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Communications Between Finance Ministry & World Economic Forum Exploded After Freeland Became Minister

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Communications Between Finance Ministry & World Economic Forum Exploded After Freeland Became Minister by Sheila Gunn-Reid, Rebel News – March 14, 2023 Duration of video is 7 minutes https://www.rebelnews.com/communications_between_finance_ministry_and_world_economic_forum_exploded_after_freeland_became_minister?

Our recent Access to Information filings revealed just how chummy the Liberals’ finance ministry is with the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The WEF, chaired by its founder Klaus Schwab, aims to influence governments worldwide to implement its vision and shape policies to comply with the organization’s agenda, which includes digital IDs, carbon budgets, no animal agriculture and a reset of the world economy.

Of course, this shouldn’t come as a surprise since our finance minister and deputy PM, Chrystia Freeland, sits as a board member of the WEF. Conflict of interest much?

In the documents we obtained thanks to donations at www.RebelInvestigates.com, we learned that while Bill Morneau served as finance minister for Trudeau, he only sent out a couple of communications to this ominous globalist front group.

But once Chrystia Freeland took over, the communications between her and the WEF exploded!

So what do our two-timing deputy PM’s office and the WEF have to talk about?


Canadian parliamentarians who work for the WEF: https://www.beyondthenarrative.ca/canadian-federal-politician-members-of-the-world-economic-forum/. Max Bernier (NOT INVOLVED WITH WEF) https://thecountersignal.com/maxime-bernier-addresses-world-economic-forum-visit/ “Yes, I was [at the WEF]. But when I was there in 2008, at that time, I was [the] foreign affairs minister and my only goal and only job when I was there was to meet other foreign affairs ministers to have a discussion about Canada and our role in Afghanistan,” Bernier said. “I did not participate in the debate and the presentation they had at the World Economic Forum. I did my meeting, and, after that, I left. And that was my job.” See full article.   Pierre Poilievre (HIS RESPONSES) https://www.beyondthenarrative.ca/poilievre-and-the-wef/