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Immigration is NOT the Solution to Africa’s Problems

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Immigration is NOT the Solution to Africa’s Problems

I have been saying for over 20 years, I would like to contribute to Africa, but only to contraception … This is more important han all my other wishes. Everyone, especially the young, should read it. It’s about the future of us all. By honored botanist RNDr. Václav Větvička:  (translated from Czech)

There is no other large vertebrate in the history of the Earth, whose population would spread so rapidly and with such devastating consequences for other planet residents. Only in the years 1800 – 1930 did the number of people increase from one billion to two, and in the next 90 years to even more than seven billion today. This, of course, carries a lot of troubling issue, such as, using up all sort of resources, starting with ecological devastation.

Surprisingly, our so-called “elites” do not address their demand for a sustainable way of life to those who do not demonstrably live it. Let’s note a few things: Europe the most densely populated continent in the world (so much for the idea that it is a Europe that should embrace all migrants). In 1970 it was inhabited by about 680 million people. Now it is about 718 million people. This is an increase of 38 million in about half a century, and most are not Europeans, but migrants.

Turkey 1927 – 13.6 million inhabitants 2011 – 75 million inhabitants. So the Turks five-folded in 80 years!

Afghanistan 1979 – 15.5 million inhabitants 2015 – 32.5 million inhabitants So the Afghans are double in 35 years, and that’s during the war!

Niger 1960 – 1.7 million inhabitants 2011 – 16 million inhabitants The Nigerians are therefore more than eight times in 50 years. Some lads!

Nigeria 1950 – 33 million inhabitants 1991 – 88 million inhabitants 2006 – 140 million inhabitants 2014 – 177 million inhabitants What can be said?

Egypt 1945 – 18.5 million inhabitants 2004 – 73.5 million inhabitants Estimated for 2025 – 103 million inhabitants There are now four times as many of the Egyptians since World War II.

With the same behavior, 40 million Czechs would live in the Czech Republic today. That would be some crowd, wouldn’t it? And forget about our nature reserves and parks, everything would have to be built up and paved over.

So these are several states as a sample.

In total, 642 million people lived in Africa in 1990 and nearly a billion in 2004. Demographic organizations estimate that by 2050 (in 35 years) it will double. That means practically 2 billion. All Africa has an increase of 50 million people a year. This is one France every year!

Therefore, I do not believe the Green Parties and environmental organizations are serious about their struggle for a sustainable world. If they did, they would have to focus on those who replicate like possums.

But no, these people/organizations protect and encourage the population explosion. There is constant food and medical assistance and these aids are directly involved in this population explosion. No, their lies cannot be taken seriously.

So I believe that the whole ecological fury is just an effort to create a new religion, under whose banner it is trying to unite the globalized people. Yes, we Europeans will mostly behave ecologically without instruction.

We will reduce our consumption, if necessary we will develop sophisticated, non-burdensome technology; however, that will not help, if the bigger part of the world does not control population explosion. Because even the most environmentally behaving people (and I have strong doubts that in the present moment people in power will be willing to worry about it), they need food, water and space. If there are too many of them, they will eventually eat the planet.

In this context, it seems interesting to me that everyone is now tackling climate change, how there will be a shortage in Africa, and how we should prepare for migration waves. None of these futurologists has ever mentioned that there is a much safer solution to the problem than moving the masses of migrants to the most densely populated continent. Just change the reproductive behavior. (Not to mention the devastation effect, such migration will have on the European populations, such as general displacement and genocide.)

Africa has enough resources to feed as many people as there were in 1950. Conversely, no continent has enough resources to feed a mass of people that doubles every 50 years.

In addition to population growth, the demands on resources and waste are increasing for every individual.

This is our contribution to our self-destruction: our ingenuity, diligence and desire for comfort and luxury. The primitive nations or ethnics take over our immodest way of life – without making themselves inventive and hardworking, yet they feel they have the right to the same level as us and that we must ensure them.

It will be hard for us to deal with this invasion, because of greed and immorality.

In particular, we, the poorer whites, are threatened by the sale of our land, resources and rising cost of living, while the wealthier ones like the Germans, the Chinese, or rich Arabs may benefit for a while. So it is a struggle for the environment, resources, and our very existence. The struggle had already begun, but some of us are indoctrinated by of the media and political  traitors under slapstick slogans, and others seemed unaware.


Prof. RNDr. Václav Větvička

(* Jan 13, 1938) – Botanist, writer and science educator

Honored for Merit in Science