The Horrendous War Crime at Dresden, February 13-14, 1945

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The Horrendous War Crime at Dresden, February 13-14, 1945

To All Friends of Willis Carto February 12, 2024


When WW1 broke out in 1914, the German Kaiser was having an outing on his yacht, cruising the Baltic. His defense minister at that time also was absent, taking the waters at Carlsbad, Bohemia. Germany was at peace, but England, France, and Russia were very much alert and busy preparing for war against Germany. By 1918 when the killing fields had been filled with the best of all the young men of all of Europe, the next war could be anticipated. Germany lost substantial territory; the Versailles Treaty divided eastern and western parts of Germany among the winners. Could no one visualize further upheavals to follow, and were their greed and their envy of Germany finally satisfied? At issue had been its strength in global markets, which the British especially resented. Substantial areas were given to France and Poland. The African colonies were devoured by the British during and before WW1. In South Africa, during the First Boer War (1899-1902), England unleashed against the Boer (Dutch) and installed the first concentration camps ever. 40,000 mostly women and children were the inmates of which 27,000 died of starvation and disease.

Looking further ahead to the 1930s and life in Germany which had recovered only slightly from WW1. When Hitler became chancellor, England very quickly thought of ways and means to finish off Germany for good. They were lagging behind in industrial output and had lost valuable land in Africa which they could not rustle back from the Boers. Germany suddenly again became an issue to be watched. The Versailles Treaty had given a large section of Upper Silesia in eastern Germany to Poland. For a number of years, Polish elements tried to terrorize the German population which was native to that part of Germany for generations. The situation turned worst with continuing assaults on the Germans by the Poles. Hitler warned them off numerous times but finally decided to move in some German troops to protect the German population.

If Germany had anticipated WW2, they would never have entered Poland. At that point, no war had broken out at all. However, the British had their offer to Poland couched in friendly terms, should outsiders, (Germans) try to move into the German section of Poland.

The following document makes clear that the British intention was war against Germany. No doubt, many people still believe today that Hitler was the warmonger in 1939, when in fact the opposite was true. He tried to keep the British out of it and in general, the German people agreed with Hitler that Upper Silesia was part of Germany and rightfully theirs.

The Text:

AGREEMENT between the Government of the United Kingdom and the Poland Government regarding Mutual Assistance (with protocol) London, August 25, 1939.

Presented by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to Parliaments by Command of His Majesty.

Article 1

 Should one of the Contracting Parties become engaged in hostilities with a European Power in consequence of aggression by the latter against that Contracting Party the other Contracting Party will at once give the Contracting Party engaged in hostilities all the support and assistance in its power.

Please see for the complete declaration.

We all are only too familiar with the outcome of WW2. Churchill became First Lord of the Admiralty on September 3, 1939, when war was declared. He became Prime Minister in May 1940. The minute he came into office, England lost its Empire it is said.

In l945, Poland, fighting Germany, was destroyed by Russia. It became in essence part of their communist empire for 50 years. The last Russian troops left the country in 1991. Between Churchill and Roosevelt, a large part of our civilizations ended up behind the Iron Curtain. Germany was divided between East and West. Half was given to Russian communists for over half a century until President Reagan and Gorbachev ended it.

Today’s upheavals are again caused by outside forces who would like nothing better than to put the United States, again, in the middle of it. The British don’t have much to offer, some troops perhaps. NATO is forced into positions where  the 31 member countries don’t choose for themselves. The warmongers and Israel supporters in the U.S. are controlling NATO. Ukraine is highly unpopular and Israel is being condemned the world over for its gruesome behavior in Gaza. The 30 million Christian Zionists in our country are controlled by the Jewish media with their lackeys like Hannity. We do not need another war that is not in our interest and religion should have no part in it. Let Israel fight now and run later, they cannot survive in the Holy Land forever.

Quoting from Sir John Glubb, known as Glubb Pasha, who was the British expert on the Middle East. During his lifetime his work with the Palestinians and many other Arab states, especially with Jordan and the huge numbers that Israel forced out of their homes, he was very popular and truthful. Willis had invited him to address a meeting of conservative Americans in Los Angeles in 1968. He was much admired and The Spotlight sold his published work for many years. “The Middle East Crisis” (1967): “Peace can be made by dictation or negotiation.”

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Dresden was destroyed on February 13-15, 1945. 240 British bombers attacked for two hours, killing old people, women, and children. Dresden has no military targets. The city had no defense. Again, Churchill was the warlord. The city was attacked for three days. He joyously watched the fires and explosions raining down and knew of the destruction his bombers were causing. There were no human feelings for the sacrificial lambs who died there. Glorification for monsters like “Bomber Harris” and Churchill, and yes, the Queen Mother, who it was said, had been cheering on the bombers toward Dresden, was soon to follow the haters. The number of burned and melted victims will never be totally known. Within days afterward, the number of deaths was made public by the local searchers. Rescuers were completely wiped out with the first assault.

The numbers –

35,000 fully identified, 50,000 not identified, but jewelry and wedding bands were found and recognized. 108,000 victims could not be identified, no body parts were left, and the fires had burned and melted them.

Today these numbers are still being debated. 20 million Germans were to be eliminated under the Morgenthau Plan before the war ended. Roosevelt was not opposed but he was stopped.

An important source is the memoirs of Vladimir Semjonows from 1945. He worked at the Russian foreign office; the Russians were only about 30 miles away from Dresden that day. He wrote of the terrible picture of Dresden, the heat and smells of a quarter of a million corpses buried underneath the rubble of the town, melted, a terrible stench for days after the “Anglo-American” bombing attacks.

Gaza, as of this date, has a death count of at least 25,000. Just as in Dresden, the number of children killed is very high. Mothers held on to them to get out of the burning streets and buildings; the asphalt was melting. Little children were unable to hang on but were ripped away from their parents and thrown with the flames into the air. Half the dead in Gaza are children; how can anyone not have sympathy with the mothers and children? The butcher Netanyahu promises, while killing the innocents, that he will empty Gaza.

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