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Look, I know that you are upset. I know that you are outraged and saddened by the images of carnage that you see on your TV screen. But before we allow any sense of horror or grief about the victims of a recent Islamic terrorist attack to set in, we must swiftly foreclose any hint of an anti-Muslim backlash , That must be our first priority. We can deal with the perpetrators later.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that the Chief of the local Police be the first to get out of the starting gate and warn those who would dare link Islamic terrorism with Islam that they will charged with a hate crime. We must deflect attention from the violent incident.

To serve this objective, it would be convenient to have someone write ‘Islamophobic’ graffiti on a mosque or sidewalk on the heels of the Islamic terrorist attack so that that the MSM can make that their headline story.


Of course, I don’t mean to minimize the terrible impact that these messages have on Muslims. Why just the other day, Islamophobic graffiti lept up from a sidewalk and brutally assaulted an innocent, law abiding, peaceful, patriotic Muslim as she walked toward a corner shop. If you think that seeing your loved one shredded by a bomb, mowed down by a speeding van or knifed to death is traumatic, just imagine what that poor Muslim on the sidewalk is going through. She no longer feels ‘safe’.

If we want to put an end to these horrific attacks, what we must do is to emphasize that the perpetrators are not “real” Muslims, that their ideology is a perverse distortion of the Religion of Peace, and that those who would say otherwise are being ‘divisive’. Then trot out a half dozen Muslim clerics—with Christian clergy flanking them—to reinforce this point. If we do all of those things, Islam-inspired terrorism will go away. After all, its worked up till now, hasn’t it? Our love-not-hate/inter-faith dialogue approach has got violent jihadism on the run.

It all goes to prove that in order to defeat an enemy, you must establish who the enemy actually is. The mainstream media has done an excellent job of doing exactly that. Good work guys! As you proved in your predictions about the outcome of the Brexit and the November U.S. Presidential election, you have a firm grasp of reality. Huffington Post, the NYT, the Globe and Mail, CNN, NPR, the BBC and the CBC in particular must be cited for their reliably accurate portrayals and incisive analysis. If ever you want to know about the net costs of mass immigration or the main concepts of Islamic doctrine, you need only to refer to these oracles of wisdom.

It is a failing of human nature that we often demonize The Other or the stranger in our midst simply because we don’t know them. In a crowded world where we must live side by side with those who think or behave differently than we do, this can be a fatal flaw. Somehow we must find a way to transcend our differences, reach out and build bridges, not walls. Our peace and security depends on it. I know, it is herculean task that is easier said than done. The impediments seem insuperable.

Fortunately , however, progressives have provided us with the tools we need to accomplish this critically urgent task. They know what it takes to make multicultural, multi-ethnic societies work, as they manifestly have the world over. They know that if we do just four things, we can make it happen:

The first is to project our liberal values and good intentions on those without them. We know that once they enter our gates, they will immediately check their tribal mindset at the door, embrace and accept our core values and the European culture that gave birth to them. Such will be their gratitude with our hospitality and tolerance that they—and especially their alienated sons—will search for ways to pay us back. Examples abound.

The second is to criminalize speech that would call our multicultural strategy into question. Anyone who would sow doubt about the virtue of ethnic and religious diversity must be threatened with legal action, bankrupted by law fare, shamed, marginalized, or incarcerated. Dissidents and the odious views they promulgate must be quarantined. Ours must remain a free and open society. Inclusion must be our watchword.

The third is to accept our enemy’s definition of who they are and what their ideology is all about. Wilful ignorance about the precepts of their faith or belief system is helpful in this regard.

The last but not the least of our tools is mass immigration. If we import another million or two million Muslims, then we can show the bigots out there that most Muslims are ordinary people just like themselves. If there are enough Muslims, it will be impossible to avoid rubbing shoulders with them. We won’t need to venture into a Muslim enclave because every neighbourhood will become part of the Caliphate. If you want to know what such a utopia looks like, take a trip to the Middle East. Or put on a skirt and walk into a Muslim no-go zone without a head scarf.

Muslims are people too. Moderate, patriotic peaceful people going about their daily business as you do yours. The only difference is that according to Pew polls, a lot of them happen to favour key features of sharia law, like killing adulterers, apostates and gays. Otherwise, they’re cool.

Peace and harmony is there for the taking. All we need is love and understanding, and a little obfuscation.

Tim Murray
June 4, 2017