation of Amerindians or of their being bred out of existence, as occurred elsewhere, but instead they promoted a policy of treaty signing, of trying to find a way of accommodating these people and moreover, of trying to uplift them. The residential school system was hardly perfect but its purpose was to prepare Amerindian children for a changing world and also to protect them from their own families who were mistreating them. Something which still goes on to this day, as does the mistreatment of Amerindian women by their own menfolk. Unlike in other parts of the Americas there were no Indian wars in Canada; the only conflict that comes close is the Metis revolts but these were a series of skirmishes. Though I suspect the policy in Canada would have been much the same even if there had been wars, given the liberal policy shown towards the Maori of New Zealand who did fight long, protracted conflicts with the British.

As this recent story illustrates, Amerindians show again how much they really don’t care about indigenous-hood and are really just tools of the liberal elite. Anything to stick it to the White man. Euro-Canadians have greater claim to being indigenous than recent arrivals from Syria. Funny how it’s ok for Syrians and other non-Whites to come and maintain their cultures on ‘native land’ but ours are condemned. And certainly Whites are indigenous to Europe (not only have they always been there but they formed the modern states that exist there so there can be no claims of terra nullius), but Amerindian lobby doesn’t come out against the replacement of Germans, Swedes and other Europeans in their native homes.

Many second and third generation immigrants from India and elsewhere have also bought into the anti-White narrative and many seemingly promote Amerindian interests. But, I wonder, how committed these people truly are to the Amerindians? Might be fun to see what happens if and when Canada becomes ‘majority minority’ and conflicts arise between Asiatic groups and the Amerindians, because I believe ultimately, the Chinese, Punjabis, et al. will put themselves first. Amerindians need Euro-Canadians because of their stupid White guilt complex.

Not all Euro-Canadians, however, are willing to sit back and accept the new manufactured narratives about Amerindians. Recently, in Halifax a small group peacefully counter protested an Amerindian one held in front of a statue of Edward Cornwallis, who is attacked for having called for reprisals against Mikmaq. (They leave out, of course, that Mikmaq were slaughtering Whites and his actions were a response to their cruelty.) If these incidences, as peaceful, calm and rather mundane as they are, continue then we could see end of feeling of White goodwill to Amerindians. They are working hard to indoctrinate the young as Amerindian lobby and anti-White groups more generally admit. Note how they falsely state race is simply about color and refuse to ask deeper questions as to why Amerindians may not be as successful as Whites and indeed Asians. If White privilege is real, then the question we should all ask is why is it a bad thing for Whites to be successful? Especially as it only seems to be in White countries.

Many are obviously in favour of Canada day but for how much longer? Will the current ‘we are the world’ style narrative give way to the ‘evil genocide’ one? More likely, the two will exist in tandem as the plan is not so much to be consistent but to use any and all narratives so long as they erode any sense of pride and identity in Euro-Canadians for themselves or their ancestors.

Canada’s 150th Dominion Day

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Canada’s 150th Dominion Day

Paul Fromm is the Director, Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) since 1983, at: http://cafe.nfshost.com/.Paul is also the Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee at: http://canadafirst.nfshost.com/

Paul Fromm is the Director, Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) since 1983, at: http://cafe.nfshost.com/. Paul is also the Director of the Canada…
Paul Fromm is the Director, Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) since 1983, at: http://cafe.nfshost.com/.

Paul is also the Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee at: http://canadafirst.nfshost.com/

Winner of the George Orwell Free Speech Award, 1994.

Co-host of “The Trump Phenomenon” Radio Show on RBN (week nights, 9:00 p.m. EST)

You can join Paul’s email list by contacting him at paul@paulfromm.com .

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The Meaning & History of Dominion Day

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The Meaning & History of Dominion Day

Paul Fromm from the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee talks about why our old Canadian flag was better and more meaningful than our current flag.


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Dear Canada Firster:

Happy Dominion Day.

Isn’t it Canada Day, you might ask? Well, as part of the social re-engineering of our country, Parliament did proclaim July 1 – Canada’s national founding date – as Canada Day. This was part of Pierre Trudeau’s revolutionary mischief as his immigration and multiculturalism policies sought to remake the European country of our founding into a Third World mix-up. He set in place policies – loyally followed by Tory Brian Mulroney AND Stephen Harper and Liberals Jean Chretien and Paul Martin and now Justin Trudeau– which will bring about the replacement and gradual ethnic cleansing of the European founder-settler people of this country.

Dominion Day, first proclaimed a holiday in 1879 by Governor General Lord Monck highlighted a term in Canada’s motto “a mari usque ad mare” – a line from the Psalms 72:8: “Dominion from sea unto sea.”

The sentiment is enthusiastic and positive, suggesting the coming of age and sovereignty of a new nation. The European founder/settlers – the British, the French, the Germans, the UELs from the U.S., the Germans, the Russians, the Icelanders, the Ukrainians and others – were developing, expanding and claiming this land, taking Dominion (power and control) from sea to sea.

This is a dynamic vision of Canada, one we shall not abandon. This is OUR Canada, the real Canada.


Paul Fromm
Canada First

Canada Day: A Celebration of the Destruction of Our British Heritage

by Thomas Jones

On July 1st 1867 the Dominion of Canada was created as per the British North America Act of 1867. The holiday of Dominion Day was changed to Canada Day thanks to the machinations of anti-British Liberal politicians working without public consent. The name Canada day doesn’t need to be negative and surely we patriots could make fine use of it but sadly that is not why the name was changed. It was done so to loosen ties to our British past.

As with the national days of our kindred in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, here in Canada our national day is not looked upon so kindly by a small but vocal minority of “progressives.” All of these countries are depicted now as “colonial states” which committed genocide against peaceful aboriginal groups in the name of White supremacy and imperialism. Furthermore they then welcome Chinese well-off hustlers to flood in and usurp jobs from native White workers. Thanks to the ruling elites in the political arena, the universities and, of course, the media, this immensely negative image has taking hold over the popular imagination. I think it is fair to say that many Canadians have not fallen for this propaganda, the simple anti-national day narrative, but with every year it seems as if we have to be more and more critical of our ancestors and the countries they created.

On July 1st 2013 feminist Judy Rebick spoke out against Canada day for the exact reasons laid out above. Apparently it is somehow racist for Canadians to celebrate their ancestry and country but not racist for Idle No More to attack Canada. She sounds like an internationalist socialist who has no time for nationalism, even when left-wing, but then supports Amerindian nationalist movements?

The findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) have only added fuel to the fire. Influenced by their very political report and the views of individuals like Rebick, Killa Atencio wrote in 2015 that she wouldn’t celebrate Canada day because of what TRC’s views and because as of yet there is not inquiry into the case of missing aboriginal women . Being against Canada because of a there has been no commission on missing women is patently stupid, as that is something that the government, if anything, should be faulted with, not the very existence of Canada. Plus the commission will not find anything that we don’t know already.

According to the National Post, 70% of Canadians agree with the TRC that schools were a form of cultural genocide, and that a national inquiry is needed and more aboriginal studies in classrooms; though, as I said before, there is already way too much on this whole topic. If one looks through the comments of the National Post article one will see that already I have been proven correct; many are calling what happened genocide without the prefix cultural. This means that the Canadian nation is sympathetic to the non-White aboriginal ones; no need for anti-White hatred.

I think it is fair to say that most on the left disagree with Rebick and Atencio that Canada day should not be celebrated. However they don’t see it as a day to celebrate our European heritage and traditions. Many Canadians views are similar to those of Jessica Barrett who, the day before this last year’s Canada day, wrote about the TRC’s findings and of how terrible it was that aboriginals and Whites aren’t more connected. “Progressive” minded people like Barrett like to call themselves “allies” and do their best to connect LGBTQ and women to racial and religious minorities to form a broad grievance coalition with no love for the Western tradition or Europeans. For them Canada is not European and its European heritage is of no importance. Their “progressive” values are what are truly important. Any nationalism they are willing to promote is a civic one with no basis in ethnie or deep cultural traditions.

Canada Day: Celebrating the Future Faces of Canada!

I don’t know if Jessica celebrates Canada day or not, but no doubt her views resonate with a large number of Canadians. Liberals certainly consider themselves to be “allies” of marginalized groups and they would certainly make a big deal about this so as to signal to each other how accepting and tolerant they are. And they would certainly agree with her that the head tax and Komagata Maru incidents were terrible crimes against humanity instead of being part of a wider desire to protect workers and heritage. Andrew Woodbury does not attack Canada day but he does state that the national day “is one of discrimination, xenophobia, and a not-so-removed extension from Anglo, white-speak Great Britain.”.

Apparently it was evil and wrong of Britons to create a country almost exclusively inhabited by their kith and kin and then celebrate that fact. As with Barrett, Woodbury notes the refusal to open our borders to mass Chinese immigration in the 19th century as evidence of some horrible human rights violation. The article also has a seemingly compulsory attack on Stephen Harper despite the fact his government is very supportive of non-White immigration and multiculturalism. He is not the crusader for White rights the left imagines him to be.

The Huffington post recently released their top 13 favourite quotes about Canadafrom celebrities and other prominent figures. We can see from these quotes just how deracinated Canada has become, how it is viewed, to quote Trudeau, as a “post national” state which stands for whatever trends are in vogue. A few aren’t cringe worthy but a great many of them are. Here are but a few examples,

“This [Canada] is a place where you can be who you want to be and love who you want to love.” -Shay Mitchell
“Canada has always been there to help people who need it.” -Justin Trudeau (no doubt this is another way of saying we need more refugees and other migrants; come on don’t be a bigot this is what I say Canada is all about!)
“For over a century, people have been coming here [Ontario] from every part of the world to make a better life for themselves and their families. As they have pursued their dreams, they have enriched this province, and our country. Now, all of these diverse peoples live together in harmony.” -Michelle Jean
“Canada is the homeland of equality, justice and tolerance.” -Kim Campbell
“As a Canadian and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I know that I can use my voice to speak out against hatred, racism and homophobia, and that my voice will be heard.” – Kirk DeMatas (never heard of him but apparently he is a poet. Evidently he is really edgy and brave saying such things! What rebel; what a hero)

In previous years Huffington Post has written about “great forgotten Canadians” most of whom are former slaves, feminists, gay activists, Chinese activists and the like. For the majority of the left and much of the so-called right, Canada day is the time to celebrate anything and everything but the European founders. It is a time to celebrate whatever inane sexual causes they have taken up and the vague concept of ‘equality.’

The left’s job will never be done because they fail to note that reason people stick with their own kind is because that is what is normal and natural. Moreover multicultural societies are more likely to be segregated. Nor do they care to tackle ethnocentrism amongst non-Whites. Clearly such people hate European countries such as Canada.

“Move over Whitey: Leftists told us we are the Progressive Ones!”

The “progressive” cause is taken up by ageing boomers stuck in the past and impressionable young people who don’t know any better. In my experience women are the most likely to fall for such nonsense; sad how the left has been able to manipulate the caring nature of women.

For this growing segment of the population, Canadians and Canada are meant to be bland, plastic and whatever the liberal elite wishes them to be. Dominion Day became Canada day so as to downplay our British connections and now thanks to left-wing “progressivism” our national day is not meant to reflect our Western heritage in any way shape or form. It seems Canadians (and Australians, Americans and other Europeans) are only meant to look at the past with guilt and shame. We can’t even have one day of the year to celebrate our beginnings. That is until more people wake up and say “enough is enough!” to the narrative being imposed upon them, which recent events in Europe and America seem to suggest.

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