The Funny Red Flag

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The Funny Red Flag
I keep wondering why Canada is so politically dead. So much going on in Germany, Austria, the UK, France. the Visegrad countries, etc., but not in Canada. But sometimes I start thinking about that funny Canadian flag. It’s supposed to be a Sugar Maple, but Sugar Maples are orange or yellow in the fall. Only Red Maple is red. Like the star used by communists.
I often wonder if Canada is really a communist country pretending to be a capitalist country, and if so, all forms of rebellion get crushed, as they would be in China or Cuba. Besides the usual data for accusing the Trudeau family of communism, there are curious minor facts. There are no right-wing publishers here. Why not? Because all publishers here live off government grants. So how could they rebel against the government? In fact vast numbers of people live off government money.
My town, Kingston, Ontario, consists of 124,000 people, almost all of whom live mainly on money from the government — soldiers, students, teachers, prisoners, prison guards, doctors, patients, retirees (like me), the homeless. Almost nobody is earning a living in the usual sense of the word.
And again like other communist countries, Canada is basically a one-party system. There are no significant differences between Liberals and Conservatives.
Peter Goodchild