A Good Supporter’s Letter to Premier Ford About Preserving Our Monuments — A Model Letter You Might Use

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Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario

Legislative Building
Queen’s Park
Toronto ON M7A 1A1

Dear Mr. Ford


I am writing to you because I am a patriotic Canadian with a family history in the Toronto area going back six generations. I am concerned about the wanton destruction of our proud history by the political left.  I am even more concerned by the apparent compliance of the Progressive Conservative government of Ontario, giving into violent Marxist vandals every time they raise a fuss.

My immigrant ancestor, William Lawson, was a Methodist preacher who came to Toronto in 1829, from Cumberland County, England. He almost certainly would have known Egerton Ryerson personally.     In my opinion, Ryerson has been treated in a biased and unfair way by historical revisionists, who are determined to portray him in a negative manner.  Following the implementation of Responsible Government in 1848, Ryerson helped to design the education curriculum and his progressive policies were intended to assist the indigenous people, not harm them.

In June of 2021, a group of leftist vandals, including Peruvian national, Miguel Avila Valerde and others, toppled and destroyed the statue of Egerton Ryerson, on Gould Street, at the Ryerson University Campus.  The incident occurred after a demonstration to support the alleged 215 indigenous children whose bodies were allegedly found buried in an apple orchard at the site of the former Indian residential school in Kamloops, British Columbia.

In the June 2021 Ryerson campus incident, the police were apparently on site, but they left the site and did NOTHING to stop the statue’s destruction.  I subsequently spoke to a number of police from the relevant Division and the response they allude to is that they did not prevent the destruction because they did not have the support of Toronto City Council and other levels of Government and none of the police wanted to be featured apprehending a vandal, on a cell phone video, mounted on YOU TUBE, which might end their careers.       

                                                                                                                                                …/ 2

– 2 –

Miguel Velarde is from Peru. What do you suppose would happen if I went to Peru and proceeded to attack a statue of Simon Bolivar, the founder and liberator of a number of Latin American countries from Spanish colonial rule ?   I expect I might be jailed and deported, however an Ecuadorian acquaintance of mine has advised that I would probably be killed by the local people, as they love their country and cherish its founder.  This is in contrast to us here in Canada, where children have been brainwashed in schools to hate their country and to despise its founding fathers.. WHY ?   

We are witnessing the increased influence of cultural Marxists, who follow a textbook method in the playbook of communist propaganda, which involves always having a narrative of victimization they can promote.  They have to have a victim and a villain. If they do not have a convenient villain available, then they will manufacture one by twisting the truth and telling lies.  In recent years they have vilified the founder of Halifax, Edward Cornwallis and had his statue taken down, using a stacked committee, set up by Halifax City council.   The Marxist  historical revisionists then  moved on to Egerton Ryerson and then to John A. Macdonald. After they are finished with these two important figures, they will next attack Wilfred Laurier and William Lyon Mackenzie King.  The ultimate goal is the erasure of any important white Anglo-Saxon people from our history books, in order to pave the way for implementation of Globalist-Marxist “utopian” society.   This is not the sort of world I want to live in.

People like me will vote for a Conservative government because we want the government to CONSERVE things, to maintain status quo.  Increasingly, so called conservative governments in this country very quickly bend to the left, as soon as they get into office, betraying their traditional base in the process.   Erin O’Toole is a good example of this.

In a news broadcast, you referred to the “human remains” that were allegedly discovered at the site of the Kamloops Indian residential school.  In researching this topic, I have spent many hours reviewing various news reports and so called “expert” opinions. My view is also informed by fact that I have a degree in geology, I studied geophysical exploration and I worked in the exploration geophysics department at a large oil company in Calgary.  In contrast, Sarah Beaulieu, the woman who conducted the ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey upon which the inflammatory claims of 215 burials are based, is not a trained scientist, nor a professional, rather she is an anthropologist. She also has a conflict of interest, in view of her indigenous background.   People with a proper technical background will understand the limitations of the GPR : all it will tell you is where there is a contrast in the soil density, that’s all. In order to conclude that a human burial had taken place, you have to perform a dig.  To date NO EXCAVASIONS HAVE TAKEN PLACE AT KAMLOOPS AND THERE IS NO REAL EVIDENCE OF ANY BURIALS.  These facts points to the mostly likely reason why :  the entire narrative is a rather poorly concocted fraud. THERE NEVER WERE ANY BURIALS  in  the orchard at Kamloops.  The CBC Fifth Estate documentary on this site contains nothing but hearsay, myths and indirect allegations.  I spent hours going over that program, which was re-broadcast.    The conspirators in this drama know they have a problem, because as soon as the original allegations were questioned, the claims of 215 burials were quickly reduced to “200 potential burials”.     

                                                                                                                                                .. / 3 

– 3 –

Federal Minster David Lametti recently has appointed an “interlocutor” (an indigenous women) and provided her with $10 million and two years to produce a report on native grievances and burial sites. She does not have authority to investigate crime. Her job will be to prevent a proper investigation. If the Kamloops orchard had been a real crime scene, the appropriate procedure would be for the RCMP to secure the area and then initiate a forensic examination and organize a dig, in junction with the local coroner’s office (as was the case with the Willie Pickton site, in lower mainland  B.C.).   The fact that this has not been done speaks volumes.   Reports also indicate that the RCMP is reluctant to get involved because it has been politicized.   The cops do not want to lose their jobs.                   

In connection with the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy in Ottawa in February 2022, you decried what you described as “desecration” of Ottawa monuments and statues, such as the War Memorial and the Terry Fox statue.  No defacing or lasting damage was done to either of these monuments.  Contrast your comments about these Ottawa monuments to the fate suffered by important statues here in Toronto, such as King Edward VII statue (by Brock) in Queen’s Park, the John A. Macdonald statue (by McCarthy)  in Queen’s Park South, which is now behind plywood, the Ryerson statue (by McCarthy), which has been destroyed and more recently the Robert Burns statue in Allen Gardens, which has been defaced and is at the center of an illegal native encampment, which the City of Toronto refuses to remove.  Why are you not equally outspoken about the latter monuments?  

It is unfortunate that the matter of the John A MacDonald statue was not dealt with in a more direct manner and instead it was given to Speaker, Ted Arnott, to deal with.  The obsequious words posted on plastic sign on the plywood box are nauseating to read.  Caving in to the political left only provides them with more incentive

Just last week, in an apparent repetition of the plywood boarding procedure, the monument to the 1885 North West Rebellion, by Walter Allward, was placed behind a plywood barrier.   Putting down the North West Rebellion was a unfortunate incident in Canadian history, however it had to be done.  Concern is that this statue will now suffer a fate similar to the one suffered by the statue of Edward Cornwallis, as Liberal stacked committees generally consign such important monuments to the dustbin of history.  This is because such monuments get in the way of Marxist propaganda. The Marxists want Ontario children to have little sense of their country’s proud history. In that manner they can more easily be corrupted into Globalist communism. Is that what you want?



Yours truly,

The Trashing of Canadian History to Help Usher in Our Replacement

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The Trashing of Canadian History to Help Usher in Our Replacement

The removal or desecration of statues on Canadian historical heroes is part of a psychological attack on the European founding/settler people of this country. The authorities have done little to the wrecking crew. Some cowardly self-haters like the City of Victoria have given in to the wrecking crew and removed the statue of the founder of our country Sir John A. Macdonald. Some will fault find and critique these heroes of the past. Sir John A. was hostile to Chinese immigration. So, too, were most Canadians at the time. Applying today’s politically correct sentiments misses the point. These men and women are being honoured for what they contributed or accomplished, not because they were saints.

Justin Trudeau’s habit of issuing fulsome apologies and buckets of cash to alleged victims of Canada’s past — the Komagata Maru, turning away the Jews on the St. Louis in 1939, etc. — leaves the impression that Old Stock Canada was a morally bereft country AND not worth preserving. If our history was rotten and our heroes all rotters, why should we seek to preserve ourselves and resist being replacement in the carefully organized Great Replacement of Canada’s European founding/settler people through mass Third World immigration

Attached are some random photos I found on  the Internet.. Included with them are photos of PERUVIAN NATIONAL,  MIGUEL AVILA VELARDE pictured with his local native militant friend, SKYLER WILLIAMS , in which the are gloating after the destruction of the  EGERTON RYERSON statue .  They destroyed it, with hammers, crowbars and a grinder….  WHY WERE THESE TWO NOT SENT TO JAIL???    THE EVIDENCE IS RIGHT THERE.

VELARDE was later involved in pulling down  and damaging the JOHN A MACDONALD STATUE , by WADE,. in HAMILTON…… IF HE HAS BEEN IN JAIL, WHERE HE BELONGS, HE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DO THIS.   NEXT,  VELARDE JUST RAN FOR CITY COUNCIL IN WARD 13 !     This is so strange you could not dream it up ! Why was he not charged? Why is he not forcefully confronted and told, “if you think the country YOU chose to immigrate to is so racist, why did you not stay in Peru?

Doug Ford complained of the “desecration”  of the Terry Fox statue  in OTTAWA (someone draped a Canadian flag over it during the Freedom Convoy protests). Has he denounced the desecration of other statues or taken steps to protect and re-exhibit the Macdonald statue in Queen’s Park in 2020?It has been encased in plywood. It should be reopened and a permanent guard stationed there.

(The lettering on Mackenzie King is added and based on his quoted statements)….

The statue of the great educator Egerton Ryerson toppled. The foreigner who heads Ryerson University will not restore the statue and has changed the institution’s name to Metropolitan U.
MIGUEL AVILA VELARDE with head of demolished statue of Egerton Ryerson