Canadians, Native-born & Immigrants Alike, Say No to Mass Immigration

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Canadians say NO to mass immigration


Harrison Faulkner

June 17, 2024


Harrison Faulkner went to Mississauga to ask Canadians what they think about mass immigration. The Trudeau government has forced record levels of immigration over the past 6 years and Canadians have had enough. Polling indicates that a majority of Canadians, including immigrants, want to see the government reduce immigration levels.

What did people in downtown Mississauga have to say?

Watch the latest episode of Ratio’d to find out.


  • Harrison Faulkner Harrison Faulkner Harrison Faulkner is the host of Ratio’d and co-host of Fake News Friday. He is also a journalist and producer for True North based in Toronto. Twitter: @Harry__Faulkner

The Salvation of Europe May Be Virile Determined Men Like Victor Orban Who Battle The Woke, the Globalists & the Invasion Enablers

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The Hope for the Future – We Will Make It There & Win

Posted Jun 17, 2024 by Martin Armstrong |

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Light End of Tunnel

There is no change without the pain.

You do not fix something that is not broken. 

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The grand facade will come down, and it will come to an end. Ursula von der Leyenis a mere UNELECTED puppet of the Globalists installed by Klaus Schwab. Her direction and policies have undermined Europe, and nothing has become more self-evident with her vile treatment of Hungary, which is the ONLY sane member of the EU these days. Viktor Orban issued a stark warning to this unelected so-called leader of Europe, Ursula von der Leyen:

“There is not enough money in the world to force us to let migrants in… And there is not enough money in the world for which we would put our children or grandchildren in the hands of LGBTQ activists. That’s impossible.”

Viktor Orban is saying and doing things that demonstrate he actually cares about his people and his country, unlike everyone else from the Netherlands, Britain, Italy, France, and Germany. Orban stands against this dangerous Unconstitutional threat to freedom in Europe. All of this nonsense that they are defending democracy when they fight to keep RFK and Trump off the ballots in the USA, and the same agenda is underway in Europe, and it is all coming from the same point of origin.

There are those who see through this fake facade. It may seem depressing,

but if we do not stand our ground, then we do lose everything.

Step ONE is identifying who is the Enemy

Europe’s June 9th Elections was a Rejection of this LGBQT Inclusion Agenda

that will lead only to an authoritarian dictatorship as the same cries for equality and inclusion produced the Communist Revolution, which is their goal to retain ABSOLUTE power forevermore.

Socrates IPad

Sorry – But Socrates has always been right on its geopolitical forecasts.

Globalists – You Will Lose this Quest for Ultimate Power

Democracy and Identity

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Democracy and Identity

By Mark Weber

Text, slightly edited, of an address given on May 18, 2024, at a conference organized and hosted by James Edwards in Greenville, South Carolina.

We live in an age of ever more obvious political paralysis, social disorder, and cultural chaos. In recent years, public opinion polls show that trust by Americans in the US Congress, the mass media, and other major social-political institutions has fallen to historically low levels. Surveys also show that most Americans believe that their country is going in the wrong direction, and that life for their children and grand-children will be less secure and prosperous than it has been for them. Americans, and especially younger citizens, are understandably cynical about the slogans and pledges of both major political parties.

For decades now, millions of white Americans have been moving from neighborhood to neighborhood, from town to town, and from state to state – refugees in their own country – in an ever more frantic effort to escape the spreading “third-worldization” of their country, and to live in the kind of society that our grand-parents and great-grand-parents were able to take for granted.

The cultural life of a healthy nation, including its movies and entertainment, reflects and reinforces the heritage, identity and interests of its people. But in today’s America, control of the mass media and cultural life is in the grip of people whose ideology and agenda are hostile to the long-term interests of our people, thereby fueling the continued, inexorable breakdown of our nation.

It’s possible to ignore reality. It’s not possible to ignore forever the consequences of ignoring reality. The crisis of today’s America did not emerge suddenly, but has roots in decisions and policies going back more than half a century. The already enormous gap between the ideals and goals proclaimed for decades by our leaders and in the mainstream media, on the one hand, and the ever more obvious reality that everyone can see around us, on the other, will only widen in the months and years to come. Just as Americans 100 or even 50 years ago would have regarded today’s America with revulsion, so also those who will be here 50 years from now will look back on the America of today with a mixture of bewilderment, pity, and contempt.

An unhealthy society will not and cannot endure. A nation guided by false principles, wishful thinking, and unrealistic notions about society and history cannot and will not survive; it doesn’t deserve to survive. The “United States of America” might stagger and stumble on for several more years, perhaps even a few more decades, but it’s no longer a coherent and purposeful nation.

The more vigorously those in power try to make this a society of what they call “equity,” the more they must inevitably lower standards of competence, ability and merit. The inevitable result: American businesses will be less competitive in global markets, public services will continue to deteriorate, airplane and railroad accidents will become more frequent, and American cities will become steadily more ugly, alien, and unpleasant.

Those in power will respond to the harmful but inevitable consequences of their own policies by ever more stridently blaming them on white Americans and “systemic racism.” In the name of fighting “hate,” “extremism,” “racism” and “antisemitism,” they will push for new laws and measures in an ultimately futile effort to suppress views and voices they don’t like.

It will be ever more difficult for white Americans to be indifferent to or unaffected by all this. They will find themselves increasingly unable to avoid a distasteful dilemma. Those who believe and accept the anti-white messaging promoted in the mainstream media, Hollywood movies, and school classrooms, will be ever more ashamed of their heritage, their race, and themselves. But those who refuse to accept this toxic messaging will reject – at first inwardly and then ever more openly – the entire System and its guiding ideology.

As political, social and cultural conditions continue to worsen, the Establishment’s focus on the supposed evils and dangers of “white racism” will encourage at least a minority of white Americans to see the world and history in racial terms. That in turn will encourage at least some white Americans to think of themselves not merely as individuals, but as men and women of European ancestry and Western heritage. More white Americans will understand and agree with what some of those here this weekend have been saying for years.

We often hear that the big problem in today’s America is that it’s not “democratic” enough. Many Republicans claim that the presidential election of 2020 was “stolen,” which they say shows that the US is no longer really “democratic.” And many Democrats say that the greatest danger to the country’s future comes from Trump MAGA supporters who threaten what is reverentially called “our democracy.”

But the problem here isn’t that the US is not “democratic;” the key point, especially for white Americans, is that this is no longer “our democracy.” Most white Americans still do not fully grasp the reality that this county has become so multi-ethnic and multi-racial that it can no longer be credibly regarded as “our” country, democratic or otherwise.

As history shows, profound changes in attitude and public perception can happen quickly, when the new outlook is in accord with already existing reality. Here are a few instructive episodes from twentieth century Europe:

In 1918 the “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland” – the UK – was a multi-party “democracy” in which voters in England, Scotland and Ireland elected representatives to the House of Commons in London. Irish nationalists did not accept this, because however “democratic” the UK was, it was not an Irish democracy. The most important Irish identitarian political organization during this period was Sinn Fein, which means “We ourselves.” After two and half years of violent struggle between Irish nationalists and the British government, the “Irish Free State,” forerunner of today’s Irish Republic, was established in 1922.

Another example: After more than 40 years, Soviet troops left Czechoslovakia in 1990-91, and the country became a multi-party democracy. As its name suggests, the people of that country were overwhelmingly either Czech or Slovak. But the identitarian leaders of each of these two closely related ethnic groups were not happy with the hybrid republic, not because it wasn’t “democratic,” but because it was not “ours.” After a breakup known as the “velvet divorce,” the country came to an end in 1992, to be replaced by two republics: Czechia and Slovakia.

A third example: In Yugoslavia, the single-party rule of the Communist League came to an end in 1990, giving way to a multi-party democracy. But that did not prevent the country from falling apart over the next two years, as Croats, Slovenes, and other ethnic groups broke away. In this case as well, the problem was not that multi-ethnic Yugoslavia wasn’t “democratic,” but that most of its citizens did not regard it as “their” country.

In short: Identity is more important than “democracy.”

If there’s anything useful to be learned from the history of the past century, it’s that multi-ethnic and multi-racial societies are inherently unstable and fragile, and that the most orderly, stable and happy countries are homogenous nations made up of people of the same race, ethnicity, culture, heritage, and language. The trajectory of the past century shows that the notion “Diversity is our strength” – a slogan invented by the Zionist “Anti-Defamation League” and proclaimed by President Bill Clinton in a major address – is a demagogic absurdity. American society is failing above all for the same reason that other culturally and ethnically diverse societies have failed in the past.

For many years now, American politicians, the mass media, Hollywood, and the educational establishment, have been encouraging white Americans to think of themselves merely as individuals whose citizenship as Americans is based entirely on a shared devotion to universalist-egalitarian principles.

White Americans grudgingly tolerate “Black Lives Matter” rallies at which black men and women proudly proclaim their African identity, and they condone gatherings where Jews proudly affirm their Jewish identity and support for Israel. Yet European Americans are very uncomfortable or even ashamed to support anything that might be called white identity politics.

It’s no wonder white Americans keep losing: they’re not even playing the same game. Whites are still playing checkers while everyone else is playing chess. Blacks, Jews, Latinos, Muslims, and so forth, have become skilled at the art of identity politics. They understand that serious, high-stakes politics is identity politics. It’s politics that really matters. European Americans haven’t learned that good intentions, ever more “tolerance,” and trying to be “nice” to everyone are not enough. A future for white Americans can be secured only when our people wake up, recognize this reality, and act accordingly.

In coming years, the work of educating our people, of raising awareness, will become ever more important, and will have a steadily greater impact. In this work, the prerequisite for success is to tell the truth. We cannot hope to match our adversaries in scale or intensity of outreach, but we have something working for us that they do not have. We have reality and truth on our side. No matter how much effort is put into presenting falsehood as noble or admirable, it will not endure. Truth and reality matter, especially over the long run.

A useful feature of this great education project, I provocatively suggest, might be our own version of “Critical Race Theory.”

As you know, many white Americans are understandably not happy with “Critical Race Theory,” which promotes a view of history hostile to our heritage. Typically their response has been defensive talk about how much whites have done to abolish slavery, fight racism, and promote equality. Such talk undoubtedly makes some white men and women feel a little better about themselves, but the apologetic attitude underlying it only encourages new and more assertive demands by non-whites.

What’s needed, I suggest, is a new kind of “Critical Race Theory” – an educational program that will describe just how and why white Americans have enabled the takeover and degradation of the great country their forefathers settled, built and controlled, and have permitted the alien takeover of our mainstream media and educational system, the “third-worldization” of our cities, and the malign vilification of the great men of our people and race whom we once honored. To put it another way, we need a diagnostic “Critical Race Theory” that will explain just how and why white Americans have become so timid and craven — so unwilling or unable to defend their own heritage, much less to safeguard our future as a people.

The American national anthem calls this the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” But the truth is that in every country through the ages – and certainly in today’s America – only a small minority is really courageous – that is, willing to risk life and livelihood to fight for much beyond themselves and their families. It takes no courage to drift with the crowd. Weaklings are always quick to cheer those who have fame, money, and power. Cowards are always ready to support a cause that seems victorious. In any society, the portion of the population that has the wit to understand and the heart to care is always a minority.

That’s why I’m glad to be here this weekend, with men and women who think about what’s happening in our country and the world, and, more importantly, who care about our people, our heritage and our future. As the crisis of America and the West deepens, what we do now and in the years ahead will matter more than ever.

For me, the most gratifying and encouraging development of recent years has been the coming of age of a new generation of capable, savvy and articulate young men, and some young women, who “get it,” who’ve “put it all together.” – young people who are not ashamed of who they are, but who instead affirm their – and our – identity and heritage, and whose dedication is anchored in a coherent worldview, and a confident, unblinkered vision of the future. Some of the younger men and women here this weekend who share this concern for our people and posterity will, perhaps, one day be leaders in the struggle for a better, more secure and happier future.

Climate Hysterics’ Hypocrisy

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Climate Hysterics’ Hypocrisy

White Canadians Income, Education Proves “Systemic Racism” A Falsehood

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White Canadians Income, Education Proves “Systemic Racism” A Falsehood

“Student test scores data are generally contrary to the notion that public schools are systemically racist against visible minorities,” the study notes.


“An analysis of educational attainment and economic outcomes shows limited evidence of broad systemic racism in Canadian society, despite what anti-racism activists and the mandate letters from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to his cabinet might insist.”

It is in no way an abstraction to state that our Liberal government’s proclamation of “systemic racism” in Canadian society qualifies as a calculated misnomer. Straight from the horse’s mouth at Statistics Canada arrives an initial piece of evidence:

“Median wage of economic immigrant principal applicants surpasses that of the Canadian population one year after admission.”

“In 2019, applicants of economic categories in 2018 had a median wage of $43,600, 12.4% higher than the Canadian median wage in the same year ($38,800).” 

We begin to speculate on motivation for what amounts to a false assessment from government bodies on the topic of “social equity” in Canadian society. Additional data adds to the theory that “the pot has called the kettle black.”  In fact, it may be fair to say that if systemic racism is endemic in Canada it’s actually being directed at citizens of Anglo-European heritage.

“Data On Education And Wages Don’t Show Systemic Racism In Canada: Study”

“If you take various minority groups, some of them earn more than the white population, some of them earn less. And that’s roughly what you would expect to see if Canada was a society that did not favour the white population.”

What’s up with this, Jagmeet Singh? In June, 2020 the New Democratic Party leader was quoted as saying “I think if you refuse to acknowledge that systemic racism exists, you certainly do not have an open mind to address this issue.”

Yet, if Mr. Singh drilled down on issues relating to immigrant-racialized community education and income, he would discover that Anglophones do not sit atop a “white privilege” totem pole. Why bash these communities regardless?

“If all of our institutions and the way our institutions are set up, set up on this notion that we discriminate against minorities, you would expect to see white people with the highest weekly average earnings.”

“The paper points to weekly earnings of Canadian-born men and women in 2016. White Canadians are at the middle of the pack, earning $1,530 for men and $1,120 for women.”

Well, what do you know? Turns out that whitey is, generally speaking, “your average Joe.” Naturally, that won’t do for the current prime minister of Canada.

In 2020, PM Justin Trudeau stated that “his administration will tackle ‘systemic racism,’ and break down the ‘systemic barriers’ that exclude people of colour from full participation in Canadian life.”

Sounds to CAP as if these folks are doing just as well, if not better, than white Canadians.

Why the vilification? This question has haunted Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] since the day an under-qualified politician darkened the door of the PMO in Ottawa.

Trudeau, Singh, and a host of other politicians have indulged in this practice, including omni-present Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen, a politician who has held more Cabinet files than properly-fitting outfits hanging in Chrystia Freeland’s closet:

“Hate and discrimination have no place in Canada. This is why the Government of Canada will continue to support and advance policies and programs to tackle systemic racism, secure equitable access to justice and healthcare, increase access to education and job training, and promote human rights informed by the lived experiences of peoples and communities.”

Speaking of education, we contrast half-Somalian citizen MP Hussen’s statement with a quote from a recent article published by the National Post:

“40 Canadian university professors have recommended to the House of Commons that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policies in federally funded research be abolished.”

“The head of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, which oversees the racial-quota-bound Canada Research Chairs Program, told the committee that he has no plans to stop identity-based hiring, even though its quota for non-white researchers has been surpassed.” 

Bingo. We come to the what should be understood as a pivotal element of the social equity debate in Canada. For effect, we repeat: “has been surpassed.”

After which CAP offer up a fundamental of our thinking. If the racial quota element has been achieved, and the program continues, what message can be extracted? Furthermore, what’s to stop this structure from being replicated in every educational institution across the country?

In this we see the shifting of socio-political tides that we believe constitute the very essence of Liberal-NDP-Trudeau-Singh politics in Canada.

It is not equality, but surpassment, that motivate the political powers that be in  Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada.

What About European Pride?

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What About European Pride?

In Ireland, Germany, And Japan Locals Fight Back Against Immigrant Crime

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In Ireland, Germany, And Japan Locals Fight Back Against Immigrant Crime






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Ireland, and Europe generally, are suffering an outrageous and preventable wave of murder, rapine, and robbery by immigrants, legal and illegal. Sadly, there are those, including the current Japanese Prime Minister, who want to do to Japan what is happening in Europe and the United States.

The Irish, the Germans, and the Japanese are being forced the invasion of criminal aliens to fight immigration and immigrant-led crime through vigilantism, as if it were San Francisco in 1851 overrun by crime.

Sadly, Japan is going to be experiencing a crime wave similar to what is happening in Europe, led by Muslim and black criminals, because a small minority of the Japanese elite want to remake Japan. This includes the current Prime Minister, Kishida Fumio, below, of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), but the invasion started under the liberal Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ).

The Lying Press in Japan is cheerleading, minimizing the costs of immigration, only telling the story of the joys of diversity. Their lies are so flagrant that now the Lügenpresse is telling the Japanese and the world that Japan is a nation of immigrants. A nation that is now 97.3 percent Japanese, sadly down from 98 percent just a year ago.

Spurred by disputes among Kurds, the bashing intensified, and soon members of the Kurdish community were being bombarded with abusive phone calls and facing xenophobia-fueled demonstrations. However, discrimination remains unjustifiable, regardless of the pretext.

Attacks on Kurds rose prominently in spring 2023, with the spread of social media posts demanding they “get out” and calling them “fake refugees.” This coincided with discussions in the Diet on amendments to Japan’s immigration law aimed at thoroughly enforcing the deportation of undocumented foreigners. Meanwhile, many Kurds who had not won recognition as refugees were being given temporary release from immigration detention centers.

Editorial: It’s Time The Gov’t Said It Loud And Clear: Japan Is Now An Immigrant Nation, Mainichi, May 7, 2024

And the cost of these unruly immigrants, legal and illegal, are to be borne by the Japanese, with the gaijin taking no responsibility to acculturate.

The Oizumi town government has put real effort into smoothing the way for foreigners in the community, such as hiring multilingual staff, publishing newsletters in Portuguese and other languages, providing Japanese language classes in all public primary and junior high schools, and supporting local private Japanese language schools. Moreover, the town has set up “cultural interpretation” programs aiming to introduce Japanese culture and manners, and encouraging participants to pass on the lessons to their family and friends.

One would think that the Kurds would have the courtesy to leave their conflict with Turks and among their own clans at home, but the Mountain Turks bring their conflicts with them.

What was once a harmonious and functioning society is slowly being destroyed by the traitor Kishida. Compare the rioting Kurds with what amounts to crime committed by the Japanese.

Apparently a theme train, a unique Japanese cultural expression, had some Detective Conan, a famous anime series, headrest covers stolen.

Chizu Express has announced its intention to file a police report concerning the theft of pillow covers from the ‘Detective Conan Super Hakuto’.

The company has stated that those who return the stolen pillow covers will not be targeted in the report and has requested for the items to be returned via mail.

The ‘Detective Conan Super Hakuto’ is an express train connecting the Keihanshin area and Kurayoshi in approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. It commenced operations on December 3, 2023. The train is themed after ‘Detective Conan’, whose creator, Gosho Aoyama, hails from Tottori Prefecture. As such, streets, stations, and airports named after ‘Detective Conan’ elements have been established.

Chizu Express Files Police Report for Theft of ‘Detective Conan Super Hakuto’ Pillow Covers,Traicy, April 24, 2024

You can bet that some of the thieves, more likely otakus than Kurds, will turn themselves in out of shame and embarrassment. Though, thinking about it, I can see an organized group of Kurds stealing these headrest covers deliberately to sell more than I see this many Japanese stealing so many of anything.

This has never happened before on any other themed train, so I will blame the Mountain Turks until I see evidence otherwise. Or perhaps it was other gaijin than Kurds; they as a group are not into anime. Could be blacks like Johnny Somali or other annoying gaijin.

But the stereotype is true: foreigners like Kurds, are only a problem and cost to the Japanese. They have so little self-awareness, they must be trained and disciplined at great cost by the Japanese taxpayer.

But the war is on against homogeneous societies, whether it be Ireland or Japan. The Kurds seem to think that it is the Japanese that must adjust to those who are doing the Great Replacement Japan.


Some Japanese are waking up though. The fight is on!

A couple of years ago, Ayako Lawrence had absolutely no interest in politics. But this month she stood in the election for the upper house of Japan’s Diet as the candidate for Sanseito, a new and rapidly expanding political party that shocked analysts by grabbing a remarkable 1.76 million votes and its first seat in parliament.

Those same observers were particularly taken aback that Sanseito’s policy platforms—extremely conservative, anti-globalist, anti-immigration, in favour  of a complete rewrite of the constitution and sharply increased defence spending—found such a firm following with the electorate, especially younger voters.

The party’s policies have drawn parallels with those of the “America First” campaign laid out by Donald Trump in the run-up to the 2016 US elections.

What’s Behind The Rise Of Japan’s Sanseito, A Far-Right Party That Loves Trump And Hates Immigration?, by Julian Ryall, South China Morning Post, July 25, 2022

White Privilege & Other Lies We’ve Been Told

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So Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength?

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So Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength?

The Camp of the Saints Is the Here and Now

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The Camp of the Saints Is the Here and Now

by Paul Craig Roberts | Jun 6, 2024 | 7 comments

Paul Craig Roberts – June 3, 2024

Did you know that Boston, Massachusetts — Brahmin Boston — has a 36 year old Chinese woke female as mayor? What else do you need to know about the speed at which white America is disappearing?

As far as I can tell, there is no White Anglo-Saxon protestant male or female in any top position in the Biden regime. Wherever you look in America, you see “diversity” among mayors, state attorney generals, police chiefs, university presidents, corporate executives, government officials. Many of these officials have been brought up on propaganda that white people are racist exploiters. Can these diverse officials with powerful positions be relied upon to use their positions without discriminating against demonized white people?

Back to Mayor Wu. The British Daily Mail–apparently the US media avoid this type of news–reports that Mayor WU wants to follow San Francisco’s practice and decriminalize black crime. The woke mayor wants to exclude from criminal prosecution shoplifting, receiving stolen property, breaking and entering of property, wanton and malicious destruction of property, and distribution of drugs. Mayor Wu also wants the Boston police’s gang database closed. It is discriminatory to know who the criminals are. They are the wrong color.

Last Christmas Mayor Wu organized a Christmas party but only for non-whites.

There you have it. White America is already displaced. Who displaced it? The White morons themselves. They elected Wu, the San Francisco crazies, the New York ones, the Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, and Fulton County Georgia ones, and so on, and white people stood aside while Democrats stole elections. “Oh, we mustn’t say elections were stolen. That would reflect badly on our country.”

Why are white people motivated to defend Ukrainians and Israelis but not themselves?

How do we avoid the realization that white Americans are an unprotected species?