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Liberal Gov’t Defies Will of Canadians & Continues to Import More Syrians into Canada

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Liberal Gov’t Defies Will of Canadians & Continues to Import More Syrians into Canada

by Brad Salzberg

McCallum to reveal new refugee numbers by March 9


“Liberals on track to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees by end of next week, with between 35,000 and 50,000 expected this year.”


More than 70% of Canadians think Liberals’ new refugee target is too high: poll”


“Figures released by the government on Tuesday show that Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees Canada expects to spend an additional $179.3 million in 2016-17 in implementing the Liberals Syrian refugee push.”

Brad: Isn’t it rather interesting that the Liberal-Islamic Party of Canada have never actually told the Canadian public WHY they are so hell-bent– despite the fact that polls indicate Canadians are opposed to the initiative– on importing Islam and the refugees into our country?

Culture Wars: The Battle For The Soul Of Canada

“As a result, a growing chasm continues to develop between the government and its people. At the risk of getting histrionic, what we have here is a full scale battle of wills— the will of government and their globalist partners against the will of conservative Canadians.”
“Very good article! Thank you Brad Salzberg. Multiculturalism and bilingualism has been a failure in Canada as it has in many European countries. These parents of Political Correctness(PC), have birthed a child so repressive that it has destroyed reason, free speech, free thought, and free assembly in Canada.”
“I can’t even begin to start to imagine why Trudeau lives so hidden from reality, buried in his own mind. It seems he is intentionally trying to destroy what has taken Canadians 140 yrs to build.”
“Canadians have been content to grant credibility to the multicultural lie these many decades while, surely, the danger signs have been flashing.”