Syrian Refugees Displacing Canada’s Homeless

Attention Immigration Reformer :

For your information, Immigration Watch Canada is sending you its latest bulletin : “Syrian Refugees Displacing Canada’s Homeless.”


Dan Murray

The TABLE below contains a sample of Canadian cities that are accepting Syrian refugees. The TABLE indicates the number of Syrian refugees that each of the cities is taking, the number of Homeless Canadians in each of the cities and the number of Canadians who are on Waiting Lists for Housing in each of those cities.

Quite a number of these figures are very shocking. For example, Toronto had 5219 Homeless and had a Housing Waiting List of 77,109 in 2014. Yet it has taken 4234 Syrian refugees and is now providing housing for them !!!

As we have said before, Toronto politicians are now strutting around the city like arrogant roosters in a barnyard, implying that they should be congratulated for betraying their own citizens. Politicians such as MP’s, MLA’s, Mayors, Councillors and School Trustees are doing the same things in other cities.

Most Canadians would be willing to send money to groups overseas to help Syrians in refugee camps or in the foreign cities where they are living. But most Canadians think it is immoral to give a very limited supply of Canadian housing to Syrians and all other non-Canadians.

Multiply by 10 the betrayal of taking 25,000 Syrian refugees. The answer is 250,000. That has been Canada’s average yearly immigration intake for the past 25 years. Then, Multiply 250,000 by 25. The answer is over 6 million immigrants in those 25 years. Most of these people were unnecessary and most of them are now competing with Canadians for housing and jobs. Obviously, this betrayal is even more outrageous.

The overall point that this TABLE makes is that our federal government has made a choice : It has placed the needs of these Syrians over the needs of Homeless Canadians. This is a shameless betrayal of Canadians and Canada. In the past, many people have twisted in the wind for doing much less harm.

NOTE : The information on Syrian refugees who have come to Canada and on Homeless Canadians came from the following two sources :

TORONTO 2,615,060 5219 77,109 (2014) 4234
PEEL REGION 1,269,814 1558 12,630 (2014) 410
YORK REGION 1,108,570 2891 10,580 (2014) 152
HAMILTON 569,549 5653 5,553 (2014) 1099
OTTAWA 1,236,324 7235 10,089 1579
WATERLOO REGION 563,000 3492 2719 (2014) 1245
LONDON 366,651 12,000 (using shelters) 2341 (2014) 1275
EDMONTON 877,926 2307 19,000 (2012) 1657
WINNIPEG 730,018 2865–3165 2000 778
REGINA 193,100 232 30,000 446+
SASKATOON 222,189 379 34,000 439-478
CALGARY 1,195,194 3555 3200 1762
VANCOUVER 2,313,328 2777 2800 1681
VICTORIA 344,615 1500 1377 313