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Radna Omidvar, Iranian Immigrant from 1981, Scores Big-time: Appointed to Senate by Trudeau

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Radna Omidvar, Iranian Immigrant from 1981, Scores Big-time: Appointed to Senate by Trudeau

I wonder if I emigrated to, say Iran, and spent my time agitating against the interests of the majority of Iranians, would a grateful government hand me a sinecure until age 75 in their Senate and a big expense account to boot?
Somehow, I didn’t think so.
Only in Canada, you say?
Pity for Canadians. –
Paul Fromm



Justin Trudeau Appoints Anti-Anglo Multicult Leader to Senate

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“Chair of Lifeline Syria plans to keep speaking out for immigrants, refugees.”

Of course she does, as Omidvar has built an entire career out of pushing our country to accept as many uneducated, unemployable and non – official language speaking migrants and refugees as possible.
A Toronto woman who has spent more than 30 years fighting to make Canada more inclusive received a call from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier this week.”
More inclusive? Yes, as long as it means making Canadian-born citizens less inclusive.
Omidvar: “When we did our research in Toronto we asked organizations, ‘Why is it that your board still looks like old Canada?
In multicult-speak, “Old Canada” means “White Canada.” The individual is not a fan. Her entire modus operandi has been to disempower “generational” Canadians:
– Diversity Onboard pushes to have Canadians of European heritage removed from  corporate board rooms of our nation, as well as from government positions, to be replaced with third world immigrant Canadians.
– Lifeline Syria takes Canadian tax-payer dollars and hands it to non-Canadians who are not from Syria, and in many cases are not authentic refugees.
“As an expert in immigration, diversity and inclusion, she said she will continue the work she has been doing for decades. That means speaking out for people whose voices have not always been heard.”
Brad: Ratna Omidvar is what Canadians with common sense refer to as a “Professional Refugee.” Her finest skills are moaning and complaining about the so-called domination of Canadians of European heritage. Click on article below to learn why this is a fallacy within Canadian society: 

Douglas Todd: Visible minority women are the most educated people in Canada


“The comprehensive report found that Chinese, Korean, South Asian, Filipino and other visible minority women, especially those with at least one immigrant parent, are among the most highly educated people in Canada.”

Hey Multicult Canada…

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