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pic2    Immigration determines the future of a country, especially when that country is the recipient of massive immigration that is fundamentally changing the ethnic makeup of this country. Participatory democracy demands that such fundamental changes should only occur when there has been a full national debate and the resulting policy has been endorsed by Canadian citizens in a referendum.

    We commissioned a Decima research poll on Canadian attitudes to immigration. This poll found that a majority of Canadians backed the idea of a mandatory five year moratorium on all immigration and refugee intake until Canada’s endemic unemployment rate can be significantly lowered. Please visit our commentary section for more information.

Our Recommendations to the Legislative Review Secretariat, Ottawa:

    1. A five year moratorium on all immigration and refugee intake, until unemployment levels can be significantly lowered.

    2. A full national debate on immigration and population policy, with access to public television and radio to all sides of the debate;

    3. A binding national referendum on the government’s proposed immigration policy formed after the full national debate.

    4. That Parliament invoke the notwithstanding clause to overcome the Singh decision and to accept only those refugees who apply from abroad and are there vetted for security and health. Those arriving by air or land and claiming “refugee” status should be detained and turned back.

    5. All immigrants and visitors should be required to have a recent valid medical document stating that they are free of diseases.

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