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French town burned by Black Lives Matter

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French town burned by Black Lives Matter

In the 1950s, there was a “Wahhabi” movement in Mali. Since Mali is, well, a shithole, anything from the outside seemed better. The movement was young modernizing intellectuals and had zero Wahhabi content. They vanished without a trace (perhaps nothing sinister).

So now Malians in France embrace Black Lives Matter. Why not, it rules in the United States, from White House to street.
It is about aesthetics. Good Ju Ju. Cargo cultism.
Right now, they may be waiting for the checks from George Soros.

James Sanchez


25 Jul 2016

Black Lives Matter Protesters Torch French Town


by VIRGINIA HALE25 Jul 20162220


Multiple Black Lives Matter protesters have been arrested in France after demonstrations against the death of a Malian man in police custody left Beaumont-sur-Oise and other nearby towns in flames. Of those arrested, some are being charged with throwing incendiary objects at security forces and others for “trying to burn down” their towns.

Despite a huge police presence, Saturday marked a fifth night of violence in the Val d’Oise district after the death of Adama Traoré in police custody on Tuesday. During demonstrations against Mr. Traoré’s death, protesters, some wielding baseball bats, torched cars, petrol pumps, bins, and piles of rubbish. Buildings were also set alight, including a large warehouse in Persan, near Beaumont-sur-Oise.