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Summary of Canada in Decay by Prof. Ricardo Duchene by Eric Brazau

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“A nation created by diverse immigrants”

1971 96% of Canadians were of European origin

Today 2017 less than 80% of European origin Toronto and Vancouver 50% are non-white.


Not long ago everyone in Canada, the media schools, political parties took it for granted that “Canada was a British Nation”, or an “English – French Nation” or simply “a White Nation”. No one challenged Prime Minister Mackenzie King when he said in Parliament in 1947 that Canada should remain a white man’s country.

Nation created by diverse immigration

P. 17 

1) 1871 first census after Confederation 3.2 million – 32% French ancestry, 24%    Irish,    20% English, 16% Scottish, 6% German. 21,500 Blacks, 23,000 Natives

2) 1867 97% had been born in Canada. 400 years before Confederation there were only “to limited period” of substantial arrivals of immigration 1783 to 1812 – 1830 to 1850 – majority British – 1871, to 1891 high birth rate 3.7 million to 4.8 million”

3) 1608 to 1760 New France 10,000 settlers. By 1770 and 90,000 surviving. Birth rate 5.65 lower Canada 330, 000 in 1850 to 890,000 1851. By 1950 Quebec population 4 million and 1970 Montreal saw non-European immigration

4) 1896 to 1914 3 million immigrants 84% British and French 9% European. 1914, 400,000 Germans in Canada.

5) 1946 to 1962 immigration 2,151,505. During 1946 to 1962 population grew from 11.5 million to 18.5 million. 90% of immigrants to Canada before 1961 are from Britain

6) 1971 to 1981 33% from Asia 16% Caribbean and  South America 5.5% from Africa. 1991 to 2001 European immigration fell to 20% Asian immigration increased to 58%. Visible minority population was growing at 22% from 1996 to 2001 versus 4% general population. 25% of Canadians are visible minorities.


Prime Minister Trudeau said openly “an experiment of major proportions“ an effort to undermine the historic European character of Canada by transforming the nation into a multi-ethnic place in which old ethnic nationalisms would be discredited in 

this context came the meme Canada is a nation of immigrants.”

Multicultural revisionism equals fake history


During rain of Stalin history was rewritten according to the correct Marxist theory. State officials commonly went about erasing major historical figures from documents, books and photographs when they were deemed “enemies of the people”


New historicists question the notion that historians are driven by a sincere disposition to tell it as it really was. Historical narratives they insist are best viewed as social constructs, enforced by dominant White heterosexual males who control the production of knowledge.


Like Winston Smith in George Orwell’s 1984 historians today work in the ministry of truth. Universities are where they are paid to alter historical facts to fit the needs of the multicultural party.

People created through the fecundity of women


1666, Jean Talon conducted a census in New France. There were 3,215 people in New France 2,034 men – 1,181 women. He devised a population strategy. Encouraged early marriage gave baby bonuses. France sent young healthy females. In 1672 the population grew to 6,700.

“Fille du ROI” (the Kings daughters) by the 1700 settlers along St Lawrence and the Acadian peninsula was around 15,500. By 1730 it increased to 42,700 by 1754 increased to 55,000 and by 1763 it was 70,000.

Demographic rise of the new white people


In the words of Canadian high school textbooks published in 1970 “Population of New France was almost holy native – born and distinctly Canadian”.

1784 population of 113,021 grew to become 335,000 by 1814 to 890,000. 1660s to 1800s in New France 5.6 surviving children

By 1950 Quebec population 4 million


Domestic pro nationalist policy was made possible by the Simultaneous promotion of seigneurialism, the intention was to transport to New France the feudal system of the mother country, this system developed in the colony along very different lines. In contrast to France tenants enjoyed considerable rights and privileges, manageable rents. Seigniors could not live off the rents in idleness “Many of them literally laboring beside their tenants.” Economic differences were not that significant. This agrarian order was the foundation from which the Canadians emerge as a new people right from the soil, through large families, traditional family values, hard work and self-reliance.

On Canada’s “Diverse History”


Current portrayal of Canada as a nation populated from beginning by people from a diverse culture and racial background is an act of deception orchestrated by academics in willful disregard of the historical evidence.


At time of Confederation the English 60%, French 30% remaining non-British or French 7%

The Acadians


The beginning of the Acadians closely resembles that of the Quebecois. Small colony of men and women buildings constructed in Port Royal in 1605 by Samuel Champlain


Arcadian population 1750 – 10,000.

British gained control in 1713. Acadians refused to give British formal pledge of loyalty to the British so 75% were deported… However, in 1764 the British allowed 3,000 Acadians to resettle. In 1740, 700 Acadians went to PEI then known as Saint John.


In New Brunswick 1784, 4000 Acadians.

The claim that Acadians were just immigrants no less different to the making of Canada then Shri Lankan Tamils, corrupt Chinese real estate millionaires, and Somalis is absurd. Whites were responsible for the founding of the nation of Canada. Loyalists were not immigrants but Settlers – Founders. 

Canada Anglicized and Whitened


Protestant immigrants, largely merchants had arrived in 1774. The number of English was estimated at 2000, 1780. No precise number of how many loyalists settled in Quebec in what would become Upper Canada or Ontario carved out of the western side of New France in 1791


Before Confederation most immigrants from the British Isles were Irish (850,000), not English (300,000). It can be argued, accordingly, that the loyalists, an indigenous people of British ethnicity born in the soil of British North America and Canada played a most important role in giving Canada its National Anglo identity.

Diverse immigration from British Isles


The demographic growth that upper Canada experienced from 1760s, when it was barely populated by Europeans, to 1815, was quite substantial, from 14,000 inhabitants in 1791, to 70,70818 in 1806, 295,000 in 18 14, the loyalists undoubtedly played a key role in this demographic expansion American inhabitants, or Canadians with American ancestry, made up about 80% of the population of 136,000 in upper Canada for example it’s no exaggeration to say that the loyalists were the original founders of Ontario

1815 to 1867 first large scale immigration 1 million from Britain

P.46 Irish 50% Scottish 15%

Canada’s Britishness genetic and cultural


2006 census Nova Scotia 93% White the 2011 census reported 92% English mother tongue 4% French.  

Then English 66 percent French 32 percent

Newfoundland was 94% white in 2011. And the Maritimes are not ethnically diverse and never were. But was built by white people

1749 detailed census Nova Scotia – German 1500 and 2500 British American and 7,000 New England “planters” English Irish Scottish


J.M Bumstead uses these statistics to argue Maritimes were racially and ethnically diverse.

Thousands of loyalists came to Nova Scotia 1780 settled in New Brunswick. 1784 Acadians returned from exile back to settle in New Brunswick. 1815 to 1838 40,000 Scotts arrived. 1,500 black loyalists

Nova Scotia population 68,000 in 1806 – 120, 000 in 1825 – 168, 000 1831 – 277, in 1851 – 331,000 in 1861 growth was from birth rates. 1871 Maritimes population was Indians 0.4% Blacks 1.6%, 98% Whites yet Canadian museum of immigration announces to millions of visitors in its website that Nova Scotia has been the province of people of African descent for 300 years.

Immigration 1867 to 1889


The population of Canada grew from 2 million 414,519 in 1851 to 3,174,442 in 1861 to 4 million in 1876 and to 4.8 million in 1891 the population of Quebec group from 890,000 to 1.5 million through this period however, most of the Quebec growth was due to the continuing high fertility rate of the French population. And it is also a fact that immigration played a relatively small role in the overall growth of the Canadian population during this period

Cultural Impact of immigration

P.58 – 9

1904 to 14, 3 million immigrants came to Canada all white Europeans.


1896 to 1914 3 million immigrants arrived 1.25 million from British Isles 1 million from America and 500,000 from Continental Europe.

Multicultural or racist?


Having examined the history of immigration in Canada from 1600s to 1921 only after 1914 is there non-English immigration.

These “other Europeans” came to participate as farmers and workers in a Canada that was politically economically and culturally English-speaking.


1901 96% of Canada was white European descent – 1911 97% – 1921-97.5%

Pioneers, Settlers & Discoverers – Newspeak


Vladimir Lenin (1870 -1924)

Cunning schemes… evade concealed the truth… Evoke hatred not to convince but to break their ranks… Wipe his organization off the face of the earth.

Dictionary definition

Page 64 

Replacement of words Pioneer and settler with immigrant

Prior to 1914 people arriving were pioneers

Immigrants started to arrive after World War II.

Book by Samuel Huntington: “Settlers before immigrant” “who we are”? Challenges to Americans national identity 2004.


America and Canada were built on: Christian religion, Protestant values and morals, or work ethic, English language British traditions of law, justice and limited government power and the legacy of European art, literature, philosophy and the music.

Distinction between pioneer and immigrants has been explicitly obfuscated by current historians.

Canada’s pioneers book


Donald Creighton’s “Dominion of the North:” history of Canada 1957.


Edwin Gillette “Pioneer days in upper Canada” published 1933-66-68, 70,73,75 but since this discarded.


Don’t believe mainstream press “we are all descendant from immigrants and refugees”. Globalists left and corporate right wants to destroy National identities and heritage of European people.

Europeans discovered Canada


White students are made to feel their ancestors stole this country from the first Nations and there is no reason for them to feel pride in their past.


… one thing is certain, no one claims that there were Nations before certain characteristics we identify with a civilized state of living were in place, such as a written language, a legal code, network of communications and reasonable centralized army, bureaucracy capable of enforcing State authority over a territory. This is what the French and English did. They created a nation state. They discovered Canada a land inhabited by Indian tribes.


Francis Parkman’s France multi-volume history of the European colonization of the North America, titled “France and England in North America written between 1865- 1992 (multi-volume) the “Indians of Canada” by Diamond Jenness published 1932 – 1977 – 1980 – 1996

First Nations


True that Parkman called Indians savages this term meant that Indians were at a lower level of historical development, not living in society, large cities, written language. People living in tribal units were in constant fuse with other tribal units. Quite violent and Savage like. Hobbesian existence – uncivilized.

Parkman was European with his own standards, to be sure, but he at least wrote without treating the Indians as ideological pawns to serve contemporaneous political agendas.


Parkman’s book was replaced by Olivia Dickinson’s “Canada’s first Nations: history of founding people” in 1992. Dixon’s a text is seen as a corrective to Eurocentric bias. The fact is that every single book these white historians rely on to tell us how we are finally hearing the authentic voices more accurately. We hear the voices of leftist academics projecting Eurocentric leftist notions.

Academics with no Ethnographic Grasp


Ethnography is a discipline taught in our universities. It is an invention of Europeans. But recently has turned the field against their own culture. Europeans have always shown a Faustian ambition to learn about the unknown. Why different societies have different morals. Europeans deployed the discipline of archeology and anthropology write the history of Asia Africa, aboriginals –

Why did Canadians decide to stop it being a white Nation?


RB Bennett prime minister 1930-35 told a British Columbia audience in 1907 

“We must not allow our shores to be overrun by Asiatic and to be dominated by an alien race we must remain a white man’s country.”

Henri Bourassa major politician for four decades in the 1900s

“It was never of Confederation… We should change French and English country to make it a land of refugees for the scum of all nations.”


Mackenzie King

Races of the orient… would change the fundamental composition of the Canadian population

Canadians were in agreement into the 1960s

So, why did Canadians suddenly agree to open Canada’s borders to mass immigration from the third world, within a single generation?


Freda Hawkins

It is that the 1967 immigration regulations emphasizing skill and education, rather than racial origins, were not brought on by popular demand or even parliamentary debate and initiative, but by senior ministers and cabinet officials. “Reference Queens university press critical years and immigration”


“Since Confederation” authored by a prominent list of historians, published in 1983 indicates that every public poll over the past 50 years … Canadians do not want any substantial increase in the number of people admitted into the country. Yet, in complete disregard to Canadians wishes, Canada’s borders were sent wide open. Under the directives of all major parties, the media, tenured academic radicals, and business elites. Why? Parts 2 and 3 examine the theoretical justification, from both of the left and the right

Part 2 

Refuting the theory of multicultural citizenship

Oh, what they tangled web we weave when we first we practice to deceive.

Theoretical deceptions of will kymlicka


Karl Mannheim’s concept of free – floating intellectuals engaged in the production of knowledge unconcerned with personal motives and interests has long attracted liberal academics uncomfortable with Karl Marx argument that knowledge is ultimately a reflection of one’s class interest, because it offered an image of themselves as self -sacrificing men pursuing truth objectively for the sake of humanity. This self-image grew in spades when the post WW2 age of universal human rights afforded liberals with an airy sense of standing above the prejudice of particular cultures.

Will kymlicka most influential advocate of “immigrant multiculturalism” his research is relied on by all Main stream parties, universities, NGOs and white papers commissioned by government agencies.

Kymlicka recognizes the “deep bond” that minorities have to their culture and ethnicity, at the same time as he categorizes any form of ethno-culture identity by Euro Canadians as racist.


Kymlicka hold the chair in political philosophy at Queens… Has received every year without interruption big grants… Although he fashions himself an outsider fighting the dominant Eurocentric discourse, he is Canada’s Premier government – sanctioned ideologue of multicultural citizenship.


Immigrant minorities with group identities do best, both in terms of psychological social cultural well-being when they are able to combine their ethnic identity with a new national identity.

Fundamental flaws


English are nothing more than modern conveniences economic, education, social institutions – intended “in principle” to serve anyone regardless of cultural background. The English are mere possessors of individual rights, whereas every other ethnic group enjoys both individual and group rights.


Kymlicka identifies the English / Europeans by history and culture; it is scornfully as colonizers racists and conquerors. The only thing European Canadians are allowed to celebrate is multiculturalism.

Civic versus ethnic nationalism


Second flaw kymlicka  – European ethnic nationalism contradicts the liberal principles of the west. Western Nations, he wants us to believe we were meant to have only civic identity


… These authors exerted enormous influence in academia, erroneously arguing that the nation state that emerged in 19th century Europe were not created by a people sharing a common history, sense of territorial belonging and habitation, similar dialects, folkways, physical appearance. Rather, the nation – states of Europe were “usually constructed” entities “invented traditions” imagined by people perceiving themselves as part of a “mythological” group in an unknown past.


All of them discredited ethnic nationalism as an artificial construct and as a source in the words of Hobsbawm, of “demonic xenophobia and chauvinism with no basis in reality.”


Smith’s main contention is that modern we are not created ex nihilo on the basis of civic values alone, or; rather, nation states were created at the basis of ancestral ties and a sense of historical continuity… these nation states were primordially based on a population with a collective sense of kinship.

State that nations “are rooted in primordial human sentiments of kin-culture rule affinity, solidarity and mutual cooperation, evolutionarily engraved in human nature” agreeing with much of what Smith says, Gat still finds wanting his lack of emphasis on human nature, evolutionary theory, and unwillingness to break away from a culture – oriented perspective. He got right that “ethnicity is by far the most important factor” in national identity “people tend to prefer closer kin, who share more genes with them, to more remote kin or strangers.” 


Why is ethnic identity among European Canadians viewed as illiberal, whereas ethnic identity among non-European immigrants, minorities is celebrated as the culmination of liberalism?

The great deception

… When in truth it is an effort to justify the growth of foreign minorities in which Euro – Canadians will be reduced to minorities without group rights.

Civil Rights movement USA talked about policies that were inconsistent with such key liberal principles as freedom of association and property rights.


Kymlicka surreptitiously introduces a program that has nothing to do with liberal minority rights for “previously excluded groups” and everything to do with imposing a multicultural identity “across Western democracies” by bringing in millions of foreigners.


Kymlicka completed his PhD under the supervision of the renowned Canadian Marxist Gerald Cohen. 


… is a deeply in internationally transformative project both for minorities and majorities


It is no accident that Kymlicka uses the term “immigrant multiculturalism” other than just multiculturalism

He is condemning and by implication European nations that disagree with mass immigration as having “disease of racial superiority”


Millions of students have been made to believe that the liberal constitutions of Western Nations make it mandatory to grant citizenship and group rights to endless masses of foreigners.  


Kymlicka has become rich, promoting his Marxist liberal theories.

Empirical refutation of William Kymlicka


… idealized accounts of why diversity should be good with very few empirical studies backing his claim about its success.



On the surface immigrants are integrating into Canada insofar is only a small number have engaged in terrorist activities.


Studies do show that Chinese immigrants tend to settle in Chinese areas. Richmond BC 6 out of 10 residents are now new immigrants, and were half do not speak English in their homes. Chinese language signs with no English can be seen everywhere, with multiple incidents of Canadians protesting the lack of visible English signs 2012 National Post “As immigration booms ethnic enclaves swell and segregate with following in 1981, Canada had only six neighborhoods with ethnic enclaves.. now, that number has mushroomed to 260”


Teppermam appeals to other Western Nations to imitate the Canadian model as the right way to relieve labor shortages… We hear this everyday in Canada. Before I challenge his claim, important to remember the evidence produced in favor of immigration is part of an establishment that does not allow for dissenting views. Almost 100% of academics are committed to research that facilitates immigration as Herbert Grubel, professor economics Simon Fraser university “atmosphere of PC in Canada suppresses any negative comments in the fear that they could be interpreted as evidence that the person expressing them is racist… By contrast the idea that immigration is beneficial gets much accolades and media attention.”


Grubel produces solid facts against the claim that mass immigration is economically beneficial

  1. cost in services and benefits, in the year 2002 alone, incurred by 2.5 million immigrants who arrived between 1990 – 2002 exceeded the tax they paid by 18.3 billion 
  2.  recent immigrants paid half the tax of the average Canadian… total $25 billion annually for all immigrants
  3. the total fiscal burden resulting from immigration is 20 billion and 2005 24 billion in 2010 and 32 billion 2014.


Significant part of this burden originates with the parents and grandparents who joined their families in Canada pay no taxes and consume large amounts of services especially Healthcare.


Grubel argues, there is no such thing as a labor shortage. There is an unwillingness to work for undercut wages due to cheap immigrant labor.

Page 119

… even supporters of immigrant multiculturalism admit it has preceded in secret by executive directives, and administrative discretion rather than legislation 1970s Canadians agreed with Minister Mackenzie King 1947

“The people of Canada do not wish as a result of mass immigration to make a fundamental alteration in the character of our population.”


1971 multiculturalism has become official government policy – the elites know better. 

Kymlicka refers to the imposition of multiculturalism as “a Long March through the institutions of Canada” … leftists in 1960s instead of calling for the Communist takeover of State as in Russia or China, called for gradual infiltration of all the pivotal opinion forming institutions of Western society.

Page 121

Canadians are brainwashed to think of multiculturalism is Canada’s identity. They are compelled to think that their nation was created by immigrants and that Euro – Canadians with ancestries going back generations are no more Canadian than foreigners seeking citizenship.

Multiculturalism is an industry that fuels lucrative salaries and perks for countless academics that are thus incentivized to portray the model in the best possible light. No graduate student or professor can get a grant if the proposal insinuates opposition to the very notion of immigrant multiculturalism.

Cultural enrichment


The implicit logic is that, since Europeans believe in freedom of choice, it follows that they prefer more cultures inside their Nations to improve the “quality and richness” of their choices. I say implicit because Kymlicka does not debate whether choices will continuously improve as the culture is continuously diversified… 1971 Canada was diverse, British 44%, French 28%, German 6%, Italian 3% Ukrainian 3%, Dutch 2%, other Europeans 4% Asians 1%, aboriginals 1%. What was it that was lacking in quality and choice? Kymlicka never asks this simple question in all of his writings.

Destruction of Canadian historic identity

Page 124

Biggest problem is projections are pointing to a future Canada in which Caucasians will be an absolute minority. This fact is never seen as an issue by the mainstream political parties and the media. Instead Euro-Canadians who lament their dwindling numbers are denounced as “White supremacists”, while those who call for a majority Asian Canadian are celebrated as vibrant and liberal-minded.

Recognizing minorities suppressing majorities

Charles Taylor

Page 128

Critics of Taylor have said his notion of “diversity entails cultural demands by minorities inconsistent with the liberal principles that all citizens should enjoy the same rights as individuals…” Taylor “non-European groups may want to retain some key defining aspects of their cultural identity rather than integrate totally into a world of individual rights.

His communitarianism recognizes the group rights of minorities with the exception that different cultural groups may redefine the meaning of individual rights in ways that reflect their collective cultural norms… this communitarianism recognizes only the individual rights of Euro-Canadians without recognizing their collective cultural rights. 


Taylor recognizes that humans have a strong need to have their ethno-cultural collective identities acknowledged by the state.


Not only contemporary feminism but also race relations and discussions of multiculturalism are undergirded by the premise that the withholding of recognition can be a form of oppression.

Taylor is aware of the tension between a liberalism based on individual rights and a liberalism that grants minorities certain cultural rights and Powers not enjoyed by other Canadians.


Taylor pushes for a stronger communitarian liberalism that recognizes the wishes of immigrant groups to retain their traditions, survive as different communities, and enhance themselves as members of a particular culture, even if this entails collect demands by minorities that are inconsistent, with the principles of individual rights.

No cultural rights for Euro – Canadians


Europeans have their own collective customs, religious ways and historical memories including a strong belief in individual rights, which they may want to protect in the face of immigrants from illiberal cultures claiming that immigrants endanger European cultural only intensifies discrimination against them. Western culture belongs to everyone and so it should be shared with all other cultures. It is racist for Euro – Canadians to insist that they have a western identity that is uniquely theirs.


Charles Murray’s book “Human Accomplishments” Pursuit of excellence, art, and science, 800 BC to 1950 informs us that 97% of accomplishments in the sciences occurred in Europe… Efforts to acknowledge the viewpoints of others or understand different cultural ways in their own terms, are an uniquely European attribute.

Herder was a German ethnic nationalist


This misuse of the ideas of past European thinkers, two German conservatives, is typical among leftist academics; they like to create the impression that what we were witnessing in the last few decades to transform European nations into diverse societies are somehow supported by the great minds of the past. But immigrant multiculturalism is only decades old policy without precedent in human history.


Herder cherished the variety of races and cultures he saw in different regions of the Earth in time and space. He rejected the universal history for humanity in which the unique National and ethnic character of peoples would disappear.


Taylor is saying that Euro – Canadians? Anglo’s in particular, should overcome their own to Canada’s Britishness by recognizing and respecting the cultures of others while suppressing their own heritage of affirming only their individual rights and state imposed ideology of multiculturalism.


How could someone with Taylor’s intellectual stature misinterpret Gardeners text in this manner? Short answer is that he wants philosophically sophisticated concepts to justify mass immigration. But since the idea of mass immigration is unprecedented in history devoid of any intellectual justification… wider movement critical of excessive individualism of classical liberalism, which sounds very appealing with its concern for the erosion of communal life in an increasingly fragmented society, but is really about Western academics dedicated to the destruction of organic community of Western European Canadians.


For decades cultural Marxists have been assiduously trying to break down patriarchal families and kinship ties, designating them as racist.


Best way to illustrate the rapidly anti-European mindset is by examining the sayings of its major exponents starting with Professor Sunera Thobani. According to her, multiculturalism allowed whites to reconstitute themselves “as tolerant and respectful of difference and diversity” expected to assimilate to this tolerant culture


Thobani is typical among immigrant intellectuals in European countries who exploit ideas of leftist Whites to advance their own ethnic interests.


Alan Simmons book “immigrant and Canada global and transnational perspective”. ” the transformation of Canada into an immigrant place should be seen as part of a global – transformation”. That is bringing multiple ethnicities and cultures from all over the world together within Canada, making this nation no longer a state unto itself but a component part of a interdependent network of global relations.  

We are also witnessing the emergence of hybrid and transnational identities distinct from the more fixed National ethnicities of the past which were deeply grounded in culture, kinship and custom.


… Yet the glorification of diversity is taking place only in the west.

Robert Lock “Nation busting globalization and globalism”

Are fundamentally different. Globalism is the ideology that advocates the liquidation of Nations. Its opposite is nationalism. Globalization, on the other hand, is an ideology. It is the growth of communications and trade. Globalism is a political choice, no more inevitable than socialism 

Part 3

Refuting Assimilationists Argument


Assimilation is equivalent to cultural genocide, for the assimilator and the assimilated


Only by speaking up front about the ethnic interests of Euro – Canadians can we mount a proper challenge to the otherwise impending reduction of Euro – Canadians to a minority status in Canada.


What makes them conservatives part of the mainstream, in Canada were Trump’s political views have yet to make it national, is that they criticize multiculturalism but not mass immigration and they reject to speak about the ethnic interests of white or Euro – Canadians.


By the year 2036 as high as 40% of the working population in Canada will be visible minorities. 30% will have a mother tongue other than English or French


Since the ’80s, no conservative government has challenged the institutional framework of multiculturalism in Canada, or sought to carry major reforms.

Humans are naturally ethnocentric


I prefer the term ethnicity rather than race because “ethnicity” refers to culture and race combined.

Preference for individuals of the same ethnicity or same race is part of our human nature. Ethnocentrism is simply a propensity to favor kin; this is actualized in politics, in a form of nepotism. Ethnic groups are extended families sharing distinct genes.


There are a number of important studies on the genetic interest of humans, the best strategy for the preservation and advancement of the genetic interest of ethnic is a well–defined territorial state. The greater the genetic distance between the native Europeans and immigrants, the greater the genetic loss to the nation.


Culturalism is an asymmetrical system in which only Europeans are expected to celebrate other cultures. At the same time ethnic groups are encouraged to practice in group ethnic interests inside the homeland of Europeans.

Multiculturalism is not the problem Bissondath’s Selling Illusions


Refers to a survey in 1993-72% of stated Canadians multiculturalism was not working


Multiculturalism is not the problem the problem is the policy of mass migration from non-European cultures. Kymlicka and Taylor: “individual fulfillment can only be as a member of a community; a constituent component of a community is the cultural and ethnic identity of the members belonging to it. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants arriving from non-Euro lands cannot be expected to brush aside their customs and ethnic identities.”


Bissondath would like all individuals to stop thinking in terms of collective identities and view their identities as social constructs shaped by the free play of their own choices in a changing environment. But why does he presume that preferring one’s race and historical culture is wrong and somehow not an individual choice?


Multiculturalism in Canada that was still 6% Euro in 1971 would have reinforced Canada’s existing identity


Professor Bissoondath implies that before diversity arrived, Canada had no identity other than being racist in excluding minorities. 


There are no known cases of racially mixed liberal democracies in the world. We are currently in a state of experimentation.

Salim Mansur


I classify Mansur, as a right-wing cultural Marxist. To me any position not critical of the current policy of mass immigration in Canada and European countries generally, must be so designated since it amounts to a denial to European people’s of the right to a Homeland where they can freely Express and protect their ethnic identities.


All of these intellectuals I write about agree that liberal Democratic societies should not accommodate illiberal values, and by illiberal they mean not only Islamic fundamentalism but ethno-nationalist European ideas.

Some years ago I was satisfied with Mansur’s line of reasoning. But have come to realize that European ethnicity is an intrinsic foundational component of Western civilization.

All modern liberal states were created by ethnically unified Europeans.

Dialogue with Mansur


.. .no individual has ever existed outside a community, and that Western individualism is Western because it was produced only by Western communities.

The opening of European boarders was imposed from above without the Democratic consent, and today no free criticism of the supposed merits of diversification is allowed. The traditional community of Canada before 1970 was open to critical reflection.


In what ways are the values of the West universally true for humanity if these values were not nurtured by most of humanity?


Westerners were the first two liberate themselves from culture and see what is universally best for all humans. Multiculturalism brings back the blind lens of cultural particularism rather than allowing immigrants to free themselves from their cultural background.


Western people are different only in being less ethnocentric due to their individualistic temperament which is a product of their unique historical origins.


… multiculturalism weakens our resolve to fight a radical Islam, while defending a thoroughly multiracial Western universalism against… Bruckner is another trickster pretending to be for the West while celebrating the destruction of White Gaelic France.

Straussian assault on the west


Major weakness in the critiques of multiculturalism is lack of philosophical depth. There are, however lesser known Canadian critiques of Muslims who have provided substantive philosophical arguments by drawing on American Leo Strauss’s arguments against relativism of multiculturalism in favor of Western civilization


Western civilization is the only nation in which the idea of citizenship has been erratically separated from the ethnic and religious background


Conservatives, just like the leftists, have been pushing for a purely civic interpretation of Western nationhood trying to root out Christianity and ethnicity from the historical experience of founding principles of European nations.

Haver’s conservative critique of Strauss consists essentially in emphasizing the uniquely Western and Christian origins of the founding principles of Anglo-American democracy.


Strauss wanted a liberalism that would work to undermine any ancestral or traditional conservative norms that gave preference to a particular people in the heritage of America’s founding


Strauss was mindful of the particular identities of Jewish people, criticizing the call for Jewish identities based on values alone

Australian Frank Salter


“The US begin as an implicit ethnic state, whose Protestant European identity was taken for granted”

Janet Ajzensat – Political Nationalities


I just thought the fathers of Confederation were deliberate in their rejection of the idea that Canada was founded by a common cultural


At Confederation 70% spoke English 30% French the father’s took it for granted that language came from culture


She is projecting onto the writings of the Fathers of Confederation our current obsession with inclusiveness.

Ajzenstat is imposing this reading onto the Fathers as a way of framing Canada’s identity in the way that suits the politically correct expectations of mass immigration.

Riendeau and Granatstein


The entire history of Canada prior to 1970 was British and all we’re aware of this Britishness and for this reason preferred Anglo – Saxon immigrants. Riendeau’s own demographic stats prior to the late 1960s “almost 90% were from European Origins”

… All cultures and all religions, feel as much a part of Canada’s history as the British and the Quebecers. We can all feel it is our history Protestant or Muslim, ethnic or Anglo. This argument tells you how silly the Canadian mind has become.


Enlightenment ideas include the birth of modern nationalism, democratic privilege of majority ethnicity, empirical science, biology, which culminated in man’s Fuller understanding of himself as part of nature.

These papers are continuously coming out to support the view that humans are ethnocentric and that altruistic dispositions – even motherly love, are exhibited primarily and intensively within – groups rather than towards a universal “We”.

Oxytocin is a molecule associated within group favoritism and out group derogation.


… despite their realization that ethnocentrism is not an irrational fear but a natural reaction.

Leftists recoil from the possibility that an ethnocentric chemical is likewise a source of motherly affection.


…all recognized the powerful drive within all living beings, including bacteria, to organize themselves into in – groups and out – groups. This however was viewed as a challenge for Western societies to overcome.

Majority rights for Europeans not enough


Since World War II the only booming business in academia has been the rights of minorities and the legitimate cultural claims of immigrants

P. 212

… so do majorities have a right to be concerned about the impact of constant high levels of immigration on their cultural national identity?


The West is currently facing a whole new reality never anticipated by the initial proponents of multiculturalism.

Orgad’s theory has to be seen as yet another position carved inside a liberal establishment that seeks to make Europeans believe that mass immigration and diversification are fundamentally connected to a liberal way of life.

Liav Ograd’s book

.. p 214 the goal is to persuade establishment liberals that majorities are right to be concerned about their liberal heritage.

… page 215 rather than traditions that identify Europeans as particular people.

Kymlicka’s expectation that immigrants would behave in the same way as Europeans, happily endorsing multiculturalism and human rights, has not yet transpired as expected but has instead resulted in a situation in which immigrants are reproducing their own cultures at the expense of the majority liberal culture of Europeans.


Ograd has a limited view of European majority culture, reducing it essentially to its political liberalism, interpretation of Western culture being about values that hold true for all humans, in which Euro nations are no more than civic nations without ethnic Origins and custom. Where in the foundational principles of liberalism does it say that a nation must grant citizenship rights to foreigners?


The weakness of Ograd’s cultural defense… Why should cultural rights of Muslims in Sweden be equivalent to the cultural rights of native Swedish people?


He is simply calling for restrictions – old diversification of Europeans to a majority culture that is fundamentally defined not by its particularities but by its supposed universal principles.

Because language, ethnic appearance and customs do have a reality with  generations behind them. 

Refuting left and right liberals


There are some 3,300 higher education establishments in the European Union all dominated by pro-immigration liberals. Almost all academics in Western Europe believe that liberalism demands diversification of all white-created nations.


It is revealing how persuasive the notion that liberalism necessitates Mass immigration.

Liberalism can’t exist with a strong form of ethnic nationalism.

There is nothing a liberal about discriminating among immigrants on ethno-cultural grounds since immigrants are not citizens


Do the majority in Europe have a right to decide what the cultural characteristic of their Nation should be?

Look at the population projections in Africa … The rush to Europe will be so massive and relentless that it will not be possible to stop it without direct military force.

David Abraham


… a tolerance sense of “we” can be nurtured more effectively through social “equity” measures. He is in favor of keeping borders open to mass African migration into Europe.


…and cities numbers to the effect that by the end of this century non-Europeans are expected to be the majority in many European nations.


…does not ask why diversification became the central ideology of the west, and why liberals have been pushing this ideology for decades.

Since I academia is where PC reigns supreme, Kaufman says that liberals have directed all their time and effort at developing theories of minority rights.

But what if it can be shown that ethnic minorities came to European lands through the undemocratic actions of elites employing deceptive arguments about cultural enrichment and economic benefits


He says the cultural majority has the right to show preference for immigration closer to their cultural tradition, all ethnic groups should be presumed to be capable of assimilation unless social scientific evidence shows otherwise… but science shows that humans have a preference for their own ethnic group


He believes a culture should be relegated to the private sphere, should become another choice among others, rather than a collective responsibility of the state.

… Hanson brings out a survey showing that high percentages of Muslims hold highly illiberal views. But does not think immigration should be restricted. Only that immigration merely “poses uncomfortable challenges”

George Fletcher


He takes it as self-evidently true a French speaking immigrant from Haiti is the same as a Quebecer with deep ancestral roots. We have thus the situation which Haitians in Quebec have started acting as the true representatives of the French heritage in Canada.

Page 239

1. Westerners came to believe that racism was the worst evil because of its association with Nazism.

2. Immediate intensification of human rights which were extended to all humans resulting in the extension of Western citizenship rights to foreigners.


According to Carl Schmidt, liberals have an underdeveloped sense of the political, and inability to think of themselves as members of a political entity that was created with a clear sense of who can and who cannot belong in a community.

Liberals tend to deny that man is by nature a social animal a member of a collective.


They do not want to admit openly that all liberal states were created violently by a people with a sense of people hood laying sovereign rights over a territory against others competing for the same territory.

If a liberal state is to remain liberal it must act collectively against the inclusion of non-Europeans with their own in group ambitions


Eventually, liberals came to believe that commerce would wear off those prejudices which maintain distinction and animosity between nations.

They believed there would be no conflicts that could not be resolved through peaceful deliberations and political compromise

Schmidt: what makes a community viable as a political association with control over a territory is its ability to distinguish between friend and enemy


Possibility that enemy out groups can emerge within our liberal nation state. Not all humans are equally individualistic, but far more ethnocentric then Europeans.


Enemy groupings may also emerge as a major force to share demographic growth in a seemingly peaceful atmosphere.

Ethnic liberalism versus Post World War II norms


Canada multicultural Nation 1971. Canadian human Rights act 1977. Employment act 1986. Multiculturalism act 1988.


A new set of norms came to take a firm hold of western states after World War II calling for the dissolution of ethno-nationalism in western states and the complete discrediting of racial identities among Europeans.

I will argue that once these norms were accepted and actions were taken to implement them institutionally they came to entrap westerners within a spiral of radicalization because those norms have a tendency for never satisfied solution.

The arrival of endless masses of immigrant minorities in need of continuous equalization programs promoting ethnic interests.

P. 251

Hostile ethnic elites inside the West have exploited racial equality and human rights for their own particular ends.

It was created by people with a strong ethno cultural role, collective identity, claiming sovereign rights over a territory to the exclusion of other people with different and always potentially threatening ethno-political interests.

World War II normative situation in the West


Each Norm reinforced the other, leading Western people’s into a funnel with a seemingly irreversible logic of pro–diversity hysteria and a pathological death wish..

1. Westerners came to believe that racism was the cause of the Holocaust and Nazism. It came that acknowledging race was akin to racism and fascism.

2. Until World War II it was held by a minority of scholars that the very idea of a science of race was unscientific.

3 Intensification of the noble savage notion that third world people embodied the innate goodness of humanity when freed from corrupting influences of Western imperialism.

P. 257

In 1948 UN declaration: article 2: everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms regardless of… Western states must extend citizenship rights to foreigners, there should be no line between citizen and non-citizen.

A White Man’s Country


Canada had strong collective ethnic markers before world war II – 1960s, with immigration policies that excluded ethno groupings deemed to be an existential threat to the National character.


As long as agents and blocks were excluded, and Anglo-conformity was emphasized, ensuring that non-British Europeans were transformed into English speakers with manners and habits in line with Canada’s Britishness

P. 263

Only non Euros were identified as inassimilable races that would pose a threat, in large numbers, to the unity and cohesion of Canada’s national character and economic viability

P. 265

In 1947, minister; of external affairs suggested that the Chinese immigration act of 1923 could not be justified under the UN Charter which Canada has signed.

It is worth noting that Canada at this time was caving into pressure from foreign countries and the UN generally, which was made up of non-western countries without any individual rights but a concept of collective political identity.

Following the granting of Independence to India, Pakistan and Burma in 1947 Canada, felt morally obligated to the new anti-racist and pro third world norms.


Senate committee on immigration and labor 1946 to 1953… They concluded that racial wording should be avoided in a new immigration act, Voice approval of Canada’s traditional patterns of immigration and her strong European orientation.


The act of 1952 simply held the principal that Canada had a sovereign right to choose immigrants that were economically and culturally suitable for the British / European character of the nation.

Canadians were no longer comfortable with the term race as per the new norms of the post World War II era.


The government and the British elites were eager to paint Canada as a race mixed nation of Europeans rather than a nation of pure Anglos.

Limiting immigration from tropical commonwealth countries was not a matter of prejudice but of avoiding racial tensions in the future.

Ellen Fair claw 1960 “Canada has no racial problem and that is the way it is going to stay.”


By 1961, African, Asians and Latin Nations made up 2/3 of the UN general Assembly.

John Diefenbaker endorsed with conviction the principles of racial equality within the commonwealth.


But these gestures nearly signaled to other members of the Commonwealth that Canada’s sovereignty could be challenged by out

The discipline of anthropology played a very significant role in spreading the norm that third world peoples were innocent, well-meaning, nature loving, egalitarian humans greedy individualistic westerners should learn to emulate them

Fair employment and accommodation practices act 1951-54

Page 271

Beginning 1940s – 1950s a growing network of groups, academics, media, ethnic associations, trade unions operating within a liberal atmosphere, and endorsing a political pluralistic view of politics, in which the state was seen as just one among many others engaged in politics rather than as the actor in charge of ensuring the collective identity of the nation


Liberal groups managed to bring about Fair Employment Act 1951-54 which declared Ontario’s allegiance to the principles of the UN Charter and UN Declaration of Human Rights.

The End of British Liberties

No man is above the law. Argued by James walker, such British liberties in Canada as freedom of speech and association were interpreted to mean the right to declare prejudices openly. Freedom of association was understood to include the right to discriminate on grounds of ethnic, religion and sex


Millions of immigrants are encouraged to claim Canada this nation as their own, and therefore, encouraged to impose their own sense of the political, their own collective identity.

Before WW2 individual rights were rights which emerged from the British people, not from individuals as members of the humanity.

A new liberalism was being advocated in direct challenge to the ethnocentric liberalism. It was a civic – oriented conception of the Canadian Nation, based on universal values wherein membership was defined by values of equal rights rather than a shared heritage.


There was a strong pressure from business elites on politicians to find new sources of immigrants.


Obligations to live up to the protocols of the UN… any form of ethnic nationalism was fascistic.


No one envisioned these regulations as a way of transforming Canada away from its Anglo-European heritage.

Accepting this pressure in November 1965, Lester Pearson promised to remove all remaining barriers in the acceptance of immigrants of color. Canada’s government wanted to avoid strong resentments in international relations.


Green paper 1975-83%, wanted less immigration from third world countries.

A special joint committee received 2000 letters of opinion – formal briefs, and oral testimonies demanding restrictions on the immigration from the Third World.


They don’t realize that non-Europeans, as McDonalds shows, involved in a ecological context that “supported large tribal groups based on extended kin ship relationships”.

Vancouver Chinese community defended the 1967 regulations, and went beyond in calling for the expansion of sponsorship rights, while insisting that Canada was no longer a nation of two founding peoples, the English and the French but a nation of multiple cultures and races.


Accelerating the spiral: the rise, and the promotion of Canada’s parties, of ethnic voting blocs against the ethnic interests of Euro Canadians.

Pierre Trudeau’s assault on bicultural nationalism


Between 1963 and 1969 the Royal Commission on Bilingual and Biculturalism organized hearings across the nation.

Despite the commission’s recommendations for a bicultural identity, globalized elites of the early ’70s decided to ignore this recommendation.

Cultural VS Ethnic Nationalism


With the 1962 – 67 regulations every remaining trace of ethnic nationalism was officially discarded in Canada.

This Anglo nationalism recognized that Canadians included other Euro ethnic groups rooted n Canada, and that in Canada there was another founding people , the Quebecois

American Globalism and the Defeat of Canadian Nationalism


John Diefenbaker was always confusingly weak, as testified by his passage of the Canadian Bill of Rights 1960, which further undercut Canada’s historical alliance to British liberties, the idea that Canadians had liberties as members of British Canada, not as members of the human race.

British capital served the making of Canada as a nation. American investment in the 20th century in contrast was directly controlled by American companies. British investment declined to 17% and American investment increased to 77%.

Royal commission on Bilingualism & Biculturalism


The transpiring message is that the term, “ethnic group” will be used in reference to groups that are not Anglophone or Francophone.

Trudeau Charter years


He argued that creating a Canada without a collective cultural identity, would make this a; National model for a solution of ethnic strife around the world.

“Canadian Federalism is an experiment of major proportions.. a brilliant prototype for the molding of tomorrow’s civilization.”


“We believe that cultural pluralism is the very essence of Canadian identity.”


The goal was to create a new Canadian identity based on the cultures of the world. A Canada separated from any founding culture.


The way to break cultural nationalism he concluded was to populate the nation with different cultures.

Hugh Forbes “Canadian immigration offices were opened in various third world countries”

The Trudeau administration increased third world immigration in 1971


1970 – 1981 55% of 1.5 million immigrants came from third world

1972 a “Directorate” was created to persuade Canadians that immigrant diversity was really a good thing for them. 1973 “Ministry of multiculturalism” was created. Soon another bureaucratic body “Canadian ethno cultural Council”


He (Trudeau) believed that Western Nations should be based on civic values alone.


Accordingly this act contained a “hate speech” provision criminalizing the expression of statements categorized as “hateful” towards identifiable groups.


Charter was precisely about creating a new Canada based on post WW II human rights principles … Every remnant of “Tory” Canada had to go, including the way we understood the history of Canada as a nation founded by two races.


Section 15 in particular, the equity provisions, represent one of the most important and dynamic forces on the road to social justice. By “dynamic” they mean that Canadians will be able to draw on equity provisions to eliminate every remaining inequality, as defined by current and future elites.


We have a situation in which the “dominant society” English culture, or Euro Canadian population, is under the obligation of reconstructing its culture according to the transnational values formulated by anonymous international human rights experts.


Julius gray thinks it is a great to have courts, judges, and legal scholars decide “major matters” for an entire people because they are the ones carrying the march of human improvements ahead.

Hugh Forbes “the charter took decisions concerning fundamental rights of Canadians out of the hands of elected officials (into the hands) of highly trained legal experts appointed by politicians” Forbes thinks it has been a great change to have highly trained experts decide the character of Canada rather than the majority of the population… a future home for all the peoples of the world.


These thinkers believe that the nature of humans was molded entirely by the social and moral environment. This nature could therefore be remolded through change in the moral institutional environment. New humans could be created, through a proper education.

After the experiment of WW 2, laying the groundwork for the Fabian and cultural Marxist strategy of marching gradually and steadily through the institutions.

The Charter is an expression of this radical transformation of Western civilization under the guidance of academics, administrative, legal, and business elites.

Multiculturalism in the Charter


“This Charter shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the preservation and enhancement of the multicultural heritage of Canadians.”

The identification of Canada as “multicultural” is a panoply of conceptual tensions and factual deceptions and legal obfuscations.


Section 15 of the charter, subsection 15 (2) says that the government has the constitutional right says that the government has the constitutional right “to create special programs aimed at improving the situation of individuals who are members of groups that have historically experienced discrimination in Canada.”

Court cases since 1980 section 27

Human rights versus Taylor


Taking section 27 together with section 15, he argued that fighting racial and religious discrimination would be a sufficient objective for limiting free expression.

Ethnic demography is Destiny


This view for all its “contextual”  talk, is seriously flawed in offering a strictly realistic account of the meaning of multiculturalism and group rights, without the bus slightest awareness of the “dynamic force” of mass immigration”


This principal may nevertheless encourage creation of quasi-autonomous administrative structures under the control of the particular groups as a powerful means of ensuring that these groups have the capacity to maintain themselves and develop according to their particular perception of their own special requirements.


 It could alter the minimum standards of respect for personal liberty in favor of the special needs of the semi-autonomous groups to preserve their special characteristics.

He wants to determine the meaning of section 27 as if it were only about words rather than about how these words will be interpreted in the coming decades as immigrant – ethnic groups continue to grow exponentially.

Since World War II the elites of Western culture have been teaching white students that emotional attachments to in groups are backward, illiberal, but also a personality disorder and a public health pathogen.


We are witnessing in Europe a lack of integration by second and third generation Muslims in Europe. How long will immigrants require special group right? Is there, will there be any limit on the number and years that Canada should have open borders?

Given these realities it is necessary to go beyond near legalistic and static accounts of the nature of multiculturalism in Canada. We need a proper scientific grasp of ethnic group interests.

Sharia law in Ontario


Islamic Institute of Justice intended to establish faith-based tribunals for the 400,000 Muslims in Ontario in 2003.

Marion Boyd “Fair and consistent with the principles of enhancing multiculturalism to allow Muslim tribunals

However the Western centric feminists won. In September 2005 Dalton McGinty turned against religious arbitration, announcing there would be no Sharia law tribunals in Ontario and no religious arbitration.

2001 percentage of Muslims is 3.1 – 2011 percentage of Muslims 4.6


Ethno- demographic context will determine the meaning of multiculturalism,, the context is between 2001 to 2011 the Sikh population increased by 72% Hindu population by 69% the Muslim population by 65% Christian population by 3%.


Today are trying to incorporate Sharia law in ways consistent with ideals of “tolerance and pluralism”.

Westerners need to understand that, just as Sharia principles are being influenced by Western values so will Western values be influenced by Sharia and Islamic values.  

Muslims are 5% of the population in England and in certain areas it is 20 to 35%. In those areas there is no debate about Sharia law tribunals whether they should exist they are entrenched in Britain.

Rise of the multicultural globalism

George Grant’s lament for Canada


Grant lamented the defeat of Canadian nationalism in light of the inept failures of Diefenbaker.

Liberals such as Frank Underhill had it backwards thinking that Canada could only become a true nation by breaking off with the British heritage.


Diefenbaker’s nationalism came from his small town life in the prairies. The old wasp elites of Montreal Toronto were no longer interested in Canada’s heritage most of them made money representing American capitalism.

…but the onset of global multicultural capitalism against any form of cultural nationalism.

…the Liberal’s celebration of the communitarian identities of non-whites and immigrants in opposition to any form of cultural and ethnic expression by Anglo and Quebec Canadians.

Page 337 

The left and right have really converged in a state of amicable reinforcement, not withstanding they’re varying emphasis on different aspects of globalism.

The right

They, The Right, want humans without National identities endlessly seeking pleasure in a homogenized world market in which every person in the globe wants products that everyone else wants.

The left

Page 338 

Cultures should not be viewed in essentialist terms, but as constructs in a state of continuous change.

These new humans will learn to become global citizens, identifying themselves as members of an international community while celebrating transsexuality and pan sexuality in an orgasmic state of happiness. With the spread of transnational corporations, IGO’s and NGO’s, the EU and other Supra National organizations and trade blocks, power has become “deterritorialized” and so there is a need for global governance and the breakdown of nationalism. Europeans must think of their Cosmopolitan responsibility rather than their national interests.


Article announced forget left and right the new divide is nationalist and globalist.

Brian Mulroney’s globalist post 4th district regime of accumulation


Mulroney 1984-93, was the most ardent promoter of multiculturalism, mass immigration, and global identity for Canada.. Canada was sold to the world as a business place with a global, not a national, identity dedicated to the enhancement of racial diversity.

June 84, Mulroney told a cheering crowd, right upon his election, that his party now stood for multiculturalism and would not allow itself to be called the party of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant… Funds for the preservation and advancement for non-European cultures.


Post-Fordist regime involves globalized financial markets and free trade zones allowing businesses to move across national borders in search of lower wages.


Under Mulroney Canada was showcased to the world as a nation successfully integrating the norms of multiculturalism, mass immigration and human rights.

My critical observations concerned the way in which these right wing economic policies were framed within the ideologies of immigrant multiculturalism.

1 employment equity act of 1986

2 multiculturalism act of 1988

3 immigration plan 1990-95 minimum 250,000 immigrants per year.


Employment equity act 1986:

Rich non-white immigrants just off the plane were to be given preference over poor white males born in Canada.


The aim of the act was to effectively multiculturalize every aspect of Canadian life, starting with the administrative practices of the executive. In the words of Joseph Monette “sensitization the federal public workforce to multicultural principle.

The preamble to the act established the connection between the 1982 charters objective of enhancing the multicultural heritage of Canada.

The act specifies that the following objectives should be taken into account in the development of policies and programs: recognition of the historic contribution to Canadian society of different ethnic communities


Starting in the 1990s, Canadians were told that what made them distinctive as a people was their multicultural identity.

In 2002 publication, by citizenship and immigration Canada for new immigrants Canada is a land of many cultures and many people.


British Canadian identity was to be witnessed only in multicultural tolerance and pluralist values.

Multiculturalism was promoted as a state of mind in which the Canadian in favour of immigrants and minorities would be automatically viewed as progressive, whereas the Canadians who opposed this diversification would be seen as xenophobic and intolerant, and people investigated for hate speech.


The central component of this new schooling would be a curriculum focused on fighting racism.

Immigration during Harper years


Up until Mulroney’s time, there was a tap on tap off immigration policy, which Trudeau used during the recession of the 1970s.


It was from Mulroney’s time that Canada’s historical ethnic identity would start to undergo a dramatic alteration from 81 – 2001, the number of visible minorities increased threefold 1 million 5% to 4 million 13%

There was a position from the reform party… What brought them down eventually was his opposition to high levels of immigration.


As the reform movement was defeated ethnic and refugee groups, and academics grew in power always ready to pounce on any government or organization whispering about limiting immigration.


Under Harper, the admission of immigrants into Canada reached its highest level with immigration ranging from 240 to 260,000 between 2003 and 2012

In 2011, Canada had a foreign-born population of 6 million 775,000 which is 20% of the population the highest of the G8.

Canada’s conservative Kennedy who spent many days donning ethnic attire said: Canadians have much to learn from our newest arrivals.


The left and right are two sides of the same coin promoting globalism and identifying nationalists as the enemy.


Carl Schmidt both sides believe that the friend – enemy distinction can be abolished in a world where everyone worships human rights and economic interdependency.

What globalists fail to realize is that only Europeans are relinquishing their political, their tribal identities.

The us versus them distinction cannot be abolished, for it is part of human nature, human creativity.


The entire left establishment is committed to this policy; all the funding goes to research prepackaged and demonstrating that immigration is good.


The arguments made for diversification in Canada are part of a wider package of arguments for diversification of all White Nations and part of a program to destroy White identity.


Sweden: Tino Sanandagi Kurdistan emigrant researcher at institute of economics at Stockholm these are his findings

  1. Between 20 – 64 years, 82% of native Swedes are employed that Gap has been consistent since 1990.
  1. 30% of immigrants do not qualify for high school after the 9th grade, compared to 10% for Swedes.
  1. Immigrants do not fill skilled jobs.
  1. 70% of migrants are male in 2015 surge of migrants in 92%.

5) Immigrant population in 2014% in 2010 20% in Malmo it’s near 50%.

Page 358

This is less true for Canada, but in Europe, for over a decade, it has been apparent that there is a horrendous mismatch between the quality of immigrant labor and the needs of Europe

Turks in Germany 30% do not have a school certificate 80% live on social welfare 


Bertelsmann foundation: since 2014 immigrants were a net loss of $20 billion per year

Canada: first post national state in history


Justin Trudeau is a man without ideas. He had a mediocre education, average grade and an easy – to get teaching degree.

Many Canadians believe Canada has no core identity because they believe that being Canadian today is to being multicultural.


Post National: by which nation states and National identities lose their importance to the supranational and global entities.

It is a consistent with the emphasis we have placed on human rights, that post nationalism is linked to the expansion of international human rights laws and norms reflected in a growing stress on the rights of individuals in terms of their personhood, not just their citizenship.


The liberal universal values that underpin Western nation states are being challenged “by claims for special group rights”

“Migrant communities increasingly take on the character of a transnationally linked diasporas”


But what this article is missing all together is the incredible weakening of the political that is transpiring in the Western world, only, in varying degrees since WW2 , and the evolution of new forms of citizenship based on universal human Rights.

… This is evidence that they are integrating to a state committed to multiculturalism and diversity and which immigrants are using for the own interest in a post National direction.


As Foran stated:”Post nationalism is a frame to understand our ongoing experiment in filling a vast yet unified geographic space with the diversity of the worlds. Toronto is the most diverse city in the world with half its residents born outside in the country.”


 A Post National Canada requires making a final step in eradicating not only the remaining vestiges of cultural nationalism but the presumption that Canada is a nation with civic values that are specifically “Western”.


Deepak Obhrai: in criticizing of Kelly leach acting “unCanadian” even multicultural Canada is no better than mono culture Saudi Arabia.


Justin Trudeau tolerance compassion inclusiveness and diversity is a strength and a force that can vanquish intolerance and hate. Justin Trudeau has the mind of a 12-year-old child, and this is the basis of his political success, his ability to be sincerely in favour of an ideology that is fundamentally infantile.

Across Canada, and every town, city, school, university, government office, media social, and print the same phrase – diversity is our strength.

Multicultural, party is watching you. The ministry of Truth is dedicated to altering Canada’s historical record to fit the needs of a post-national state.

The only force that can destroy this totalitarian spiral is the affirmation by Euro – Canadians of the historical heritage, without apology.

Canada in Decay by Ricardo Duchene