Canada takes a step back on immigration policy:

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Canada takes a step back on immigration policy:


“We found that, especially on the issues of family reunification and access to citizenship, Canada is moving backwards.”

Brad: And well we should be. Family Reunification policy has been  the most economically damaging of all methods of immigration to Canada- so much so that a 2011 study entitled “Canada and the Welfare State”(Grady & Grubel) shows that the net fiscal loss from this program is in the billions. Without a doubt, it is an economic loser.

However, this is just one component of Family Reunification’s negative societal impact. The policy’s lax requirements verge on the absurd: parents, grandparents, the elderly in general, non- english/french speaking, non-employable immigrants have come to our country under this plan by the millions. 

These facts make  Multicult Canada champion Ratna Omidvar’s opinions on the program so very questionable. Ignoring all economic ramafications,  Omidvar continues to push a personal agenda of wanting to bring as many foreigners into Canada as possible. Not only this, she wants to remove white Canadians from their jobs and replace them with these new arrivals, many of whom are deficient in qualifications and our official languages. 

“Becoming a Canadian is harder now than it was just a few years ago.”

Brad: It darn well should be. The system has been exploited for decades, particularly by so-called “economic migrants.”  Show us an immgration program to Canada, and we will show you a program which has been exploited by shady characters, immigration “consultants”, lawyers, criminals, and the like.

“For the first time, Ottawa is now able to revoke Canadian citizenship from dual citizens if they are deemed to have committed certain crimes against the state.”

Brad: Multicult Canada, a loose affiliation of individuals and organizations intent on eroding traditional Canadian culture, identity and language, as well as their civil liberties backers, continue to show their incredible lack of concern for general Canadian well-being by opposing sound and rational laws intended to eliminate the entry of criminals into our country.

“Although Canada has traditionally scored highly on family reunification, its scores are declining there too. Of particular concern, the score measuring eligibility for sponsoring family members dropped from 79 in 2010 to 64 in 2015. It is now more difficult for immigrants to sponsor their loved ones. “

Brad: Let’s do the prudent thing and drop the “bleeding heart’ component of the situation for a moment. The issue of importing “loves ones” is all but meaningless in comparison to the needs of the Canadian people: a strong economy, personal safety, home affordability, environmental protection, urban traffic congestion, protection of criminals and immigration exploitation, and on and on…

“Ottawa has made numerous recent changes to family reunification policies. These measures include raising the sponsorship commitment from 10 to 20 years, increasing the income requirement for sponsoring parents and grandparents by 30 per cent, and instituting a longer period during which a sponsor must meet this requirement.”

Brad: Very wise of them, although this has arrived well after the damage has been done. In truth, it was an immigrant vote-grabbing Liberal government which implemented the insanity back in the 1980’s, in a desperate attempt to elevate a party which had tanked in popularity. Today, the Liberal Party has become little more than a vehicle for immigrant and multiculturalists, and has reached the point of not giving a damn about the rights and wants of Canadian-born citizens.

“Ottawa has failed in our eyes to provide a convincing justification for these changes.”

Brad: Yes, in YOUR EYES, however your eyes are tainted by a multicult bias which is not necessarily shared by the majority of Canadians. Of course, we don’t know this for certain, because immigration, multiculturalism have never been subject to the democratic process: no vote, no referendum, no public opinion on whether Canadians share the Multicult’s desire to transform Canadian society from its traditional English & French European culture to….what would we call it…a globalist/ communist/ foreign-dominated mess of a nation, devoid of sovereignty, democracy, and true freedom of expression.

 “The new data signals a shift and encourages us to reflect on the most alarming trends and redirect where necessary.”

Brad: The most alarming trend in the HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY is the undermining of our society by the likes of Multicult assassins such as Ryerson’s Ratna Omidvar, queen of the Canadian Multicult.

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