The Camp of the Saints Is the Here and Now

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The Camp of the Saints Is the Here and Now

by Paul Craig Roberts | Jun 6, 2024 | 7 comments

Paul Craig Roberts – June 3, 2024

Did you know that Boston, Massachusetts — Brahmin Boston — has a 36 year old Chinese woke female as mayor? What else do you need to know about the speed at which white America is disappearing?

As far as I can tell, there is no White Anglo-Saxon protestant male or female in any top position in the Biden regime. Wherever you look in America, you see “diversity” among mayors, state attorney generals, police chiefs, university presidents, corporate executives, government officials. Many of these officials have been brought up on propaganda that white people are racist exploiters. Can these diverse officials with powerful positions be relied upon to use their positions without discriminating against demonized white people?

Back to Mayor Wu. The British Daily Mail–apparently the US media avoid this type of news–reports that Mayor WU wants to follow San Francisco’s practice and decriminalize black crime. The woke mayor wants to exclude from criminal prosecution shoplifting, receiving stolen property, breaking and entering of property, wanton and malicious destruction of property, and distribution of drugs. Mayor Wu also wants the Boston police’s gang database closed. It is discriminatory to know who the criminals are. They are the wrong color.

Last Christmas Mayor Wu organized a Christmas party but only for non-whites.

There you have it. White America is already displaced. Who displaced it? The White morons themselves. They elected Wu, the San Francisco crazies, the New York ones, the Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, and Fulton County Georgia ones, and so on, and white people stood aside while Democrats stole elections. “Oh, we mustn’t say elections were stolen. That would reflect badly on our country.”

Why are white people motivated to defend Ukrainians and Israelis but not themselves?

How do we avoid the realization that white Americans are an unprotected species?