Thoughts on the Moslem Issue

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Thoughts on the Moslem Issue

A Supporter Appreciates our Work

Dear Paul,

First I would like to congratulate you for the excellent materials that you circulate regarding the current turmoil in the world and the religious problems that we have in Canada. Unlike many other reports circulated, your reports stick to the facts.

In connection with the recently circulated video on the desecration of WWII war graves by Moslems in Libya, I believe this is only a portion of what is yet to come.  So much for the ‘Arab Spring’ !  It is regrettable to have to truthfully say that Libya was safer before under a dictator than in the lawless situation which currently exists there. Although definitely not one of my favourite newspapers, there was also an excellent article one day last week in the Daily Mail with a picture of the desecration.

Regarding the performance of our own Federal Government: While I still believe that Harper is probably the better choice of the three party leaders, I cannot understand how our leadership can be so blind when it comes to our immigration policies. I hear that the Federal Government is planning to accept a pile of refugees into Canada from Iraq. I think they said 10,000.  I do feel sorry for people caught up in the conflict, but it is one that they started and I think that they have to resolve their own problems – like we had to in WWII.  I believe that we should open our doors to ‘Christians only’.  I see the Moslems spreading like a cancer throughout the world. To my way of thinking, it like us deliberately infecting ourselves with a disease. How can we live in harmony with people who believe that we do not have the right to live unless we convert to Islam?  Obama has showed the world that he is an ineffectual leader who does not grasp the magnitude of the problem.  Definitely not someone to trust one’s future with. We have prided ourselves on permitting freedom of religion BUT this should not include any religion bent on destroying us from within. There are some Muslims, so called ‘moderates’ who deny that the Koran calls for the destruction of infidels. This is simply not true!  The ‘radicalized’ Muslims have no problem quoting passages from the ‘text’ calling for our conversion o Islam or facing the penalty of death. It’s time for us to ‘Wake up”


At some point in time, the western world is going to have to take a stand. Multi-culturalism is a failed experiment. It should be our right as citizens of Canada to insist that immigrants to our country should be prepared to adopt : our culture, our ways and one of our two official languages. Our Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier got it right in 1907 when he called for just those things. One of your excellent articles called for our Government to “Screen all applicants for cultural compatibility”. This would certainly be a starting point to stop us accepting people and cultures bent on our destruction.  In conclusion Paul, I would like to thank you again for the excellent materials that you produce and circulate and your on going battle to promote truth and freedom of speech.

A person has the right to be a Muslim, BUT I should have the right as a citizen of Canada to say that the Muslim religion is not compatible with the Canadian Culture and way of life and that I wish my way of life (the Canadian Way of Life) to be protected and preserved.

Just try promoting Christianity in Saudi Arabia and see what happens !!!


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