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Penticton Townhall, May 28, 2024

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It’s time to hit the streets for May 28 Penticton TownHall

New Line-up of Presenters!

·       Why Doctors are Leaving BC and Emergency Rooms Closing

·       How our Property Rights are Being Eroded and Rents Skyrocketing

·       The Suppression of Council Authorities Through Provincial Edicts

     And What We Can Do About It!

PLUS: 3 Simple Steps for Holding Your Elected Officials Accountable

May 28 Penticton Townhall #2 flyers and posters are now available for distribution.

–         Please meet at the Food Court in Cherry Lane Mall either tomorrow or Monday to team up, pick up a supply and choose a part of the city to canvas.

o   Tomorrow, Sunday, May 19, from 1 to 2 PM

o   Monday, May 20 –  10 to 11 AM

OR contact Mary Lou at any time to make other arrangements – 780-908-0309

o   Brief training will be provided if needed

–         Bring a friend or two to buddy up with. It’s way more fun that way.



Druthers are in, too!

Check out the May issue here. Print copies are available at the above locations and at some stores near you.

While you’re there, a wee Druthers donations would be greatly appreciated to keep Druthers coming.

Many small donations add to large ones; we love sending off your monthly contributions.


Let Freedom Reign Music Festival – June 28, 29 30

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