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Suggestions For Free Speech University Groups To Achieve

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Suggestions For Free Speech University Groups To Achieve

by Dan MurrayImmigration Watch Canada

There are signs that university students are getting fed up with the anti-White brainwashing promoted by university administrators and professors on a daily basis. May I make some suggestions about what actions students should take to fight back against the malicious deceivers handing Canada over to hordes of foreign immigrants?

  1. In whatever ways possible, confront and shame our national broadcaster into doing its duty to Canada. Our CBC was started for nationalist reasons to counteract the cultural domination of Canada by the U.S., but it has been turned into an anti-white mouthpiece for Canada’s immigration lobby, (immigration lawyers, immigration advocates, realtors, developers and ethnic groups (such as the Chinese, Sikhs, Muslims and others). The CBC regularly portrays Canadian history as an unending assault on different groups such as First Nations and allegedly “superior” non-whites. It advocates indirectly that the only way that Canada can atone for its so-called shameful past is to allow an unending flow of unnecessary immigrants into Canada. We need to recruit high profile supporters who will join us in potential meetings with the CRTC and any relevant authorities in demonstrations against the CBC in order to put the CBC put back into the hands of Canada’s majority population. If it requires that CBC broadcast licences be revoked, the sooner that happens the better.
  2. Hire Angus Reid or another polling firm to conduct a full or combined poll about the immigration issue in Canada. A major aim of the poll would be to determine the level of awareness that Canadians have of the immigration issue. (very basic matters such as the number of immigrants Canada takes per year, the cost of immigration, the number of TFW’s it takes, the number of foreign students it takes, etc. We have long suspected that most Canadians know very little about the immigration issue. We need some empirical evidence to determine whether our suspicion is correct. We also need to demand that governments at all levels and our educational institutions at all levels release information which reveals a true picture of what is happening to Canada, We suspect that the information that will be released will demonstrate that Canada’s mass immigration policy has caused a large number of very negative consequences. Among those consequences are such serious matters as unaffordable housing in both B.C. and Southern Ontario, displacement of Canadian-born in our universities, and an anti-White hiring policy throughout Canadian society. We believe that a lack of information is at least partially responsible for the marginalization of Canadian-born of European ancestry. It has also led to a lack of corrective measures to end the marginalization.
  3. Start a campaign to obtain the truth about mass immigration’s impact on Canada’s education system (elementary schools to universities). Ridiculous statements by the President of the University of Manitoba about a flyer distributed there in the past few weeks and similar statements made by others who manage our education system indicate that those who are supposed to be leading Canada’s future leaders are mere propagandists who want to use the education system to perpetuate their narrow treasonous views. We have to file freedom of Information requests at many universities to determine what has been done to subvert Canada’s long-term interests. We need to challenge administrative biases throughout the education system.Examples of information to demand : a) numbers of international students attending our universities; b) number of International students who are transferring from Student Visa Status to Permanent Resident Status and thus avoiding higher tuition fees; c) the number of young people of European descent who have been displaced by International students and college/university student acceptance policies; d) hiring policy for faculty and school staff. We should be advocating an end to preferential hiring for visible minorities and the beginning of a hiring policy that gives preference to Canadian-born, particularly those of European ancestry; e) the extent of pro-high immigration bias and historical factual errors in text books at all levels. Arrange meetings with textbook publishers and confront them. (See: “Our School Textbooks Have Distorted Our Immigration History” AND “Textbook Teaches National Suicide OK” AND “Our School Textbooks Burn The Truth“)
  4. Start a campaign to obtain the truth about what our Federal Department of Immigration, Citizen, and refugees is doing to create a race mixed Canada without whites. For example, we need to know the TRUE COST OF IMMIGRATION to Canada, the cost of bringing International students to Canada, the total of remittances sent from Canada to other countries by Temporary Foreign Workers, the number of Temporary Foreign Workers here and the extent of their competition with Canadians for scarce employment opportunities. We also need to end support programmes for ethnic groups and to end the funding of the hundreds of organizations who operate job programmes and promote multiculturalism . Canada’s immigration policies and these programmes have resulted in a surge of ethnic enclaves (from less than 10 in the 1980’s to around 300 now. (See: “Exploiting Canada all the way to the bank“)
  5. Start a campaign to determine the amount of immigration fraud (Marriage fraud, Document fraud especially ) that has been committed. Subsequently, pressure out politicians to create a legal framework to facilitate the quick removal of those who have committed fraud.
  6. Determine the demographic effects of mass immigration on Canada’s majority population and founding people’s and take immediate steps to end the marginalization of Whites. (See:  “In 2011, Visible Minorities Were the Majority In 31+ Canadian Ridings“).
Finally, if you don’t have time, just put flyers around your campus with the words “It’s OK to be White“. Really test whether free speech is really possible on our campuses.