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Canadians United 4 Canada Holds Meeting in Hamilton 

HAMILTON. MARCH 19, 2016. In conjunction with the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee, Canadians United 4 Canada held the latter group’s first organizing meeting tonight in a downtown hotel.

Canadians United 4 Canada formed a few months ago to oppose the mass influx of Syrians at a time of high unemployment when the needs of Canadians are not being met.

Canadians United 4 Canada founder Charlene O’Farrell unveiled a sharp new leaflet she has produced. Attendees left vowing to hit the streets with shopping bags of literature that had been handed out.

Ms O’Farrell liaised with attendees in preparation for activities later this Spring.

Paul Fromm, Director of the Canada First Immigration Committee, gave the keynote speech. “There aren’t jobs for Canadians. Unemployment rose from 7.2 to 7.3 per cent last month. Surveys of employers in Southern Ontario show most will not be hiring or will even be letting workers go. So, what does the Trust Fund Kid do? He brings in 25,000 Syrians who will cost upwards of $650-million. He ups immigration to 305,000. He’s pleasing his business backers by keeping a large pool of unemployed to keep Canadianns wages down.”

Mr. Fromm charged that Syrians are being found housing and jumping the queue ahead of Canadians who have waited for months or even years for housing. He noted: “Hamilton has 5,653 persons in homeless shelters. Yet, the feds are dumping 1,099 Syrians on this community. What about putting Canada and Canadians first?” he demanded.

Frederick Fromm's photo.