Canadians Will Be Told to Celebrate Sikh Heritage Month in April

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Canadians Will Be Told to Celebrate Sikh Heritage Month in April

by Dan Murray, Immigration Watch Canada – March 28, 2023  

Most Canadians are probably not aware that on April 1 of this year, they will be told to celebrate “Sikh Heritage Month”.   The following is a list of reasons why Parliament should have never even considered the celebration of a “Sikh Heritage Month” (the result of a law passed by Canada’s Parliament.).   (1)

The behaviour of some of the earliest Sikhs to arrive in Canada in 1914 was a foreshadowing and a warning. It demonstrated Sikh willingness to use fraudulent documents. It also showed their arrogant attitude. They believed that they had a right to enter Canada and that Canada had no right to oppose their entry. Current NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has the same arrogant attitude.   That 1914 incident helps to explain much of what happened later. Sikhs repeatedly use that event to proclaim victim status. They omit many facts including the fact that Sikhs assassinated a Canadian immigration agent. They also omit the fact that the leader of the 1914 Sikh expedition boasted that if he succeeded in landing his passengers, he would bring 25,000 more Sikhs soon after. This threat would have alarmed Canadians because if it had come true, it would have greatly changed Vancouver’s entire cultural make-up.   To show some context, consider this: around 1914, the City of Vancouver had a population of about 60,000. For details of the entire 1914 incident, see   (2)

Although many years of Sikh immigration peace followed, the Singh Decision of 1985 signaled the beginning of Sikh-caused refugee and immigration chaos in Canada. In doing so, Sikhs helped to turn Canada’s refugee system into a quasi-judicial body which soon became mired in tens of thousands of claims (most of them illegitimate). For details see:    According to reliable sources, those claims have cost Canada billions of dollars and saddled Canada with people who have contempt for Canada. Is this supposed to be an example of the “Sikh Heritage” that Canadians are expected to celebrate every April?   (3)

The Sikh bombing (the murder of 329 people about an Air India plane in 1985) should have moved Canada to place severe restrictions on Sikh immigration. But it did not. That bombing incident (which originated in Vancouver where Sikhs placed bombs on two planes) was the largest mass murder in Canadian history. Instead for years, Trudeau has groveled to the Sikhs. Most important, none of the Sikh ringleaders of the 329 murders has been sentenced for that crime.   We repeat, Is this another example of the “Sikh Heritage” that Canadians are supposed to celebrate every April?   (4)

A major reason why the Sikh bombers have never been held to account is the culture of intimidation by militant Sikhs of other Sikhs. The identities of the Sikh perpetrators are quite likely known even by the Sikh members of Trudeau’s cabinet, not to mention Trudeau himself and hundreds of other Sikh politicians and professionals.   As a result, hundreds of the relatives of the 329 murdered victims have never received justice. Until the Sikh criminals are behind bars, the word “Sikh” will be a dirty word to those relatives and to millions of other Canadians. Most Canadians want nothing to do with those Sikhs – let alone celebrate “SIKH HERITAGE”.   (5)

Worse still, young and older male Sikhs have become significantly involved in drug industry criminality in Canada. However, when drug incidents are reported, our treacherous CBC and other media make a point of not disclosing the names of the Sikh murderers or Sikhs murdered. Most Canadians have come to expect that when the CBC or other media begrudgingly do reveal the names of the criminals, those names will be ones such as Parvinder, Balwinder or some other Sikh first name. In Metro Vancouver, Sikhs have complained that they needed more police to deal with drug-dealing and drug gang killings. Ironically, the truth is that many people in Metro Vancouver think that Metro Vancouver does not need more police. Instead, it needs fewer Sikhs and less Sikh immigration. In fact, Metro Vancouver residents have also thought that Sikh parents had to finally accept a “Canadian” cultural trait, that of being responsible for their delinquent offspring. Those parents should not be expecting the “gum’mint” to do that job for them. Again, is this very visible Sikh cultural defect what corrupt Sikhs want all Canadians to celebrate every April?   (6)

Canadians have become incredibly fed up with aggressive immigrants (both Sikhs and others) who demand that Canada adapt to immigrant customs. So far, no group has made as many demands for exemptions from Canadian laws as the Sikhs. In fact, Sikh demands to wear their turbans and their kirpans have been endless. If Sikhs really want to retain their customs, why are they here? Why would Canada want to create (A) another political mess such as India’s Punjab here and (B) an environmental disaster such as India in Canada through relentless Sikh immigration?   (7)

Sikhs have grossly abused Canadian PM Chretien’s naive decision to create an additional Canadian consulate in India’s Punjab. That consulate has become notorious for being the fraud capital of all of Canada’s consulates and embassies in the world. Tens of thousands of Sikhs have entered Canada as a result of fraud there. In other words, tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of Sikhs have entered Canada illegally. Why would Canada want to celebrate being defrauded by these people? The numbers are not an exaggeration. At recent Sikh festivals in the Vancouver and Toronto areas, some Sikh leaders have boasted that up to 500,000 Sikhs attended. Who else besides corrupt Liberal leader Trudeau and equally corrupt NDP leader Jagmeet Singh would want to celebrate a heritage of political sodomy and shameless fraud?   (8)

Political accommodation to the Sikhs has reached new levels of degradation under Trudeau. It is incredible that not a single MP voted against or abstained from voting when the “Sikh Heritage Month” bill was introduced in Parliament.   To summarize: Is it sane to accept Sikh political degradation as part of Canada’s “heritage”?   This list could be ten times as long.   To put the matter bluntly but truthfully, the passing of the Sikh Heritage Act in 2015 is an example of how Canada’s Parliament has descended into the most degrading acts of political sodomy and boot-licking.  

Our CBC and many politicians are proud to engage in such activity, but to recover Parliament’s dignity, here is what Parliament should do immediately :   REPEAL THE “SIKH HERITAGE MONTH” BILL .   IN ITS PLACE, INTRODUCE NEW BILLS TO PROTECT CANADA’S FRENCH AND UK HERITAGE AND PROTECT CANADA’S BORDERS !!   For details about Jagmeet Singh’s involvement in Sikh violence, see   Dan Murray, Immigration Watch Canada   \

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