THE GREAT REPLACEMENT — THE IRON WILL REPORT ON Giving Away Canada: Natural Born Soon to be a Minority

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This is the Iron Will Report weekly news for the week ending June 21st.

In this week’s edition, Natural Born Canadians are soon to be a minority in Canada; Trudeau’s Liberals are projected to become an endangered species in the next election; monthly mortgage payments are projected to increase by 17% overall; Klaus Schwab predicts his consciousness will be transferred to an AI; and a special report on World War 3. It may be coming in the next few months.

Those and seven more stories that mainstream media won’t report and our government doesn’t want you to hear.

A third of Canadians will be foreign-born by 2041 based on current immigration trends, according to a Statistics Canada briefing note. And Canadian born residents may soon be a minority in some cities.

“The non-permanent resident population living in Canada was estimated at 2,511,437 people, more than the total Indigenous population of Canada,” said the February 7th Notes For Chief Statistician. “The increase in the number of non-permanent residents was mainly due to an increase in the number of work and study permit holders.”

The figure included 471,550 landed immigrants, another 766,520 temporary foreign workers and more than a million foreign students, according to Department of Immigration data. Currently, foreign-born residents account for 23 percent of Canada’s population, “by far the highest of the G7 countries,”. By comparison only 14 percent of United States residents were not born in America.

Projections suggest this proportion could reach 32 percent by 2041 or one in three Canadians.

And because immigrants overwhelmingly elect to move to large cities where they can more easily access assistance programs, the percentage of foreign-born residents will be much higher there. In Toronto, by 2041, projections show natural born Canadians will be a minority. “The rural or small town population of foreign born Canadians is predicted to be only 10%.

The Statistics Canada document said 2022 was the first year in Canadian history that temporary foreign residents — students and migrant labour — outnumbered landed immigrants.

A U.K. report released in May by the Centre for Policy Studies shows that contrary to leftist claims that unbridled immigration is good for the economy the opposite is in fact true. Supporters of large-scale immigration like to point to increasing GDP charts as proof of the good that immigration is doing for a country, while ignoring the effect upon individuals.

In fact, this chart shows that as migration reaches 1.5% annually, GDP per capita begins to drop dramatically. Canada’s population growth from immigration last year was 3.1%.

Trudeau’s Liberals are set to lose big in the next election, falling to 4th place behind the Conservatives, NDP, and even the Bloc Quebecois in the most recent polls. According to the latest Abacus poll, the Trudeau Liberals are expected to lose 123 seats in the next election, losing their stronghold in the GTA and falling behind both the NDP and BQ for what will be one of the most historically poor performances in Canadian history.

Conversely, based on projections of data from Abacus, the Conservative Party is gearing up for one of the greatest majorities in Canadian history, gaining 104 seats for 223 total seats,

while the BQ will gain 11 for 43, the NDP will gain 13 for 38, and the Liberals will fall to 37 from their current 160.

Moreover, it doesn’t look like the Liberals will gain the majority of support in a single province, with the only province they’re ahead of the Conservatives in (Quebec) being dominated by the Bloc Quebecois.

According to a another recently published Abacus poll, Canadians rate the rising cost of living, housing affordability and accessibility, healthcare, the general economy, and immigration being too high as their top 5 issues. Climate change, the only concern in which the Liberals are leading, has dropped to sixth place.

Interest rate hikes will make many mortgage holders poorer for years to come, according to a Bank of Canada report released Monday. Researchers estimated by 2027 disposable incomes for borrowers will be lower on average.

Canada already has the lowest disposable income of the G7 nations. This despite the fact that rates are starting to fall.

Monthly payments for homeowners holding $2.16 trillion in mortgages are currently up nine percent from 2022 “and will likely increase by another 17 percent on average by 2027,” said the report Impacts Of Interest Rate Hikes On The Consumption Of Households With A Mortgage. “These increases in mortgage payments have caused declines in average disposable income of three percent by April since 2022 and will likely cause a decline of up to five percent by 2027,”

The Bank’s next rate announcement is due July 24. Governor Tiff Macklem on June 6 lowered the key interbank loan rate by a quarter point to 4.75 percent but this won’t help much.

Remember that the rapid increase in interest rates only began in early 2022, and many homeowners have mortgages that are on 5-year renewals. This means the bulk of mortgages that were taken out at very low rates prior to then will come up for renewal in the next 3 years.

A total 24 percent of Canadians surveyed said their monthly household expenses were more than they earned. A total 35 percent said they were “keeping up but sometimes it is a struggle,” said the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada’s Financial Well-Being Survey. A total 22 percent of Canadians surveyed said they borrowed from friends or family to meet expenses.

Thirteen percent told researchers they were “falling behind with bills or credit commitments.” 71 percent of Canadians surveyed complained “finances control my life,” 65 percent agreed “I am just getting by financially” and 38 percent carried a credit card balance.

World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab has told his unelected globalist organization’s so-called “Young Global Leaders” that they will continue to live on even after they die. According to Schwab, WEF members can continue to expect to enjoy more than just a “career of 50 years.”

Through the use of technology and “injections,” Schwab says WEF Young Global Leaders “will continue to live.”

Schwab promises young globalists that, even after they die, their brains “will be replicated through artificial intelligence and algorithms.”

He made the comments in a leaked video which was recorded during a private indoctrination session for WEF Young Global Leaders