The Great Reset Dissected by Three Leading White Nationalist Thinkers

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The Great Reset Dissected by Three Leading White Nationalist Thinkers

The Great Reset: Attack on Our Living Standards, Attack on Our Freedoms in Aid of the Climate Change Hoax — Why Have Our Elites Turned Against Us with Sam Dickson, Paul Fromm & Charles Edward Lincoln —

‘We had to escape’: Growing number of Somalis face possible deportation over false documents, advocates say

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‘We had to escape’: Growing number of Somalis face possible deportation over false documents, advocates say

[Scamming and lying are endemic among many self-styled “refugees”.]

Kaif Ali is only 23, but she’s spent the last five years putting her life back together — starting with escaping war in Somalia, to putting her faith in a smuggler to find safety, to landing in Canada and learning English, studying nursing and becoming a front-line health-care worker. 

Now the life she’s built could soon fall apart — again.

That’s because the Canadian government now claims Ali is not, in fact, Somali. And she’s not alone.

Ali, a Toronto resident, told CBC News she escaped Somalia with her younger sister after her father and older sister were targeted and killed. The two paid a smuggler, who arranged for them to flee with fake Kenyan passports. It’s a choice she says she was forced to make in order to get to safety.

“Nobody just wakes up one day and they’re like, ‘Oh, I’m running away from the country,'” Ali said. “We’re escaping in a short period of time. Something happens and, within a month or two months, you’re in hiding.”

Who Stands With Ukraine? Are They Your Kind of People? by Mike King

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Picture Marina the SATANIST “Stands with Ukraine”
Picture If You “Stand with Ukraine” – You Stand with Leftist Scum

By Mike King

The fact that libtards and normies now “stand with Ukraine” was to be expected. Whatever cause-of-the-month that the authoritative reader in the TV tells them to believe in, the virtue-signalling simpletons will obediently support. Zelensky hero / Putin bad.

But to see so many FOX fans and self-proclaimed “conservatives” taking a similar position is particularly frustrating. For the benefit of any FOX conservatives in your circle of family, friends & contacts, we’ve put together a very simple-to-digest pictorial presentation. When they see what filthy Marxist-Globalist bedfellows they are making common cause with, they’ll hopefully reconsider their “stand” with the Deep State-owned gangsters misruling Ukraine.

Picture (Soros)

Leftist mega-Billionaire and Putin-hating arch-villain George Soros “stands with Ukraine.”


Leftist tyrant Justin Trudeau of Canada “stands with Ukraine.”

Picture Pantless Zelensky (shorter man) drops his pants and plays the piano with his genitals.

Degenerate comedian-turned-Ukrainian-president-“hero,” VolodymyrZelensky “stands with Ukraine.”


The outspoken feminist / leftist / busy-body First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, “stands with Ukraine.”

Picture Jill Biden wears a Covidiot mask with a yellow & blue sunflower for Ukraine GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy

The entire Demonrat Party and RINO “moderate” Republicans “stand with Ukraine.”


The ENTIRETY of liberal Fake News, which includes many at FOX, “stand with Ukraine.”


The deranged topless feminist anti-Putin activist lunatics of “Femen” (a group started in Ukraine) “stand with Ukraine.”


The abortionists and the “LGBT” / pedo crowd “stand with Ukraine” — where (unlike Russia) abortions are mostly unrestricted and easy to get; and where queer “pride” parades (banned in Russia) now take place openly in rapidly degenerating Kiev.


The very same CIA Deep State which tried to take down Trump, “stands with Ukraine.”

PicturePicture Picture

Filthy, vile, blood-semen-urine-obsessed, degenerate “artist” and Satanic Witch to the Hollywood Stars, Marina Abramovich, “stands with Ukraine.”

PicturePicture Picture

Swedish Global Warmist hoaxster Greta Thunberg and her deranged cult of commie kiddies “stand with Ukraine.”


The moral reprobates and weirdos of Hollywood all “stand with Ukraine.”

Picture PicturePicture

Poop Francis — an Argentinian Marxist, a protector of known child molesters, an anti-Trumper and a proponent of communist “Liberation Theology” ever since the 1970s — remained silent these past 8 years as the evil regime in Kiev killed 13,000 Russians (a third of them civilians, according to a UN report) in the eastern part of Ukraine. But now that Russia wants to protect these oppressed people, all of a sudden Frankie the Fake “stands with Ukraine.”


Now that you understand the type of leftist globalist HUMAN SCUM who “stand with the corrupt pseudo-state of puppet “Ukraine” (part of Russia for 1000 years!) and HATE the conservative Vladimir Putin, who will YOU stand with?




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Hear Paul Fromm’s “The Fighting Side of Me” Daily on

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Hear Paul Fromm’s “The Fighting Side of Me” Daily on

Hear Paul Fromm’s “The Fighting Side of Me” Daily on

Don’t miss Paul Fromm’s “The Fighting Side of Me” every day, on White Pride Radio! Only on

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The Canadian Left Apes the Americans Yet Again

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      Throne, Altar, Liberty

The Canadian Red Ensign

The Canadian Red Ensign

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The Canadian Left Apes the Americans Yet Again

On Monday, the twenty-first of February, even though the border blockades had been removed – they were in the process of being removed at the very moment the Emergency Measures Acts was invoked the week prior – and the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa had been dispersed over the weekend through an ugly display of police state brutality that is utterly out of place in a Commonwealth Realm and has tarnished Canada’s reputation, Captain Airhead nevertheless managed to get enough votes in the House of Commons to confirm his use of the EMA.   Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, the Conservatives, voted against the confirmation, as did the Lower Canadian separatists, but the Liberals all voted for it as did Jimmy Dhaliwal’s socialists.  The latter compromised the historical principles of their party to do so.  In 1970 they had been the only party in Parliament to take a principled stand against the War Measures Act when Captain Airhead’s father had invoked it in an actual emergency (bombs, kidnapping, murder, that sort of thing).   In 2022 they propped up the government in using the Emergency Measures Act against a peaceful, working-class, protest, despite warnings from retired members of the NDP old guard, like Svend Robinson, that they were throwing their legacy away in doing so.   

In the debate leading up to the vote, Captain Airhead and the other ministers of the government were repeatedly asked why they were still taking this to a vote even though the protest was over.   No convincing answer was provided.  The House was told that there was still an emergency, that they would just have to trust the government, and that how they voted would reflect whether they did so trust the government or not.   This was how the Prime Minister and Mr. Dhaliwal cracked the whip on their caucuses to prevent members from breaking ranks.   The implication was that it was a confidence vote, which if the government lost would dissolve Parliament, leading to an immediate new Dominion election – less than half a year after the last one – in which the leaders could punish dissenters by not signing their candidacy papers.

Two days after having thus given us his rendition of the role of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, the Prime Minister revoked the Emergency Measures Act.    There was, of course, no more of an emergency on Monday than there was on Wednesday, nor had there ever been an emergency of the type that would justify the invoking of the Emergency Measures Act.    While we cannot know for certain what was going on in the empty space between Captain Airhead’s ears, we can be sure that it was not a sudden epiphany about the importance of respecting constitutional limits on government powers – he would have resigned immediately had that been the case – and that three factors likely had a significant role to play in his turnaround.   One of these is that he had taken a severe beating in the international press.   The second is that the Big Five – Canada’s largest banks – would have explained to the government how that forcing financial institutions to act as the government’s thought police undermines those institutions’ credibility, both domestic and international, and threatens the entire financial superstructure of the country, already weakened by years of reckless government financial policy.   The last, but not least, factor was that the government was losing the debate in the Chamber of Sober Second Thought.   This is not like a bill of legislation which gets sent back to the House if the Senate does not approve.   A vote against confirming the use of the Emergency Measures Act in the Senate, and the indicators all suggested that the Senate would vote against confirmation, would immediately revoke the Act.   Which would make things far more difficult for the Prime Minister in the official inquiry into his actions that must necessarily follow the use of the EMA than a voluntary withdrawal of the power.

There is a lot that could be said about how this episode provides further demonstration of many of the truths that I have written about over the years.   It demonstrates that democracy is not the same thing as either constitutionally limited government or personal freedom.   The Prime Minister asked the elected House of Commons to approve his inappropriate use of an Act giving him sweeping powers to trample over our freedoms in order to crush a peaceful protest and they did so.   It demonstrates that the Westminster System of Parliament is much more than a democracy.  It is an institution that has proven itself over time to be effective at protecting personal freedom and checking the excesses of government, even democratic government, and its unelected components have as much to do with making it work as the elected House.   It demonstrates that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is absolutely useless as a safeguard of personal rights and freedoms.   The Grit government insisted that its actions under the EMA would be consistent with the Charter.   If allowing the government to freeze bank accounts, a) without a court order and b) without liability or any civil recourse for those whose accounts are so frozen is consistent with the Charter, then the Charter is empty and meaningless.   A government that can do that is a government that recognizes no constitutional limitations. It demonstrates that Liberal Prime Ministers, especially those with the last name Trudeau, see democracy in terms of elected dictatorship.  

It also demonstrates that the Canadian Left is incapable of independent thought and borrows all of its bad ideas from the United States.

This has always been the case.   The Liberal Party, which began as the centre-left party that developed out of the pre-Confederation Reform movement, was, before being captured by the harder New Left in the 1960s, the party that envisioned Canada’s destiny in American terms.   It was the party that advocated for North American free trade for a century before the Conservatives under Brian Mulroney sold out their own legacy and signed the US-Canada Free Trade Deal.   It was the party that wanted greater economic, cultural, and political alignment between Canada and the United States.   Liberal theorists such as Goldwin Smith were arguing for formal union between the two countries as early as the 1890s.   The Liberal interpretation of Canadian history retold it as if it were simply a re-run of American history with the same goals accomplished by compromise and negotiation rather than war and bloodshed.   John Wesley Dafoe, a prominent exponent of this interpretation as well as the Liberal propagandist who edited the Winnipeg Free Press for the first half of the twentieth century, entitled his fanciful view of our history Canada: An American Nation.

This looking to the United States for inspiration did not die out after the Liberal Party swung to the hard left.  When Pierre Trudeau became Prime Minister of Canada in the late 1960s he exponentially expanded the welfare state.   His inspiration for this was Lyndon Johnson’s similar expansion of social programs in the United States.   LBJ had his “Great Society”, PET had his “Just Society”.   The Canadian social security net that  he so expanded had been similarly introduced in the late 1930s based on the model of FDR’s New Deal in the United States and given the same name.     In 1977, the Trudeau Liberals talked Parliament into passing the Canadian Human Rights Act.   This Act had nothing to do with human rights in the ordinary sense of basic rights belonging to all people that need protection against the power of the state.   It gave the state more power -power that government ought never to have – power to police the thoughts and motives of individual Canadians in their personal and business interactions with one another.   It declared “discrimination” to be against the law – not discrimination by the government but by private Canadians – made it a civilly liable offence with criminally punitive consequences, established an investigative body, the Canadian Human Rights Commission to investigate complaints at the public expense and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to hear such complaints.   It was a system stacked against the accused, in complete contradiction of the principles the Canadian system of law and justice are based upon, and it became the means whereby the oppressive atmosphere of restricting thought and censoring speech known as political correctness escaped the confines of left-liberal academe where it had developed into the general culture which in turn allowed political correctness in academe to evolve into the more warped version of itself that exists today, wokeness, characterized not so much by self-censorship of thought and speech but by the silencing and destruction of others.   Pierre Trudeau modelled the Canadian Human Rights Act on an American law passed thirteen years earlier – the US Civil Rights Act.  Canada’s constitution is a mixture of the written and unwritten.   In 1982, Pierre Trudeau oversaw the patriation of the principle document of the written part so as to make it amendable by the Canadian Parliament and in the process prefixed to it the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.   The Charter, over the course of the last two years has been shown to be useless as a protection of Canadians’ basic rights and freedoms from governments, Dominion and provincial, determined not to let those rights and freedoms stand in the way of sweeping public health measures.   Over the past forty years, however, it has proven remarkably effecting at Americanizing our Supreme Court in the sense of empowering it to overturn local laws, customs, and traditions older than Confederation and to secularize public schools (In the last decade or so left-liberal commentators have taken to speaking without irony of Canada’s tradition of “separation of church and state” when we have no such tradition, separation of the two being a distinguishing trait of the American tradition).    The Charter, in other words, has all of the negatives and few if any of the positives, of the document Pierre Trudeau looked to for inspiration – the American Bill of Rights.

Now consider the response of the Canadian Left – the Prime Minister and the Liberal Party, Jimmy Dhaliwal and the socialist party, the legacy media public and private – to the Freedom Convoy.    From their initial response as the trucks were heading towards Ottawa, through their commentary on the weeks long demonstrations, and their claims as the Emergency Measures Act was invoked and an ugly, militarized, police force were sent in to trample elderly women with horses, arrest protestors at gun point, beat people with batons and otherwise behave like the lowlife criminal thugs from whose ranks modern police are sadly often recruited, they have regurgitated every bit of the craziness that began afflicting the American Left in the United States’ 2016 presidential election. 

In 2016, Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton stuck her foot in her mouth and lost the election by accusing the populist, Middle American, supporters of her opponent, Republican candidate Donald the Orange of being a “basket of deplorables” and threw every imaginable pejorative “ist” and “phobe” at them.    You can hear the echo of that in Captain Airhead’s now infamous remarks about the “small fringe minority” with “unacceptable views”,    When Clinton lost the election she then blamed her loss on Russian interference.

This is parenthetical but timely given the international events that have drawn everyone’s attention away from Captain Airhead’s vile actions, but notice how the same people who back in the Cold War used to accuse anyone who suggested that the Communist regime in the Soviet Union could not be trusted, was working to undermine constitutional government and freedom so as to enslave the world, and had spies everywhere of being paranoid “McCarthyites” started talking the exact same way themselves when the USSR was gone and Russia was Russia again.    Whatever one might think of Vladimir Putin, the present crisis is the result of a little over two decades worth of incredibly bad American policy towards post-Soviet Russia.    Their giving their support to every group wishing to secede from post-Soviet Russia and extending NATO membership to these countries in a period when NATO should have been contracting after the collapse of the Soviet regime and in a way that brought NATO ever closer to Russia’s doorstep – the expansion of NATO’s involvement in Ukraine and vice-versa is the immediate issue – was needlessly insulting and provocative to post-Soviet Russia. Nor was support for the coup about eight years ago in which a Russia-friendly elected Ukrainian government was overthrown in an armed coup that replaced it with a US-NATO puppet government in Kiev and placed de facto control of much of the country in the hands of Banderites (1) exactly helpful.   By doing these things, American governments, usually those led by left-liberal Democrats like Clinton, Obama and Biden, created the conditions that produced the present conflict.  

Just as Hillary Clinton blamed her loss on the Russians in 2016 – her claims have been long since thoroughly debunked – so a CBC commentator claimed with a straight face that the Russians were behind the Freedom Convoy.    The government in justifying its crackdown on the protesters maintained that the Freedom Convoy was backed by foreign funds, the implication being that a foreign government or some foreign organization hostile to the Canadian government was dumping huge amounts of money into it.   The further implication was that the money was coming from either Russia, some extremist group in the United States, or both.   FINTRAC has since demonstrated these claims to be nonsense.   The money supporting the protest came from good faith donors in Canada and abroad who supported the Convoy’s cause – the end of the public health restrictions and mandates that have severely curtailed basic personal rights and freedoms for the last two years.

The remainder of the insane and unsubstantiated allegations hurled against the truckers by the Liberal government, Jimmy Dhaliwal’s socialists, and the legacy media have been completely plagiarized from the American loony Left’s response to the incident that took place in Washington DC on the Feast of Epiphany last year.   As you might recall, that was the date on which Congress was scheduled to confirm the results of the previous year’s presidential election.   That morning, the incumbent president Donald the Orange, who was challenging the results, held a rally of his supporters.   A fraction of his supporters entered the Capitol building and it was treated as if it was an insurrection, an attempt to violently overthrow the American government and overturn the results of the election.   This was an extremely hyperbolic interpretation of what had actually happened – most of the participants, who rather atypical of insurrectionists were generally unarmed, seemed to be there to take selfies as if they were American versions of Captain Airhead.    It arose out of the paranoia about a supposed “far right” threat to American democracy which had been observably growing on the American left ever since the Charlottesville rally of three and a half years prior had drawn their attention to the fact that their ongoing campaign to tear down monuments, vilify admired historical figures, re-write the past in accordance with their present narrow obsessions about race, sex, and gender, and silence anyone who complains about all of this through the thuggish behaviour of Antifa thought enforcers was meeting with resistance and pushback.   As over-the-top as the American Left’s interpretation of the actual events of the sixth of January was, the Canadian Left’s attempt to impose this same interpretation on the Freedom Convoy is that much more removed from reality.   The Freedom Convoy protestors did not enter the Parliament buildings – they parked on the street in front and threw a block party – and clearly stated their intentions, which did not involve overthrowing the government, and they stuck to their single issue of personal, constitutionally protected, freedom.   Captain Airhead and the Canadian Left had far less on which to hang their accusations of insurrection, occupation, ideology-based extremism, and other such drivel against the truckers than Forgettable Joe Whatshisname and the American Left had for their identical charges against the Capitol Hill selfie-takers last year but they still tried to hammer that square peg into the round hole it so obviously did not fit.

There are many things that can be attributed to the Canadian Left.   Originality is not one of those things.   They should lay off imitating the Americans.   It never turns out well. 

(1)   Banderites take their name from Stepan Bandera, the Ukrainian nationalist leader who collaborated with the Third Reich in the Second World War.   In other words, they are in actuality the sort of people Captain Airhead and his followers have been falsely accusing the truckers of being.  The Azov Regiment, a unit of the Ukrainian National Guard formed in the 2014 coup, proudly displays its National Socialist ideology in its emblem which prominently features imagery borrowed from the Third Reich.   It is part of the regime that Barack Obama installed in the Ukraine and which is supported today by the same Captain Airhead who thinks that the presence of a single Nazi flag, one almost certainly being used ironically – i.e., to attribute that which the flag symbolizes to Captain Airhead – in a protest is sufficient to condemn the entire protest of thousands as being somehow Nazi and justify his use of excessive government power to crush it.   Captain Airhead’s deputy prime minister, a woman with the ability to appear both vacuous and Machiavellian at the same time, the granddaughter of the editor-in-chief of the Krakivs’ki Visti, a Ukrainian language Nazi propaganda tabloid that ran from 1940 to 1945, and the same woman who about a week ago was giggling to herself in glee at a press conference when asked about the plight of the Canadian families whose bank accounts she had frozen because they supported the truckers protesting for freedom posted to social media the other day, a picture of herself holding a scarf with the colours of the Banderite movement at a demonstration in support of Ukraine.    — Gerry T. Neal

Sam Dickson, Paul Fromm & Charles Edward Lincoln Discuss Antifa & A Corrupted Justice System

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Sam Dickson, Paul Fromm & Charles Edward Lincoln Discuss Antifa & A Corrupted Justice System

Find Our Local Friends, Fight Our Global Foes: Sam Dickson in Georgia & Paul Fromm in Ontario, consider Antifa, the seldom prosecuted goons of Globalists. Why are the Canadians so much more willing to fight in the trucker convoys than the US protesters?

Kamloops: One of the Greatest “Hate” Hoaxes Ever?

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Kamloops: One of the Greatest “Hate” Hoaxes Ever?

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, January 28, 2022

The whole world fell for it.

This video is available on BitChute, Brighteon, and Odysee.

We’re all used to phony hate crimes. The demand for white racism so exceeds the supply that hate hoaxes have to be ginned up to meet the need. Last year, the entire nation of Canada — and the whole world — fell for what must be one of the grandest hoaxes ever.

There is a young anthropology instructor at University of the Fraser Valley named Sarah Beaulieu who thinks her job is “to bring to light the stories of, and give voice to, the disenfranchised groups that have been overlooked in the historical record.”

On May 27 last year, she announced she had hit the jackpot.

She said she had used ground-penetrating radar to find evidence of a mass grave at a former boarding school for Canadian Indians run by Catholics. World media were thrilled. The very next day, the New York Times front page proclaimed: “ ‘Horrible History’: Mass Grave of Indigenous Children Reported in Canada.”

It said the remains of 215 children had been found on the grounds of what was known as the Kamloops Residential Indian School, run by the Order of Mary Immaculate from 1893 to 1969, and by the Canadian government for a few years after that.

The worldwide assumption was that vicious nuns had either killed these children or let them die and covered the whole thing up.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau grieved over the “dark and shameful chapter” in Canadian history and ordered all national flags be flown at half-mast.

The flag over parliament in Ottawa stayed lowered for five months.

Mr. Trudeau demanded that the Pope come to Canada.

Naturally, Francis agreed.

That figure — so precise — of 215 dead children caught the imagination. The Vancouver Art Gallery laid out 215 pairs of children’s shoes as a memorial.

Similar collections appeared on the steps of churches and legislatures.

Canada Day was celebrated on July first, just one month after the discovery. The country was still in convulsions, so there was a movement to cancel Canada Day and “wear orange for our children” instead.

These people wanted to go one better and cancel Canada entirely.

Fashion magazine took a break from “style, beauty & grooming, and wellness” to explain that wearing orange “symbolizes solidarity with Indigenous communities who are currently grieving the loss of their children.”

Canada Day celebrations were scrubbed all over the country and the government website for the national holiday emphasized “the pain and shame of darker episodes of our history, the repercussions of which are still felt today.”

Instead of the usual festivities, some people paraded sentiments such as “No pride in genocide.”

The government went all out and proclaimed a brand-new national holiday.

Now and forever more, the nation will celebrate Canada’s National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. It will be “an opportunity to honor the lost children and Survivors (note the upper case) of residential schools.”

It’s another fun time to wear orange, just like these celebrants at a candle-light vigil in Calgary, mourning the lost 215.

Credit Image: © Artur Widak/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press

Even the Calgary police went spiritual, with little orange loops pinned to their uniforms.

Credit Image: © Artur Widak/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press

Other people celebrated differently. A mob defaced and tore down the statue of Queen Victoria in Winnipeg.

Elizabeth II bit the dirt, too.

Hamilton, Ontario, used to have a statue of Canada’s first prime minister, John MacDonald. Not anymore. [[0:06 – 0:34 ]]

Dozens of churches were burned and many more vandalized. [[0:08 – 0:13]] That was the more than century-old St. Jean Baptiste Parish church in Morinville, Alberta. This is what it used to look like on the inside.

After a news story on June 30 about another church arson, Harsha Walia, executive director of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, tweeted ‘Burn it all down.’

When she was criticized, a blue-check lawyer named Naomi Sayers who calls herself an Indigenous female elite tweeted: “I would help her burn it all down. And that would light our way forward.”

Mr. Trudeau said burning churches was “unacceptable and wrong,” but also that it was “understandable.”

Indians know how to milk the white man. Chief Rosanne Casimir of the Kamloops area Indians lectured Prime Minister Trudeau and called for “restitution. [[1:20 – 1:29  4:29 – 4:51]]

Jason Louie is chief of the Lower Kootenay Band. He says the discovery was an example of the “mass murder of Indigenous people . . . . this attempt at genocide.”

So, how bad was the genocide? With a little digging, you can find articles like “Rescued from the memory hole: Some First Nations people loved their residential schools.”

It quotes a Canadian Indian named Tomson Highway, a pianist and playwright that Macleans magazine calls “one of the 100 most important people in Canadian history.”

He was at one of those schools from ages six to 15 and rather awkwardly says, “All we hear is the negative stuff, nobody’s interested in the positive, the joy in that school. Nine of the happiest years of my life I spent it at that school.”

Cece Hodgson-McCauley was the first woman to become a chief among the 23 tribes in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

She called her years at the school the best of her life. “My family says the same thing, my sister swears by it. We were treated wonderfully.”

Uh, oh. The chief, who died in 2018 at age 95, said people lie about how bad things were so they can get money. She said older Indians who were actually students at the schools are afraid to talk about what they were really like.

They’re right to be afraid. Monsignor Owen Keenan of Mississauga, Ontario was forced to resign after he preached on the “good done in residential schools.”

The archdiocese apologized for “the pain” he caused. He crawled on his belly. The church was vandalized anyway. The official truth — never to be contradicted — is that the children were beaten, buggered, raped.

What do we know about the Kamloops school itself?

Yes, they had to speak English and, yes, they had religious instruction — just like white children. We know that Chief Louis, the head of the local Indians from 1855 until 1915, asked that the school be set up, and supported it until his death.

Here is a photo of the students and faculty in 1937.

I’m sorry I can’t find pictures, but the school had a girl’s group that performed European folk dances. It was so good it was invited to the Pacific National Exhibition in 1960.

In 1964, the Knights of Columbus raised money so the girls could perform at a series of festivals in Mexico. People at the Canadian embassy called them the “finest ambassadors ever to come from Canada.” All while being beaten, buggered, and raped, of course.

So, what about the bodies. It’s true that some of the students who attended the Kamloops school died. There are records of 51 deaths from 1915 to 1964, almost all from tuberculosis or influenza. Seventeen died in the hospital at Kamloops, and eight on their own reservations during vacation. Twenty-four are buried in their home reservation cemeteries and four at the Kamloops cemetery, where teachers and staff were also buried. That leaves 23 unaccounted for, but this doesn’t mean they weren’t buried or that they were piled into a mass grave. The school is in the middle of the reservation, and it is absurd to think that 215 children were dumped, and no one noticed.

In fact, they weren’t. Not one body has been found where Miss Beaulieu said they were. No one has dared to look. It now appears that the radar findings were of tree roots and other soil disturbances. The entire fraud is laid out in understated and devastating detail in The Dorchester Review, in an article called “In Kamloops, Not One Body Has Been Found.”

Chief Roseanne Casimir, who is asking Justin Trudeau for restitution, has been telling everyone that some of the children in the mass grave were three years old.

She is — let’s just say — mistaken.

Now, I don’t blame the Indians. They know a good thing when they see one. It’s the whites, from the pope to the prime minister, who are contemptible. Will the New York Times now run an article with the headline: “Good News: Canadians Not as Bad as We Thought”? No. I’m sure the editors would think this was bad news. It makes them happy to think white people were horrible. They love to think they’re immensely superior to every white person who ever lived, so the wickeder white people were, the better they feel. I bet they won’t even run a correction.

Will the Canadian government decommission its new holiday? Will the people who jumped like savages on that John MacDonald statue apologize? Of course not. White people are, officially, the world’s worst people. That’s established fact, and what’s a little lying here and there in a good cause?

No other people in the history of the world have ever gloried in hating itself. And any people that keeps this up won’t survive.

Rumours of War: The Threat From Red China;  Also  Critical Race Theory,  Education & A White  Ethnostate in Haiti?

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Rumours of War: The Threat From Red China;  Also  Critical Race Theory,  Education & A White  Ethnostate in Haiti?

Top Atlanta  lawyer Sam Dickson is one of the greatest advocates for the American people alive. He has given the closing address at every American Renaissance Conference. Mr. Dickson joins Paul  Fromm (Director of CAFE), William Daniel Johnson (Chairman of the American Freedom Party), and host Charles Edward Lincoln

Plus some tantalizing flashbacks to a plan by some people in the movement, in 1981, to invade Dominic to set up a pro-White government.

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Charles Edwards Lincoln, William Johnson & Paul Fromm Discuss The Canadian Truckers Convoy Freedom Rebellion & Haiti & Do We Own Our Whiteness?

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Charles Edwards Lincoln, William Johnson & Paul Fromm Discuss The Canadian Truckers Convoy Freedom Rebellion & Haiti & Do We Own Our Whiteness?

Charles Edwards Lincoln, William Johnson & Paul Fromm Discuss The Canadian Truckers Convoy Freedom Rebellion & Haiti & Do We Own Our Whiteness? * A report on the Canadian Truckers Convoy Freedom Rebellion Descending on Ottawa
* The ongoing problem of Haiti — once the richest land in the New World, now a basket case

* Critical Race Theory Sees Whiteness As Property: Can we own our own Whiteness?


Arch Globalist Conspirator Klaus Schwab Boasts of Infiltrating Cabinets With Globalists

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Arch Globalist Conspirator Klaus Schwab Boasts of Infiltrating Cabinets With Globalists

Arch Globalist conspirator & mastermind Klaus Schwab (“THE GREAT RESET”) boasts of his proteges Justin Trudeau & Emmanuel Macron & says over half their cabinets are Globalists.