Immigrant underclass in GTA fuels simmering frustrations:

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Immigrant underclass in GTA fuels simmering frustrations:

“By 2017, the GTA is forecast to become home to a predominantly non-European population.”

Brad: Canadians of European Origin are headed for minority status in Toronto and this Multicult Practitioner is playing the immigrant guilt card.

Warning…you are about the read a lie:

“While immigrants and immigration is the heart and soul of the country, if you look at the main basis of inequality in Canada, along with gender, it’s based on race and immigrant status,” said Yogendra Shakya, senior research scientist at Access Alliance.

Brad: The heart and soul of this country?? Perhaps according to the prime movers in Multicult Canada’s attempt to destroy Canadian culture, but for the majority of Canadians– ie Canadians of European Origin(CEO)– this is yet another attempt to elevate immigrant groups by playing the sympathy card.

The heart and soul of this country was built by Canadians of European Origin:

– Governance 

– Parliamentary system

– Legal and Judiciary system

– Capitalist Free Enterprise system

– Democratic Process

– Legislative system

– Educational system

– Taxation 

– Social Services

and every other foundation of Canadian society.

NONE of these fundamentals are rooted in the nation’s from which our modern immigrants come from:

– China, India, Iran, Philippines, Pakistan Korea et al.

For how much longer are the Canadian public going to tolerate the Multicultural propaganda perpetrated by people like Y. Shakya?

OFFICIAL MULTICULTURAL POLICY: a mandate for Canadian taxpayers to fund the destruction of their own culture

Brad Salzberg

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