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By Mike King

In a normal world, the daily “Google-Doodle” of March 31, 2017 would have infuriated Whitelandia. But because the West has ceased being normal, few will see anything wrong with the subversive messaging. Notice how the Jewish girl is positioned front & center — the obvious ringleader. The Jewess is flanked by a Muslim girl and a South Indian tranny. The three White males are castoff to the far sides — two of them are crippled and one of them is a one-armed homosexual (as evidenced by the rainbow Google logo G on his shirt).


 https://media.wired.com/photos/5989dd0e7eed4f0eb2c79d9a/master/pass/Google_G_Logo-HP.jpghttps://www.google.com/logos/doodles/2017/doodle-4-google-2017-us-winner-5145189378162688-hp.jpgRelated image

Google’s logo turned rainbow “gay” in 2015.The logo for Google Chrome is 6-6-6.


Everyone has some sort of logo on their shirt — indicating that they belong to some greater group or cause — except for the two non-smiling, isolated and crippled White boys who are barely dangling on either end.  They are nothing. The lone partially White-Hispanic Christian girl is sandwiched between the Indian tranny and the tall Black boy she will “hook up with” as the dispossessed pathetic little White boy with the cane looks on helplessly. She has no suitable White partners to marry or to mate with here because all of the White boys are either lame or queer. Notice how the horizontal portion of the cross on her shirt is faded. And also notice how the Black boy is portrayed as the math genious with a portion of Einstein’s fake equation written on his sweater.

In the background, a shadowy mob flashes devil’s horn signsWow! Jewish-run Google’s message couldn’t possibly be anymore “in-your-face” than this — “Die, White Man, die!” It is indeed the Satanic “Kalergi Plan” — a long term scheme based upon genocidal hatred of European Man.



The visual tactic of isolating an idiot White guy to the far end of a “diverse” group is commonly used in the Jewish-dominated ad world — as in the ATT television ad (above left) in which every character has a speaking part except for the White male who just makes stupid faces throughout.


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