Canadian Culture in the Crosshairs: The Immigration Invasion

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Canadian Culture in the Crosshairs: The Immigration Invasion

Failure to integrate caused a nightmare, from peaceful to dangerous. Multiculturalism at its core is an anti-integration strategy and I am scared if we continue down this path our future will be the new hell experienced in Sweden. Their mass immigration overwhelmed their infrastructure and divided their society.

The idea of multiculturalism is based on the belief that diverse cultures can coexist and thrive within a society. However, mass immigration can lead to the destruction of a nation’s culture and cohesion. When large numbers of immigrants come from different cultural backgrounds, it can be challenging for them to integrate into society and to adopt the values and norms of the host country. Or they refuse and bring their mother country’s problems to Canada as seen in some gang violence and other issues that arise.

The perfect storm of Multiculturalism and mass immigration leads to the creation of ethnic enclaves, which can increase social tension and lead to a lack of social cohesion. This is particularly problematic when immigrants do not share the same values and beliefs as the host culture, namely Judeo-Christian values in our case.

We need more of a melting-pot approach that has controlled, merit-based measures because they lead to a more creative and innovative society. Selecting immigrants based on their skills and qualifications, rather than their cultural background, can create a more harmonious and empathetic society. A melting-pot approach promotes social cohesion by encouraging immigrants to adopt the values and norms of the host culture in our case Canada.

The damage is obvious, we see it in inflation, housing costs, and poor healthcare that’s never been designed for the numbers we are seeing and we wonder why so many don’t have family doctors. Not only is the budget a dumpster fire, I am scared that the perfect story of Multiculturalism & mass immigration may be the end of Canadian Culture, and the Canada we grew up in will be lost.

I know our path to victory – we are on it. I also know it will be arduous and not something we can slap together but nothing worthwhile is ever an easy chore. With what’s at stake, there’s no better time than now! — Mike Bator, People’s Party of Canada Candidate, Burlington