America’s Buried History of White Slavery

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America’s Buried History of White Slavery by Larry Romanoff, Unz Review – February 18, 2023

The best way to forget history is to rewrite it. And in the rewriting, to carefully delete references to any historical events or circumstances we find uncomfortable. Thus, American history books are totally silent on the matter of these white slaves, mostly of European stock with a great number of Irish, but also English and Scottish, who were kidnapped or otherwise forcibly deported to the US as slave labor. In fact, an examination of available documentation indicates that white slavery in the Americas was a much more extensive operation than was black slavery, and the numbers may be severely under-estimated.[1]

Several authors have claimed, and I have seen reports that appear credible, that white slaves in America outnumbered the black. In his book, They Were White and They Were Slaves,[2]

Michael Hoffman wrote, “Negro slavery was efficiently established in colonial America because Black slaves were governed, organized and controlled by the structures and organization that were first used to enslave and control Whites. Black slaves were late-comers fitted into a system already developed.”

The new nation had a need for cheap labor since the settlers were in the process of exterminating the inhabitants of a large country and taking possession of the lands, but lacked the workers to develop it. These white slaves were more important than the blacks, in both number and economic advantage. One white slave owner, Virginia planter John Pory, stated that white (not black) slaves were the nation’s “principal wealth”. It was due in large part to the overwhelming majority of white slaves that America built its foundations of wealth, since slavery was exclusively a matter of economics and profit. American capitalism was viciously predatory from the days of its birth. One eyewitness to the mass kidnapping of poor Whites estimated that from his personal knowledge alone, at least 10,000 were sold into slavery every year from throughout Great Britain for perhaps two centuries.

American history texts make reference to what is called indentured servitude, as a kind of “benignly paternalistic system whereby colonial immigrants spent a few years working off their passage and went on to better things”. The myth is that overseas passage was expensive and British and European civilians willingly signed indentures requiring them to work for a few years to pay off the cost of their passage, after which time they would be given land and their freedom to pursue a glorious future in the New World. But it was no such thing. There may indeed have been a few such indentured persons fitting this description, but they were a minuscule minority with their conditions not better than that suffered by all slaves. In fact, their indentures most often amounted to a life sentence at hard labor, and with a life that would be preciously short when we look at the hideous mortality rates. There are documented records of white convicts asking to be hanged in Britain rather than sent to the gulag that was America.

It is only the elite establishment in America today who present a disingenuously impassioned propaganda to soften the brutality. The fact is that if this indenture process were really the standard, then thousands of the contracts would have survived and our museums would be full of them. There is no evidence of this. Some Jewish and other sympathetic historians pretend that this system of indentures, a kind of privileged form of bound labor, was representative of the entire experience of White bondage in America. But this definition would apply only to those voluntarily binding themselves to service, and of these there were very few, with the contracted indenture being maintained only as a spurious cover for plain and simple lifetime chattel slavery. Even the Whites referred to themselves as slaves who were not better than cattle, and who were by all accounts degraded chattels on a par with farm animals. There is evidence of many hopeful but illiterate migrants who were duped into signing indentures, ignorant of the actual content of the documents that legally designated them as personal property that could be bought and sold, gambled away, or killed without concern like any other animals. In any event, the indentures provided countless excuses for the slave-owners to extend the period of servitude indefinitely, often by 7 years for the most minor of offenses and 10 or 15 years for others. Few escaped.

The slave traders exerted grand efforts in inducing free whites to sign indentures, supposedly placing themselves in ‘temporary’ slavery with the promise of 50 acres of farmland at the end of the indenture term, but this was nothing more than a despicable racket. The promised lands were entrusted to the slave-owner on the understanding the land titles would later pass to the slaves, but these land rights could be forfeited for almost any reason, including laziness, with the land titles then becoming the master’s rightful property. Many slave-owners purchased large numbers of these so-called indentured persons and quickly concocted excuses to seize all the entrusted lands, occasionally with a gift and a wink to the relevant authorities. Certainly, hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of acres of fertile land were obtained in this manner, with many slave-owners accumulating vast estates and great wealth, which is precisely why this “benignly paternalistic” system was created. Indentured servitude was never more than an immense and cruel fraud.

One author wrote that historians deliberately maintain the fallacy that “wherever White ‘servants’ constituted the majority of servile laborers, they worked in privileged or even luxurious conditions which were forbidden to Blacks. In truth, White Slaves were often restricted to doing the dirty, backbreaking field work while Blacks and even Indians were taken into the plantation mansion houses to work as domestics.” A Major named Mordecai Manuel Noah, who was described as “the most distinguished Jewish layman of his time”, promoted slavery by equating it with freedom. Incredibly, he made pronouncements like this: “There is liberty under the name of slavery. A field Negro has his cottage, his wife, and children, his easy task, his little patch of corn and potatoes, his garden and fruit, which are his revenue and property. The house servant has handsome clothing, his luxurious meals, his admitted privacy, a kind master, and an indulgent and frequently fond mistress.”

David W. Galenson wrote a treatise titled ‘White Slavery entitled White Servitude in Colonial America’, in which he stated, “European men and women could exercise choice both in deciding whether to migrate to the colonies and in choosing possible destinations.” These comments, and so many more like them, are pure fiction, very large lies meant to erase the evil of centuries. White slaves were obtained from the poorest levels of British society who were regarded as expendable by the ruling class. Economists advocated the enslavement of poor Whites because they saw them as the cheapest and most effective way to develop the colonies in the New World while ridding themselves of the surplus poor who were “unprofitable” to England. As American agriculture expanded, landowners demanded the legalisation of the practice of kidnapping poor Whites for slavery. Parliamentary legislation was passed to specifically permit the capture of White children, with this becoming what we can call an “open hunting season” on the poor of Great Britain as well as anyone the British aristocracy happened to despise.

Given the secrecy of the entire matter of white slavery, it isn’t surprising that few are aware that a great many of the slaves deported to the Americas or Australia were not convicts as the record states, but were actually political prisoners and political dissidents, and many more were prisoners of war. England in particular made a point of rounding up every political dissident of substance, imprisoning them, then deporting them as ‘convicts’. It was also a policy of England to cooperate with the slave traders in permitting what were called “slave-hunting gangs” who roamed freely throughout the country and vacuumed up virtually anyone not looking rich, this process viewed with much approval by the British aristocracy. It was Henry Cromwell who ordered all the homeless poor throughout Great Britain to be captured and deported by the slave traders, for being “unprofitable to the Realm”. Laws permitted the seizure of any persons in any part of England who appeared to be vagrant, or who were begging, and to have them conveyed to a British port and shipped to America to be sold. Accordingly, judges ordered the enslavement and shipping to America the total number of “those who made life unpleasant for the British upper class”. Westerners are generally aware that Australia was populated almost entirely with convicts from British prisons, but few are aware that the New World of America was initially populated in the same way from the same sources. The government of England virtually emptied its prisons, transporting most of its convicts, both men and women, to America to be sold to plantation owners and other industrialists, and brothels were forcibly emptied to provide unwilling human breeding stock for American slave-owners.

The historical record tells us that “American slave-owners quickly began breeding the white women for both their own personal pleasure and for greater profit”, but this expression denies a brutal truth. The white women, especially the Irish, were simply stripped naked and repeatedly raped until they were pregnant, then kept in that condition. Children of slaves were themselves slaves, which increased the size of the master’s free workforce. Even if an Irish woman managed to obtained her freedom, her children would remain slaves and she would seldom abandon them, thereby remaining in servitude. Other American masters found a better way to use these white women – who were in many cases girls as young as ten or twelve – to increase their market value by breeding them with African men to produce slaves with a “mulatto” complexion which brought a higher price than their Irish livestock.

This practice of interbreeding White females with African men became so long-term and widespread that legislation was passed forbidding the practice because this production of offspring interfered with the profits of a large Jewish slave trader. The more perverse versions of Judaism also played a part. One of the reasons the African slave trade began was that African slaves were “not tainted with the stain of the hated Catholic theology” that infected the Irish. In part because of this, African slaves became more expensive to purchase and were often treated far better than their White counterparts. Black slaves were indeed cruelly used but not often worked to death as were the Whites who were available for almost nothing and were fully expendable. Upon arrival in America, these White British would be stripped naked, put in chains, and paraded on the auction floor where they were probed, examined and sold like livestock.

The trade in White slaves was a natural one for Jewish merchants in England who imported sugar and tobacco from the American colonies. Whites kidnapped in Britain could be exchanged for these goods in America, permitting the merchant ships to convey cargo in both directions. But the disposability of these humans in the minds of these inhuman merchants, staggers the heart. There are documented reports that one ship dumped more than 1,300 white slaves into the Atlantic Ocean to ensure an adequate food supply for the crew. Other documented reports tell of 20 or 30 children at a time being tossed into the ocean to drown. There was also a provision in many contracts that white slaves were sold in advance to plantation owners who would be responsible for full payment “if the slaves survived beyond the halfway point of the journey”. Apparently ship captains regularly stocked sufficient food for only the first half of their ocean voyage with the intention of starving the slaves for the remainder of the trip. One documented record stated, “Jammed into filthy holds, manacled, starved and abused, they suffered and died during the crossings in gross numbers.” Nobody bothered to record the number of deaths.

Even those fortunate enough to land in the New World would fare little better, suffering a shocking mortality rate. Sixty percent of all white slaves reaching the Americas did not survive their first year. One clergyman visited a plantation outpost and described the scene as “a land of the living dead, a vault full of living corpses”. A policeman referred to them as “vermin-haunted heaps of rags”. He claimed that when he opened a door into one of their hovels, he saw, “Ten, twenty, thirty, who can count them? Men, women, children, for the most part naked, heaped upon the floor like maggots in a cheese factory, a spectral rising, unshrouded, from a grave of rags”. White slaves who rebelled or became disobedient were punished in the most savage and inhuman ways. Owners would hang their slaves by their hands and set their feet on fire. Often, they were burned alive, with their severed heads then placed on pikes in a public marketplace to serve as a warning to other slaves.

Particularly shocking was the abduction and enslavement of a great many white children who were openly seized from orphanages, workhouses and the streets, and shipped to America to labor in factories and plantations. There were countless shipments of these doomed children to America for perhaps 300 years, with very few living to become adults. In one case, when a census was taken in Virginia only seven children were listed as alive from the many thousands kidnapped that year. All the rest were dead, and statistics for other years are equally grim, with sometimes only three or four surviving that year. Orphan children as well as the children of poor parents were targeted for the White slave trade, these latter being described as a “plague” and a “rowdy element”. The London police were instructed to seize any children found on the street and take them to a containment facility where they would await shipment to America. Often, their only crime was being in the street when a constable happened to pass by. The Jewish slave-traders specifically targeted poor families, demanding they surrender their children for sale on threat of being starved into submission by the withdrawal of all relief assistance from any source. They could give up their children to the slave-traders, or be forced to starve and die. This centuries-long inhuman use of “disposable” children was the beginning of the American fondness for child labor which began with the agricultural plantations, but which was soon extended to American factories.

Irish Slaves

It appears to be generally accepted that Ireland was severely depopulated in the past, the most quoted percentage reduction being 80%. One useful article on England’s Irish slaves:[3]

The current standard narrative attempts with some vigor to attribute this severe population reduction to disease or famine, but the reality appears to be that kidnapping for slavery was the main reason. There are sufficient records to tell us that the Irish were abducted and shipped by the hundreds of thousands, this including not only adults but even the youngest of children being forcibly taken from their parents and sold as slaves in the US and the West Indies. We can certainly credit Henry Cromwell for much of this, since he seemed especially determined to capture and deport all Irish women: “Concerning the young [Irish] women, although we must use force in takinge them up, yet it beinge so much for their owne goode, and likely to be of soe great advantage to the publique, it is not in the least doubted, that you may have such number of them as you thinke fitt to make use uppon this account.” There is no way to misunderstand the man’s words, and Cromwell wasn’t referring to “indentured servitude” in these remarks.

The first white slave sales document was drawn up in 1612, seven years before the first African slaves arrived in Jamestown, Virginia. In 1625 James II officially decreed that all Irish prisoners be sent to the West Indies (Caribbean) and sold to plantation owners. The first ships deported 30,000 Irish, by the mid-1600s they constituted the majority of slaves in the colonies.[4]

A Portuguese website gives us the following: “The proclamation of 1625 required Irish political prisoners to be sent abroad and sold to English settlers in the West Indies. In 1600, the Irish were the main slaves sold to Antigua and Montserrat. At that time, 70% of Montserrat’s total population were Irish slaves. Ireland quickly became a huge source of human cattle for English traders. Most of the first slaves in the New World were actually white.”[5]

As I wrote earlier, one of the tenets of propaganda is that we have a powerful tendency to believe the first thing we read or hear about a topic, especially if those statements are repeated a number of times. Later, even when faced with incontrovertible proof, facts that cannot be disputed, proving that our now-accepted beliefs are in fact false, we are surprisingly reluctant to change our minds, and we will “hesitate and waver and continue to believe there must be some other explanation”. Our minds are apparently unable to accept that we have believed lies. This is important because the Jews use this to great advantage to pre-empt the discovery of their atrocities and prevent rational thought. Typically, if knowledge of their past crimes is showing signs of escaping historical confinement, the Jews will use this propaganda tactic to “get there first”, with some Jewish author quickly writing a book or treatise on the subject that is replete with lies and falsified history that attempts to exclude the Jews from involvement and, if at all possible, to blame the victim.

There are many indications that the Jews are making efforts to either eliminate awareness and discussion of the Irish slave trade or to hopelessly confuse the issue so that the focus is lost and conclusions become difficult or impossible. Wikipedia is naturally one of the leaders in this effort. True to its Jewish roots and lying as always, Wikipedia has an article titled the “Irish slaves myth”[6] , even the title preparing readers to disbelieve anything about Irish slaves when it is Wikipedia that needs to be disbelieved. Their treatise refers to a book by Dr. Michael A. Hoffman II, titled “They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America”. Wikipedia conveniently tells us this book was published by “a conspiracy theorist and Holocaust denier”, who also “blamed Jews for the Atlantic slave trade” – in which Jews were clearly very involved. Wikipedia also tells us (as usual) that “The book has been described as shoddily researched” and “highly problematic”. If you recall, these were the same accusations made about the books by James Bacque that revealed the mass murders of Germans in American concentration camps after WWII. These accusations of holocaust deniers writing shoddy history books is part of a standard template when Jews don’t want the public accessing information that reveals Jewish crimes. Wikipedia further informs its readers that Dr. Hoffman presents a “careless blurring of the lines between slavery and indentured servitude”, but in fact it is Wiki and its brethren who deliberately blur the lines to disguise the fact that “indentures” are merely today’s euphemism meant to bury the truths of white slavery.

Wikipedia’s Italian website on this issue tells us, “Ireland has always been subject to strong emigration, so much so that today it is estimated that ten times more people of Irish origin live in the USA than in Ireland. In the eighteenth century about 9-10 million Irish left Ireland. Of these, the poorest went to Britain, especially to the Liverpool area, while those who could afford it, about 5 million, moved to the United States of America. From the nineteenth century, following the Great Potato Famine, emigration became massive: in 1890 40% of all Irish people lived abroad. Nowadays there are about 80,000,000 people in the world who claim to have Irish ancestry, and of these only 4,700,000 live in the Republic of Ireland.”[7]

Wiki then further tells us, “In 1800 the phenomenon of emigration from Ireland to the United States of America, was caused by religious persecution in Ireland, the excessive cost of living in Ireland and the great famine that struck the country. The phenomenon was massive: in fact, in ten years from the beginning of this phenomenon, the population of the United States doubled.” That’s bringing us a bit closer to the truth, but not sufficiently. As with other Jewish websites, Wikipedia equates abduction and slavery with “indentured servitude” and “emigration”.

Another indication is that Global Research published an article by John Martin on the Irish slave trade, “The Slaves that Time Forgot“[8], but then suddenly published two other articles partially denying the existence of this trade. GR then informs us that the original article “skims the surface of a complex historical process which has been the object of critical debate, controversy and confusion”, and that the subsequent articles were posted “in order to promote further discussion” and “with a view to providing a broader historical background”. Uh huh. Either that, or someone put a lot of pressure on GR to either revise their position or be removed from the Internet.

Perhaps the best indication is an article introducing an Irishman named Liam Hogan that is published on the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center, of all places. For those who don’t know, the SPLC is a totally Jewish organisation that is heavily political and with a thoroughly nasty reputation. Hogan apparently works (or worked) in a public library in Ireland and is presented to us as an “independent scholar“, the SPLC article with a headline telling us (like Wikipedia) that Irish slaves are “a myth” and serve only as a “meme” for “racists online”.[9]

It leaves us to guess who are the “racists” and against whom they express their racism. The article refers to a series of essays written by Hogan that purport to debunk the entire topic of Irish slaves, but they actually do no such thing. I have to say that Hogan’s essays appear fundamentally dishonest to me because all he really does is demonstrate that some photos used in support of slavery articles are drawn from unrelated sources, and that is entirely irrelevant to the topic. But the point is that this organisation is becoming actively involved in pre-empting open discussion of the Irish slave trade and, given their biases, this would happen only if Jews were concerned about the gradual revelation of their participation in this travesty. Without this fear, there would be no need for their involvement, nor for Wikipedia to take such a strong stand in contradiction of the available facts.

But there is another matter here, of much interest. Ireland, of all countries in the world, apparently has no population statistics prior to about 1850, and even the records from that late period appear to have been fabricated and forged. All the country’s population figures are gone. In the cities and towns, villages, government offices, churches, cemeteries, everything seems to have disappeared. It should be obvious this could not have happened by accident. One office in one location might suffer a disaster, but when all the population statistics for an entire nation disappear, it must be the result of willful action, and carried out by a considerable number of people. It should also be obvious that this could not have been a domestic enterprise: no government would take upon itself the task of destroying all of its own population records for all of its history. This means the destruction of the records would have to involve a foreign agent, and this leads us back to our Jewish slave traders. If you can’t prove that Ireland had people, you can’t prove those people were abducted as slaves. We have no direct proof, but the main beneficiary of the destruction of this evidence would certainly be the Jewish slave traders, and it should be remembered that the Khazar Jews were the most active slave traders in the world for hundreds of years, and certainly during this time frame. In fact, the Jews were bitterly hated by citizens of many nations for their abductions and slave trading, one of the main reasons the Jews were expelled from so many countries – and not because of prejudice or “anti-Semitism” as we are so often told today.

Also, since there is evidence the slave traders were very active in England and Scotland, there is no logical reason to assume they ignored Ireland, and the severe depopulation would appear to speak for itself.

There is one website that deals with the Ireland population issue.[10]

Its information is scattered but it does provide bits of enlightenment. It states, “There are no reliable population figures for Ireland before 1841”, and that “The only hard data that has survived is the 1841 and 1851 censuses, but the accuracy of these has been questioned.” However, it then pretends (as do many websites) to show Irish population graphs going back as far as 1200, which are of necessity entirely fiction. The same website tells us that “Emigration has been a feature of Irish history more than almost any other country in the world”, accenting this with a claim that “This is shown by the fact that, apart from the 5 million people in Ireland, there are an estimated 55 million people worldwide who can trace their ancestry back to Ireland”. That would be remarkable, if true, and would certainly support the thesis of millions of Irish being abducted as slaves over the years. The website also states that – in support of its “emigration” claim – the Irish accounted for a third of all “voluntary traffic” across the Atlantic. The fraction may be true, but the “voluntary” assertion has no supporting evidence, and I’m not sure I would classify abduction and slave-trading as “emigration”.