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THE REBEL Exposes Bureaucratic Coverup of the $50,000 Given to “Migrant” Families

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THE REBEL Exposes Bureaucratic Coverup of the $50,000 Given to “Migrant” Families

Former Canadian diplomat Ian Macdonald, a well-connected Ottawa critic of uncontrolled immigration for decades, adds: ”

The 50K figure is bad enough but only half the story since medical treatments can run to the hundreds of thousands per individual and in some cases would displace a potential Canadian in urgent need.(in the case of scarce organs for example).  About 20 years ago the cost of  medical care for 22,000 illegals was $33,000,000. To this add special-needs and counselling, transportation etc and it soon gets unaffordable.”

Dear Dan,
Do you know how much of your tax money Justin Trudeau gives to each migrant family that comes to Canada?
It’s $50,000 a year — not including healthcare, dental, and other benefits.
That number is shocking. But even more shocking is why that number isn’t public knowledge.
You see, Trudeau’s “non-partisan” bureaucrats have been instructed to keep that information a secret from Canadians.
Through access to information requests, The Rebel has exclusively obtained a memo showing bureaucrats actively covering up for Justin Trudeau.
These bureaucrats plotted — in writing — how to evade a media inquiry about the yearly cash support that Canada provides Trudeau’s Syrians. Here’s what they wrote:
Thanks Nancy, we have a table approved in past responses with breakdowns. Can we try to dig that up and include it here? I think the reporter is looking for numbers. We know that 50k is the new start-up cost but we haven’t used that yet. If we do can we get MINO approval? Earlier this week we opted to go with the individual cost response for the Canadian Federation of Taxpayers , but in this instance the reporter is talking about families so it may be okay to use”
Trudeau’s staff tried to hide that, by using data for individual refugees rather than for families. Shady stuff, considering that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada changed the definition of “family” to include young able-bodied men travelling together who self-identified as brothers.
The bureaucrats go on to say in the email chain that detailed info about yearly costs was only going to be given if they were pressed on it. Their default was to hide the truth from Canadians.
“let’s not mention the 50k as you say, but let’s add these details only.”
You can see the memo by clicking here.
That’s just sick.
When Trudeau is dealing with our military veterans, his Liberals are suddenly fiscal tightwads, making them share sleeping bags and backpacks and refusing to procure the jets they need. But the government chequebook swings wide open to support migrants who admitted to government workers that they were better off in Jordan, people who weren’t in immediate danger, and aren’t really refugees at all.
I hate this double standard. I want to see Trudeau treat our veterans and soldiers better than he treats economic migrants.
So, I’ve started a petition to the minister of defence, Harjit Sajjan, and to the immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen. I want them to know that thousands of Canadians are sick and tired of our veterans and Canadian forces being neglected.
You can go to 50000.ca to sign the petition and see the shocking memo.
Justin Trudeau needs to treat our soldiers better. Quit fighting them in court, and treat them like the heroes they are.
And take care of them as well as he takes care of foreigners who illegally cross the border from upstate New York.
Yours truly,
Sheila Gunn Reid
P.S. Did you know that migrant “families” get $50,000 annually in cash? I didn’t know that number because bureaucrats are actively trying to hide that information from Canadians. Please help expose the Trudeau Liberals and forward this email to your friends and family. Then post www.50000.ca on Facebook and Twitter.