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He’s A Fingerless, Ghanaian Homosexual Too Stupid to Come out of the Cold & Now He’s OURS!

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He’s A Fingerless, Ghanaian Homosexual Too Stupid to Come out of the Cold & Now He’s OURS!

Seidu Mohammed is the poster boy for our failed immigration system which does little to protect Canada from illegals or permanent leeches on the Canadian taxpayer.
He’s just 24 and you’re going to be paying for him for a long, long time. He’s a homosexual form Ghana. He lost all his fingers having headed out in a blizzard as he snuck across the border from the U.S. Christmas Eve. This past Friday and immigration hearing gave taxpayers a belated lump of coal in their stockings as they granted this illegal “refugee” status.
CBC (May 18, 2017) gives you the good news: “A Ghanaian asylum seeker who lost his fingers to frostbite while crossing into Manitoba from the U.S. on Christmas Eve has won his case to stay.

“I’m so happy. I don’t know what to say. Now I’m home, I’m finally home now,” said Seidu Mohammed, who learned Wednesday night that the Immigration and Refugee Board had accepted his claim. … he was in tears, he was in tears, he really was. He is overjoyed, ecstatic. I mean it’s a life-altering moment for this young man.”

Mohammed, 24, said he faces an uphill battle, learning to cope without any fingers, but he is determined to make a life in Winnipeg.

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“This is the city I want to stay in. There are a lot of good people here,” he said.[And we sure are lucky to have you!]

“Mohammed fled Ghana for the United States in 2015 fearing for that his sexual orientation would put his life in danger.He says he was outed as a bisexual man during soccer training camp in Brazil in 2014 after the team manager found him with a same-sex partner. “It’s illegal to be gay in Ghana. It’s a crime,” said [his lawyer Bashir] Khan, noting the refugee board “acknowledged him as a person in need of protection.”

Shortly after he arrived in Manitoba, Mohammed told CBC that his father, a strict Muslim, disowned him. Mohammed worried he would be persecuted — or worse — if he was forced to return to Ghana, and he didn’t believe the government or police would protect him. …

Fearing U.S. President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown, Mohammed made the decision — like hundreds of others in the past year — to sneak into Canada and apply for refugee status.  Since January, 2,000 people have made that same journey, with the majority crossing the border in Manitoba or Quebec. While planning his crossing, Mohammed met another man, Razak Iyal, 35, who had the same idea.

The two of them took a bus to Grand Forks, N.D., then flagged a cab and spent $400 for a ride to a spot near the U.S.-Canada border on Dec. 24. From there, they made the long walk into Emerson, Man. It was Christmas Eve, and the underdressed men shambled through frozen fields in a temperature that hovered around the –18 C mark, but with a wind chill that made it feel more like –30.”

Mohammed was safe in the U.S. Under our law, he was obligated to apply for “Refugee” status under the First Safe Country Act. His application failed because he wasn’t properly prepared. So, he went asylum shopping. Under our  dysfunctional system, had he come to a border crossing, he’d eventually have been turned back because he had come from a safe country and was obliged to apply there. However, because he cross through a field, our idiot law pretends we don’t know where he came from. [I mean could he have fallen out of an airplane, could he have used a giant pogo stick on the U.S.-Mexican border and vaulted into Canada. The law is an ass and pretends if doesn’t know the sneaks have come from a safe country — the U.S. So, they are allowed to make a “refugee” claim.

Bottom line: Being a sneak and an illegal works and the Canadian taxpayer will be on the hook for Mohammed for ever!