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The Great Replacement of Canada’s European Founding/Settler People

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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Sean Fraser.


Canada to welcome 500,000 immigrants a year by 2025 as minister moves to hand-pick more newcomers

[This is insane. This self-hating, White hating tyrant Trudeau cannot replace the European founding/settler people(et les quebecois de souche) fast enough. Over 85% of the engineered flood will come from the Third World. This is genocide on the instalment plan! “Skills shortage?” Why not train Canadians? What skills are lacking — more cab drivers in Brampton or Surrey. Greedy businesses was cheap labour! How will 500,000 more affect our already broken medical system or housing shortage or traffic gridlock in the GTA and the Lower Mainland of BC. This is the Great Replacement at work. — Paul Fromm]

Ottawa will use new power to hand-pick new immigrants to meet Canada’s skill shortages, raise intake of sponsorship of parents and grandparents and begin issuing temporary visas for spouses while their permanent residence applications are in process.

The federal government will use new power to hand-pick immigrants to address Canada’s skill shortages, increase the sponsorship of parents and grandparents, and begin issuing temporary visas for spouses while their permanent-residence applications are being processed.

Those are some of the highlights of Canada’s latest immigration plan — announced Tuesday — which will see this country look to bring in 465,000 new permanent residents next year, 485,000 in 2024 and 500,000 in 2025. (Toronto Star, November 1, 2022)

Latest Stats Can Figures Show The Great Replacement of YOU Speeds Ahead Under Trudeau

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Latest Stats Can Figures Show The Great Replacement of YOU Speeds Ahead Under Trudeau

Stats Canada reports that from 2016-2021, 1.3-million immigrants poured into Canada, most from Asia & the Middle East under Trudeau’s Woke wrecking crew. And you wonder why housing is impossibly expensive, our health systems stressed & traffic gridlock hopeless in the GTA & Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

The European founding/settler people of Canada are being replaced by cold blooded government policy.

Vancouver Voters Turn Down Tax Grab to Pay for Feds Immigration Follies

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Vancouver Voters Turn Down Tax Grab to Pay for Feds Immigration Follies
Without a halt to immigration, there can be little Improvement in traffic gridlock. Results announced July 2 showed that voters in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia said a resounding “No” to a proposed  .5% sales tax increase to pay for a planned $7.5-billion improvement of the region’s wretched transportation infrastructure. It would have “included a major east-west subway line across Vancouver, a light rail network  for Surrey extending to Langley, a replacement bridge across the Fraser River, 11 new rapid bus lines in the suburbs, and a third harbour ferry.” (Globe and Mail, July 2, 2015) The 700,000 voters who sent in their ballots voted 62% against this planned cash grab.
Almost unmentioned in the debate was the key cause of the worsening traffic gridlock — mass immigration. Forty years of failure to improve transportation infrastructure and 25 years of mass immigration have crowded Vancouver and Toronto to the bursting point. There is no point spending more local money in a futile attempt to catch up if the federal government insists on importing masses of immigrants, mostly from the Third World, in these times of high unemployment.
Frederick Fromm's photo.
If the Federal Government wants to import 265,000 plus immigrants a year, they must bear the cost — in the tens of billions of dollars — to improve the infrastructure stressed by the decisions they’ve imposed.


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Vancouver Voters Right to Reject Tax Grab to Cover Gov’t’s Failed Immigration Policies

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Canada First Immigration Reform Committee

Box 332,

Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3

Ph: 905-566-4455; FAX: 905-566-4820

Website: http://canadafirst.nfshost.com

Paul Fromm, B.Ed, M.A. Director


July  5, 2015


The Editor,

The National Post,

365 Bloor St. East, 3rd Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M4W 3L4


By FAX: Fax: 416-383-2305


Re: Editorial “The People have a right to say no”


Dear Sir:


Re: “The People have a right to say no” (National Post, July 4 , 2015), the strong no voice – 62 per cent – of people in the Lower Mainland of B.C. to a sales tax increase proposal to fund transit improvement was the right choice. A tax increase would have helped fund successive government’s failed immigration policies.


Almost absent from the debate was any discussion of the major cause of chronic gridlock in Vancouver and the GTA – massive immigration enabled by the federal government. Immigration is surrounded with feel good slogans – “diversity” “growing the economy.” Seldom addressed are the costs – among them strain on infrastructure.


Yes, municipal and provincial governments have failed to maintain the infrastructure to accommodate the huge flood of immigrants. However, if the feds insist on massive immigration 265,000 yearly in times of high unemployment, most of it heading for Vancouver or Toronto,  they should pay the costs of upgrading the infrastructure to accommodate these people.


Vancouverites rightly rejected being further taxed to help correct the gridlock mess the feds have caused. Even had all the improvements planned over the next decade come to pass, gridlock would remain as all parties seem addicted to massive immigration. Any gains would soon be erased by the constant immigrant flood.


Paul Fromm



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Residents of Metro Vancouver should vote “NO” in a plebiscite in March on a proposal to increase the sales tax. The money generated by the increase is to help pay for over $7 Billion in transportation improvements. According to the Mayors  in Metro Vancouver, those “improvements” will relieve the congestion caused by adding 1 million people to Metro by 2040.

The Mayors have stated that they have no “PLAN B”, implying that there is no alternative. But it is very clear that there is one :  The Mayors should unite to call for a dramatic cut to unnecessary immigration. It   has been responsible for over 83% of Metro’s huge population increase since 1991 when Canada’s mass immigration policy began. It will soon be responsible for close to 100% of the 1 million population increase. Metro Vancouver’s population in 1991 was 1.6 million. It is now over 2.5 million. If the immigration madness continues, it will be 3.5 million in 2040.

Residents should vote “NO” for the following reasons :

There is no point to having 3.5 million people living here by 2040.  Canada’s average yearly intake of 250,000 immigrants per year is corrupt and abnormal. It is a policy, not a constitutional requirement. It  could be changed easily. Our federal government has never provided any justification for this intake. If there is no justification for the high intake, then there is no justification for huge unnecessary infrastructure expenditures that result from the intake. If Metro prevents the congestion, then Metro won’t need a “Congestion Improvement Tax”. If there were ever a time for Metro politicians to show some backbone, this is it.

Instead, the Mayors are trying to deceive the public by not saying why the area needs all the extra infrastructure.  Two sample ballots that Metro Vancouver has published demonstrate the deceit.  The first one   began with this statement : “One million more people will live and work in Metro Vancouver by 2040. The region’s mayors worked together to develop a plan to reduce congestion on roads and bridges and to provide more transit to communities across the region.” To be blunt, this means that the Mayors didn’t have the guts to stand up to Ottawa and now they want residents to pay for their gutlessness.

The second sample ballot, the one that residents will use, says nothing about an additional 1 million people living in Metro Vancouver. The obvious question is “WHY?” The clear answer is that the Mayors and Councillors do not want Metro to ask who these 1 million people are and why they are coming here. The answer to “Who are these people” is unnecessary immigrants. The answer to “Why are they coming here?” is  that all of our federal parties are equally gutless and scared that if they stand up for the majority of Canadians, they will lose their share of the immigrant vote.

None of the conventional reasons given for immigration such as the supposed necessity to deal with an aging population or the supposed need to stimulate the area’s economy are true. The federal government’s own research has shown that Canada should not use immigration to solve problems caused by an aging population. It has also shown that immigration provides no significant stimulus to the economy.  In fact, recent research of thousands of income tax returns demonstrates that immigrants are taking close to $30 Billion per year more in benefits out of the economy that they are contributing in taxes.

Municipalities like to plead that they don’t have power over matters such as immigration.  Yet, they often grovel to Ottawa for other things and manage to get concessions by doing so. The point is that now is an even more important time to get concessions and to avoid a senseless 1 million increase in Metro Vancouver’s population and the accompanying massive expenditures.

Municipalities should also stop pretending that their Green strategies will solve problems created by a massive population increase here. The truth is that Ottawa’s senseless high immigration policy  will negate all the gains that might be achieved by Green strategies.  For example, Vancouver boasts that it will become the Greenest City in the world. Meanwhile, it is clear-cutting huge areas of single-family detached houses in order to make room for high rise condos. The new people need resources such as water, heat and food. These demands will create huge new environmental pressures—as well as huge amounts of waste. In 2014, Metro shipped about 170,000 tonnes of garbage to places like Washington State. Annually, it generates about 900,000 tonnes of garbage, including single-family waste. What will these Green hypocrites say in 2040 when a new federal government wants to increase Metro Vancouver’s population by another 1 million?

The current municipal cast in Metro Vancouver does not seem capable of understanding that there are limits to an area’s ability to absorb people.

Metro Vancouver, Southern Ontario and many other urban areas in Canada reached that limit years ago.  Canada desperately needs governments to develop some backbone and to stabilize our population.



http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Changes+transit+plebiscite+ballot+keep+voters+guessing/10755759/story.html (This on-line article omits the first version of the ballot. Why? We suspect that The Vancouver Sun, along with the Metro Vancouver Mayors, wants to conceal the point that a one million increase in the population is the cause of the “Congestion Improvement” tax.

Immigration Reformers Link GTA Traffic Gridlock to Massive Immigration

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Immigration Reformers Link GTA Traffic Gridlock to Massive Immigration

PORT CREDIT, January 17, 2015. A dozen immigration reformers braved cold winds this afternoon to call for major cuts to immigration to help ease traffic gridlock in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Members of Immigration Watch Canada and the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee displayed a banner “Fight Gridlock — Cut Immigration” on the pedestrian walkway above the Queen Elizabeth Way inbound to Toronto. Heavy traffic slowed right down. Many motorists honked or gave the thumbs up of approval. Some took pictures on their cellphones and tweeted or texted to their friends. One sorehead gave the group the finger.
The immigration reformers also leafletted several nearby parking lots and have vowed further protests
Traffic gridlock, GTA voters say, is their number one issue.
A statement circulated by the protesters proclaimed:
“Traffic gridlock, GTA voters say, is their number one issue.
Little surprise. The GTA has longer commute times than Los Angeles or Atlanta. Traffic gridlock costs us big time. Economists say it costs Ontario’s economy $7-billion a year! To say nothing of the wear and tear on nerves to say nothing of the wear on your car. How many times do you have to hit the brake when creeping along the QEW or the 401?
Every year, rush hour starts a little earlier. We’re now in gridlock at 3:00. How many more years will it be before it is 2:00!
Traffic gridlock is the result of Canada’s irresponsible immigration policies. Each year 125,000 immigrants flock to the GTA. Yet, our infrastructure — with the exception of the 407 —  has hardly changed since 1970! What worked well 40 years ago is choking and doesn’t work today.
To add the roads and transit needed to alleviate traffic gridlock will take years and billions of dollars.
In the meantime, if the federal government keeps the immigration doors wide open and keeps flooding the GTA, even if we build new roads, the gridlock will continue.
This is not anti-immigrant. It is common sense.
Traffic gridlock is one of the many hidden costs of immigration. Anyway, with 6.3% unemployment — 1.5-million Canadians unemployed, another 900,000 involuntarily in part-time jobs — there is just no economic justification for immigration.
SPEAK UP: Call or write your MP, your councillor and mayor.
Insist that they represent you and work to FIGHT TRAFFIC GRIDLOCK by CUTTING IMMIGRATION.