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Immigration Reformers Link GTA Traffic Gridlock to Massive Immigration

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Immigration Reformers Link GTA Traffic Gridlock to Massive Immigration

PORT CREDIT, January 17, 2015. A dozen immigration reformers braved cold winds this afternoon to call for major cuts to immigration to help ease traffic gridlock in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Members of Immigration Watch Canada and the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee displayed a banner “Fight Gridlock — Cut Immigration” on the pedestrian walkway above the Queen Elizabeth Way inbound to Toronto. Heavy traffic slowed right down. Many motorists honked or gave the thumbs up of approval. Some took pictures on their cellphones and tweeted or texted to their friends. One sorehead gave the group the finger.
The immigration reformers also leafletted several nearby parking lots and have vowed further protests
Traffic gridlock, GTA voters say, is their number one issue.
A statement circulated by the protesters proclaimed:
“Traffic gridlock, GTA voters say, is their number one issue.
Little surprise. The GTA has longer commute times than Los Angeles or Atlanta. Traffic gridlock costs us big time. Economists say it costs Ontario’s economy $7-billion a year! To say nothing of the wear and tear on nerves to say nothing of the wear on your car. How many times do you have to hit the brake when creeping along the QEW or the 401?
Every year, rush hour starts a little earlier. We’re now in gridlock at 3:00. How many more years will it be before it is 2:00!
Traffic gridlock is the result of Canada’s irresponsible immigration policies. Each year 125,000 immigrants flock to the GTA. Yet, our infrastructure — with the exception of the 407 —  has hardly changed since 1970! What worked well 40 years ago is choking and doesn’t work today.
To add the roads and transit needed to alleviate traffic gridlock will take years and billions of dollars.
In the meantime, if the federal government keeps the immigration doors wide open and keeps flooding the GTA, even if we build new roads, the gridlock will continue.
This is not anti-immigrant. It is common sense.
Traffic gridlock is one of the many hidden costs of immigration. Anyway, with 6.3% unemployment — 1.5-million Canadians unemployed, another 900,000 involuntarily in part-time jobs — there is just no economic justification for immigration.
SPEAK UP: Call or write your MP, your councillor and mayor.
Insist that they represent you and work to FIGHT TRAFFIC GRIDLOCK by CUTTING IMMIGRATION.


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pic2    Immigration determines the future of a country, especially when that country is the recipient of massive immigration that is fundamentally changing the ethnic makeup of this country. Participatory democracy demands that such fundamental changes should only occur when there has been a full national debate and the resulting policy has been endorsed by Canadian citizens in a referendum.

    We commissioned a Decima research poll on Canadian attitudes to immigration. This poll found that a majority of Canadians backed the idea of a mandatory five year moratorium on all immigration and refugee intake until Canada’s endemic unemployment rate can be significantly lowered. Please visit our commentary section for more information.

Our Recommendations to the Legislative Review Secretariat, Ottawa:

    1. A five year moratorium on all immigration and refugee intake, until unemployment levels can be significantly lowered.

    2. A full national debate on immigration and population policy, with access to public television and radio to all sides of the debate;

    3. A binding national referendum on the government’s proposed immigration policy formed after the full national debate.

    4. That Parliament invoke the notwithstanding clause to overcome the Singh decision and to accept only those refugees who apply from abroad and are there vetted for security and health. Those arriving by air or land and claiming “refugee” status should be detained and turned back.

    5. All immigrants and visitors should be required to have a recent valid medical document stating that they are free of diseases.

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