The Great Replacement of Canada’s European Founding/Settler People

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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Sean Fraser.


Canada to welcome 500,000 immigrants a year by 2025 as minister moves to hand-pick more newcomers

[This is insane. This self-hating, White hating tyrant Trudeau cannot replace the European founding/settler people(et les quebecois de souche) fast enough. Over 85% of the engineered flood will come from the Third World. This is genocide on the instalment plan! “Skills shortage?” Why not train Canadians? What skills are lacking — more cab drivers in Brampton or Surrey. Greedy businesses was cheap labour! How will 500,000 more affect our already broken medical system or housing shortage or traffic gridlock in the GTA and the Lower Mainland of BC. This is the Great Replacement at work. — Paul Fromm]

Ottawa will use new power to hand-pick new immigrants to meet Canada’s skill shortages, raise intake of sponsorship of parents and grandparents and begin issuing temporary visas for spouses while their permanent residence applications are in process.

The federal government will use new power to hand-pick immigrants to address Canada’s skill shortages, increase the sponsorship of parents and grandparents, and begin issuing temporary visas for spouses while their permanent-residence applications are being processed.

Those are some of the highlights of Canada’s latest immigration plan — announced Tuesday — which will see this country look to bring in 465,000 new permanent residents next year, 485,000 in 2024 and 500,000 in 2025. (Toronto Star, November 1, 2022)

Refuting Parliament’s Goofy Guiltmongering Resolution Calling the Residential Schools a “Genocide”

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RUBENSTEIN: Is Canada really a genocidal country?

Leah Gazan
Leah Gazan, NDP Member of Parliament for Winnipeg-Centre. 

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With no prior notice or debate, members of Parliament gave unanimous consent October 27, to a motion calling on the federal government to recognize Canada’s residential schools as genocide.

Leah Gazan, the NDP member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre whose father is a Holocaust survivor from the Netherlands, introduced the motion following Question Period. Gazan brought forward a similar motion in June last year which failed to receive unanimous consent.

Gazan’s motion reads as follows: “That, in the opinion of the House that the government must recognize what happened in Canada’s Indian residential schools as genocide, as acknowledged by Pope Francis and in accordance with article II of the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.”

Pope Francis

“It was historic,” said Gazan: “We moved the pendulum in quite an extreme way.”

Much of the moral authority for the motion’s unanimous consent seems to have come from the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, who described the schools as genocidal following a trip to Canada this summer, though he didn’t use the word during the visit.

“Yes, it’s a technical word, genocide. I didn’t use it because it didn’t come to mind. But yes, I described it. Yes, it’s a genocide,” Francis said in July on his trip home in describing what he earlier condemned as the forced assimilation of indigenous children.

Neither unanimous decisions nor moral authority prove genocide has occurred. Only the existence of certain facts can do so. Is Gazan’s accusation demonstrably true or has the pendulum moved so far “in quite an extreme way” that the definition of genocide has been rendered meaningless?

Is there any relationship, for example, between the government-funded and supported Indian Residential School attendance of some 150,000 students over the 113-year period — most of it voluntary as shown here and here — and generally acknowledged genocides?

As of June 2021, the government of Canada officially recognized eight genocides: the Holocaust (Second World War), the Armenian genocide (1915–1917), the Holodomor (1932–1933), the Rwandan genocide (1994), the Srebrenica massacre (1995), the genocide of Yazidis by ISIL (2014), the Uyghur genocide (2014–present), and the Rohingya genocide (2016–present).

Article II of the 1948 UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide defines genocide as an intention to destroy “In whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group” by “Killing members of the group; Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;” “Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

No mass-murder of indigenous children or adults has ever taken place in Canada; not a single authenticated murder of a child by staff members has occurred at any Indian Residential School; though discipline and punishment were as harsh as at any other school, whether residential or not, any serious bodily or mental harm was haphazard at most and no different from its occurrence in the general population; most indigenous leaders and parents wanted their children to receive a Western-style education; there has never been an effort to physically eliminate the aboriginal population of Canada — in fact, saving indigenous lives has always been the norm; sterilization and forced adoption were standard practices for various ethnic and religious groups for identical reasons in earlier times; girls who became pregnant were expelled from their school; and forced attendance at a residential school, when it occurred, was mainly for social welfare reasons and not a permanent transfer of children from one group to another.

Conversely, no objective application of the UN criteria could deny what occurred in Rwanda in 1994 was genocide. Goaded by months of propaganda that denounced their enemies as cockroaches, the country’s Hutu army units, militias and packs of machete-armed civilians hunted, herded and swept through their country’s Tutsi minority. In less than four months, an estimated 500,000 to 1,000,000 Rwandans were killed, including about 70 percent of the Tutsi population, and 250,000 to 500,000 women were raped.

Fast forward to Canada in 2015 when the Final Summary Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission said the schools constituted “cultural genocide,” a phenomenon deliberately excluded from Article II of the genocide convention. A politically loaded term, cultural genocide can easily describe the ordinary enculturation of millions of Canadian residents, both aboriginal and immigrant, whose Western education resulted in the internalization of British — and French — based lifeways and beliefs, resulting in the loss of pre-existing ethnic languages and traditions over the generations.

But since 2015, many indigenous leaders and experts said “cultural genocide” was not a sufficient label rather than an erroneous one. Instead, they insisted boarding school attendance should just be called unqualified genocide, an assertion also supported by the Trudeau government, most clearly shown by its immediate acceptance of the conclusion of the 2019 inquiry into missing and murdered and Indigenous women and girls (MMIWG) the residential school system and its ongoing legacy constitute genocide.

“I have acknowledged that I accept the findings of the report, and the issue that we have is that people are getting wrapped up in debates over a very important and powerful term. As I’ve said, we accept the finding that this was genocide.”

But is there any legal, moral, or factual basis for this assertion?

No there is not. None of the UN Convention’s features seem to readily apply to the IRS legacy of the disappearance or murder of 1,200 or so indigenous women and girls since 1980. The independent murders of indigenous females by numerous unconnected and mainly indigenous men, acting on their own, were certainly not “committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part” a particular racial or ethnic group through the coordinated efforts of some other racial or ethnic group. Nor do the organization, causes, and consequences of these murders have anything in common with the genocides officially recognized by the civilized world.

The MMIWG Report rightly stressed not all genocides are the same. This is correct but for the wrong reasons.

The Rwandan genocide and the Holocaust, for example, could hardly be more different in key respects. The latter took place in numerous Nazi-occupied European countries as well as in Germany. It stretched over at least four long years from 1941 to 1945. It was held in secret to avoid outraging the rest of the world and perhaps, to limit opposition within Germany. It was minutely organized by the Nazi government, the SS, Gestapo, and other Nazi units. It employed multiple killing methods, ranging from mass shootings to medical experiments to the use of gas chambers. It murdered far more victims, including more than six million Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and other “undesirables.” And it was part of a larger extermination project that would take 14 million lives.

Despite the many differences and the varying definitions of genocide, there is one necessary and sufficient feature that distinguishes a genuine genocide: the murder of members of another group be deliberate, systematic and organized, as opposed to coincidental, unconnected and uncoordinated. This is why the United Nations General Assembly resolved in 1946 that, “Genocide is a denial of the right of existence of entire human groups, as homicide is the denial of the right to live of individual human beings.” Translation: A lot of random murders, however heart-breaking and outrageous they may be, do not add up to a genocide.

Irwin Cotler, head of the Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights, a former attorney-general of Canada and arguably the country’s most prominent international human rights lawyer said it best when he argued: “Perhaps they had to use a term like genocide in order to sound the alarm and people will take notice and finally action will result… But I think we have to guard against using that term in too many ways because then it will cease to have the singular importance and horror that it warrants. If we say everything is a genocide, then nothing is a genocide.”

Like all other nations, Canada has never been a perfect country. But it has never been a genocidal one. By almost any measure, no country has done more for its indigenous people.

Yet if this genocide is still ongoing, as the MMIWG report strongly asserts when it uses this word no fewer than 72 times in its first volume alone, and given the prime minister’s acceptance of this assertion, should not he and his government be charged minimally with a crime against humanity by the International Criminal Court in the Hague?

Hymie Rubenstein is a retired professor of anthropology, The University of Manitoba, and editor of The REAL Indigenous Issues Newsletter.

What the White-Haters, Sellf-Haters & Globalists Most Fear

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What the White-Haters, Sellf-Haters & Globalists Most Fear

Latest Stats Can Figures Show The Great Replacement of YOU Speeds Ahead Under Trudeau

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Latest Stats Can Figures Show The Great Replacement of YOU Speeds Ahead Under Trudeau

Stats Canada reports that from 2016-2021, 1.3-million immigrants poured into Canada, most from Asia & the Middle East under Trudeau’s Woke wrecking crew. And you wonder why housing is impossibly expensive, our health systems stressed & traffic gridlock hopeless in the GTA & Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

The European founding/settler people of Canada are being replaced by cold blooded government policy.

Paul Fromm on Implementing the Kalergi Plan: Hatred of Whites in A Witches’ Cauldron in Ottawa

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 Paul Fromm on Implementing the Kalergi Plan: Hatred of Whites in A Witches’ Cauldron in Ottawa

The Canadian Association for Free Expression Proudly Presents

Paul Fromm

Director, Canadian Association for Free Expression

Winner of the George Orwell Free Speech Award, 1994

Implementing the Kalergi Plan: Hatred of Whites in A Witches’ Cauldron in Ottawa

* Ahmed Hussen’s grant machine funds hatred of Whites

* Trudeau always apologizing, except for his own misdeeds

Multiculturalism or Civic Nationalism — The Results are the Same

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A Christian nurse has claimed the National Health Service (NHS) is “forcing racist ideology” on students, in the first case of its kind

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A Christian nurse has claimed the National Health Service (NHS) is “forcing racist ideology” on students, in the first case of its kind.

Amy Gallagher, 33, is suing the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust alleging discrimination on the basis of race, religion and philosophical belief, as well as victimisation and harassment.

The mental health nurse, who is in the final stages of a two-year course in forensic psychology at the trust, objected to a lecture titled “whiteness – a problem of our time” in Oct 2020, where attendees were forced to confront “the reality of white privilege”.

In another race lecture the following month, Ms Gallagher claimed she was told that “Christianity is racist because it is European” by a talk leader.

The case escalated in March this year when an external speaker at the trust complained to the Nursing and Midwifery Council, alleging that Ms Gallagher could not work with “diverse populations” and had “inflicted race-based harm”.

Paul Jenkins, chief executive of the trust, told her that it “has committed itself to an explicit ambition of becoming an anti-racist organisation”.

‘It needs to be stopped’

Diversity is a Destroyer

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A Way Out of the Third World Invasion of the Europe and the Americas

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Ottawa’s White-Hating Witches’ Cauldron of “Anti-Racism” Bubbles Over, Burning All In Sight

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Ottawa’s White-Hating Witches’ Cauldron of “Anti-Racism” Bubbles Over, Burning All In Sight

Let’s be quite clear: “Anti-Racism” is a code word for anti-White. It’s not ethnic pride and hostility to neighbours which is human nature among most peoples that it fights: It is any manifestation of European pride or identity. Anti-racism (i.e. animosity toward Whites) is big business in Ottawa and is heavily funded by taxpayers of European descent. In the woke world of anti-European ideology in Ottawa, the European founding/settler people fund a mass of defamatory propaganda programmes and endless apologies.

Out of this corrosive mix, meet the new poster boy for government funded hatred. He hates Europeans, Jews, French Canadians, Blacks and native Indians. Oh, yes, he’s a Palestinian who only became a citizen in 2020, having called Canada an “apartheid state”. Meet Laith Marouf who heads the Community Media Advocacy Centre (CMAC)  which snagged a $133,822 grant from Heritage Canada, jointly run by Argentinian  “Heritage” (OUR heritage?) Minister Pablo Rodriguez and Housing, Diversity and Inclusion Minister Somali, Moslem Ahmed Hussen — you can’t make this stuff up — to develop an anti-racism strategy for the media. CMAC, which comprises Palestinian Laith Marouf and his wife Gretchen King-Marouf, an academic whose specialties include feminism and gender studies, has feasted on over $500,000 in federal grants since Trudeau came to power.

The National Post (September 3, 2022) picks up the story: ” On Twitter, Marouf  wrote, “You know all those loud mouthed bags of human feces, aka the Jewish White Supremacists; when we liberate Palestine and they have to go back to where they came from, they will return to being low voiced bitches of thier (sic) Christian/Secular White Supremacist Masters.” … ” He called Irwin Cotler, a former Liberal justice minister and noted human rights activist, who is Jewish, the “Grand Wizard of Zionism,” and said that he “looks like a dick without makeup. … ” He has disparaged a number of Black and Indigenous people as “house slaves”; and commonly uses the term “frogs” to refer to francophones, who he also claimed have an “ugly language” and an “IQ less than 77.”

To make matters worse, a number of his social media posts arguably crossed the line into advocating violence, such as when he wrote that, “Life is too short for shoes with laces, or for entertaining Jewish White Supremacists with anything but a bullet to the head.”

Marouf, in other words, espouses the very opinions that should be targeted by any anti-racism program worth its salt.

Yet, when news first broke about Marouf’s blatantly antisemitic comments, Diversity Minister Ahmed Hussen tried to deflect the blame back on CMAC, an organization he had previously praised, saying that it needs to “answer how they came to hire” him. In reality, Marouf and his wife are CMAC’s only employees.Until this week, among the only Liberals speaking out on this issue were Anthony Housefather, a Jewish MP from Montreal, and Michael Levitt, a former MP who went on to become president of a prominent Jewish advocacy organization.”

The story leaves mud on almost all the wretched participants”

* Laith Marouf is a shameless hypocrite. He hates Whites and many others. Yet, he wanted to become a Canadian to sponge off the money from the hated European founding/settler people who built this land.laith-marouf.png
The media. While the media was in full howl over Marouf’s slurs against Jews, there was no denunciation, even from good guys like Rex Murphy or the National Post editorials, of the slurs against Whites. Truly, in woke Globalist-ruled Canada, we are the Dispossessed Majority!

* The Canadian Government for granting citizenship to this person who hates us.

* Ahmed Hussen, the affirmative action Cabinet minister. First, in 2016 Trudeau appointed him as a big slap in the face to the European founding/settler people, the Old Stock (or Quebecois de souche) whom he despises. Here was a Moslem, Somali, refugee, immigration lawyer and head of the Canadian Somali Association being made gatekeeper. It was like appointing Jeffrey Epstein as principal of a Middle School for young girls. He promptly presided over the invasion through the Roxham Road, nearly 100,000 illegals! Now, he’s Minister of Housing, Diversity and Inclusion (but, not, apparently of Europeans and OUR heritage)!In June, his wretched department handed out money to the free speech hating Canadian Anti-Hate Network, another grant catcher, to produce a propaganda booklet to fight racism in the schools. It declared that the Red Ensign was a “hate symbol”.[See Canadian Immigration Hotline 375, June, 2020.] One doubts that Hussen, who has some responsibility for our “heritage” even knew what the Red Ensign is. [Ottawa is mad!] Now Hussen has presided over yet another anti-racist disaster with Laith Marouf. Yet, he’d  been warned about Marouf. He’d been around Ottawa, hating Whites but slurping up our money for six years. Is Hussen stupid, or does he share the anti-White views for which he praised CMAC?  He may also be blinded by Moslem anti-Jewish feelings.

Yet, he may be another example of the Ahenakew phenomenon. Chief David Ahenakew was a talented Saskatchewan Indian leader. He was the founder and first chief of the Assembly of First Nations. He helped create a native university in Saskatchewan. He didn’t like White people and frequently made anti-White remarks. The press indulged him and treated him as a celebrity. All this came crashing down in 2002. He thought he was giving a reporter an off-the-record interview. He was lured into discussing things he’d observed serving with the Canadian Army in Germany in the 1950s. He said he’d been told the Jews had owned and run everything (obviously, an exaggeration) and that’s why “Hitler had to fry 6-million.” All hell broke loose. The press no longer indulged him as an outspoken guy. Fellow Indian leaders at first stood by him but were warned their grant gravy train would dry up. He was quickly abandoned by all but his small band and some White free speech supporters (Doug Christie, CAFE, Terry Tremaine). He was stripped of the Order of Canada. Eventually, he was acquitted of “hate” charges because of Doug Christie’s able defence. He died in 2010 of cancer, a broken, reviled man. He had not recognized that there are privileged minorities in this country. As long as he was mocking Whites, that was fine, but, when he made remarks about Jews, he was crushed.

Hussen may be equally naive. Running down Whites, reviling our heritage, destroying our statues is fine for Ottawa. Fifty-two Christian churches were burned or seriously vandalized in 2021. It took over a month before Justin Trudeau mildly condemned the hate storm but said it was “understandable.” (Understandable what? That it was somehow justified? Can you imagine if 5, let alone 53, mosques or synagogues had been torched?) If Marouf had only been making hateful comments about Whites, no problem. The remarkable thing is that the appalling Hussen was not turfed in the recent mini Cabinet shuffle.

* The media. While the media was in full howl over Marouf’s slurs against Jews, there was no denunciation, even from good guys like Rex Murphy or the National Post editorials, of the slurs against Whites. Truly, in woke Globalist-ruled Canada, we are the Dispossessed Majority!

+ The Jewish Lobby. The Jewish lobby was quick to denounce Marouf’s scurrilous comments about Jews in general and Irwin Cotler, in particular. Apparently, no such concern for their benefactors in European lands. It’s all about US!

Temporarily, “anti-racism” is in bad odor, even in the press but only because it attacked Jews. For the moment the disarray keeps our rights safer.

Laith Marouf hates Europeans & the Gov’t has given him over $500,000 in six years