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This is what I witnessed in small towns in Austria, they are forced by the EU to take a certain amount of these refugees and are supposed to teach them how to live in Austria. They are mostly Muslims and have no education and have no interest in learning. These small towns cannot handle this, I am worried what this will do to my beautiful home country.

“Refugee” Invasion is European Suicide

This is the story of an ongoing crime, an invasion of Europe by a non-culture, committed on the children of Europe, encouraged and allowed to happen by the politicians who are in power at the moment. These politicians should at once be brought to stand trial in court for high treason on the populace of Europe.

You be the judge if this corresponds to reality.

And, by the way, who do you think has been instrumental in manufacturing this this disaster of epic proportions. You guessed right if you say: America, or to be more specific Barack Obama, aka Barack Soetoro, when he gave the order to murder Gadaffi and destroy the infrastructure of Libya, which subsequently turned it into a place of anarchy and lawlessness, from where the invasion of Europe is taking place – one decrepit boat after another.

If this is allowed to continue, it will mean the complete destruction of European culture and everything that makes the continent a great place to live in in. It will result in a huge nightmare and eventually in living conditions that will be similar or worse than those in Africa. This is a scientific fact based on cause and effect. It is NOT allowed to happen.

Make sure to watch this short video, if necessary several times, and pass it on to all your email contacts, if you think that it has merit.