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The following is but a small sample of the many dozens of TV advertisements which feature biracial couples.Don’t believe me? Then try this. Set aside 4 hours of any given evening and watch a range of TV programs. My bet is that you will likely encounter at least 3 or 4 ads of this nature. If I had the means to copy them on a tape or DVD I would make it a project.

The more typical ones have white wife/mother and black husband/father, like the first one listed here. The second and third commercials—on behalf of “Honeymaid”— attack the traditional family on all fronts. The  second commercial attempts to set the record straight about what a wholesome family is. In the opening first vignette, a “wholesome” family consists of two “daddies” and a child, as well a biracial family in another.. The message is clear. “Family”, “marriage”, “gender” can be anything we want it to be. All the old definitions are obsolete.  No one of us now have a right to define what these terms mean—that’s the province of grievance groups.

In the third commercial, Honeymaid essentially tells us what the counterculture told us 5 decades ago. We can bed hop and do our own thing without regard to the impact our selfish or hedonistic behaviour has on children because, you see, children are ‘resilient’. We don’t give them enough credit. If  Mom and Dad break up, no problem. Now they get to have another dad—or mom!  So lets not call them “broken” families, lets call them “blended” families. Blended families are commonplace now, so no big deal,eh? Well, if one consults the statistical evidence about scholastic achievement, vocational success and incarceration rates, the children of loosy goosey parents really aren’t that ‘resilient’ after all. But revelations of that sort wouldn’t fit the agenda, would they?

The Cheerios biracial commercial is significant for the negative blowback it provoked. The comments were so negative that the company that produces Cheerios disabled the comment section. Who do they think they are, the CBC? If you watch the last video, you will notice that commentators are quite brazen about their motives for producing biracial commercials like these. The producer said that these kind of commercials are “helping to change the face of America.”  In other words, they are not only reflecting the biracial character of present day families but role-modeling them. Making them more acceptable. Actually, that is not quite it.

The point is not reconcile us to miscegenation but to the extinction of the old Canada (or America) and the quaint moral standards that went with it. No sense then in us getting into a lather about ongoing mass immigration because look around you, it is a done deal. Ditto with same sex marriages and adoptions and gender fluidity. There are no absolutes anymore, just so many moving points along a spectrum. It’s a different world now.  These ads rub our noses in it. They are morale-busters. The proliferation of biracial couples is meant to serve as a marker of “progress”, and since demography is destiny, there is no turning back. Accept. Adapt. And go quietly into the night.

America, Canada, the UK, Sweden—-all have fallen prey to this insidious propaganda campaign, through a variety of media. Progressive commentators dismiss Cultural Marxism as a “conspiracy theory”. But if it walks like a duck…..

For the record, 4.6% of couples in Canada are biracial (2011 census), and of those pairings, 41% are black. In the US, 8% of couples are biracial.


A Cardiff study showed that white women (at least in the UK), opt first for black men, then whites, then Asians. Why?

Is there a psychological reason behind this? Is the John Lewis ad (below) then mirroring reality in Britain, or conditioning it?

In Canada, 9 out of 10 people polled are fine with biracial marriages. Have the commercials (and movies and soap operas) had their intended effect?

Ten years from now, will we see a lot of white women married to dark Muslim men? Feminists trying to escape the rape culture on campus? — Tim Murray

John Lewis Christmas ad for 2017


Honeymaid commercial “This is Wholesome”


Honeymaid promoting blended families


Cheerios biracial commercial 



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