Christmas, Easter Declared “Colonial Oppression” In Trudeau’s Canada

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Christmas, Easter Declared “Colonial Oppression” In Trudeau’s Canada

“A recent human rights report calls government holidays for Christmas and Easter discriminatory to religious minorities in Canada.”

Brad SalzbergNov 24


“Despite the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s assertion that a day off on Christmas constitutes religious intolerance, polls show that non-Christian Canadians almost universally have no problem with the holiday.”

Against the will of the majority. If establishment media had not been bought-off by our Liberal government, Canadians from coast-to-coast might come to understand a vital truth.

“A recent human rights report calls government holidays for Christmas and Easter discriminatory to religious minorities in Canada.”

As a society, Canada is being systemically transitioned away from its core identity as a western democratic nation. CBC won’t speak of it, and Globe & Mail won’t publish it, but in a largely covert manner, our federal government are in the process of stripping away Canadian cultural identity.

Two fundamentals of its fundamentals are found in the Christian holidays of Easter and Christmas. Recognizing as much, we witness a headline featured in this week’s  Toronto Sun.

“Christmas, Easter Part Of Canada’s Colonial Bias: Report”

So states the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Canada’s self-proclaimed “human rights” watchdog.

“We are responsible for representing the public interest and holding the Government of Canada to account on matters related to human rights.”

Holy Cow– that’s a laugh. The CHRC has just gone and disrespected Christian Canadians, in addition to millions of Anglophone and European-derived citizens. Their hypocrisy is obvious, blatant and punitive.

But, you see, it’s all okay. Pourquoi? Because unbeknownst to the general public, “institutional” Canada has transitioned our country to an anti-Christian, anti-Anglophone society.

Our country’s “Bermuda Triangle” of neo-communism– government, media, academia– all promote a program of inverted racism against “Old Stock” Canadians. Within the process, the fundamentals of traditional identity are being destroyed. Truth be told, it’s always this way when international socialism gains hold of a formerly free and democratic society.

At the top of the transitional heap stand two partners-in-crime: PM Justin Trudeau, and current political partner, New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh.

With something called a “confidence and supply” agreement, Canada’s dynamic duo of democratic erosion established a two-year lock on federal governance. This way,  tax-payer funded “multicultural” branch-plants can further erode what it means to be Canadian.

Sneaky, eh? But don’t look to CTV or Toronto Star to spill the neo-communist beans. They work for the Liberals, so it’s no-can-do on this one.

“The Commission protects the core principle of equal opportunity and promotes a vision of an inclusive society free from discrimination. The Canadian Human Rights Commission is akin to an Agent of Parliament.”

The Canadian Human Rights Commission state that they are support “an inclusive society where everyone is valued and respected.”

Bollocks to that. One must understand the nature of wokeness in post-modern Canada. Respect has its limits, as manifest in the following question:

How can ubiquitous respect for human rights exist when one identifiable Canadian community is omitted from inclusion? An erasure of Christmas  and Easter generates disrespect towards millions of Canadians of European heritage.

We pick up on a related dynamic. Multiculturalism is rooted in a similar form of hypocrisy. Cultural Action Party has pointed to the rub on multiple occasions.

How can multiculturalism, diversity and “social equity” truly exist when Anglo-European citizens and their heritage are fully excluded from the pluralist banquet feast?

What it all boils down to can be solidified in a certain premise. Liberalism, wokism, anti-colonialism, critical race theory, systemic racism. All these weapons of woke warfare remain devoid of logic.

In tandem with historical predecessors– communism in China, Soviet Union, Cuba and others. It’s emotion that drives the revolutionary bandwagon. These forces don’t need facts—their succeed being based on coordinated propaganda implementation.

Government, media, academia— united in ideology, a comprehensive re-orientation of society is their ultimate solution.

“Many societies … have been constructed in a way that places value on certain traits or identities to the exclusion of others.”

Logic thrives not. So, in order to arrive at true social equality, we will disempower, insult and denigrate Anglophones, Christians, and their historical traditions. It’s a farce, to be sure. But a dangerous one at that. Now, the bad news:

The “Trudeau-Singh Socialist Revolutionary” train is likely to steamroll over Canada’s democratic tracks until October, 2025, when the Liberals will be forced to call an election.

As visionary author George Orwell stated in his paean to communism, “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

As applied to “no core identity” Canada, it doesn’t take Albert Einstein to deduce which Canadian communities fall into which categories.